The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

The new article "Rebirth of the main owner, she is beautiful and fierce"


She, the victory of Wangfu County, the firemon dynasty thousands of girls envy, but I like the slag male, digging the heart, digging the lungs, digging the liver, digging kidney ... Diging all of her value After that, it is a murdered that is not ignorant ...

When I was reborn, I returned to everything, I looked at the emotions, my heart is a spicy slag male, Shen Qianli's eyes, the road to the slag man, the road is not returned: the past is helpful to send you nine days, this life You are Huangquan!

Unexpectedly, the pit kills, killing, joining a beautiful and dusty prince: "Niangzi, I will help you kill together ..."