"Alvin, I'm sorry, but I need you to get out of the party."

Set on the wall of the tavern, in a seat for two.

Sitting directly opposite each other, my drunkenness woke up at once to the dialogue said by the leader of the party, the Wizard.

"Ha... ha?

"Actually, I've already found your replacement swordsman. You don't have to come tomorrow."

"Yes, no, wait."

Keeping the upset down with a deep breath, trying to speak calmly.

"Why? I should have contributed the most to this party. Besides the highest level, the number of skills is higher than anyone. That was the biggest battle you ever had."


"You guys who were nagging around the six floors, now you can dive to the twenty, thanks also to me for sticking with each and every power leveling in the deep! Yet why!

"Come on, man!

The man of the Wizard exclaimed suddenly.

And take a big sigh.

"Alvin... even you must have a guess"


"Don't you see? Then open your status and see. Come on, open it. Here!"

I waved my left hand finger as I distorted my expression.

A man of the Wizard points to the translucent status screen that appeared in space.

"Look in the skills section. What do you got? Of all the powerful skills you were born with, what does it say at the bottom?"

Even if the leader didn't tell me, my gaze was flying there naturally.

A list of seven skills lined up.

[Swordsmanship], [Greater Muscle Strength], [Greater Agility/Medium], etc… most of which are useful to swordsmen who are my job title (Job).


Bottom of the list.

Curse skills, also to be described as the price for those privileged talents, were noted there.

[Drop rate reduction - special].

"No matter how many monsters you defeat, few items drop"

A man of the Wizard fixes his glasses, while telling him to get fed up.

"Even diving into the deep hierarchy of the dungeon is less good. Sometimes you even have a deficit."

"Oh, without me, you guys wouldn't even have been able to dive deep in the first place! Plus, the deficit is proof that I was burdened more by diving into a hierarchy that didn't fit the average level of the party. I stopped and you didn't listen..."

"Right. So we're not counting on you anymore, we're going to have an adventure tailored to our level. Yeah, about fifteen layers."

"... says it's fifteen layers?

I accidentally leak a smile.

"You guys were shallow adventurers until this time? Don't make me laugh."


"I don't have enough Adventurer (Player) skills. If you dive into a layer like that without me, it's gonna hurt."

"As a level band, it should be appropriate."

"Only in the level zone. So? When we're strong enough, I'm the one with the negative skills in charge of raising the level, you mean the pay box?

"... the general thrust of the party members. Accept it."

"I see."

I'm weak, and it takes time on my back.

I didn't even like to think about it anymore.

The man of the Wizard takes his seat when he places a piece of gold coin on the table.

"Here's the payment. Keep the fishing. From me, at least."

"... you're making a mistake with the deposit"

The man who was turning his back on my words looks back.

"... I honestly didn't like you. It was rotten and gracious. I sympathize with the situation, but you should fix that personality. I don't think it's gonna be easy to find the next party when I fix it."

I grabbed the gold coin reflexively and tried to throw it on the back of a man leaving... I stopped.

Raise warm liquor with tongue punching.

... In the end, will this happen again?

Hard to find the next party, huh? I know that best.

Because I've been an adventurer before, with extra-large negative skills, such as [drop rate reduction/special].