The First Evolution

Chapter 4 Fang Lin's head flying out

At the same time, the Finger of the Abyss Lord is inserting with an extremely built-in technique, as if his fingertips are being twisted in an intangible timeline, then in the quick woven of a vicious net.

He pointed with a pony, the Fanglin Rock in the pupil is to face great troubles, and it can be said that it is very difficult.

I saw that Fanglin Rock tried to resist the terrible offensive, the top card was taken, but the abyss lord still could not move, and the chest is bamboo.

In the last panic, the light of the light, the pointer of the abyss, the head of Fanglin Rock ........ It actually flew out!

"It turns out that your deadly weakness will appear at this moment! Very good, very good, your fate has been locked by me, you will enjoy this time of your life."

"I will stay away from you as much as possible, avoid affecting this time line, and then appear in front of you, and finally harvested your life."

The mouth of the abyss lord reveals a smile.

After two or three minutes, Xiao Huang, oh is not right, now the yellow boss came out to give the guests to pour the water, but it is already in the seating, there is no one, only a thousand dollar bills, but the problem is this banknote before ten years ago. Have yourself exited!

But it doesn't matter, this money gets the bank to change it, not only this, it's quite good, some collectors will even turn tripled three times, how can I not lose.

Not only that, but also put a leaflet that should be picked up from the ground.

Single Wrinkle, it is estimated that it is still stepping on a few feet, but this is not a focus, the focus is on the two words on the flyer, actually ballpoint pen tick a large circle.

These two characters are "one week"!

It is a hurry that the five brothers have an urgent matter, but they already know what the old Huang wants to ask, so I pick up the bollard pen next to the old yellow little son next to the bar, and then outlined.

I saw this scene, and the old yellow face finally exposed a happy smile:

"It's only a week, and I earn it."

There is a good time, and the old Huang is planning ahead of time. It has just killed the white chicken, since the five brothers are all left, so they just have two cups.

More than ten years, the stone landed in the heart, people are also extravagant.

However, he was running with the kitchen, and the people packed in the outside were screaming, but the little shouted, and quickly came back to the old yellow:

"Boss, there is a bastard to steal the remaining chicken in the outside cage!"

Lao Huang now is also a little bit of a home, but he picks up the chicken who is a signboard. Although there is no old man asks so harsh, but the soil chicken is necessary, so a few chickens are also a lot of money.

When I wedn the words, I turned over, but I sent a buddy to look at the chicken cage, and the voice has changed:

"Boss, you see this."

Lao Huang looked carefully, and found that the dim light was fraud, although there was no chicken in the chicken cage, but there were three eggs, and he bought a white chicken, he must be a six-month old cock!

Therefore, reasonable explanation is that some people steal the chicken, then put three eggs inside ... Who is so boring!

Then, the guy whispered to the next table, it was the previous five brothers sitting, you can see something in the chopsticks, but it is definitely not chopsticks.

The old yellow squatted, and found that it was half-green, the bamboo leaves above were still there, and there were dew! !

Some things are separated, in fact, very ordinary,

For example, your parking space is occupied,

Also, for example, you will drive home every time you travel.

However, when you combine these two things: You drive home every time I drive home, I feel that my parking space is occupied, that is really a misfortune.

This is likely to involve ethics, emotions, hormones, body fluids, irritation, secrets, lonely, green, etc.

This series of strange things that Lao Huang and the buddies are also like this. Two people are looking for a few seconds in the morning. Suddenly strange, even the table did not receive it, directly tied. Inside the door of the store, the gates are given.

At this time, the old Huang was suddenly awakened. When he was twenties, the five brothers looked like this. It seems to be two years older than him. Now he is already thank you, the beer belly has already put the vest. Fully, wrinkles and fish are full of faces.

But the five brothers have never changed! !

"No wonder it is so accurate! The original dog is really not a person!"

The old yellow trembled in the nest was made up.

Of course, the Abyss Lord is certainly do not know that when you use a talent ability, the time to spread out, which directly triggered a series of spiritual events.

The three chickens are of course not stolen, they are only influenced by time chaotic flow, and become a look before six months.

The same is true for the chopsticks on the table. The timeline on its body has been removed until two years and four months ago. At that time it was just cut down and prepared to transport it in the processing plant.