The First Evolution

Chapter 47 killing the target

() From the squid flowing from the Snow Valley, there is a flowing from Ish Valley, and a large number of rich land is irrigated along the way, and the irrigation effect reached with the parallel son of the child is. The food produced by the Western Girl (just the food from the ground, does not include livestock), exceeding the sum of food in the remaining countries in three thousand miles.

This also makes the system of this country more similar to the cultivation civilization, not the surrounding semi-tourism.

After about 30 miles, there was a city in front, and I didn't know if it was the country of Xiliang's women. But the carriage wrapped around a big bend when it was close to the city, turned north.

At this time, Fanglin Ran flying the thoughts suddenly remembered a song, and then couldn't help but have a kind of impulse who wants to sing. It is unfortunately, his body is now not to control itself, so the lyrics Can only flow in your heart .......

"I am all the way, leaving your season ..."

Soon, there was a hill in front of the carriage, and the high visual height was not three hundred meters. There was a lush, and the dense leaves were in the mountains. Even concerted can seeing men and women are pious. Should be very strong incense.

Near some, you can see that the mountain road in Shangshan is obviously repaired, and it seems that it seems to be a winding snake extends toward the top of the mountain. The people who are mountaineering are like a creepy ant, and they need to pass before going up the mountain. A stone archway, and four words in the archway:

" !"

Let's take a few Taoist priests, and someone will stop next to it, obviously must give money to go up.

In the surrounding square, it is a big square. There are more than a dozen colleges around the square, and the facade of these colleges is written, restaurants, inn, fragrant wax shop, big car shop, etc. Wait.

In addition to these pavoes, there are many small stalls around the square, which should be to do a small business nearby.

Not only that, but it seems that it is very prosperous, with the square as the core, directly forming a city, at least tens of thousands of people live here.

It is impressive to Fanglin Rock. There are many inn on the town, next to "carefully recruiting" "Ben to return to" "100-year old shop" "gynecological holy case" and so on, as if the main is the health business.

I don't know why, I saw the four words "Ruyi True". Fang Lin Ryna has a movement, I feel that something is caught by myself, I have been illuminated by a foggy front road.

At this time, the carriage carrying this to the master was also suddenly speeding up. It was right to rush over the square, and there were no more people in front of the square!

Not only that, but the people of Fanglin Rocks also sounded the voice of Zen:

"Wear the mask inside the bag."

Fang Linyan's body immediately reached out to the grass bag hanging next to it, got a mask, and then worn directly.

At this time, the leading carriage has already rushed into the crowd at high speed.

Among the exciting traffic accidents, it is very serious traffic accident. The pilgrims and ordinary people who have been hit and killed, but the five carriages directly hit a blood road, directly rushing to the front. Very a stylish home.

There is no signboard at the door of this house, but it is the view in the view, and it is very exquisite, and now it is clear, it is a feast.

The five cars have stopped at the door of the house, and there is a distinctive blood on the wheel, the horseshoe, and a large number of mysterious masks have appeared from the carriage, and then directly from the fence.

Because this time, the redeman has reached the instruction again:

"After entering ........ Kill !! Don't stay live!"

Mainly more than a dozen masters in Cenic control, the remaining Xiliang women's masked guards, such a group of people directly killed, from the carriage appeared in the town of people in the town It is only less than 30 seconds!

Such raid speed can really be described with Thunder, and the people in the home are happy to eat the rice, and suddenly suffering such a huge change, it really has the feeling of can't work.

Therefore, although this ten personal skills in the house are also very strong, it is completely like a ruining and pulling.

The person who is eating is actually quite powerful, and there is three points for pushing.

First, they were slammed,

Second, these masters controlled by Zen is completely playing, and the combat law used is typical, you can cut me, but you have to eat me. For the exchange of this, these masters with control aging are completely consumable, and they are not distressed.

Third, it is also the most important point, that is, they have been medicated in their drinking restaurants. This is the initial time when it is the first time, but once the blood is accelerating, then the consequences are very serious.

What didn't think of Langyan is that there are three monsters in this helmet that are raided! One is a black behemon, a Rock Demon, and a butterfly demon.

Of course, these three monsters also have not escaped, and they die under the siege by a man, it is worth mentioning that Fang Lin Ran is completely soy sauce, almost finally entered the battlefield.

This may be because the redemin knows his combat style forever, or is ordered to know his strength is a trocker, so it is intended to "use it".

Therefore, Fanglin Rock is also finally made a few knives, actually returned to 80 soul beads!

The price of the whole is the master of challenge to meditation, and the remaining is slightly injured and there is no serious injury.

These four people have never been in the blood and empty virtual mountains, they are absolute core parts, and the top strong people are falling here.

And the offensive party also occupies the number of people, first-hand, poison, no afraid of life and death! !

This can be seen that the strength of these people who are enacted is strong.

Like Fanglinyan, like the remaining people, the expression is standing in everyone, and when the body of the companion is carefully searching, I will carry out.

At this time, the command of the exchange once again appeared in the mind of everyone:

"Upper Mountain!"

Everyone immediately gathered, then neatly walked toward the hill, Fang Lin Yan noticed that this time, the most in front of it is the King of the King Kong.

This seemingly thin old man is closed when it is, but it has a feeling of floating spirits, even if it is a person who is eyeing, can't walk out his feelings.

King King's King came to the mountain's card, suddenly stopped the footsteps, slowly looked up, looking to the four words of "Ruyi True".

Suddenly, the King of King opened his eyes, and the mouth was deeply in the mouth:


Under the drunk, the "kiss" of a form of sculpture above the archway suddenly moved, followed by taking the wings tall.

However, it only flew out of almost two meters, and it began to play wings in vain. It looks very ridiculous, as if there is a layer of invisible .. . .. . . . .. . . ...

King King, the King of the King, raised his hand, got to it, and then pressed down his finger.

This kiss is a virtual hanging in the air, a little narrowed, and finally researched into a sculpture, then reappeared to the archway.

At this time, Fanglin Ran fell to pay attention to several women of Xiliang, who had followed the Niki, very important that this sculpture looks more important than imagining, and immediately has whispering from behind:

"It's so powerful! This magic kiss is so taking a light, and it is seized."

"It's okay to go away, otherwise, the person in the closed door has a sign!"

"There is no one else to have the king of the King Kong, really, he closed the heights of the sky after five senses, can be able to break all traps and institutions."

"That person is really ah, actually Lao Jigang's law king is also controlled."


A group of people in the back of the King of Diamond, the mountains, the mountain roads in the district, and were broken all the places.

After coming to the top of the mountain, the King of the King of King has already had a slight gas, and the hands began to tremble slightly. At this time, Fanglin Rock's eyes stayed on a grate on the mountain.

There is a stone stone, huge huge house, looks in the mountains, it seems that it will be rolled at any time, but the old tree that is growing around Qi Shi, but I can find it I have gone here for a few years. moon.

The most amazing thing is the location of Kistler, there is a deep black circular hole, and the round hole is about the mouth size. The surrounding light is sliding and flat, as if I don't know how many days ago, there is a shot, Deeply tied into the stone inside!

Then after this gun was pulled out, I left, leaving this deep hole!

It can be seen that there is a drop of light white liquid from the hole, falling below the water below.

The pit cave in this spring is quite deep. At least five or six meters, spring water is only below the next, the color is bright, the depth is almost one meter, the edge of the pit hole is very slippery, and the moss is deep, must be Throw it with a wooden bar to play.

Next to the spring water from a two feet high stone monument, the top of the "falling the tire spring" is written in it.

Of course, this spring water has been circled by a look, and others can only look at it. If you want to get spring water, you must take it.

The name of the way is also written on the side of the plaque:

Ju Xiantun.

However, now the door is now in front of the knee, sitting in a talented Taoist, this trao width, a red long hair, full face is a smashful beard, look burly, fierce Great.

Not only that, there is a rod, and there is a hook around him, it is obviously unique weapons.

Their dim lightless, the black material seems to be an obsidian, carefully see the word "".

And the head of this rod is sharp, and the fork-shaped barb can lock the enemy's weapon. It is a manner used by Taoist sacrifices, and it is also used as a magic weapon.

The hook selling is a lot, Jin Guang can, has the two words "wishful" in the grip, actually issued a "" sound in the half-air, and it feels that it feels murderous.

There is no doubt that this Taoist is not someone else, it is exactly in the strong and horizontal demon: like a true immortality!

I saw this scene, and several women repaired in the rear pressure array:

"How did he wake up?"

"If the other's closed closure is not at least seven days?"

"The evil spirits that triggered alarms will be cleared!"


When I heard these women's repairs, such as the meaning of Huo Ran got up, then smiled:

"Yes, you really have a slave I refined to clear!"

Then, if the eyes are turned into the front of the King of King, Senluo:

"You are really a good means! How do you dare not expose?"

The blossomed King of King is indifferent:

"Puzzle small skill, what is the foot, and finally did not have an omission, was discovered by the real person?"

If you are taking a smile:

"No, you have done it perfect, there is no problem. But the world is everything, you must pay attention to the rest."

"You have thought that all the slaves I left, but in fact, I predict that I'm going to refine my refinery, it is defective, in front of the top-level masters that immersed this road, still being quietly removed Possible. "

"So, I will set a chair, once it is losing contact with all the slaves, then immediately show the police, and the result is really arrested for this group of thieves!"


At this time, all the water leaves the stone, and Fanglin Rock will also be probably in the past.

The chess pieces under this Tang Jinhuai, based on some kind of unknown reason and the people here, the people here, the goals of the two sides, should be to eradicate the wishful immortals that typically hurt the fetal water.

As mentioned earlier, the identity and strength of the true immortality are not small, but the uncle of the red child, the brother of the Kunwang, and the strength of Sun Wukong is also at the same level.

Such a strong person, fierce, even if it is the estimate of the Western Liang, it is also necessary for them.

From the blockade of all the way, in the case of the martial law, if the true immortal is estimated to have someone in the West Liang's female country, it may collude the power, or it may take the royal family, and the wind blows will be alarm.

So, the women in Xiliang, together with the redeman, with blood bodhi as bait, accounting for two gangs of blood and empty mountains, put it in the masters of the inside, and then the strong people will control It is used to serve as the main force in the like.

Then, they settled in this day in the days of the wishful immortality, first let the disciple of the true immortality, gathered together, then poison, then poison, followed by, it took directly, directly cut out These wings of the true fairy.

The whole plan is perfect until it is revealed in the mountain.

They originally thought that they can always raise the static chamber of the closed customs, but it is clear that if the meaning is already waiting for it, it has been a few minutes of buffering period!

At this time, Fanglin Rock and others have received the command of the exchange:

"Use your best way to prepare for attacks, such as the principle of being invited!"

After hearing this order, Fang Lin Yan retired a few steps and quietly hidden in the shadow next to it.

This is also one of the reasons why he dares to continue to be converted.

How to use this helped person as cannon ash, but will also fight in a way they are good at.

Otherwise, let the archer go to the charge, let the long gun soldiers and cavalry races, let the cavalry to attack the city, it is completely IQ.

Fang Linyan has shown it in the battle is the assassin to send, for a long time, a hand! So now, now let the book let the choice of itself, Fanglin Rock is also preparing to steal the chicken after sneak, and others can't see any problems.

This battle is playing, but the flying sand, the wind is discolored,

If you shoot, you will got all his wishful gold hooks!

These three people are the deputy director of the King of King, the blood of the king and the blood, respectively, Ouchuan,

These three big people in the rivers and lakes, alone, alone, can make hundreds of people who are rolling and killing, they are directly like the hooks, and they are six!

This is the strong horizontal of the top big demon! Even a country should also be jealous.