The First Evolution

Chapter 56

The key is that there is no technical content in the daughter country, and it will not be like a casino, and it is not willing to lose his heart. Bitter, and life will not be caught by the big bureau, so you can make money.

Therefore, within one month after the big servant, it is a peak period that went into the peak of work (men), because there is a small probability that the big service is relatively small.

This helps the people in the western country are said to have a bitterness of the hometown, and they are all tears. By the wine, they have moved their homesickness, come to the daughter country, this fee is not only the strength, but also Waste waist.

Looking at this helper is drunk, Fang Lin Yan sinks, and the jogging of the busy running, Wang Dou, Nu Nu mouth:

"Since this daughter country is so dangerous to the man, how can this Wang 2nd be stayed here for forty years?"

Ding looked at the busy and unusual king, faint smile:

"He can stay here for forty years. It is the reason.

"You think about it, from this day is a woman with a few men, this woman also rides on your head every day, you are just her servant, watching her and other men sleep, you have to laugh And you can't touch the woman. "

"Not only that, once she is pregnant with your son, it will inevitably beat, even if you can let you leave a species, you can't follow your surname! You have already taken a head, the name of the old, this girl is in her Under the teaching, you will only treat you as an old dog ... "

When it comes, everyone is also awkward, one of which is a later life, and even shake his head and shake his head:

"Don't say this day, just think more is a difficult! I thought it was just being recruited, but I didn't expect this day to be more than a hundred times, I can't do it, this ghost thing must not stay."

Seeing the old man of the ancient Ding, there is a wine, open the words, Fang Linyan asked another question:

"It is also a first time, I really don't know this, I really don't understand this, I'm listening to the ancient arms, it seems that there is one more curious."

Guding Road:

"You said, you said, let's talk about the wine table now. I said, you listen."

Fanglin Rock low channel:

"In fact, I am quite curious before I came to this daughter. The family is in the world. If the parents have a child, if a two people are cold and cool, then they have to say."

"But what is the woman in this daughter country can be so worried. Once you are pregnant, you will have to verify the sex of the fetus, then you will fight it?"

After the visit of the ancient Ding, after listening to Fanglin Rock, he smiled one by one, Gu Fei is even more tongue:

"Thank you brother, you are probably soon, in fact, this reason why the daughter's people don't avoid it, I know it in the city."

Fang Lin Yan listened later, immediately:

"It is necessary to ask the ancient brothers."

Gufeir Road:

"There is a side of the water and soil farmers. Any woman who is in the daughter's land, it is usually healthy, and there is very little sick. However, once it is too far away, it will be uniform, it is very serious."

"So, the local players in the daughter country usually only run around three or four hundred miles, this is the limit, never more than 500 miles. And my uncle has turned with them, knowing them, but Travel, there is a thing is necessary, that is, township. "

"What is it?" Fang Lin Yan is so proudly.

At this time, the old man chewed a fat lamb in his mouth. He didn't worry after hearing Fanglin Rock asked, but after chewing a few times, send this meat to the wine, then Tao:

"The remaining places said, in fact, in his hometown casual, but the daughter's landmark is different, must be the soil in the water, then fry in the pot. Take finely grinding, sprinkle every day. "

"For example, it is often going to the bottom of the well, so you have to take the river mud to take the river, it is like this, this is the case. People who can make the daughter's country have insisted for half a year, and if they don't return to their hometown, they must be seriously ill. "

The ancient flew:

"This is the first special place, and the second special place is that once the woman here is not in time after pregnancy, the fetus grows to more than three months, pregnant women will change I have to be swollen, and then all my face is all erythrots, and I can see it at a glance. "

"For five months, pregnant women will be quite painful, and the reaction should be extremely strong, very few people can support it."

"Not only that, but also since ancient times, if there is a daughter's national people's livelihood, then when the male fell is born, the mother will directly abdominally fried, not only the same, the born male tire will also make blood a class of demon, a bad party. "

"So, not only the folks are deeply sick, and the supervision is very good. Even even the official is also a three-session, many preaching, and always send special inspectors in the national supervision. Once the ban is committed, it is directly killing innocent. "

Such a statement, let Fanglin Rock really feel the open eyes.

The ancient Ding's old man is added:

"Not only that, I heard that as long as it is a male tire, the official is willing to unify the money and take the money, listen to the folk rumors, the male tire that the final time will abandon, the result is a special eight-character It will lead to the lingering, and finally turned into a ghost, baby, which causes plague and disaster! "

"In this case, the official of the official will be uniformly handled, avoiding the emergence of evil, and the woman who is abortion can also get a lot of interest, and it is also a good lift of a fan."

After hearing these news, the doubts in Fanglin Ryna also went most, and the bloody column was dissipated from the bloody column. It was almost an hour. The limeling has passed, and it is also a drink, it is time to go to the tire.

So Fanglin Rock called Wang I bother, I will directly board the banknote and then ask questions, and I will do it. I haven't encountered any strange things along the way. With the help of buying the fight, Soon, I came to the audience.

This is a village, but it can see the white wall black tiles in the village. Although it is not big, it looks very delicate. It is estimated that there are only ten in the top of it. People there.

Fang Lin Yan went to knock on the door. After a long time, I saw someone to open, and the opening of the door is an old road with oranges. It is lifted with a black and less eye-catching and looked at Fanglin Rock. It's just right!

Fortunately, Fanglin Rock responded very quickly, with a feet to stay in the door, then said:

"This road is polite, in the real thing, there is a need to see you."

The old road is directly on his feet, but she is an ordinary person. Fanglin Rock has no pain. Her foot is shocked, so it is directly ignited:

"You have a good life, this concept is all the gods, and you will not see the male guest. What do you want to force the door?"

Fang Lin Yan frowed:

"I have nothing to talk about with your wife, calling you out."

How can this old Taoist? However, at this time, she is not allowed to be, Fanglin Yan is directly in the inside, and it will squeeze it.

The old woman is in the mouth of the people, that is, it is tonally, but Fanglin Rock will not be directly smoother with her tortoise. She is powerless.

However, when Fang Lin Yan just got into the main hall inside, he saw an urgent time to come out a middle-aged female priest. Her appearance is general, but it seems to give people a kind of feeling, but frown is Fanglin Rock Road:

"This donor is a good life, I am here to clean, and the practice is Kun Dao. What is your man to break into the heart?"

Fang Lin Yan smiled:

"In my me, I am needed to ask this fairy nous."

This female doctor looks quite cultivated, although very angry, or said:

"The poor channel is quiet, thank you, is it going out?"

Fang Linyan wrist turned over, the semi-rebound has been built in the center of the palm, then smiled and laughed:

"I am from the people, let this magistrate to the Zhen Guanlan Lord, let her see, if you think that the Lord looks, I feel that I take the liberty, then I will turn it, it is, never nonsense."

Siyi Taoist is going to talk, but the eyes look at the half of the pendant in Fangliny's palm, and suddenly, the face shows a horrified look:

"This ... is this?"

Then she quickly stepped forward, and she took the back of the reverse, and the Fang Lin Yan was kinenshaved.

"The fall cannot leave my hand, and the rest of the odorous people should be self-sufficient."

Siwu, glanced at him, can only catch the palm of Fanglin Rock, then watch, soon, I am sighed:

"It is the real thing of Huang Lao's pro-system! Unfortunately, it is broken. If it is not damaged, it is really worth the city."

Fang Lin Yan smiled:

"I don't know what Huang Lao, I don't know what is called value. It is just a matter of being loyal! Entrusted me to say that you should be very interested in this thing, call me to take it. Guan Lord looks at it, I will take all things. "

"If you say that you are not interested, then I will have an egg immediately. If it is, I don't understand anything, nor does it use to tell me."

Silent people who have encountered Fanglin Rocks, they are not very helpless, and they bite the dental road after glaring.

"You are waiting here, I will go to the Lord."

As a result, only half a minute, I saw a woman who followed the quiet, I was so embarrassed, and I saw that because of some time, I didn't get it, so I didn't get it, and I was rushing, so some Asthma.

And her face is a black veil, so I can't see my face, I can only come from probably, and I have a skin to see it, it is just a girl.

Therefore, Fang Linqi can't help but say:

"Is this the owner?"

Teenage girl smiled:

"The poor" is really real, there is currently the position of the idea of ​​the idea, thank you, please. "

Then, she looked at the pendant in the hand of Fanglin, and nodded to Suiyi:

"it is true."

Seiyi looks like a breath, it seems that she is missing to spend fake goods before she seems to be.

Then I followed the time to observe some, I still did something: I touched my hand in the face of the reverse Dream, and then extended my fingers to my tongue. Good product, finally:

"This is the work of Huang Lao. It is strictly, it should be the work she made after the second time of the approved, and there is also a lot of ... ..."

This little girl Balabara has been half a day, and the seiting next to it is also a look that is listening. Although Fanglin Rock does not understand, it is patience still.

However, wait for a while, the rest of the women's women came out, listening carefully, I explained it next to it, I have been to her half a day, Fang Lin Yan will collect things:

"Okay, the inspection is almost the same, and the owner you seem to like this thing very like, then offer the price?"

The eye is a pair of black and white, the eye bead turns:

"I have already wondered what I brought, so I can't use it now. You will take it, we don't."

Fang Linyan saw that her eyes were moving. I knew that she had to do what tricks, so, "oh", very simply:

"Since this is the case, then I haven't used this thing."

After that, I will drop this reversed slice directly to the ground!

This falling forest looks great. In fact, it is very powerful, and it seems to fall on the ground, in fact, the mental end of the next next to it has quietly stretched out, the pad is below.

Fang Linyan's movements were still awkward. The others did not expect this guy to do this. After he shot, these Taoist aunt did not agree with the harsh screams, just like Fanglin Rock will mentally tentably It is also the same as it is also entangled in their legs ...

I looked at the rebound on the ground and fell, and the older governed the Lord to immediately blast it.

This action is used to describe the stinky man, called a disgical dog, but this is a soft sister of the 189th year old. Finally, the double knee is on the ground, because it is necessary to find the relationship of fragmentation, the head is still buried, and Still back to you, so the conservative robe has been supported, and it is a round, the tack ....

Seeing her movement, Fanglin Rock suddenly thought of something that should not be thinking at this time, such as inside the back garden in the temple, such as in the office of the big priest, couldn't help it up and down.

But at this time, because of the active movement of the master, she covered the black veil on her face floated. At this time, Fanglin Rock saw it in a glimpse, this is the owner's chin position of the skin, above But full of small red rashes of dense Ma Ma, it looks very embarrassing.

At this time, Fanglin Yan understood, why do this look a good girl, it is necessary to use a black yarn face, it is a bad disease! It's really sigh.

However, for the peak of Fanglin Rock, the truth of the truth is not a matter of treatment. When she is in the body, she has turned into the piece of debris. After careful test, they have turned to the face to settle Fanglin Rock, and the sound is even brought. Cry the cavity:

"How did you this person?"

Fang Linyan suddenly had a sense of responsibility of bullying a minor girl, but there was still a tired smile that the oil salt did not enter:

"How do I? Since you don't want this thing, it is worthless. It's no value, what happened? This thing is my own."

The active govermaster has a belly, there is a lot of words to say, the result is that Fang Linyan is holding his own words, and there is a little can't say, and she doesn't seem to have a Jiecai and distinguish. Yeah, I didn't say a word for a long time.

Fanglin Rock went to go before, directly took the fragment from the quiet look, he shot very fast, this little woman did not respond to it, then Fang Lin Yan said:

"Is this something really used?"

After that, I got it, I wanted to smash it again. As a result, the rest of the people didn't talk, and the Lord had already screaming in the resequences:

"Useful useful!"

The surrounding women's roads are used to look at the owner with helpless eyes ... You are really speechless, and the predicament of people just makes it out, you are very simply Lying flat, a lot of money, how is this business?

Guan Wang, you do this, our TM's mentality has collapsed!

So, soon, Fanglin Rock sat inside the Great Guest House, and the coffee table next to the coffee table, and the hand was a list of views.

Yes, Jacure is interested in the debris of this reverse, the purpose is to study the above refineries! If they don't understand refining, what do you study?

Of course, this kind of thing is also a special case, such as a small man without a girlfriend, usually at least hundreds of Ghor of Japanese teachers.

At this time, Fanglin Ran's eyes, this is the list of retroffragraphs can be redeemed, but probably because people inside the audience are the sake of the women's channel, and they still have a daughter country. Therefore, it is not true that the things that the refining is in the eyes of Fanglin Rock.

For example, that is the most expensive way called: Yingshui veil, if Fanglin Rock wants to exchange, then the pendant debris will add a thousand and five hundred gold.

But what is this use of this role? It can be guaranteed that there is almost five minutes, there is a breath of the water mist, keeping the face keeps humid.