The God of the Three Kingdoms

Chapter 1 "Warring States" and the system

The fair-skinned, beautiful and long-legged young lady lay in her arms. Lin Xiaodao drove a tens of millions of luxury cars and returned to her own mansion of tens of thousands of square meters. The chef has already prepared lunch, and Lin Xiaodao feels that he has reached the peak of his life....

"Ugly ugly, ah, ah, can you stop turning on the light..." Lin Xiaodao, who was still daydreaming, was awakened by the ringing of his mobile phone. "Wow, it collapsed, almost on the base, this alarm clock!" Lin Xiaodao is a cubic concrete space transfer engineer, referred to as moving bricks.After washing, Lin Xiaodao stepped on the shared bicycle and hurried to the construction site. The colorful billboard in the city was playing a game "Warring States".I don’t know what the reason is. In 2030, there is still a big gap in technology to complete the holographic game. Suddenly, "Warring States" was born and claimed to have reached 100% realism!

Lin Xiaodao thought about the game absent-mindedly. The money saved in the past few years should be enough to buy a game helmet. I heard that this game may become the second world of mankind, and what kind of game gold player in this era, professional players every year The money he made made Lin Xiaodao's eyes red when he thought of it. "Perhaps I can go to be a life player, dig for the territories where the big money tyrants play, be a tailor or something. It is said that alchemists are also very profitable. I don't know if it's true or not."

With yy on his mouth, Lin Xiaodao, who was thinking about his mind, only felt a flash of red light in front of him, his head sank, and he seemed a little dizzy. Asked for a leave today, anyway, I have decided to quit my job!"

So the wayward Lin Xiaodao succeeded in taking a leave of absence during the foreman’s cursing call, and went back to his rented house leisurely. By the way, he used his savings over the past few years to buy a game helmet and several boxes of instant noodle milk. I intend to fight for a long time and prepare for the journey of professional life players.

In the blink of an eye, a week passed. During this period, Lin Xiaodao felt that his brain was not bright and his body was so weak that he was suspicious of whether he was empty. He successfully resigned and lost half a month's salary. It opens at six o'clock in the evening, and it is simply eye-catching.

This world is somewhat similar to the earth but is different. Xia, Shang and Zhou also existed. Until the Tang Dynasty, when the nations came to the dynasty, a huge figure appeared to assist Taizong Gaozong in developing commerce, technology, and shipping. Suddenly, Asia was unified and Europe was overthrown. As for Dongying, it was collected easily. As for the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, there was no such thing as existence.Then, with the efforts of dozens of generations of emperors, the world was unified. Although civil wars broke out and reaction occurred, communism was finally victorious. At present, the world is called Huaxia. The difference is that there are different races on each continent.

The background of "Warring States" was established in the period of the Three Kingdoms, when the Han Dynasty was declining, and the princes from all walks of life raised their troops and conquered endless battles.Also because of this chaotic and turbulent era, many heroes have emerged. The era has created great men and great men have established a new era.In this time period when talented people are born in large numbers, it is still unclear whether the player will succeed in becoming a generation of emperors by separating the regime, or assisting the original Wei, Shu and Wu to rule the world.And it seems that "Warring States" is not only limited to the period of the Three Kingdoms, the official trailer seems to have characters who do not belong to the Three Kingdoms period, which greatly enhances the curiosity of the players.

Lin Xiaodao has been dizzy this week, and only feels that he can't get enough sleep no matter how he sleeps, so much so that he hasn't responded when he is about to start the service, although he also took this opportunity to make some strategies.Through forums, post bars, etc., Lin Xiaodao learned that "Warring States" is a high degree of freedom game. Players must either choose to become a lord, and become a lord to open the top-up channel, or become a ranger or a living player. It can be attached to the lord and cannot be recharged to purchase. Of course, offline transactions cannot be prohibited.Therefore, only those rich and powerful players can afford to play, and individual players cannot afford to play without that capital.Of course, the ranger and other occupations can also be unconstrained. Without the troubles of lord players dragging their homes, there are still opportunities to hit some genius treasures, and it is not impossible to get rich overnight.

At five o'clock, Lin Xiaodao finally woke up under the ravages of the third alarm clock, and washed a bit. Lin Xiaodao suddenly felt that it would be nice if he could sleep like this in the future. Anyway, it was in the game. When you enter the game, you are sleeping anyway, but you may not be able to hold it.After visiting the forum and post bar again, Lin Xiaodao didn't find any new poses, the time has come to six o'clock, and looking at the time, Lin Xiaodao quickly entered the game.

The animation of the approach is very magnificent, as stated in the propaganda, it is like being on the scene, 100% realism is really not covered, as soon as you enter, it is in the center of the battlefield, and the huge stones dropped by the catapult smashed into pieces. By his side, a fine stone hit his face, wiped it off, and there were traces of blood.Arrows fell, the fallen soldiers around were wailing, the soldiers advancing were shouting, and the soldiers around were shouting "Protect the general!" Although Lin Xiaodao's legs were frightened, it seemed to be a cutscene. He couldn't control his actions, but watched as he rode his horse towards the enemy general, and cut the opponent under the horse in a fight....

"Please confirm the name of the game!" Lin Xiaodao came back to his senses in the soft female voice for a while, just about to establish his own character, suddenly his mind was dizzy, "The host has been detected in the "Warring States" world, the system is officially launched!"

"Please confirm the game name!"

Lin Xiaodao's eyes widened, system?What's the matter, why do I seem to hear the sound of two systems?

"The system started successfully, and the host Lin Xiaodao has been bound. This system is an unmanned local tyrant system with an unlimited amount of money withdrawn, but the money withdrawn can only be used in the "Warring States" game. The first main mission is now released. : Become a well-known hero in "Warring States" and become the biggest and strongest lord player!"

Lin Xiaodao was dumbfounded. As a dick at a certain point, he still knows the system stuff, so Lin Xiaodao quickly called out the system, "I just want to be a life player, you are trying to force me to go to Liangshan!"

"It was detected that the host's ambition was too small and unsatisfactory, so mandatory measures were taken. Now the first novice task is issued: Please name Shenhao in "Warring States" and choose the lord player. If you fail to complete it, the penalty will be impotence for 100 years! "