The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 6: Stealing Books in a Moment!

Guo is a strong man at the peak of Ling Yumen, and quickly determined the source of that breath.

“Are you here to choose to practice martial arts? Reach out your left hand, and I must use your left hand to determine if you have reached the second realm of Gendo.” Guo Dusty smiled silently.

Why the left hand?

Has Elder Guo noticed anything before deliberately saying this? If he really notices that there is a huge secret hidden in his left hand, how should I explain it once the Master Gate is investigated?

Qin Yi's head jumped slightly, his heart was very vigilant, and his instincts shrunk his left hand.

However, there is obviously no choice right now, after a dark breath settled, Qin Yi eventually slowly reached out his left hand, releasing a slight breath of Xuan Qi.

Guo Wuedust grabbed Qin's left hand, his body followed by a shock. He felt that Qin Yi's left hand emitted Xuan qi, like the ocean of the ocean was constant, and in the deepest part of that Xuan qi, he acutely captured a silent body.

The body could not recognize the men and women, lying quietly there, not knowing whether they were dead or asleep, and was filled with a tremendous atmosphere of hegemony.

Guo Wuyi felt that he was instantly transformed into an ant. With just one finger, he could extinguish his ashes and smoke!

Unfortunately, that momentous body disappeared again in the blink of an eye!

What the hell is going on?

Guo Wuyi disengaged from the feeling of an ant unable to make a slight resistance. His heart was shocked to the extreme. He quickly condensed his senses, but he could no longer feel them. The Xuan Qin Yi's breath from his left hand was just a strand of ordinary Xuan Qi.

Maybe... it's my hallucination!

Guo Wuedust can only comfort himself like this. Some strange people looked at Qin Yi. This teenager is afraid it's really not easy!

“Well, that's good, it's second-country Xuan Qi, once qualified to enter the Tibetan Sutra.” Guo's dusty face returned to normal and let go of Qin Yi's hand, he said.

“Thank you, Elder Guo. ”

Qin Yishi could not detect the psychological change of Guo Dusty, let alone know, Guo Dusty on his left hand, strangely saw an ancient body.

Qin Yi only felt it hidden. This cultivation of Elder Guo was very scary, and Qigong should have been cultivated into the chemical realm. The so-called qi kung fu is the qi practiced by the Xuan master, that is, the internal strength. In order to cultivate internal strength, it is only possible if there are more than four realms of Gendo.

Such a strong man can almost kill himself instantly!

“You're welcome! ”

Perhaps it was when Qin Yi shook his left hand that he felt unusual. Guo carelessly and unconsciously loved him, and Yan Yue said: "The disciple went into the Cabinet and chose to practice martial arts, there are rules, he can't do what he wants, otherwise, he will be disqualified. So, kid, you gotta watch out. ”

“And the rules?” Qin Yi was slightly stunned, "said Elder Guo. ”

Originally, the junior disciples of the Gate sect respected the elders, which was a normal thing, but I don't know why, in the face of Qin Yi's respect, Guo's dust-free heart actually raised a sense of pride.

“Okay, old man, tell your boy about the rules of the Cabinet. ”

Guo Wuxi is in a good mood: “This Tibetan scripture is divided into three layers. Most of the first layers are low-level cultivation dictionaries. Occasionally, there are one or two intermediate cultivation dictionaries. If you are particularly lucky, you may also encounter advanced cultivation dictionaries. The second level is the middle and advanced training dictionary. As for the third floor, it was a special existence, and no one could easily step in without the permission of the master. In order to break through only two boundaries, only one book can be chosen on the first floor. Six months, six months later, it must be returned to the Sutra. ”

Qin Yi felt it.

“Well, you go in, pick a time of 30 minutes. ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and walked straight to Tibet via the Cabinet.

Once inside, Qin Yi discovered that the Cabinet was still very spacious, with rows of wooden shelves and a variety of training books.

In the wooden shelf, several disciples travelled, choosing to practice the scriptures.

Because time is very limited, these disciples are competing for seconds.

“In 30 minutes, I will have to pick out a martial arts technique that is suitable for my practice.” Qin Yi did not dare to delay at all. He quickly walked into those wooden shelves and looked up quickly.

Ling Yumen has a long history. Since the opening of the sect, he has only feared for thousands of years. The collection of cultivation books is full of glamour. He is afraid of not a hundred books. In 30 minutes, it will be obvious how difficult it is to find one suitable for him in so many books.

"Tian Du Cut", "Winding Law", "Volkswagen", "Heavenly Eye Finger"...

Qin Yi's eyes swept quickly over the wooden frame, and his heart shook with darkness. This cultivation technique of the Jingu Jingu is certainly much more advanced than the basic technique.

Each work method is affixed with a marker card, which describes the work method.

"Vegan Heart Sutra": Supporting Kung Fu, can greatly improve one's qi and blood, and can enhance defense ability, suitable for women to practice, training requirements: the second realm of Gendo.

Dance Law: Attack method, attack method is very subtle, unprotected, confusing, adult, able to attack multiple enemies simultaneously, both men and women are suitable for cultivation, cultivation requirements: Gendo Three Realms.

Ice Crystal Fist: Attacking Kung Fu, Fist Rigorous, Momentum like Thunder, Boxing Wind extremely cold, Adult, can freeze opponent directly. Suitable for male disciples. Training Requirements: Second Realm of Gendo.

Qi Return Tip: Assistive method that heals self and restores blood gas in the shortest time possible. Both men and women are suitable for training, training requirements: the second realm of Gendo.

"Praise Father's Step": Speed method, can greatly improve your speed, adults, can walk empty-handed. Both men and women are suitable for training, training requirements: the second realm of Gendo.

“Praise the Father?" ”

Qin Yi couldn't help but stop footsteps and do all kinds of work without breaking fast. Especially when the "Praise Father's Step" cultivated up to Dacheng, he was able to fly in the air. This is very appealing to Qin Yi.

He picked up the "Praise Father's Step" method and turned it upside down. It was unfortunate that this "Praise Father's Step" was actually a broken book, only half, the latter half was not.

“It's a pity, no wonder it's such a good exercise, and I don't see any disciples in the master's door practicing. ”

Qin Yi shook his head helplessly and had to put the "Praise for Father" back.

Yet this is the moment.

The cultivation techniques and images on "Praise Father's Step" quickly entered his mind through Qin Yi's left hand, clearly displayed.

“What do you mean? ”

Qin Yi stunned, standing there incredibly blinking his eyes, did... his left hand, can instantly steal everything in the cultivation book?

If so, can't I...

“Ha ha, this time it's developed! ”

In the next moment, Qin Yi was angry with his heart, and his face appeared insane. Without hesitation, he immediately extended his left hand, picked up a copy of the cultivation book on the wooden shelf and quickly turned it over, one page at a time.


But any training book that Qin Yi turned over with his left hand, nothing in it quickly passed through his left hand to his mind.

“Go, go, go, go! ”

Qin Yi's heart was wide open, his left hand was like lightning. He quickly turned over a book of training dictionaries. Whatever the type, he wouldn't let go. He didn't crush his skills.

“Tsk, is this kid so excited, he's a fool? ”

“Well, most of the time, I haven't seen a cultivation book in eight lifetimes. ”

Qin Yi's abnormal actions attracted the attention of other disciples, all of whom shook their heads in dismay and sighed. Qin Yi neglected them and took advantage of the madness of stealing from himself.

A few minutes later, the vast Tibetan scripture was stolen by him in full half, dozens of copies.


Qin Yichang exhaled. It was too painful. One breath stole so many training books. After returning home, he could carefully screen the training.

He never thought he'd get such a big reward this time he came in here to hide the Sutra!