The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 9: One trick at a time!

“Ha ha, here comes the chubby pie again! ”

“The last time Qin Yi beat me, Guangzhou Pian, this time can't be so cowardly! ”

Everyone around quickly recognized Guangyong Gao, and suddenly he laughed.

“As you all know, the last time it was just an accident, this time, I would never let it happen again. ”

Guangyonggao showed full confidence. Fatty's body emitted a powerful smell. He put up a finger: “One move, in order to avenge the previous one, this time I will treat him with his way, one move to knock him down! ”

This time, he will definitely no longer light enemies. He himself has reached the middle of the second realm, and with the advanced martial arts "Seven Kills of the Tian Panther", he is confident to defeat Qin Yi as soon as he moves.

Guangyong Gao appeared, letting Juqin and Jingxue snow wanting to leave, stopped again, some happy and happy to look at Qin Yi.

If you don't submit to what happens to them, you'll see it soon!

“Wait a minute! ”

A beautiful voice sounded, then a girl in a white robe came to the scene, the glassy eyes looked straight at Guangyonggao: “Guangyonggao, Qin Yi's cultivation is obviously less than yours, you are bullying him, I think you should find someone who is your equivalent to cultivate it. ”

Yang Shiqi!

The legendary genius of heaven appeared here. Among the disciples around, a loud noise immediately sounded, enough to see the charm of Yang Shiqi, also immediately visible.

They looked at Qin Yi's eyes, obviously with a little jealousy.

What a fool this kid is!


The scenario in which Yang Shiqi shielded Qin Yi from behind him was the hidden and light smoking of the corner of his mouth.

Qin Yi had long noticed the existence of Yang Shiqi, but he didn't expect Yang Shiqi to jump out and stop Guangyong Gao from taking on himself. Of course, he would not think that Yang Shiqi had a crush on himself. It was only this magical talent that had a deep sense of justice.

He felt that this Yang Shiqi was really powerful, the legendary genius of Ling Yumen, protected by such a powerful young girl, really safe.

However, he is not a person who likes to hide behind women.

“Thank you for coming out, but if you want revenge, let him do it.” Qin Yi slowly pushed Yang Shiqi away.

Guangfat Pian has completely entwined himself, and will not end with him, he will still come to find himself endlessly.

“You are…”

Yang Shiqi looked at Qin Yi with some surprise. Now, even she is a little suspicious. Is this guy really knocked by the door, knowing that he will be abused, but still beating him?

A brief quiet appeared on the martial arts field. Everyone looked stunned at Qin Yi. Not far away, Soqin shook his head gently: “No cure! ”

“Ha ha, Yang Shiqi, you saw, he was looking for abuse himself, please excuse me.” Guangyong laughed. Just now, Yang Shiqi's appearance made it difficult for him to go back and forth. Now Qin Yi actually refuses Yang Shiqi's protection. It's really hard to ask for it.

Yang Shiqi looked at Qin Yi. The latter's face was faint. She sighed helplessly and had to step aside.

“One move, I just said, this time I will take you down, don't hold on to the lucky psychological expectation that accidents will happen, luck won't be on your side for the second time. ”

Guangyong rubbed his hands with joy, his hands forked his waist, and looked down at Qin Yi. His fat body revealed a hidden atmosphere of hegemony.

This time he is definitely no longer a light-hearted enemy. He must defeat Qin Yi at once.

He believed that when Qin Yi was knocked down later, many people would clap their hands quickly. Even Yang Shiqi might be impressed by such a bully.

Qin Yi looked at Guangyonggao calmly and was too lazy to talk to him.

He pumped a hint of Xuan Qi into his left hand. With a slight swing of his left hand, the whole person entered that magical state of emptiness again. No tiny part of his body across the street could escape his gaze.

“Leopard 7 Kills 5 - Leopard Rift! ”

Guangyong shouted, his hands clawed, fat body became unusually flexible and brave at this moment, pounding hard on Qin Yi, that powerful wind, blowing Qin Yi's clothes all floating.

Leopard Seven Kills, he is currently learning to kill fifth. His best martial arts skills so far, he will defeat Qin Yi with one move!

“This big, fat pie is a lot stronger than last time! ”

The disciples watching around shouted.

Qin Yi stood still, his eyes curled slightly, looking at the huge chubby pier that came pounding like a fierce leopard.


“Champion Fist!” Qin Yiping punched out.

Simple! Direct! Valid!

Letting Guang Fat Pian's fierce hegemony, Tian Panther 7 killed the fifth how smart, Qin Yi's fist, is simply to blow on his chest.


Everything was the same as last time, Guangyong Gao had not yet attacked Qin Yi. The fat body suddenly flew out and fell to the ground.

What the hell is going on?

The disciples who watched the battle around them, stunned, opened their mouths and looked at the vastness and everlasting height of the gray face on the ground, all blinking incredibly.

Fatty lost again, and it's another trick!

The point is, Qin Yi still won with the basic martial arts "Champion Fist"!

Souqin and frequent snow not far away are also quite surprisingly looking at Qin Yi. Frequently stunned, then smiled lightly: “It's useless, the master of the master martial arts clusters, this kid can defeat Guangyonggao in one punch, does not equal in the martial arts club, will not be abusive. ”

And the legendary girl, Yang Shiqi, after being stunned, a pair of fascinating glassy eyes, but she was interested to measure Qin Yi. Naturally, she could feel that Qin Yi's practice was not high, but actually a punch would defeat Guangyong High North, which is a bit astonishing.

“I'm sorry, you lost again, it's still a trick! ”

Qin Yi was too lazy to look at Guangyong Gao on the ground and turned around and left.

“Big chubby, grass, how come you're so light-hearted again? ”

“Yeah, how come accidents always happen? ”

People came back to God and shouted and were very dissatisfied with the results.

Yang Shiqi's behavior just now has caused many disciples to resent Qin Yi Xinsheng. His subconscious hopes are that Guangyong Gao will beat Qin Yi severely.

Yet... another trick was defeated by Qin Yi!

Guangyong Gao lay on the ground and couldn't help but find a sewer to drill into. He knew very well that he had no light enemies at all this time, and after summing up the reasons for his last failure, he had hidden the breaks very well.

But it's still a defeat!

Then, Qin Yi has been pretending to eat a tiger and deliberately humiliating himself.

Thinking about this, Guangyong's heart reached the extreme of indignation. He couldn't help but tear Qin Yi apart. Between him and Qin Yi, it's not over!

At this moment, a faint voice sounds!

“Qin Yi, stay! ”