The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 11: Powerful Sealing Power

“This Yang Shiqi is obviously your deliberate Qi Qin sister. Qin Yi's performance was a little unexpected and easily aroused the girl's fondness for him, but Yang Shiqi would like him so much, clearly for another purpose. ”

Rubbing Soqin's shoulder often with snow, she said coldly: “Sister Qin, just bear with me for a few days. Don't worry, when the Master Gate Wu Guild, I will definitely crush this boy Qin Yi. He will beat you up and help you out with this evil breath. Also, I heard that the ruler's righteous son, Qiushao, has always admired Yang Shiqi. As long as I release Yang Shiqi and Qin Yi's words of goodwill, Qin Yi's whereabouts will come to light. Don't forget that Qiushao is ranked first in the rankings of youth disciples. He has a hundred ways to make Qin Yi's life better than death. ”

Qin Yi just performed amazingly, but with his strength about to break through the four realms, he often beat Qin Yi to death with confidence.

At that time, he will never show mercy to Qin Yi. He will let Qin Yi know that it is tragic not to show good intentions to him!

“This Yang Shiqi is such a mess, I'm afraid I'm going to be a target. ”

Qin Yi is somewhat distressed. Of course, he cannot easily accompany Yang Shiqi to her house as a guest. Maybe Yang Shiqi is a little fond of herself, but Qin Yi knows very well that she is afraid of something else!

“What exactly are you plotting against me?” Qin Yi thought half bitterly and couldn't think of a single one, so he had to give up.

Back in the small yard at home, Qin Yi was ready to continue working hard. Now not only did she and Soqin completely tear her face apart, but Yang Shiqi, a gifted young girl, was involved. He was just so enthusiastic about himself. Those who admire her disciples will definitely take advantage of Wu being a hard hand against himself.

“My strength now should be able to defeat the disciples at the peak of the Second Realm, and if we wait until the middle of the Second Realm, we should be able to easily defeat the disciples at the beginning of the Third Realm. The combination of Left Hand," Praise Father's Step "and" Volkswagen Heavenly Elephant "is truly remarkable. If the Qi Restoration technique is to be cultivated, it is estimated that the fighting power will be even more terrifying. ”

Qin Yi's heart was filled with anticipation. He had a hidden feeling that the Qi Return Tip should be not only as simple as he now knows, but also more powerful.

“It's just that Praise Step is a handicap, some regret. ”

Qin Yi sighed slightly and began to practice quietly.

He first transferred "Volkswagen" to practice. This martial arts is very strange. It has a huge connection with inner energy. In other words, as long as "Volkswagen" is cultivated well, when we break through the four realms to cultivate gas, it will become a half-work.

The cultivation method of "Volkswagen Elephant" is actually quite arduous, but Qin Yi is very hard.

A martial arts school that can fully enhance himself is unlikely to be easily spared.

Two days later, he finally elevated the entrance of Volkswagen to Xiaocheng. The general martial arts are divided into five grades: Getting Started, Xiaocheng, Dacheng, Peak, Successful.

However, few people can succeed in any kind of martial arts. For example, the basic martial arts "Champion Fist", the whole Ling Yumen cultivated it to a successful evolution into "Massacre Three", and only Qin Yi is alone.


Qin Yi began to practice "Praise Father's Step" and rushed from the side of one big tree to the side of another, very fast.

In Qin Yi's heart, he raised a sense of pride and praise.

"Praise Father's Step", in the great success, can fly in the air, which is full of attraction to Qin Yi, the whole Ling Yu Gate, until now, no one has emerged who can fly in the air, not even the main gate.

Qin Yi was sweating like rain and swallowing like a light swallow. He stepped on his foot and praised his father for walking through the courtyard.

It is already a short time away from the WCA and he must do his utmost to do so.

As for Qi Fang Yuan, it was originally formed with "Fu Tiger Weather", initially cultivated "Fu Tiger Weather", and then cultivated "Qi Fang Yuan", it was equally able to achieve the effect of half-work.

Next, Qin Yi spent three days to cultivate Qi Gai Yi and Fu Tiger Weather to Xiaocheng.


Qin Yi exhaled softly, feeling the blood gas in his body rushing like a wave, the wreckage of limbs is full of power, almost twice as powerful as before.

This state of affairs undoubtedly broke through the middle of the second kingdom!

Qin's heart was rejoicing. After not staying long in the early two realms, he made another breakthrough. At such a speed, he could never find a second one in the whole Ling Yu Gate.

“With my current strength, I can easily defeat the early disciples of the Three Kingdoms, but in the face of the mid-term disciples of the Three Kingdoms, the chances of winning should be only about 10%. If the other party reaches the peak of the Three Kingdoms, then I only have to escape! ”

Qin Yi calmly analyzed his fighting power.

Obviously, such combat power is far from sufficient in the WCA! You can still be abused. You know, Yang Shiqi has turned herself into a target!

Thinking about it, Qin Yi took out the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, and tried to create a hunch, surrounding the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, in an attempt to destroy the sealing power above.


As Qin Yi used Xuan Qi to tighten the Seven Types of Tendemons, a light green junction slowly emerged above them, easily blocking Qin Yi's Xuan Qi.

“What a powerful sealing power. ”

Qin Yi sighed and had to take Xuan Qi back into his body. This was a sealing power once set in place by an ancient existence. Although the sealing power may have become a little loose after endless years, one of his disciples in the middle of the second realm wanted to unravel it, and it was still a delusion of mind.

“Is there really no way to break this seal? ”

Qin Yi was caught in contemplation. If that is the case, it would be a shame. Such a powerful martial arts science has been sealed all the time. It is undoubtedly a great loss to the cultivation world.

When you first felt the sealing power on the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, it was also the left hand, so can the left hand break the sealing power?

With a slight frown, Qin Yi's eyes flashed and decided to give it a try.

He prompted the qi in his body and slowly extended his left hand toward the Seven Types of Celestial Demons...


Qin Yi's left hand had not touched the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, which was a slight tremor.

A wave of space fluctuated, followed by a swing, rushing toward the Seven Types of Celestial Demons. That wave of space approached the Seven Types of Celestial Demons, and the light green junction above it was a click, and it broke open.

“Just like that? ”