The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 15: Massacre Style 3!

Not far away, the three Immortal Sect disciples shouted. They had no idea how to save them. The Ink Feather Arrow could not shoot the Golden Silk Monkey, and it was too late to rush over.

Take 10,000 steps back and say that, even in time, they are not rivals of the Golden Silk Monkey and will only be its meal.

Looking at the golden silk monkey, the girl in the green robe was bitter, she could no longer launch an effective attack, even protecting herself was a problem.

Running away?

Under a thoroughly furious giant ape, there is no chance of escape at half an hour!

Huge giant ape, delicate girl, this contrast is too obvious, without any doubt, the giant ape can shoot the girl off the jade with just one hand, no accidents!

On the corner of the girl's mouth, there was a trace of blood, and she suddenly smiled, slowly closing her eyes...

Just for the next moment, she opened her eyes suddenly and opened her red lips surprisingly: “Huh...”

Only a teenager with a slightly weak figure came from somewhere and blinked, blocking between the girl in the green robe and the golden silk ape.

“What are you doing, shooting arrows, shooting it in the eye. ”

This teenager is naturally Qin Yi. He is not in love and wants to save people, but with his own strength, it is completely impossible to hunt this giant ape.

That's right, Qin Yi is just trying to hunt this spiritual beast and join the forces of five people to kill it while it is ill. So as soon as Qin Yi made his move, he pulled out his push-box bottom killing technique, without reservation.

“Massacre! ”

One punch to the Golden Silk Monkey, but that seemingly flat punch seems to have the power of deterrence!

A simple punch is a natural avenue. Around that punch, a huge airflow swirl is formed, and the punch goes wildly towards the golden silk ape.


Qin Yi's fist was blown on the Golden Silk Monkey, and the giant airflow vortex, too, followed the explosion and swung around.

The gigantic golden silk monkey flew out across his body, flying exactly five lengths away, and then fell to the ground in a "blast”.

“So powerful! ”

Seeing Qin Yi punch, he bombarded the golden silk giant ape five long distances. The girl in the green robe and the other three Immortal Sect disciples all stunned and opened their mouths, revealing a strong and shocking color in their eyes.

In a spin, several of them relieved themselves, and when the teenager appeared, they were saved.

The Golden Silk Monkey is a low-level spiritual beast, tough and unimaginable. Even if Qin Yi makes the technique of the bottom of the pressure box, it is impossible to kill it easily. Only see it jump from the ground, huge body, and pounce hard on Qin Yi.

The vastness of the Golden Silk Monkey contrasts sharply with the weakness of the teenager, but at this time, the teenager is in absolute upwind.

“Kill type two! ”

Qin Yi stood there like a spear gun, not hiding. Faced with the fierce golden silk giant ape, he did not hesitate to strike out Type 2 of Kill Three.

This fist still looks ordinary and not fancy, but it still seems to contain natural avenues. The airflow vortex formed around the fist is obviously also a few points bigger than the first fist.


The giant body of the Golden Silk Monkey flew out again, crushing all the thick trees in the bowl's mouth.

Not far away, the green robe girls, a few of them, blinked a few hard eyes, what kind of boxing technique did the teenager use? I can't believe this is happening.

At this moment, they feel the slightly weak figure of the teenager, like the great shore of a mountain, cannot climb.

Qin Yi's movements did not stop this time, his feet stamped, and the whole person followed the blast, punching a third punch at the golden silk monkey on the ground--

“Kill type three! ”

“Boom!” The gigantic body of the Golden Silk Monkey flew out again, crushing the trees all the way through and making a scene.

After the three types of application, Qin Yi herself also felt that the power rapidly disappeared from the body, especially like an empty bottle, empty.

At this time, if a giant ape could just shoot him, he could shoot him and break all over his body.

However, this situation will not happen. The Golden Silk Monkey was already badly wounded. Plus Qin Yi's three overwhelming fists, he screamed a few times on the ground on the spot. For a moment and a half, he could not climb up again.

“Kill it! ”

Several Immortal Sect disciples, this will only return to God from the astonishment of Qin Yi's divine descent. Qi Qi sighed in anger and took out the sword to slay the golden silk giant ape on the ground.

Qin Yi stood still and ignored the bloody scene of several Immortal Sect disciples murdering the Golden Silk Monkey, only to gauge his fist.

At this time he, empty inside, is ecstatic!

Before that, Qin Yi had never carried out his own "Massacre Three", because he had been in the division gate and had not had the opportunity to carry out it, he feared that if he carried out it, he would be discovered.

And he's been trying to figure out how powerful these three boxing methods are.

Today, coming to Mount Devil's Wind Hunt, he finally had the chance to do it and finally knew the power of these three boxing techniques.

Three punches and a golden silk monkey can't climb to the ground!

How could he not be ecstatic with such a powerful power?

“Thank you for saving my life! ”

Soft voice, pull Qin Yi back into reality. Qin Yiding glanced and saw that the Green Robe Girl had already stood in front of herself. The appearance of the Green Robe Girl was very clean, but her face was still a little pale.

And the Golden Silk Monkey, was completely killed by three other Immortal Sect disciples.

The Giant Golden Silk Monkey was previously injured by the Green Robe Girl's three swords, plus Qin Yi's hegemonic three punches, already half-dead, losing his ability to attack, and easily killed by the three Immortal Sect disciples.

“It's just a show of hands.” Qin Yi faintly said.

The Green Robe girl smiled shallow: “We are the disciples of the Immortal Sect, my name is Ji Xuan, these are my brothers. Nearest to Ling Yumen, you must be a disciple of Ling Yumen, right? ”

Qin Yi nodded indifferently and paused. He looked at the already dead Golden Silk Monkey and said: “This Golden Monkey should be a low-level spiritual beast with terrible strength. It is a great fortune to be able to kill it today. ”

Without the disciple announcing the previous trauma to the Golden Silk Monkey, his own Massacre Style 3 would surely not defeat it.

Likewise, without their own help, these Immortal Sect disciples would certainly die here today.

“Yes, wow. ”

The disciple nodded with emotion, and there was a hint of fear in his heart.

“Next, then, the golden filament monkey is assigned.” Qin Yi said softly, "All I need is Dan, the spirit beast of the Golden Silk Monkey, and the rest, I'll give it to you. ”

This golden filament monkey should be worth about 50,000 taels of silver for all the valuable things it has on it: golden filament, ape skin, muscle bones, teeth, spiritual beast dan, etc.

But Dan the Spiritual Beast is the big one, it's worth 30,000 taels of silver alone!

“Kid, you punched three times and you still want to get the Beast Dan? You're dreaming! ”