The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 17: Swinging Gold and Soil to Buy Pokémon

Qin Yi was delighted.

Without delay, he turned away from the materials store and went straight to a pharmaceutical store on the other street.

Pharmaceutical stores, always the best of all industries in Phoenix. Those disciples who are in good economic conditions usually go to the pharmacy more or less to buy medicines to help them cultivate.

I heard that some of the so-called natural geniuses were created from the very first birth, using Tiancai Dibao to constantly quench them and feed them with high-quality Dan medicine.

By the time you're five or six years old, a child like this has a wonderful skeleton and can be practiced for a thousand miles a day.

“Donghuang Pharmacy, the largest pharmaceutical market in Phoenix, operates a wide range of pharmaceutical materials that have been available for hundreds of years, even thousands of years, and sells a variety of Dan medicines. I hear the power behind this East Royal Pharmacy is enormous and mysterious. Even the five most famous forces in Phoenix dare not provoke. ”

Just arrived at the doorway of Donghuang Pharmacy, a cold familiar voice passed into the ear.

Qin Yi slightly stunned. Xu Xu turned around and looked. Indeed, not far away, a pair of boys and girls were walking.

The man was quite tall and had an arrogant aura all over him. The female figure is beautiful, delicate and weak, and she snuggles happily next to the young man.

Looking at these familiar men and women, Qin Yi smiled slightly bitterly.

“Qin Yi...”

Soqin's eyes turned and saw Qin Yi. His eyes clearly passed by a surprise.

Qin Yi nodded slightly as a response, without stopping, walked into Donghuang Pharmacy.

Speaking of which, you should really be thankful that Juqin inadvertently reminded himself that otherwise, he would not have thought to enter the Monster Wind Mountain hunt.

“Tsk, just because he wants to go into the East Royal Pharmacy? A pill or a Dan pill is worth his salary for several years at Ling Yumen. ”

Looking at Qin Yi's back, he often snorted his mouth and looked very disheartened.

Souqin sighed slightly and didn't say anything. Naturally, she knew what Qin Yi's home was like. It was absolutely impossible to sell medicine with hundreds of taels of silver.

Relative to the usual snow, his family is very rich, and he is the focus of cultivation in Ling Yumen. The usual salaries are more than ten times higher than ordinary disciples.

Listening to the snowy and sharp words behind him, Qin Yi ignored, entered Donghuang Pharmacy and shopped for medicines suitable for his own use.

Qin Yi is now Xuan, it is precisely in the physical training stage, it is very necessary to purchase some physical fitness medicines. There are many medicines for strength and fitness, and the most notable effect is Ganoderma.

“A hundred years of Ganoderma, two hundred taels of silver, two hundred years of Ganoderma, four hundred taels of silver, three hundred years of Ganoderma, one thousand taels of silver, five hundred years of Ganoderma, two thousand taels of silver. ”

Qin Yi's gaze slowly swept the Ganoderma in front of him. The longer the year, the more significant the efficacy.

Of course, that price is not affordable to the average person.

“Brother Xue, if I had a 500-year-old Ganoderma, I might be able to break through the third realm of Xuando in six months. Don't forget, my qualifications are good. ”

There was a slightly delicate sound in the ears.

“I can't do this. I've been trying to cultivate Xuando's interior lately. I need a lot of precious medicines. I can only buy you 200 years at most.” I used to shake my head in the snow.

Though his family is wealthy and cannot afford uncontrolled expenses, he is indeed trying to cultivate his inner strength in the Xuan Dynasty and, with his own abilities, cannot afford to borrow a great deal of precious medicines, which may be promising.

As long as he cultivates the strength of Gendo, he is confident that he will enter the first three in the next Wushu Guild.

At this point, a faint voice sounded: “Master cabinet, get me three 500-year-old Ganoderma. ”

The voice was not loud, but the eyes of the whole pharmacy looked at each other. The eyes of the same road were full of surprises. Three 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, that was 6,000 taels of silver.

Rich is random!

It's him!

Souqin searched for fame and saw the familiar weak figure, heartfelt, smoked.

“The 500-year-old Ganoderma Ganoderma, three more. Who are you kidding? ”

Frequently snowflake, he didn't believe that this poor ghost disciple from a small place like Green Water Town could sell three 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, even some wealthy disciples don't necessarily have to buy three 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum.

“Two thousand taels of silver for Lingzhi in 500 years and six thousand taels of silver for three.” Quote from the master cabinet.

Qin Yi nodded and thanked him. In the eyes of all the people in the pharmacy, he took out the entire 6,000 taels of silver ticket and delivered it to the master cabinet.

This scene solidifies a laugh that is often snowflakes, and the corners of the mouth are suddenly punched.

“How is this possible?” Souqin's gaze is stunned, her red sexy little mouth is stunned and slightly open.

“Master cabinet, buy me three more condensers, and three bone smelters. ”

Next, Qin Yi bought two types of Dan medicine, Qi Dan, which is actually used by Xuan Shi. It has a certain auxiliary effect on the cultivation of Xuan Dao inner strength. Just now, Qin Yi often said that he was already trying to cultivate Xuan Dao inner strength, and he also wanted to try it. Anyway, he has money now, it doesn't matter if he doesn't succeed.

Bone alchemy, on the other hand, is the medicine of the Xuan people, which helps to break through.

At random, Qin Yi actually spent 15,000 taels of silver on this trip. This cost is more generous than those so-called rich children.

With the medicines and Dan medicine purchased, Qin Yi turned to go outside the pharmacy without further delay and did not even look at them when passing through the soothsaurus and regular snow.

“He... really left me completely, it was my own fault, too.” Looking at Qin Yi's departure, Soqin smiled bitterly.

However, Qin Yi suddenly remembered what kind of settling footsteps, turned around and slowly walked towards Soqin and regular snow.

Souqin's fiber eyebrows were picked and her heart pounded straight.

“Boy, what do you want? ”

Often the snow-eyed vulture looked at Qin Yi and drank coldly.

“When I was still in Green Water Town, you used to hang out with me. You took this 500-year-old Ganoderma. ”

Qin Yi took out a 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum and handed it over to the soothsayer. He stopped saying anything. He turned around and left. He never looked at the regular snow.

Gripping the 500-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, he looked at Qin Yi's faint forward figure, and Soqin's heart was violently moved.

The snowy breasts often rise and fall, and the vulture's eyes are frightening: “Kid, I didn't want to target you specifically. Since you tease me so much, I don't mind getting rid of you directly! ”

Out of Donghuang Pharmacy, Qin Yi did not delay, went home in diameter, entered his room and put the latch on.

He started by sorting out the silver tickets, which cost over 15,000 taels this time, and 35,000 taels more.

“These silver tickets will be kept and will be useful in the future. ”

Qin Yi understands that precious medicines and Dan medicines are essential for cultivation, and there are lots of places that need silver in the future.

After carefully collecting the silver tickets, Qin Yi began to bend his knees and sit down and practice. He first ran the Qi Return Tip and discovered that the actual battle in the Devil's Wind Mountains in the past few days had unwittingly pushed his body to its peak, and it was about to break through!