The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 28: The Peak of Basic Martial Arts

Beneath the ring, there was a shout.

Qin Yi's parents, Qin Mu and Qin Feilan, have been perfected by Qin Yi, making them completely unable to find the north, and their hearts are full of shock and joy.

On the other side of the regular snow, his face is getting heavier and heavier, his heart is dark shocked. This kid Qin Yi is really a little stunning, but if Qin Yi really kills into the knockout, he is confident to defeat him.

“222 versus 132! ”

The magistrate's voice dropped, and a figure of Hannah leaped up. It turns out that she and Qin Yi came from Qingshui Town together.

When it was really a trick, a pair of green water town green plum bamboo horses met on the stage.

Together with what happened after coming to the Spirit Feather Gate in Phoenix, the meeting is now more like a deliberate arrangement of fate.

Faced with Qin Yi, Soqin's beautiful little face, the divine color was slightly unnatural. She had a thousand heads in her heart, blushed her red lips, but eventually didn't say anything.

“Zoqin, admit it, you're not my opponent. ”

Qin Yi quickly returned to normal after being slightly stunned, he said faintly.


Rumor has it, Zoqin shook his head stubbornly: "Between you and me, we must fight! ”

Now that everything has changed, it's impossible for the two of them to go back to Green Water Town like that. Now we see that Qin Yi's momentum is so fierce, Soqin is unwilling, and does not admit that his choice is wrong.

“Well, since you think we have to fight each other, then I'm all yours! ”

Qin Yi stopped talking nonsense. This time, he still didn't push his left hand into a state of emptiness. Wanting to fight a hard war with Juqin is kind of a final respect for her. He also wants to see how powerful he is without enabling his left hand.

“Ids_pjsd011_kannon ”

Souqin is also very crisp, so have a quick drink.

Her figure instantly became slim, and suddenly left and right, the slim jade hands were illusory, like a thousand hands of Guanyin.

So powerful!

Souqin's hand, the audience around the stage, is a soft-hearted cry, and then it becomes a little bloody hot again. Qin Yi has been using the basic martial arts "Champion Fist" all the way forward, easily defeating one disciple. That arrogant flame has long made people feel uncomfortable. Dark hopes can emerge a disciple with good strength and teach him a lesson.

Now, finally, there's a juggler, and his hands look pretty good.

Frequent snow over there, looking at the wonderful figure of Souqin, he couldn't help but appear arrogant on his face, "Saturn Hand," which is the advanced martial arts he took a lot of effort to get to practice for Souqin. Today, it seems that he did not waste his heart, and Souqin did not disappoint him.

On the other side, Qin Mu and Xianlang, seeing this pair of people in Qingshui town green plum bamboo horse, this will actually be confronted, both of them bitter slight sigh.

In the past, the Golden Boy Jade Girl in the eyes of the world, today, is the fist and foot opposite each other. Although it is a comparison, the heart, however, has a resentment.


Qin Yi gave such a review of Juqin.

He suddenly fluctuated in his body, filling his limbs with carcasses, and the "Praise for the Father" followed suit. His figure immediately became uncertain, and he was not weaker than Soju.


As Qin Yi's body burst out, the palm of the soothsayer fell flat and struck hard on the ring stage. The large ring stage seemed to be the fiber jade palm that could not bear the soothsayer, suddenly trembling.

So strong!

The disciples who watched the war around them couldn't help but breathe the cool air. The power of this clap is horrible. If they were hit, they would be afraid that the repairs in the middle of the three kingdoms would not be able to bear it.

"The Heavenly Hand" is truly remarkable!

Feeling the harshness of Souqin, Qin Yi's heart rose slightly helplessly. He knew that the relationship between the two people in Qingshui Town had completely disappeared, and now Souqin has developed an unknown hatred towards himself.

“Hopper Fist! ”

Qin Yi's face was faint, and a punch hit Soqin hard.

The punch seemed flat, but in fact it was fantastic. Around the fist, even a slight airflow fluctuated, seemed to move the natural avenue, so that Soju instantly felt the pressure of admiration.

Feeling the subtlety of Qin Yi's fist, Souqin's heart was stunned. Did he cultivate "Champion Fist" to its peak?

She dared not carelessly. Mina's body was like a swinging wind of liu, and her palm of fiber jade slashed towards Qin Yi's neck.

“Heavenly Hand Type 2 - Handsome Hand Macchi! ”

Soqin's hands burst with wind, and Qin Yi felt as if he had an invisible blade, slashing it against his neck.

Qin Yi was not panicked. He stepped on his father's foot and easily avoided the attack of Soqin. He looked at Juqin indifferently: "Juqin, admit defeat, you are not my opponent! ”

“Humph, boy, don't be rubbish in here. Let Kim confess? You beat her first. ”

Watching the battle from afar often snowed, and immediately screamed dissatisfied.

“Yeah, we haven't even won yet, Qin Yi. What are you talking about? I get it, you can only beat king boxing, basic martial arts. You can't beat advanced martial arts like Saturn Hand! ”

“Haha, Qin Yi, if you can't beat someone else, can you be a little more shameless? ”

The disciples who watched the battle under the stage, Qin Yi had long been unhappy and had won dozens of consecutive games on the ring with only the Fist of the King. Such strength made them uncomfortable and angry.

On the ring stage, Qin Yi was not moved by the words below, and looked calmly at Soqin.

“Just admit it? Impossible, you beat me to the ring.” Souqin's face fluttered red and her eyes turned cold.

“Ids_pjsd004_full ”

Soqinna's delicate body, suddenly like a dragon out of the sea, burst into Qin Yi, a pair of jade palms with a subtle trajectory, fiercely toward Qin Yi.

He shook his head helplessly. Qin Yi stopped talking crap and filled his limbs with Xuan Qi again. Feeling the strength of the juggin, he didn't dare to take it seriously.

It has to be said that Soqin is a remarkable young girl who once lived in Green Water Town, together with "Saturn Hand", which is often taught to her by snow, is a very powerful martial arts, for a moment and a half, and she actually fights with Qin Yi.

Of course, this was only leveled under the state of Qin Yi's dark suppression power, even the emptiness state did not enter, and his martial arts at the bottom of the box, "Kill Three", was not used.

If you use Kill Three, you're afraid that Sochin will defeat the North!

Nonetheless, the breath of the juggler gradually became impatient, and several crystalline sweat beads had seeped over the delicate tip of his nose.

Over time, and "The Heavenly Hand," she finally made it to the final formula --


The shape of the jujitsu is actually divided into two parts, four parts, and eight parts...

In an instant, countless figures of softchin appeared on the ring. False and true, Qi Qi went wildly towards Qin Yi, and suddenly completely submerged Qin Yi.


All the disciples watching the battle were stunned with their mouths open.


The distant Qin Mu and Xianlang stood up violently and shouted out, and their faces instantly grew miserable.

The snow on the other side is always snowing, but it's smiling a little bit, kid, but Lou!

Just for the next moment, his smile suddenly set...

“Hopper Fist! ”

Above the ring, an angry drink came.

The countless figurines of the violin suddenly spread.

When he saw Qin Yi, he stood proudly on the ring, holding his fist straight up, and the soft-qin that attacked the white robe flew out and fell straight out of the ring.

The snowflakes often swept underneath the stage, and a handful followed the soprano.

Soqin's face was pale, her mouth had been covered with a hint of red blood, and she looked unwillingly at Qin Yi on the stage. At this moment, she felt that the teenager on the stage was as tall as a god.

“I told you, you're not my opponent. ”

Qin Yi looked down at Soqin and said softly.

Me, really looking up to him?

Souqin leaned back to his sophisticated little face and looked at the bright, cloudy, handsome teenager on the ring. His heart pounded.

She darkened to the point of silence and turned away silently.

“Boy, I'm in the knockout, waiting for you! ”

Slowly over the snowy face.

Qin Yi has won dozens of consecutive games and has already broken into the first five of the team and is fully qualified to participate in the knockout in the back.

“Okay, anytime you want to challenge. ”

Qin Yi's tone remained calm.

Qin Yi, the black horse that was killed, was so amazing that she punched all the women who used to snow down the stage.

The point is, he's still using the most basic martial arts: The King Goes.

However, it is clear to everyone that Qin Yi has made a difference in this ring today, but in the days to come, it will not be easy.

Often snow is a must-report person, even his woman dares not give him a face, he will not let go of each other.

“132 wins! ”

The game is still going on, not surprisingly, Qin Yi, this black horse, still won one game at a time, and it is still the most basic martial arts "Champion Fist" won by the division.

This scenario, those who mess with Ling Yumen, is emotional.

“This kid, when it's really surprising, can't believe he just won the championship in a row. Elder Guo, I heard that this boy chose a collectible book called" The Seven Styles of Tenjin "that he could not practise on that day in the Tibetan Scriptures Palace. It is a pity that if he chose another martial arts, he would be even more amazed.” An elder in a yellow robe said to Guo.

“Yeah, I persuaded him to change it, but the kid was stubborn enough not to. ”

Guo Wuedust sighed with regret and continued: “But this boy is really very good. He actually practiced the basic martial arts of the master," Hopper Fist ", hard to cultivate to the peak! ”

After that, Guo Wuedust looked at the teenager on the ring. The teenager made him feel too mysterious.

He will never forget the day he grabbed his left hand, and at that moment he saw even on the young man's left hand an upper quaint corpse, lying quietly there, where he felt instantly like an ant before the quaint corpse, without even a chance of resistance.

What the hell happened to this teenager and why is he so mysterious?