The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 36: Breaking Through the Four Realms of Gendo!

Qin Yi's mind grew more confused.

It seemed to retreat from some moving memories, and the disciple's face, without trace, recovered normally: “Actually, here's my uncle, Ji Ji Datian, in Starling House, Starling County. ”

Starling County? Starling House?

Qin Yi flashed.

He had heard of the existence of the Starling House in Starling County just before entering the Ling Yumen.

The star palace of Starling County City governs many forces, and the five main forces of Phoenix: Ling Yumen, Immortal Sect, Qianqiu Pavilion Yuanxingzong, Xuanyang Palace are also under its jurisdiction.

To be honest, Tianxingfu, that's a superior being, ordinary people, can't know anything about it, they just know it's mysterious and powerful, that's all.

And what was expected was that the uncle's discipline announced by the disciple in front of him was actually in Tianxingfu!

I can't imagine how powerful her background is.

Feeling the consternation of Qin Yi, the disciple's divine colour was slightly arrogant. He said: "As early as the first two months, my uncle had flown a pigeon to my house and said that he would soon come to Phoenix to study the five major forces of Phoenix. ”

“Come to Phoenix and have a good look at the five powers of Phoenix? ”

With a slight frown, Qin Yi looked at the girl with the face of the country with confusion: “But what does this have to do with me? ”

“Don't worry, listen to me. ”

The disciple Xuan Tian smiled and said: “My uncle said in the letterhead that we in Phoenix got a spot to enter Tianxing Province. That is, in fact, this time my uncle came to visit Phoenix, he actually wanted to select an excellent young disciple to enter Tianxing Province among the five major parties: Ling Yumen, Xianshizong, Qianqiu Pavilion Yuanxing Zong and Xuanyang Province. ”

Eyebrow tip picked gently, Qin Yi couldn't help but move!

Such a mysterious and powerful presence is the dream of every practitioner in Phoenix. If you can get into it, you can naturally go further along the cultivation path in the future.

Starling County, definitely not a little Phoenix, can be compared.

“You mean, recommend me to your uncle? ”

After listening to the discipline teacher announce this, Qin Yi understood. Some incredible expectations announce to the discipline teacher: “Why don't you recommend yourself? ”


The disciple was slightly stunned and shook his head with a smile: “My training qualifications, frankly, are very good, even comparable to Brother Sword, but compared to you, I am still bad, you can take my three swords, I knew that your potential is better than Brother Sword, I do not recommend you, who do you recommend? ”

Brother Ji Zheng's sword in his mouth is undoubtedly the head of the five young geniuses in Phoenix.

How dare she say I'm better than a sword?

This discipline teacher really looks at me!

Qin Yi shook his head somewhat helplessly: “Master Ji Xuan, don't say that your Immortal Sect sword is nil, it's just a trick to defeat Shen Bei's Tong Hangan, I can't handle it. ”

When I think of the ranking match in 10 days, I have to face Tong Hangan as a powerful enemy, Qin Yi has a headache.


The disciple pronounced a straight nose, but he snorted with disdain, leaving out his reddish mouth and said: “That Tong Hangan, who only possesses a flaming seed, doubled his attack power instantly. If it weren't for that flaming seed, he couldn't have been an opponent of Brother Si, he was defeated in the first war just now. ”

“Flaming Seeds...”

Qin Yi couldn't help but repeat, this kind of thing is truly like a priceless treasure. Having it, it can actually double its attack instantly.

“Yes, the seeds of the five elements of the Kyushu mainland, if available, are, as Tong Hangan said, a favor of heaven.” The disciple sighed sincerely.

“What do you mean?” Qin Yi Qido.

“In fact, the seeds of the five elements of the Kyushu mainland, hidden a huge secret, the average world, impossible to understand, I also occasionally listened to my uncle's discipline at a very young age, because the secret was so horrible that I still remember it. ”

The disciple's face became a little vivid.

Qin Yi did not speak, but in his heart, it was an extraneous disparity.

He knew that a surprising secret unknown to the world had to be told to himself from the young lady who had fallen into the country.

Indeed, the disciple pronounced a sweet voice, slowly said it.

“Legend has it, in the distant past, the peak of the Kyushu mainland existed in the Kyushu king, a man of extreme madness and belligerence. For the sake of the hundreds of millions of heavens in the Kyushu mainland, he fought hard against the other mainland and the powerful in his place, and was made the 'Great Demon King' by the other mainland and the powerful in his position, but the Kyushu king himself did not mind this name, even he added the word 'heaven’ before the 'king', calling himself the 'Great Demon King’...

“For the hundreds of millions of heavens on the Kyushu mainland, the King of Kyushu spent his entire life fighting in bathing blood. After his meteor, his body became five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth, scattered throughout the Kyushu mainland, maintaining the natural avenue of the Kyushu mainland. In the past, I listened to my uncle say that if you can collect the seeds of the complete five elements, you can give birth to the weapons of the Kyushu King of the past, the Kyushu Demon Knife. By then, the Kyushu King may also be reincarnated...”

“Kyushu King... Five Element Seeds... Kyushu Demon Knife...”

Qin Yi muttered to himself, as long as he was able to fully collect the seeds of the five elements, he could give birth to the Jiuzhou Demon Knife. By then, the King of Jiuzhou, who had fallen for endless years, could be reappeared!

This, when it's truly an amazing secret!

Until after the disciple announced his departure, Qin Yi was still immersed in this amazing mystery, and was shocked by God.

Incredibly, behind the flaming seeds that Tong Hangan got, there's this amazing message hidden.

“Tong Hangan must not yet know that the seed of flame is related to the Kyushu King's weapon, Kyushu Demon Knife, this news must not be leaked, otherwise, Kyushu mainland, will set off a bloody storm. ”

Qin Yi realized the seriousness of the matter.

If you let the world know that if you collect all five seeds, you can have Gestapo, and the world will go crazy to collect them!

“None of this actually has anything to do with me, and now I, as a matter of urgency, need to quickly improve my strength to face Tong Hangan in the rankings in ten days. ”

Qin Yi finally calmed down and returned to the reality in front of him.

However, Qin Yi was quite moved by the discipline teacher Xuan's proposal to go to Xingxian Chengxing Mansion.

Of course, at the very least, Tong Hangan must be solved at this time. If even he can't handle it, even if the discipline teacher announced the recommendation, her uncle will not necessarily look at himself.

The five majorities compete for a spot, and one can imagine how fierce such competition is.

Qin Yi also remembered that the Lu lecturer who explained Xuando's inner strength in the practice field on that day was also from Tianxing Province.

It would be a good option to get into Starling House.

Now, of course, we have to deal with the rankings.

Ten days later, it's a ranking match, too tight.

“Take out the remaining 20,000 taels of silver ticket, buy all the Ganoderma, and then go back to Mount Devil's Wind, which is the only way to go now. It is also the only glimmer of hope. ”

When the plan was drawn up, Qin Yi did not delay. When all the remaining 20,000 silver tickets were about to be taken out, he went to Donghuang Pharmacy.

Half an hour later, he appeared at the entrance of the Eastern Emperor's Pharmacy and walked in without hesitation.

“Eight hundred years of Ganoderma, 10,000 taels of silver a share. ”

Looking at the price of some Ganoderma in front of him, Qin Yi secretly inhaled the cooling air, which is really not... ordinary expensive!

However, the 800 year old Ganoderma Ganoderma, already extremely precious, the entire Phoenix pharmaceutical store, only a large brand of pharmaceutical store like Donghuang Pharmacy can be sold, and it is still in front of Qin Yi's eyes poor three shares!

“Get me two of these 800 years of Ganoderma. ”

Qin Yi bit his teeth.

“Take... two shares? ”

The master cabinet was obviously stunned. Some couldn't believe their ears. There were three shares in total. The boy in front of him actually took two shares.

The master cabinet has divided this thin teenager into one of the rich and oily brothers in the family. The oily face immediately stacked up a likable smile: “Good, teenager, courageous, promising! ”

Over the next three years, brothers and sisters, I've worked very hard. Where are your clicks, collections, flowers, rewards? With these, I'll be more motivated, I'll spell more, I'll update more, the plot will be better.

After purchasing the only two shares of the 800-year-old Lingzhi, Qin Yi left the Donghuang Pharmacy without any delay and went straight to Lingyumen's own home.

“Ping-pong! ”

Upon returning home, Qin Yi closed the door and carefully pulled out those two 800 years old Ganoderma bought from Donghuang Pharmacy.

“Here, it's 20,000 yen...”

Looking at the two strands of Lingzhi in his hand, Qin Yi blinked his eyes. Until now, he felt somewhat unbelievable.

Shaking his head, Qin Yi stopped thinking about the money, without delay, took two 800 years of Ganoderma, took them all down at once, then hurriedly bent his knees and sat down, his luck adjusted.

Lingzhi's medicinal power, in Qin Yi's body, quickly came to play out. For a moment, it was as if he had been buried in a fire furnace, a fiery stream of medicinal power, violently impinging on his major meridian pulses.


Qin Yi couldn't help but scream and his whole skin was instantly red, as if there really was a burning stove in his body.

A bean-sized sweat bead quickly appeared on Qin Yi's body surface.

Two 800-year-old Ganoderma lucidum were taken simultaneously. This drug power was definitely not a joke. It made the major meridian pulses in his body unbearable in an instant. It was about to explode.

Qin Yi did not dare to be slightly lazy and rushed to his left hand. Suddenly, an ancient magical qi came out of that left hand and forced Qin Yi to suppress and reconcile the drug power in his body.

The ferocious potency, instantly, softened.

When it's a race for seconds!

Qin Yi exhaled softly. There was a feeling of death with heaven. As soon as he slowed down, the meridians in his body would become unbearable and explode to death.

However, it is also shocking, with a slight breath of Xuan in his left hand, he easily suppressed the fierce drug power, I dare not imagine, in that distant past, the master of the left hand is powerful to what kind of field.

Qin Yi's body pores were stretched, and he was insanely absorbing that already reconciled drug power. He could even feel the bones and meridians clearly, becoming a little stronger and swollen.

Two whole 800 years of Ganoderma lucidum, its drug power is undoubtedly quite abundant. Even Qin Yi's strong physique, for a moment and a half, cannot be completely absorbed.

Qin Yi bent his knee and sat still, leaving his body to absorb that abundant medication.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Two hours later, the power of the two 18-year-old Ganoderma lucidum was finally absorbed clean. At the moment when the drug power was completely absorbed, Qin Yi's body also heard a sound of bone.

With the sound of this bone marrow, a powerful breath, also from Qin Yi's body, suddenly swung away, his full head of dark hair, all followed suddenly.

“Tsk, finally breaking through the four realms of Xuan Dao and entering the ranks of Xuan Zhen! ”