The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 37: Exchange of Martial Arts Secrets!

A gentle whisper rang from his ear.

Qin Yi stunned and opened his eyes. He saw only a beautiful young girl. She was flashing a pair of glassy eyes and staring at herself with joy.

“Sister Yang, what are you doing here? ”

Qin Yi was slightly stunned.

Exactly, the girl in front of me is Ling Yumen's disciple Yang Shiqi.

“I was already here. ”

Yang Shiqi threw up her little tongue in a playful way: “I just happened to see you sitting here practicing, didn't disturb you, I didn't expect to, but let me see you enter the Xuanzhi excitement moment. Congratulations, Qin Yi! ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly bitterly. With the fondness of her parents for Yang Shiqi, even if she knew she was practicing, she came to find herself, and her parents would never stop her, or even secretly steal from herself.

In the eyes of his parents, Yang Shiqi is his own prospective wife!

Qin Yi himself was quite surprised to use only two 800-year-old Ganoderma lucidum strains to break directly into the four realms of Xuando and step into the realm of Xuanzhen.

But if you think about it carefully, it is also reasonable. The three realms and the four realms are a watershed. There is a considerable gap between them. Qin Yi has been trying to practice before, but there is no breakthrough. In fact, he should have encountered bottlenecks, but Qin Yi himself did not know.

This time, under two 800-year-old Ganoderma garments, the bottleneck was washed away by mistake.

After thinking about these thoroughly, Qin Yi looked to Yang Shiqi and said softly: “Sister Yang, can I help you? ”

“I was here to consult with you, and now that you've just broken through the four realms, I'm going to consult with you even more. ”

Yang Shiqi smiled and the glamorous glassy eyes were slightly wary.

In other words, I wanted to see how powerful the fighting was after he broke through.

“Okay, then we're done. ”

Qin Yi also really wanted to know how powerful this master was as a disciple, but he remembered that in the selection competition on that day, this young girl was at will and blew a disciple from all four realms of Gendo down the stage!

The two of them stopped talking, and you came and went into battle with me in this courtyard.

Qin Yi felt that Yang Shiqi's body was quite extraordinary and much more powerful than that of Xuexue.

So strong!

Feel Yang Shiqi's incredible body and the brutal attack that can hit him at will. Qin Yi's heart is shaken by darkness. He is truly a master!

Qin Yi deduced in his heart that the previous Wushu Guild, if it encountered her, would not have been her opponent without entering the emptiness state, and without enabling the "Massacre Three"!

Even if he has now broken through the four realms, dealing with them is quite strenuous.

Having been cultivated to the full realm of "Ju Wang Fist", after Qin Yi punched the whole time, Yang Shiqi still did not defeat the formation, chill, and dissolve all Qin Yi's bombarded fists.

“Hee-hee, before that, you weren't my opponent. Even if you broke into the four realms now, you'd be even with me. ”

Yang Shiqi suddenly suddenly took shape and jumped out of the fighting circle, smiling at Qin Yi Hip and Hip.


Qin Yi admitted frankly.

For the first time, he recognized Yang Shiqi's strength. When he was really powerful, no wonder he was able to blow a disciple from the Fourth Realm off the stage.

Until then, she must not have been her opponent if she hadn't entered a state of emptiness.

If she enters a state of emptiness, the gifted girl in front of her will not necessarily be her opponent.

Yang Shiqi's eyes suddenly flashed and looked at Qin Yi vividly: “Your body is very good, almost comparable to the disciples of the Five or even the Six Realms, can you tell me what you really are? ”

Of course Qin Yi knows, she refers to her own "Praise Father Step".

It is estimated that before the WCA she had taken note of her own personal laws, and after the WCA and the consultations that had just taken place, she had become more certain of the extraordinary nature of her own laws.

“That's what you were trying to do to me, right? ”

Qin Yi suddenly said Xu Xu.

Yang Shiqi stood still and smiled sweetly. But it was also a generous admission: “You're a smart guy. Yes, what I was trying to do to you was figure out what you were doing. At the time of the consultation, I attacked you with the most resolute method, but you have avoided the past. According to common sense, the disciples at the top of the four kingdoms are not necessarily able to hide, but you have just broken through the four kingdoms. Even though the avoidance is some hard work, it is sufficient to show that you are extraordinary. ”

Qin Yi recalled that Yang Shiqi did have a few moves just now. He was quite resourceful and weird. If he didn't have "Praise Father's Step", he would have lost the battle.

Yang Shiqi stared at Qin Yi, seemingly to see through his soul, and continued: “You have great advantages in strength and speed, especially since you have cultivated the inner strength of the entrance, but you are not without defects, and your defects are just insufficient defenses. ”

“That's true. ”

Qin Yi nodded.

“This is the defect left by the selection of martial arts without entering the second level of Tibetan Sutra, which most disciples of Ling Yumen cannot do. ”

Yang Shiqi said positively: “But I am different. I am a red disciple of the master gate. I was once qualified to enter the second level of the Tibetan scripture, where I can choose to practice martial arts of my defense. As a practitioner, self-defense exercises are essential in the long run. ”

“What you said was mutually beneficial is that you want to practice your defense martial arts in exchange for my speed martial arts, right?” Qin Yi said.

“Exactly. ”

Yang Shiqi put her hands behind her. Ting Ting Yuli stood in front of Qin Yi and looked at him slightly playfully: “I don't know what you think? ”

What a gifted girl, just touching herself, thinking of a step so far.

Qin Yi did not think much about his defense before, and now, after Yang Shiqi said that, he began to attach importance to this issue.

“You're right, you can think about it. ”

No delay.

Immediately, Qin Yi went to her residence with Yang Shiqi.

As a red disciple in Ling Yumen, Yang Shiqi's house is naturally taken care of by the master, much better than the average disciple.

What appeared in front of Qin Yi was a fine embroidered building.

“Master! ”

As Qin Yi had just returned to the embroidery building, Yang Shiqi shouted happily.

“Kitty, you're back. ”

As Yang Shiqi screamed, a middle-aged woman came out of the embroidery building. Middle-aged women Wen Xiu Mi, dressed in a blue and yellow dress, raised their hands between their feet and flowed with a noble and extraordinary aura.

Don't even think about it, this middle-aged woman's status is unusual in this Ling Yu Gate, her breath is not weak and dusty.

Some of the special apprentices in Ling Yumen are specially trained by the master, such as regular snow, Qiushao leisure, etc. However, the master of regular snow, is his father Fengyang, while the master of Qiushao leisure, is pale and pine.

“Are you Qin Yi? ”

The middle-aged woman smiled and nodded her head at Qin Yi. Her face showed a glimpse of the god she appreciated, and she didn't have much bullshit. She opened the door and said: "Qin Yi, I've seen you consult with others, you are very smart, what is your relationship with Elder Guo, and where do you get this smart speed martial arts, I'm not interested, I just want to exchange you with a set of martial arts you so badly need, I wonder if you are interested? ”

Middle-aged women's voices and slow listening make people feel like spring breezes.

Am I related to Elder Guo?

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. I didn't expect to make such a big mistake once he carried out the "Praise for Father Step".


Qin Yi nodded and did not explain more about his relationship with the elders. It would probably be better if they misunderstood each other so much.


The middle-aged woman, happy, turned her face and told Yang Shiqi to go there to prepare for the exchange of martial arts.

Yang Shiqi happily went, a moment later, came out, and already had an extra martial arts.

Qin Yi took a look at Wu Xue and wrote four words: "Diamond Heart Scripture".

He flipped up randomly and saw only the training technique and accompanying drawings inside, which were complete. There is no doubt that this is a complete exercise in martial arts.

“The Vajra Sutra is a remarkable defensive martial arts, even throughout the Huaxia Empire, quite famous, adult, hard as cast iron. I was lucky enough to finally get this" Vajra Heart Scripture ". If it wasn't for the full cultivation of Kiel, and not to waste her such a good seedling, I would definitely not dedicate this martial arts. ”

The middle-aged woman said aside.

As you can see, she was very fond of Yang Shiqi.

“Very good, indeed, a very good exercise in physical defense martial arts. ”

Qin Yi smiled satisfactorily and handed back the Vajra Heart Scripture to Yang Shiqi at will.

“What do you mean, Qin Yi, you don't want to trade? ”

Looking at Qin Yi's "Diamond Heart Scripture", Yang Shiqi and the middle-aged woman, she frowned slightly.

“Of course not. ”

Qin Yi shook his head, pointing to his own head and said: "I have recorded the whole martial arts here. ”


Rumor has it, Yang Shiqi and the middle-aged woman both stunned and opened their mouths, and looked at Qin Yi with amazement. It was difficult to calm their hearts. This teenager, indeed, was quite remarkable. He remembered the whole martial arts content just momentarily.

Qin Yi naturally could not have told them that when she was going through the Vajra Sutra, she herself prompted her left hand to carry all the contents of it through her left hand into her mind, and she could never forget it.

“Sister Yang, get a pen. I'll write down my martial arts and teach it to you. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and did not explain much.


Yang Shiqi returned to God from surprise and took the paper and pen and gave it to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi pulled out the "Praise Father's Step" and came to mind. According to the contents, he could not directly copy the "Praise Father's Step" completely. This makes it extremely easy to see that Tae Ni, if the senior members of the division are pursuing it again, they can easily lose out if they own the mysterious left hand thing.

To prevent this from happening, Qin Yi replaced most of the content with other content. The effect is the same, but the text narrative is different.

Finally, Qin Yi named this martial arts, "Stepping on the Devil's Walk," and gave it to Yang Shiqi.

“Stepping on the Devil's Walk"? ”

Yang Shiqi took over martial arts, glassy eyes turned slightly, casually glanced a few eyes, the face revealed a strong delight: “Nice, it is an advanced speed technique. ”

Listening to her, the gentle lady beside her relaxed herself.

Yang Shiqi suddenly raised her eyecloth and looked at Qin Yi shallow and smiled: “But this should be a ruined book, right? ”