The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 40: Breakthroughs!

Looking far away at the fat face of the black robe, that smile filled with malice, Qin Yi felt more and more wrong.

Not good!

Shit, it's on my head!

Suddenly, I felt over my head, a huge pressure swept down. Qin Yi didn't even think about it, and his body burst out.

“Boom! ”

As soon as he left, he saw a giant golden palm print, and suddenly he slapped down, and the power was so great that the whole ground was shaking.

“Taken from the top of my head, it's an annihilation. It's a real image!” Qin Yi's mind suddenly came up with such a strange thought that he was frightened and sweaty.

It's horrible, if it were captured in this picture, the consequences would be unimaginable!

For the first time since he embarked on a training journey, he has also faced such a powerful opponent, both in cultivation and martial arts.

This will undoubtedly be a tough battle!

This black robe fat man's "Da Luo Tian Hand" martial arts is amazing to the extreme. It makes Qin Yi's heart, even in a flash, come up with a strange thought. If you can take away this black robe fat man's martial arts, it would be great!

But he knew, with his current strength, that it was absolutely impossible to compete for the Martial Arts of the Black Fat Man.

Unless an incredible miracle happens!

“Ha ha, little bastard, nice, go on! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, the black robe Fatty couldn't help laughing.

This Daluo Heavenly Hand Type 4 extinction of the world, the massive golden palm prints that gather together, not like Type 3 to scatter, but after a beat, quickly float into the air.

The Golden Glow giant palm imprint is suspended in the air, forming the "world of annihilation” again!

“Type-4 Dalo Heavenly Hand - Extinct the Creation! ”

The fat man in the black robe shook his hand and pulled the golden palm print in the sky, slapping it hard towards Qin Yi on the ground.

Feeling the tremendous pressure of the golden palm print on top of his head, Qin Yi was shocked and rushed to bring the compliment of the father to the ultimate, his body burst open.

“Boom! ”

Jin Guang huge palm stamp rubbed Qin Yi's body down again, shooting the ground trembling. The flower and grass trees covered by that palm were destroyed instantly.

“Ha ha, nice little bastard, one more slap! ”

Fatty laughed and shook his palms again. The golden palm prints in the sky were once again beaten to kill the whole world. Qin Yi once again began to compliment his father on his rapid escape.

The Great Lord's Heavenly Hand Type 4 extinction creature can actually be continuously carried out, when it is really insane to the extreme!

At this moment, Qin Yi's heart was bitter to the extreme. This fat man in black carried out the Dalo Heavenly Hand Type 4 extinction crowd, at the end of the end of the day was terrible to the extreme. The big hand had a huge area of printing and wide coverage. The speed at which it was filmed was incredible. Qin Yi could not escape until he walked to the extreme every time.

“If I keep fighting like this, it won't take long, I will try my best to extinguish it. Once I can't escape, with the power of this great hand mark, even if I don't die, I will be seriously injured. ”

Qin Yi's feelings were quite bad, but there was no way. He could only try to praise his father and escape his life.

"Big Row Heavenly Hand" is so perverted, how wonderful would it be if I could own it!

“Ha ha, little bastard, as I was saying, to make you want to live, you can't die! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, the fat man in the black robe laughed and was very happy. For a moment, he even forgot the grief of losing his two nephews.

He manipulated the Dalo Heavenly Hand Type 4 extinction of the world. The golden palm stamp gathered in his palm, he bombarded Qin Yi for a moment, as if he were manipulating the hand of God.

As the battle progressed, Qin Yi was repaired only in the early days of Gendo 4. His physical strength was very limited. His body quickly reached the limit he could bear. Bean-sized sweat beads have seeped out of his body surface.

“You can't stop, or you're dead. ”

Qin Yi bit his teeth tight and persisted in his death.

“Haha, hide, let me tell you, with my ambitious Xuando strength, I can take the Daluo Heavenly Hand Type 4 to extinct the world, and shoot 20 hands in a row, let me see how many hands you can hide - 8th hand! ”

Fatty laughed a lot.

Type-4 8th hand of Daluo Heavenly Hand, the sound of the boom severely covered, just one line away, Qin Yi was directly covered.

Da Luo Tian Hand 9… Hand 10… Hand 11…

The fat man in the black robe manipulated Da Luo Tian's hand. He kept covering it up. Qin Yi didn't want to die yet, but he had to flee. However, despite his astonishment, his movements slowed down slightly.

At this moment, Qin Yi felt like he was about to break up, and his heart ached.

However, he had to bite his teeth and hide.

Thanks to him, he entered the state of the old man made by his left hand. Otherwise, he was afraid he would have already lost his life in Huangquan.

“The 13th hand of Dalo Heaven! Ha ha, die, you little bastard! ”

Fatty laughed a lot.

The huge palm prints of Big Rao Tian's hands gathered together, as if they were cast in gold, gorgeous and gorgeous. The pressure emitted on the palm prints, or the air around them, were squeezed into a circle of ripples and swept away towards the surrounding area.

“Spray plate! ”

The 13th hand of Dalo Heavenly, with a terrible killing machine slammed down, almost cracked the ground directly.


Qin Yi escaped from his death, his body almost burst out with a huge palm of gold. That huge pressure, like a big wave, lifted him out, almost crushed his body tortoise.

It's too dangerous!

Qin Yi's face was pale, and her forehead burst with bean-sized sweat beads, and her limbs were cold.

He swallowed his breath hard and was desperate for his current situation. He was on the verge of trying so hard that if he couldn't hold on to his hands any longer, he would die under the hands of Dallow Heaven.

“No, I can't die in this wilderness! ”

Qin Yi growled, his eyes opened, his eyes cracked, gathered the last bit of strength of his whole body, carried out the "Praise Father's Step", yet another dangerous and dangerous escaped from the hands of Da Luo Tian.

However, after the implementation of this "Praise Father Step", Qin Yi's whole person also completely took off, his legs suddenly soft, the whole person bombarded and fell to the ground.

Are you sure you want to die in the wilderness today?

Qin Yi smiled bitterly. He had never carried out the "Praise Father's Step" so continuously before. At this time, his bones were almost scattered and his body was in tremendous pain.

“Avoid 14 hands, little bastard. Nice! ”

Fatty Blackskin slowly stepped forward, his face filled with cruel laughter, the boy not only nearly took his own life, one photo, slaughtered his two nephews, now he finally lay on the ground and let himself be disposed of.

“Ha ha, run, you little bastard, run for it! ”

Fatty the black robe suddenly laughed happily. Although Qin Yi had only made it in the early four realms, its performance could only be described by banditry.

At this time, Fatty the Black Robe laid him down tirelessly, feeling nothing wrong because he was a 15-year-old teenager, but full of accomplishments.

Such an extraordinary teenager must have an immortal soul. If he breaks his flesh and melts his soul into a weapon, it may create a Gestapo soldier.

With this in mind, Fatty the Black Robe couldn't help but scorch his eyes and rub his hands with excitement. At this moment, he even felt that the two nephews killed by Qin Yi before were nothing, and made a lot of money.

You know, in the last ancient years, a soldier could be worth millions of men!

Looking at Fatty in the black robe's face, Qin Yi's heart was very unhappy. He really wanted to jump up a hegemonic fist and bomb him. It's just a pity that his whole person has completely fallen out, and can't even climb up, let alone punch out.


Qin Yi felt a slight burst of heat in her body, so that her body had reached its limit and suddenly relaxed. The whole person was as comfortable as a spring breeze.

Meanwhile, a "Praise for the Father" Xuan Qi bred and spinning in his legs, that Xuan Qi was more than twice as strong as before.

What's that supposed to mean?

Feel the strong Xuan qi that slowly appeared on both legs. Qin Yi was stunned without a trace.

“Is it because your body has reached its limits, broken through the chains, and allowed the Praise of the Father to break through? ”

Qin Yi blinked lightly.

With this in mind, Qin Yi hastily and darkly felt his body for a while. When he discovered the power that had previously escaped, he actually turned back, and it was much bigger than before.

“It's truly a Breakthrough for Fatherstep! ”

Qin Yi was ecstatic!

Now he's got absolute confidence to give this damn fat black robe a beating and get away with it!

Without a doubt, now standing in front of Qin Yi, is when Qin Yi left the Ling Yumen's mouth of Ge Fengren.

His name was Ge Fengren, but his sexuality was not benevolent at all. He looked at Qin Yi with an abusive face. At this time, he was so excited that he was about to jump. Even his mind was already fantasizing, assuming that time and time held Qin Yi's soul to melt out the Divine Soldier, he swept across the world.

According to the ancient saying, a person's soul can be smelted or sealed into a weapon, enhancing the weapon's killing and resentment, thus enhancing the weapon's killing power.

And the terrible thing is that once a person's soul is sealed in a weapon, it means that that person will be wiped out of the world from now on, and there will never be a day.

Not all souls, of course, can change the quality of weapons and upgrade ordinary weapons into divine soldiers after being sealed into them.

Only those very powerful souls can play this role.

And a teenager as young as 15 years old can instantly break through two Xuan Dao 5 massacres, definitely not generalized, should have perfect qualifications.

Often, a person's qualifications are proportional to the soul.

At this time, Ge Fengren's gaze at Qin Yi was already full of greed.

But he didn't notice that Qin Yi's divine color, at this time, was also completely transformed. From his previous anger and unwillingness, he has turned into a shock, unbelievable, surprise!