The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 43: Who Will the Left Handed Owner Be?


His eyes stifled slightly.

Qin Yi, who entered the state of emptiness, quickly found a rock hole 5 miles away. The rock hole is not deep enough, the hole is not big enough to go in on its own, but the huge body of the lake is definitely not going in.

“What a god I am! ”

Qin Yi's face suddenly scratched a delightful color, spread the speed, and rushed towards that rock hole.

Now his "Praise Father's Step" has a certain amount of fire, and under the speed of expansion, that speed is also quite astonishing.


Behind him, suddenly came the thundering wind, the raging wind of the array, whistling. Qin Yi was surprised and looked back and gazed.

Seeing the lake in the rear, this would actually fly over the sky, fanning the huge wings and flying towards Qin Yi.

“Goddamn it, that bastard's wings aren't long to see! ”

Qin Yi shook hard to add, took the "Praise Father's Step" to the extreme, and rushed mad toward the rock hole in front. Although the speed of the lake is also quite astonishing, under Qin Yi's death escape, for a while, it can't catch up.

The rock hole is closer, closer...

Three miles... two miles... one and a half miles...

Qin Yi only ran away with his life. He didn't even notice the abnormality of the rock hole. There was already a cold breath surrounding him. At the same time, there was a hidden smell in the air.


A huge black shadow, like a long rainbow, burst out of that rock hole, with a strong smell, spreading rapidly in the air.

“Psst! ”

A strange sound, sounding from the air.

“My God...”

After seeing what it was, Qin Yi's whole person instantly petrified and completely stunned.

Just a black python that takes two adults to barely wrap around, almost a hundred meters long, a giant snake head up in the air, spitting a chimpanzee serpent, making the scalp numb.

“Another advanced spiritual beast...”

Qin Yi subconsciously said this, his heart completely despaired, before and after being attacked by two advanced spiritual beasts, there will never be a chance of survival.

Soon after, however, Qin Yi relieved himself slightly, because he found that the vulture of the black python had reached the extreme end of his eyes, not looking at himself, but behind the lake.

Two huge high-end spiritual beasts, remotely confronted, completely ignored Qin Yi, a small human being.

The lake continued to shake its wings, roaring in its mouth and demonstrating against the black python. And the black python is also unyielding, throwing up a foot-length serpent believer, huge body slowly rolling, wanting to slay the past at will.

“Great. Let the two animals kill each other. ”

Qin Yi delighted herself. In order not to be affected, she quietly then retreated.

This time, it's a real Jedi!

“Ho ~”

The lake launched an attack, suddenly growled, huge body dived down, strutting to think of black python.


Python could not have made a slight retreat, and this is its territory, and it bounced off towards the lake of the ancient spiritual beast.

In an instant, two high-ranking spiritual beasts were killed, the ground vibrated, and the trees around them, no matter how big or small, were spared.

Advanced spiritual beasts, comparable in strength to the Great Xuan Master, on the vast body of the animals for two days, have been under astonishing pressure, forming a huge stream of air around them.

Qin Yi dared not move slightly, and leaned cautiously toward the rock hole. It was too unsafe in the depths of Mount Devil's Wind. He had to make plans after not finishing the cave.

“Ho ~”


The battle between the black python and the lake was intense to the extreme, and powerful energy fluctuations continued. Such a battle scene, even a true Da Xuan master, probably dares not come close.

“Knock! ”

The black python and the lake were entangled in death, biting each other, spraying blood, the scene was bloody to the extreme, looking far away Qin Yi, the heart was cold.

Half an hour later, the war between the two advanced spiritual beasts finally ended.

And the outcome of this war was unexpected: the black python and the lake, both of them.

It was quiet, the air, and the smell was amazing.

Qin Yi took a deep breath of relief. He felt it. The two huge things lying in front of him were completely dead, with no signs of life.

“These two premium spiritual beasts, if they brought their spiritual beast Dan, don't know what price to buy. ”

Qin Yi thought of this problem, his eyes became fierce. The bodies of these two animals were too large, and he made them go to Phoenix. When the materials were sold too unrealistic, and in the fight, the bodies of the two spiritual beasts were also massively damaged, which would greatly discount the price.

But Dan the Spiritual Beast, you can try to pay for it.

With this in mind, Qin Yi stopped hesitating and rubbed his hands with excitement, then cautiously approached the bodies of two huge objects.



Just then, in the nearby valley, there was a noise of wild beasts screaming, and the noise was quite loud.

Qin Yi was astonished. He rushed into the state of emptiness. His senses of spirituality swept around him. His face suddenly grew white. He saw a range of circles. As many as a dozen spiritual beasts were fast approaching here, basically intermediate spiritual beasts, and even had one or two advanced spiritual beasts.

“Oops, the bodies of these two advanced spiritual beasts attracted all the spiritual beasts around them. ”

Qin Yi had to abandon the two high-ranking spiritual beasts Dan, who was available in his hands, and save his life. He rushed to that rock hole.

As soon as he entered the rock cave, Qin Yi felt a very cold breath and came to his face, which made him quite uncomfortable. This is normal, but any cave inhabited by snakes gives this shady feeling.

The entrance to this rock hole is small, but as it deepens, the space grows.

In the cave, there are sometimes python appearances, but they are all common python serpents, not like the level of black python, Qin Yi pulled out the steel hunting knife, and all the python appeared were easily killed.

On the ground, there are skeletons of all kinds of beasts, big and small, and they look a little scary. In the air, there is also a smell of smell.

A dozen minutes later, the cave finally came to an end.

In front, there was a black rock wall, and the rock wall was so smooth, and on the surface of that black rock, and even a hint of strange images emerged, that this black rock, in the shady cave, looked rather mysterious and weird.

Below the black rock, is a small pool filled with black liquid.

Qin Yi did not know what these black liquids were, it was just a hidden feeling. It was related to the black rock in front of him. Suddenly he had a thought in his head. The reason why Black Python was able to work with Ancient Spiritual Beast Lake was mostly related to this black rock.

“What are these images? ”

Looking at the implicit images on the black rock in front of him, Qin Yi's confused slight frown made it difficult to distinguish these images even if he entered the space state created by his left hand.

“It seems to be a form of formation, but the years are too long to discern clearly. ”

Finally, Qin Yi made this judgement.

His gaze followed the black rock, slowly moving up, the divine color suddenly stiffened, then revealed a strong joy.

“Ganoderma, Blood Ginseng, Buddha's Hand, Nine Immortals, Golden Phoenix Rain Lotion...”

Only at the top of that black rock, full of rare medicines, all precious treasures of heaven and earth!

And, looking at that year, the lowest is 500 years, the highest is 2,000 years!

Developed, this time, really developed!

Looking at the heavenly treasure and earth treasure at the top of the black rock, Qin Yi only felt the heat and blood boiling. He remembered that the last time he bought medicines from Donghuang Pharmacy, the entire pharmacy had only three 800 years of Ganoderma, and another 10,000 years of silver.

Over 800 years of Ganoderma, the whole of Phoenix can't find it.

Now on this black rock, there's 2,000 portions of Ganoderma!

This huge surprise, hit Qin Yi directly stunned there, this time breaking into Demonic Wind Mountain, the number of perils along the way is not counted, but in the end, it is breaking into such a cave, worth it!

He couldn't resist the excitement, roughly calculating, of this precious pill, 2,000 doses, five, 1,000 doses, 78, 800 and 500 years, more than 10, and 300 years, more than 20.

“Two thousand doses of medicine, even the Great Xuan Master, are thirsty. Between three hundred and a thousand doses of medicine is the favorite of the Xuan. I can temporarily collect 2,000 doses of medicine, wait until I break through the Da Xuan master to take it. Now I only take less than 2,000 doses of medicine, so many medicines, if I take them all..."

Qin Yi's voice trembled slightly. He dared not imagine it. He was in a very good mood.

The Great Catastrophe is immortal. There must be a blessing!

After nine lifetimes of desperation and ultimate bitterness, God placed him in such a cave.

At the moment, the ranking match of the Wushu Guild is about to take place. Tong Hangan, a strong enemy, is waiting for himself. This encounter is too necessary.

“The upper end of this black rock, which grows so many precious medicines, the black liquid at the lower end of this black rock, eighty-nine or nothing extraordinary, should be extremely helpful for cultivation. ”

Qin Yi was not in a hurry to remove the medication on the upper end of the black rock, but turned his gaze to the lower pool. The black liquid in the small pool seemed to boil, constantly bubbling out. At the edge of the pond, there's some dry snake skin.

“The magic array on this black rock should be able to gather the essence of heaven and earth, which is the essence of heaven and earth, which is why the upper end of this black rock produces such a large amount of precious medicine. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and calmly analyzed: “The reason why the previous black python was so strong that it could fight the ancient spiritual beast should be due to these black heavenly and earth essences. ”

With this in mind, Qin Yi tried to penetrate the black liquid with his hands.

Suddenly, the skin on the palm of the hand, like countless sharp sharp blades, was in great pain, due to the excessive strength of the essence of the heavens and the earth.

“This is it! ”

Qin Yi Daxi.

“Pfft. ”

The next moment, he didn't hesitate to jump into the black pond, and every pore in his body swept open, like a demon, wildly absorbing the energy in the essence of the heavens and the earth.

“Wow, it's hot! ”

Qin Yi sucked the cool air vigorously. The heat of the essence was much stronger than the medicine. He felt that his body was filled with lava at this time, as if he was about to burn himself instantly.

Without daring to be slightly lazy, Qin Yi hurriedly urged his left hand, as in previous scenarios, an ancient qi, immediately came out of his left hand, to suppress and reconcile the ability of the essence of heaven and earth.

Incredibly, it is still only a faint air, suppressing and reconciling the essence of the heavens and the earth.

You know, the essence of heaven and earth is much stronger than medicine.

Such a scenario, one has to exclaim again, the mysterious left-hand master, who exactly is it? Absolutely horrible to the extreme, to say that nothing can be done.

If this kind of saving still exists in the heavens and the earth, ask who is their opponent?