The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 44: Dalo Heavenly Hand

It feels so good!

The Xuan Qi released by the left hand suppressed, reconciled after the heavenly and earth essence, instantly softened down, forming a warm stream, slowly flowing in Qin Yi's body.

Qin Yi was not idle, and directly transferred the "Volkswagen" and the "Qi Yu Tian" out. Both martial arts were cultivated together.

As a result, he was surprised to find that immersion in the essence of the heavens and the earth practiced martial arts could do half the work, and the express delivery was more than twice as fast as normal practice.

“Wonderful! ”

Qin Yixi was unexpected. He did not expect the essence of heaven and earth, not only to be able to quench his body, but also to assist in the training of martial arts.

In fact, it's not surprising that when one practises martial arts, one must have a large supply of spiritual energy, and the essence of heaven and earth is the source of spiritual energy.

In that distant past, it was not known which saint laid such a formation capable of absorbing the essence of heaven and earth in the depths of Mount Devil. After endless years, Qin Yi stepped on the dog's luck and cheapened him.

Qin Yi sat in a small black pool and practiced silently.

Two hours later.

He opened his eyes slowly and his face was full of joy.

Both the "Volkswagen" and the "Qi Return" are cultivated to the realm of Dacheng. Both martial arts have a certain defensive role after cultivating Dacheng.

“The King Kong Heart Book, which deals with Master Yang, also took the opportunity to rush. ”

Qin Yi also transferred the "Vajra Heart Scripture" and practiced silently.

Still two hours, Qin Yi withdrew from the cultivation state. On his body surface, a smudge of gold flashed. This smudge of gold was obviously more powerful than the first cultivation of the Vajra.

“Nice, half step two. ”

Feeling his body, Qin Yi nodded satisfactorily.

If you cultivate the second realm, then your muscles and bones can be like hard rocks, which is naturally something to look forward to

If you cultivate the third realm, you can break the sword like steel. This is a purely qualitative leap, and if this is achieved, it is estimated that it is difficult to find adversaries in the Ecclesiastes, which must be more than the Ecclesiastes.

Of course, Qin Yi will not naively believe that he can cultivate the "Vajra Heart Book" into the third realm in a short time.

After practicing the first half of the Roar of the Second Realm, Qin Yi paused temporarily and climbed out of the pond to reach the mouth of the rock cave.

“Ho!” “Knock!” “Psst! ”

Outside the cave, there were only a dozen spiritual beasts. For the sake of the bodies of the black python and the lake, they killed each other. The scene was bloody and fierce.

So many spiritual beasts, suddenly all fought together, biting each other brutally, to see Qin Yi's heart cold, but also some regrets.

“They fought so hard that they didn't know that Dan the Spiritual Beast had a few pieces left. ”

So many spiritual beasts killed each other, Qin Yi naturally did not have the courage to rush out, shook his head, no longer watched, and returned to the bottom of the cave.

“Outside it became the battlefield of the spiritual beast, and there was no doubt that I was trapped here. ”

Qin Yi smiled helplessly, but was not in a hurry. The ranking competition of the Master Gate Wu Guild is not yet held so soon. He can still practice here for a few days.


Leaping over, Qin Yi jumped to the top of the black rock, removed a thousand portions of Ganoderma, took his clothes down, promptly prompted the Xuan Qi in his left hand to compress, harmonize, and then absorb.

Two hours later, Qin Yi's body completely absorbed a thousand portions of Ganoderma.

“Nice and responsive. ”

Qin Yi obviously feels that all the major meridians and bones in his body have a feeling of expansion, which is a sign to break through.

Of course, it is not a 1,000-year-old Ganoderma lucidum. It gives Qin Yi signs of breakthrough. It is impossible to see it so quickly. That is because before, his body wildly absorbed the essence of heaven and earth in the pond into an almost saturated state, plus this 1,000-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, so that the effect is obvious.

“Must be hot iron. ”

“Pfft! ”

Without saying anything, Qin Yi jumped directly into the pond and continued to absorb the essence of heaven and earth in that pond.

A day later.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In Qin Yi's body, there was a slight sound of bone and meridian breakthroughs.

Xu Xu opened his eyes and Qin Yi exhaled softly.

Breaking through, Mid Gendo 4!

“It feels really good, one more step toward the top 5 players in the final rankings. ”

Qin Yi Junyi's little face is full of facial accent and confidence.

Of course, he would not be naive enough to think that he could easily kill the top five disciples, each of them unpredictable, by breaking into the middle of Gendo 4.

However, Qin Yi still has absolute confidence, and will eventually kill himself into the top 5, because he is now in a magical cave. This encounter, he does not think it will be any strange than the flaming seeds of Tonghangan.

It took another day for Qin Yi to completely consolidate the Qin Qi that had just broken through to the middle of the fourth realm of Xuando.

“That fat black robe martial arts. ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered that he had previously competed for Fatty Black's Martial Arts. He couldn't help but be happy and hurried out of the pond to turn out a book from his clothes.

“It turns out he's a big hand! ”

Looking at the four words in the scripture, Qin Yi overjoyed.

He had a profound sense of how powerful the Big Lotte Heavenly Hand was, and had it not been for the last strange breakthrough in his body, he would have died under the Big Lotte Heavenly Hand when he had previously fought Fatty the Black Robe.

Without a doubt, this is a shocking book, but now it is owned by Qin Yi!

Forced to suppress the excitement of the mind, Qin Yi turned the page of "Da Luo Tian Hand" over, two minutes, a book was turned over by him, and everything in that book had been transmitted to his mind through his left hand.

He began to scrutinize the Big Row Heavenly Hand cultivation method while slowly exploring it.

The Big Rock Heavenly Hand is divided into four stages, and each stage, in fact, is in one form.

Formula 1: Hands of Heaven!


Formula 3: Heavenly Hand!


Just by the name of these moves, you can see how powerful martial arts is.

This time, I really picked up the treasure, much more powerful than the martial arts in the first and second floors of the Master Gate!

Qin Yi surprised.

After scouting through the Big Row Heavenly Hand, he discovered that the Type 4 Heavenly Hand did not exist in a gradual pattern, but in the Type 2 through Type 4, all in parallel.

“In that case, practicing is going to save a lot of time, and I can practise the first type of heavenly hand, then skip the second and third, and directly practise the most powerful type 4. ”

Qin Yi has a whole new idea.

Of course, the fourth type of extinction is not unlimited, and manipulating the golden palm prints that gather so vigorously requires a lot of spiritual power. Even if the existence of the peak of the five realms of Ge Fengren is wanted, shooting the 20-hand extinction of the creation reaches the limit.

Without hesitation, Qin Yi immediately jumped back into the pool.

Carefully, the wings pulled out a hint of Xuan Qi. According to the "Daluo Heavenly Hand" cultivation technique, it slowly wandered in the body. As that wandering vein gradually formed, Qin Yi discovered that it was actually a palm.

“Turns out it's a celebrity hand! ”

Qin Yi exhaled softly and was extremely focused.

Suddenly, a different thought arose in his mind: "Would it be more powerful to incorporate The Great Lord's Hand into my left hand? ”

He knew that his left hand, extremely extraordinary, was the left hand of an ancient god.

Wouldn't it be strong to join forces if we could merge?

Good luck!

Blinked his eyes, Qin Yi was quite excited, without further delay, carefully pulled the "Da Luo Tian Hand" method into his left hand.

“Knock! ”

The "Big Lotte Heavenly Hand" has a broken vein.

Qin Yi was stunned and not discouraged. Once again, he carefully dragged the "Da Luo Tian Hand" method to his left hand.

“Knock! ”

Failed again!

“Knock! ”

Another failure!

Half an hour later, Qin Yi was already full of sweat, but he still hadn't given up. He still carefully pulled the "Da Luo Tian Hand" trick and tried to merge with his left hand.

Throughout the day and night, Qin Yi had tried to merge the whole eighty times, but all of them had declared defeat, but he still hadn't given up.


Raised his hand to wipe the sweat beads, Qin Yi swallowed the saliva. After fixing the divinity, he began to carefully pull the heart of "Da Luo Tian Hand" again, trying to merge with his left hand.

“Thumb, index finger, middle finger, anonymous finger, pinky finger...”

Qin Yi focused, led the "Da Luo Tian Hand" trick, a little wandering, with his left hand, a little fusion.


Qin Yi long exhaled when the "Da Luo Tian Hand" trick swimmed his left hand away and finally merged.

It worked!

Throughout the day and night, 80 attempts were made, and finally, on the eighty-first occasion, the first stage of the Great Lord's Hand was successfully cultivated and fully integrated with his left hand.

“Thereafter, with a single slap of your left hand, that powerful clap will gather into a golden palm stamp to kill the enemy. ”

Qin Yi's face showed a slight smile of satisfaction.

On that day, Ge Fengren bombed the scene with the heavenly annihilation, but Qin Yi still had a history. However, since then, the man who carried out the heavenly annihilation has been replaced by himself.

The first phase of Dalo Heavenly Hand is the foundation of this martial arts. With the foundation, you can directly practice the fourth phase of Dalo Heavenly Hand: the annihilation of all beings!

“Must go back to the master gate! ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered that he had been in this cave for five days after consolidating his "Da Luo Tian Hand" mentality.

Qin Yi did not delay, when even the medicines on the top of the black rock were collected, and then flowed straight to the mouth of the rock cave.

This trip to Mount Devil's Wind is truly rewarding. It's no worse than Tonghangan's "Flaming Seeds” encounter.

You know, Tong Hangan just got the fire-element seed and doubled his fighting power. Didn't he collect all five seeds and gather the Kyushu magic knife?



A shocking roar came from outside the hole. It shook the mountain, Qin Yi's body, a blood flickering, eardrums numbness.

He was horrified and looked straight into the hole.

“In the days I tried to cultivate, outside of this hole, there has been such a dramatic change...”