The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 54: Two Time Breakthroughs!

Place Massacre III on the second floor of the Tibetan Scripture Palace?

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. He couldn't help but smile. One set of "Massacre Three" stunned the senior management. If they told them that "The Devil One" was actually practicable, and powerful, they didn't know what to be excited about yet.

“You say it extremely well. ”

The master was loose and nodded and smiled slightly: "Qin Yi, would you like to give up your three-way boxing technique for later training? ”

Qin Yi is not too concerned about the "Kill Three Style". Anyway, he still has a more powerful "Tian Yu Style". Now that he can benefit the disciples behind him, why doesn't he have fun?

“Absolutely.” Qin Yi Xu Xu nodded.

“Good! I thank you on behalf of the whole Gate! ”

The pale face looks sincere. In fact, the heart is also darker. This child is too stunning. It is definitely much stronger than its own prosthetic son, Qiushao.

If this child performs the three types of boxing on the idle, the idle person may not necessarily harden the next. Now fortunately, this child has dedicated the three types of boxing, so that the idle person can have a precautionary measure. Otherwise, if the idle person confronts this child one day, the idle person will not end up looking much better than Tong Hangan.

Looking at Qin Yi's promise, there was no delay in Cantonese. Immediately, Qin Yi was instructed to fetch a pen and paper to record the "Kill Three". In the recording process, Qin Yi made a careful eye, and changed each of the three most critical places slightly, so that the three boxing methods were on fire, which was slightly worse than the original.

Of course, this change is minimal, and no one but Qin Yi himself can detect it.

This wind wave of Qin Yi Wushu is over.

Without a doubt, everyone at Ling Yumen did not expect that Qin Yi would continue the basic martial arts school of "The Fist of the Overlord" and create the hegemonic "Kill Three Style".

Much more powerful than the advanced martial arts in Ling Yumen.

That evening, in a luxurious and relaxing home.

“Idle, do you know what martial arts was that day when Qin Yi punched Tong Hangan in the ring?” Panasonic called Qiushao idly beside him and asked.

“What martial arts? ”

Qiushao's idle eyebrows seemed quite interested. Qin Yi's astonishing punch did amaze him that day.

“It's a continuation of the Battle of Champions, Battle of the Three!" ”

Takashi took out a martial arts from his arms and handed it over to Qiu Shao Ji: “I have asked someone to take it out of the second floor of the Tibetan Sutra. In order not to be discovered, write down the contents and I will return it. ”

“Continuity of the Battle of Champions, Battle of the Three?" ”

Qiushao took the classic book at leisure and turned it over. On that handsome face, he immediately said, "How is this possible? I don't believe it!”

“Idle, now is not the time for you to believe it, Qin Yi's boy has indeed done it. ”

The calm sighed slightly, then said: "Didn't you always admire your sister-in-law Yang Shiqi? But I found out that Yang Shiqi was very fond of that boy. If you want to get Yang Shiqi's heart, you need an absolute advantage to overwhelm Qin Yi. If you want to overwhelm Qin Yi, you must clear his martial arts research. ”

Qiushao was idle.

That's right, as long as Qin Yi's martial arts research is thorough, and he knows his punching routine, it's only a mild thing to try to suppress him in the future.

Sure enough, Kang is still old spicy!

Slowly exhaled, Qiushao immediately put away the shock in his heart, worked hard on the book, and transcribed the "Kill Three".

“Humph, frankly, I didn't bother you before, and in the future I will abuse you whenever I have to understand your martial arts and think about when to abuse you! Son of a bitch, fight with my Autumn Chow Sister Yang, you are purely looking for abuse! ”

Pinched the transcribed "Massacre Style 3", Qiushao held his fist tightly, his eyes slowly swept past the fierce force.

Meanwhile, in another luxury house.

Frequently Fengyang sat in the middle of the hall with a shady face.

In front of him, Tom Gandhi stood by his hand.

“Gail, do you know what boxing technique Qin Yi punched you in the ring at the martial arts meeting on that day?” Frequently Fengyang looked at his nephew Tong Hangan, Xu Xu said.

“What kind of martial arts? ”

Speaking of the battle with Qin Yi that day, Tang Hangan's heart still held a grudge.

“It's Hopper Fist. ”

“Champion Fist"? ”

Tong Han's face revealed a strong shock: “How is this possible? I know that the boy has cultivated" Champion Fist "to great success, but with one punch, he punched me down the stage, absolutely impossible! ”

Tong Hangan was very confident in his power, and at that time, when Qin Yi punched him with that punch, he felt that Qin Yi was like a god, giving people a momentum that they had to look up to. Can Ling Yumen's basic martial arts "Champion Fist" achieve this effect? It's a joke!

“Gail, I didn't believe it at all, just like you did, but it was the continuation of" Champion Fist, "Formula 16! ”

When I think of Qin Yi rehearsing the scene of "Massacre Three" in the main hall, often Fengyang's face still shows a shock color that is difficult to make.

King of Champions XVI!

Tong Han Gan was full of tremendous shocks and the whole person was stunned.

After a while, Tong Hangan turned to God and breathed heavily: “Isn't this tantamount to self-creation martial arts? When I was only 15 years old, I started martial arts. Compared to him, Qiushao leisure was also too different. I lost to him orally! ”

“Yeah, it's extraordinary, but in any case, I won't let him stay in the world.” Often in the eyes of Fengyang, it slowly swept past the slaughter.

After a pause, Fengyang often looked at Tong Hangan and said: “Gan, you leave first, then I will find a way to take the" Kill Style 3 "created by the little bastard from the second floor of the Tibetan Sutra Pavilion and give it to you and Cher to study and practice. ”

Rumor has it, Tong Hangan has always been as cold as a knife on his face, and his mother's ecstasy sprang up: "Yes! ”

If you had the Kill Three, plus your own flame seeds, who else would be among the young disciples of Ling Yumen? The power of Qin Yi's punch that day, he will never forget it!

But he did not know that the current "Kill Three" has been modified by Qin Yi, at most, it only plays 80% of the power.

Looking at the strange figure of Tong Han Gan, often in the face of Fengyang, these days came for the first time with a smile, he knew that soon, Tong Han Gan and the frequent snow, would be arrogant to the entire youth generation of Ling Yumen because of the "Kill Three".

At this moment, he didn't feel a little ashamed because "Kill Three" was created by Qin Yi.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang! ”

After Tong Hangan disappeared, Fengyang hit his hand gently.


A dark shadow, flowing from outside the yard with the applause of the ever-sunny.

“Elder. ”

Shadow came in front of Frequent Fengyang, respectfully said.

This is a man in a black nightgown, masked and invisible.


Changfengyang Xu Xu nodded: “About the first five disciples of Ling Yumen, about to enter the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra, have you let out the wind? ”

“Everything was done according to your orders, the other forces, should know soon enough.” The masked man said.

“Very good.”

Frequently Fengyang smiled with satisfaction: “The third floor of the Tibetan Sutra of Ling Yumen is a floating tower left behind by an ancient god. It does not belong to Ling Yumen. Any party is entitled to enter and explore the secrets inside. At that time, the youth peak masters of the five forces will surely gather in the world tower. All you have to do is instruct your disciples to find an opportunity to kill Qin Yi's little bastard in addition to searching for ancient objects. This time, don't fail again! ”

When I think of the three of them, they died tragically on Qin Yi's hands. Frequently Fengyang was reluctant to tear Qin Yi apart.

“Yes." The masked man showed his eyes outside, slowly sweeping past the slaughter.

Just as Frequent Fengyang and the man in black plotted to kill him, Qin Yi herself was working hard to cultivate in his own yard.

He first emerged from the mind of the Vajra Sutra, and carefully practiced according to the above practice mindset.

Qin Yi sat down with his legs on the plate, his eyes lightly lightened, and the whole person was motionless. Xu Xu slowly prompted the inner qi. According to the cultivation vein of the "Diamond Heart Sutra", he wandered a little.

One hour, two hours...

Over time, Qin Yi's body surface slowly emerged with a faint golden glow, which clearly extinguished, making him look as if the whole person was made of gold.

This is a sign of a breakthrough!

If anyone sees this scene, they'll be shocked to say nothing.

You know, the Vajra Sutra is an advanced physical defense martial arts. Of all types of martial arts, only physical defense martial arts, the hardest to practice, the longest time consumed.

However, Qin Yi spent only two hours and there were signs of a breakthrough!

Undoubtedly, this must be attributed to the mysterious left hand, who perfectly remodeled his body.


Three hours later, Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes, a gleaming golden light, is his body surface, flashing.

Breakthrough, the Second Realm of the Vajra Sutra!

Qin Yi felt his body for a moment and smiled with satisfaction: “Physical defense, with obvious improvement. Practicing to the second realm, comparable to rocks, as described in the Diamond Heart Scripture, I should now be able to resist about 4 kilograms of attack power. ”

He is naturally quite satisfied with this defense.

Next, Qin Yi simultaneously put forward "Qi Gai Gai Zhi" and "Fu Hu Tian Xiang", one breath to a half-step, so that his blood breathed, as if it were a wave.


Qin Yi smiled slightly and felt his temper and blood. He was perfect again.

Finally, Qin Yi decided to practice the ancient martial arts. Of course, this ancient martial arts school is called "The Seven Types of Celestial Demons", but at present he has only one.

"Kill Three" has been shaken out and no longer belongs to him. He knows that many disciples of Ling Yumen will surely go mad for "Kill Three". Then, a stronger card must be found again.

The Seven Types of Celestial Demons is undoubtedly the stronger base card.

After carefully recalling the ancient fiction of the ancient Tai ancient time and space, practicing the trajectory of the Tian Dynasty, Qin Yi began to practice.

This ancient martial arts is quite complicated. Before that, Qin Yi had exercised many times, but still felt a little green.

In the courtyard, Qin Yi's eyes softened, and the whole person entered a wonderful realm. He drew an extremely subtle and ancient trajectory with his hands!

As the trajectory of those hands moved deeper and deeper, gradually, Qin Yi's body seemed to contain pounding power, so that each of his movements seemed to drive up the space, slowly distorting it.

The surrounding sandstone, also driven by this invisible pounding force, spins around him, forming a huge sandstone ring, rapidly spinning in between, with a thundering whistle.

This sandstone spins around Qin Yi for more than a decade before slowly falling to the ground.


Qin Yi opened his eyes and exhaled slowly. He laughed helplessly.

Now, he basically mastered the Heart of "The Devil One" and could also excite the energy of "The Devil One", but he encountered a strange phenomenon. He felt that his body was full of pounding power and lacked a breakthrough.

In other words, that pounding force is trapped in the body and cannot be applied to the fists and feet to make them combat forces.

“There must be an amazing move to send out the pounding silver of power in the body. ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly. He was well aware of what was happening now. "Temple Demon Style" was like a trapped animal. If it could not be released, the strength would be equal to zero.

Amazing moves?

Qin Yi's eyes shined brightly, and a girl in a red robe appeared in her head.

One hit and you'll kill an ancient spirit beast! This is the most powerful move he's ever seen!