The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 55: One Punch of Heaven and Earth Lost Color!

Fortunately, at that time, he entered the emptiness, and any minor action to kill the Red Robe Girl was branded in his mind by his left hand, allowing him to appear in his head at any time.

“Well, let me take a good look at that girl in the red robe. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and surfaced the brutal blow that killed the young girl in the red robe, carefully researching and understanding.

For a while, his whole person was so old monk fixed, he didn't move...

The first five members of the Ling Yumen Master Gate Wu Guild entered the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra Cabinet five days after the end of the WU Guild.

Only this morning, eight spectacular young men suddenly arrived at the Gate of the Spirit Feather, and the eight unexpected visitors, Horan, were outstanding disciples of other forces in Phoenix.

The other four forces in Phoenix: Xianshizong, Qianqiu Palace, Yuanxingzong, Xuanyang Mansion.

Eight distinguished young people, just about every major force, have come two people. The disciple disciple disciple of Xianshi Zhenzheng, who had come to this spiritual feather gate last time, is also Horan among them.

By her side, she was a young man in white, about twenty years of age, handsome in appearance, with a steady temperament and a three-finger wide purple sword on her back.

Someone with a little insight will know his name, and the sword will be nil. The top five young geniuses in Phoenix. Some suspect that his cultivation has already reached the peak of Gendo 5, and even Gendo 6 is possible.

There are six others, namely:

Qianqiu Pavilion: Moon Spirit, and Homecoming

Yuan Xing Fu: Yuan Xing Chuan, Yuan Xing Exhibition

Xuanyang Province: Xuanyang Song, Xuanyang Jie

The five young geniuses of Phoenix arrived in four moments: Sword Zero, Moon Fiber Spirit, Yuan Xingchuan, Xuanyang Song.

Among them, Lunar Fiber is the famous first beautiful woman in Phoenix. It has long been known by the Phoenix family. The face of the dead is suffocating. The mature figure is brilliant. Raise your hands and throw your feet in the room, it is full of the soft beauty of women. The whole person has a lethal allure.

Yuan Xingchuan, Yuan Xingfu, is a purple-haired young man, about eighteen or nine years old, who looks ruthless.

Xuanyang song in Xuanyang Province is the opposite of Yuan Xingchuan, the whole person is floating, words and good, giving people a feeling like spring wind.


The outstanding youth of the eight great Phoenix cities seemed to have made an arrangement and suddenly appeared in the huge martial arts at Ling Yumen.


Their appearance immediately shook the disciples of Ling Yumen, blinking their eyes. Nearly 100 disciples came up Qi Qi, surrounded them and looked at them with vigilance.

“What do you mean, people from the other four forces are now breaking into our Ling Yu Gate? Do you want to attack our Ling Yu Gate together? ”

The disciples of Ling Yumen shouted arrogantly, scrubbing their palms one by one, trying to rush forward.

“Gentlemen, don't get excited, don't get excited. We just got the news that there is a Floating Tower left behind by the great gods in your Gate. Today, it is the day that your disciples enter the Floating Tower to explore. We people just want to come and share a cup of spoon. ”

Xuanyang song of Xuanyang Mansion, with clear lips and teeth, smiled and said.

“Nonsense, what belongs to our Ling Yu Gate, which round of outsiders get to share a cup? ”

A cold drink rang.

Immediately afterwards, a great shore figure exploded and waved his fist straight into the Xuanyang song. Around that fist, a fist swung open, pressing the air around, all swung a circle of visible ripples.

Invisible boxing, attacked the whole scene.

One punch, the heavens and the earth are out of color!

On the field, all the disciples of Ling Yumen shouted, this punch, they were too familiar, that day's Master Gan Wu Gu, this is the punch that beat Tong Hangan down the stage to kill Type 3, Type 1.

“It's him!”

Looking at the shadow of the explosion towards Xuanyang song, the disciple Xuan Xiumei's eyes suddenly passed a surprise. More than a month later, she finally saw the beating of heaven and earth again.

The sword around her drifted zero, and that steady face, too, appeared a hint of fluctuation, spinning, and recovering as usual.

Feeling the power of this punch, Xuanyang song flashed, the whole person slanted out: “If you have something to say, why do you have to do it as soon as you meet? ”

The visitor suddenly put his fist away and stood proudly there. He became a perfect and unbroken atmosphere. He looked at Xuanyang song and said softly: “We Ling Yumen have such objects as the Floating Tower. Please wait and go back, do not come to our Ling Yumen to make trouble. If you really want to make a scene, send me an invitation during the summit and I will definitely make a scene with you. ”

Hearing the voice of this visitor, the disciples of Ling Yumen were all stunned: how could it be Brother Qiushao Qiuqiu?

The disciple over there announced that the eye-catching surprise was also instantly turned into stunner, followed by an irresistible disappointment: “Not him, though! ”

Behind the Qiushao leisure, a number of people followed, including Yang Shiqi, Tong Hangan and several other outstanding disciples qualified to enter the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra, as well as some high-ranking Ling Yumen, also came.

“Brother Qiu, how do you know Qin Yi's martial arts? ”

Yang Shiqi was very uneasy and frowned.

Other Spirit Feather Gate disciples, as well as those at the top, are also bewildered to look forward to Autumn Shao.

Autumn Shao slowly turned around and looked directly at Yang Shiqi and admired her heart. It was obvious: “Sister Yang, as we all know, Qin Yi has dedicated his" Massacre Formula 3 ". My father-in-law was watching it when he did it. Later, my father-in-law and I painted it. With my talent, these days were painfully enlightened and finally achieved some results. ”

So quickly, it was cultivated into one of Qin Yi's "Kill Three"? He is truly the first of the young disciples in Ling Yumen.

All the disciples of Ling Yumen changed color, even Yang Shiqi couldn't help but admire herself, and the following pale, the face, is the color of hidden passing the proud color.

The disciple over there announced that the straight john nose was a bit of a snort: “Compared to the" Kill Three "he carried out that day in Mount Devil's Wind, at most, it was 70% of the fire. ”

Qin Yi only transcribed about 80% of the "Massacre Style 3" when he transcribed it. Even if he learned it, it would only have 80% effect, and a martial arts, even a supergenius, would be extremely difficult to learn it.

Therefore, Qiushao leisure had just launched the "Massacre Three", at most 70%, but he did not know it.

“This Qiushao idle, the qualification can only be said to be so-so...”

The sword around the disciple is nil, so quietly evaluated, if others heard it, I really don't know how much wind will set off.

“Well, where the hell did you get the news that our Tibetan Pavilion on the third floor of Ling Yumen was a relic of an ancient god? ”

After returning to God from the surprise of Qiushao's leisurely "Kill Three", his pale face was shady and dreadful.

“As if the whole of Phoenix knew. ”

Xuanyang song smiled slightly.

“Snitch, damn it, there must be a snitch in our Ling Yu Gate! ”

Pale and angry drinking, other elders, face is also very ugly.

Thing is clear, if Ling Yumen did not commit treachery, and the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra was a floating tower left behind by an ancient god, how could the whole Phoenix be known? Even the 5 disciples in front of Ling Yumen know when to enter the Floating Tower!

Because of the previous martial arts events, many people's minds did not agree to think of Qin Yi, but quickly denied it again. It has long been proven from all sides that Qin Yi did not rely on other forces.

“Whether or not you spiritual feather gates have been raped, that is within your spiritual feather gates, but the relics of the ancient gods belong to hundreds of millions of people in the Kyushu mainland, so I think that although the Floating Tower is in the spiritual feather gates, we are all qualified to go in and explore. ”

Xuanyang took a step forward and smiled lightly, without any fear.

Their strength in Xuanyang Province is comparable to that of Ling Yumen's banner drum, and he has a strong background.

Undoubtedly, Xuan Fantasy says quite plausibly, Floating Tower, which is an ancient site, certainly not the private property of Ling Yumen, it just appears in Ling Yumen.

As to why it became the third tier of the Tibetan Sutra, there may be a source unknown to the Middle Ages.

The elders of the pale and spiritual feather gates, a time plug, do not know what to say. Everyone bites their teeth in secret and hates nothing but that vile traitor, who has revealed such a big secret to the world.

“Your Spirit Feather Gate is ready for five disciples to enter, and the remaining four forces, each of which is just two people. If there is a god in that floating tower, your Spirit Feather Gate will have a much greater chance than the rest of us. ”

Xuanyang sings beautifully, the whole person is like spring wind: “Elder Pang, I think you Ling Yumen, you won't be the enemy of the other four forces? ”

None of the five powers of Phoenix differ greatly from each other in strength. If the other four forces join forces, the other forces will be destroyed in an instant.

Fortunately, until then, the five forces of Phoenix had always maintained some delicate balance between themselves, mainly because of the existence of the Chiaki Palace.

Ling Yumen and Immortal Sect, because they are all sects, so the relationship has always been good, while Yuan Xingfu and Xuanyang Fu are both deeply rooted families, and they are also closer to each other. If it goes back, I heard that the two great ancestors were together in the Huaxia Empire.

Each of the four forces allied, then, Chiaki Palace, became the weight of these four forces. Wherever they leaned, the other four forces were immediately weighted and subtly held back, so that they did not dare to move lightly.

At this time, the disciple of Qianqiu Pavilion, Yueling, spoke: “The floating tower left behind by the ancient gods belongs only to the hundreds of millions of people in Kyushu. It is indeed unreasonable for you Ling Yumen to prevent our four forces from entering. ”

As the first beautiful woman in Phoenix, her voice is also naturally stunning, gentle and sounds extraordinarily comfortable, but the weight is obvious.

As long as Qian Qiukou is angry and biased toward Yuan Xingfu and Xuanyang, Ling Yumen and Xianshizong, he will not be able to resist the alliance of the three forces.

Even she spoke, and the pale face had to say, “Yeah, how could I have swallowed all the gods from the ancient gods? Elder Guo, take everyone to the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra. ”

Guo Wuyi is the town guard of the Tibetan Sutra. Anyone entering the Tibetan Sutra must be released through him.

“Wait a minute! ”

Yang Shiqi, who had been standing there, suddenly cried out: “Qin Yi hasn't even come yet. Aren't you waiting for him? ”

Qin Yi!

Everyone suddenly remembered the recent wind and cloud characters, none of them have been on the scene.

“Yes, he hasn't come yet.” The disciple of the Immortal World proclaimed, was also suddenly enlightened.

“Yeah, the kid hasn't seen him since he copied out Massacre Three a few days ago, and doesn't know what he's doing? ”

Guo Wu Dusty has shown great interest.

His voice dropped.

A slightly weak figure of a teenager slowly came over, the handsome face, with a warm smile, hidden a wonderful smell, as if his whole person, had entered the open door, merged with the heavens and the earth.

Seeing this juvenile figure, Yang Shiqi and the disciple Xuan, their faces are all hidden in delight.

“Did Elder Guo just talk about me? I didn't do anything. I was just studying" The Devil in One. "”

Qin Yi was very frank and smiled slightly, honestly.

“Studying the collection" The Devil in a Style "? ”

Guo was stunned.

Other spiritual Yumen disciples, too, stood still Qi Qi. Everyone knew that the Temple of Demons could not be cultivated at all. Qin Yi had not abandoned his research on it!

Really stubborn.

“Looks like some people's brains are stuck in the door and never get better.” Qiushao smiled lightly and said lazily.

He already knew the truth about Qin Yi, and even learned his bottom card, "Massacre Style 3". If he had said that he had some inaccuracies about this backstage show of Qin Yi before, now he no longer had any consternation towards him.

Qin Yi smiled herself and was too lazy to waste his lips with him.

For three days, he finally figured out a few things about the Red Robe Girl, and then blended them into "The Devil's Idol," eventually finding a breakthrough by trapping the pounding force in her body.

At the moment when the girl in the red robe blended with the "Demon One", the sandstone surrounding her was blown up by a vast force, and the entire courtyard was almost ruined.

“Kid, don't be arrogant, there will be an opportunity to brutalize you in the face of Master Yang. ”

Qin Yi couldn't even look him in the eye, and Qiushao held his fist in his arms.

After cultivating into a hegemony, Qin Yi was severely injured with his ambitious Xuan Qi Qi and Xuan Dao's inner strength. Qiushao was confident and punched.