The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 56: The Ancient City of Eternal Phoenix

The third floor of the Tibetan Scripture Palace of Ling Yumen is quite mysterious. The legend is that it is an ancient god who left a floating tower on the Kyushu mainland.

Because the floating tower is sacred and mysterious, so, before that, the high level of Ling Yumen has never entered. This time, the high level of Ling Yumen actually wants to take advantage of the Wu Guild of Master Gates and borrow several elite disciples to explore the exact contents of it.

Under the leadership of Guo Wuxi, Qin Yi and the other thirteen people entered the Tibetan Sutra Palace, passed through the first and second floors, and went straight to the third floor.

“Tsk, your martial arts is quite a lot. ”

Looking at the dense numbness cultivation book on the first and second floors of the Tibetan Sutra, Xuanyang sang his mouth and sighed.

Others, too, have strange faces. Tibetan scriptures are considered the heaviest of one sect, and now, because of the floating tower, they actually have the opportunity to meet the heaviest of the Spirit Feather Gate.

“If anyone wants to teach me the martial arts of Ling Yumen, I will kill them all! ”

Guo Wu dusty smiled, but his body was fiercely exuded a killing intent.

With the exception of the five disciples of Ling Yumen, none of the other eight had to take their eyes back. Guo Wuyin was definitely the strong one of the peak of Xuanzhi. None of the people here could have walked out three tricks in front of him.

Not yet.

They came to the front of a stone door.

The stone doors looked so ancient that there were some relief on them, but because the years were too far away, the traces of the relief were no longer recognizable.

“There are endless years on the third level of the Cabinet...”

Looking at the embroidery already unrecognizable on the stone gate, Qin Yi frowned slightly. At this moment, his mind once again passed that strange feeling, as if in a distant past, he had lost something in it.

And this feeling is stronger than last time.

“Did I really lose something in here? But the Floating Tower obviously exists for endless years... is it from the ancients? ”

Looking at the ancient stone gate in front of him, Qin Yi's heart is difficult to calm.

“Standing in front of this stone door, I have felt the extraordinary behind this stone door, but there is a rule in the sect that those who guard the Sutra are not entitled to participate in all matters in the Sutra. So We brought you here, and the rest of your affairs will be settled by yourselves, and we will see what you can gain in it, and what you can do personally. Goodbye!”

Guo Wuedust Xuxu said, meaning that after a deep and long glance, Qin Yi left alone and retreated along the way to the Tibetan Sutra.

Just go!

Everyone was slightly stunned.

Among the thirteen, Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Yi Ling and these three clearly walked closer. Qiushao leisure and Puchang walked closer, and the disciples Xuan and Sword drifted closer. The moon fiber of Qianqiu Pavilion and the two of them are undoubtedly closer together. The four Yuan Xingchuan, Yuan Xingxiang Exhibition, Xuanyang Song and Xuanyang Jie of Yuan Xingfu and Xuanyang Province appear to have become some kind of agreement in private, obviously pinched into a strand.

“Well, now that Elder Guo has left, this ancient stone gate in front of us will have to be solved by our own strength. ”

Qiushao idle as the chief disciple of Ling Yumen, this is the land of Ling Yumen again, naturally took some responsibility, he looked at the immortal sword and smiled: "You are the head of the five young geniuses of Phoenix, so the task of opening this stone door is left to the two of us. ”

The sword flew zero and said nothing, carrying a purple sword silently forward.

“Boom boom...”

Qiushao Leisure and Sword Flying Zero did not use their full strength, but slowly pushed the ancient stone gate open.

As this ancient stone door opened, the legendary Floating Tower appeared in front of everyone! A breath of unparalleled antiquity followed.

Ancient, mysterious, infinite.

Everyone's eyes are burning, not even that quiet sword that drifts like water.

However, when the scene behind the stone gate was clear, people couldn't help but stand still and be completely stupid.

Behind the stone gate is a piece of earth, above the earth, built an ancient castle!

The ancient castle is enormous and can't even be seen at its end, even if compared to Phoenix, it is not expected to differ much.

The walls are huge and magnificent, but fragile and full of years of change, and the air here is filled with an incredibly intense and ancient atmosphere.

There is no doubt that this is a world of immortality.

Unimaginable, the third floor of Ling Yumen's Tibetan Palace is a fairy world!

Qin Yi and the thirteen people just opened an ancient stone door and came to Immortal Ancient.

There is only one stone door between this world and Immortal Ancient!

The whole immortal world is dead silent, without a tiny sound, long forgotten by the world, death silence and Xiao Ther, is the theme of eternity here, because the years are too far away, the whole immortal world, even gives a feeling that it is about to crumble.

Looking at the whole immortal world in front of us, Qin Yi and the 13 of them stayed together.

Stunning, shocking, incredible!

After a while, thirteen people will come to God, Xuanyang sings: “I can't believe that the so-called Floating Tower, turns out to be an ancient world, so it's not possible to really have any gods in it. ”

His face grew fanatical.

In the immortal world, it is an ancient castle, full of magnificent atmosphere.

From the outside of the castle, it didn't seem special. However, when Qin Yi entered the ancient city through the broken gate, which was dozens of meters wide, he had to stay. He saw the dawn of the rising lane on the other day, and the morning pilgrimage suddenly lit on everyone.

For a moment, the hearts and minds of all of us couldn't help but rise up a sense of fear, a creepy feeling, as if stepping into a Vanguard Murder City.

The whole ancient city was terribly silent, and the path rose from the sky to Asahi, with no temperature, but with an absolute sense of shadow.

This ancient city is weird. Absolutely weird!

Standing at the ancient gates of the city, Qin Yi faced each other for a moment, and a slightly unknown hunch arose in their hearts.

After a slight indulgence, Qin Yi slowly said: “I remember when we entered the Tibetan Sutra Palace, it was clearly midday. Why was it only here that the sun rose for the first time? Is there a time difference? ”

Then, he tried to exit the ancient city slowly, and as a result, the sun suddenly disappeared, and the creepy feeling disappeared.

He stunned and walked into the city again. The sun shone abruptly on him. The creepy feeling in his heart also reappeared.

Qin Yi stunned there, in his heart, shocked so hard to attach!

Further, the lost immortal world, step back and return to this world!

The immortal world is the morning of the first ascent of the sun, and this world is the afternoon!

Everything is so incredible!

“Incredibly, here, truly, is a world that has nothing to do with our world, and this broken gateway is the 38th line between the immortal world and this world. ”

Everyone feels like they're dreaming!

“Qin Yi...”

Yang Shiqi subconsciously leaned on Qin Yi. In the glassy eyes, there was a hint of dependence. It was so weird here that people couldn't help but hair in their hearts.

“Sister Yang, everything will be fine. ”

Qin Yi smiled warmly at her and patted her on the shoulder. Although everything here seems so weird and gives people a creepy feeling, Qin Yi has an intuition. He is here, maybe he has an adventure!


Looking at the warmth and laughter on Qin Yi's face, Yang Shiqi came to rest in peace.

“Brother Qin. ”

Qiushao's casual voice, coming from behind him. Qin Yi turned around and saw Qiushao look at himself calmly. However, in his eyes, it was an obscure passing of the will to fight: “After going out, if there is a chance, I would very much like to have a good consultation with you. I wonder if Brother Qin will give this face? ”

In this situation, Qiushao idly said this, the intention is quite obvious, is to warn Qin Yi not to be too aggressive towards Yang Shiqi. He now figured out the bottom of Qin Yi and beat him with confidence.

“Brother Qiu, you are the number one chief disciple, now you want to challenge my number three disciple?” Qin Yi was slightly stunned, but then smiled again, “Okay, if you want to fight, I'll fight! ”

The whole scene was silent.

Qin Yi actually accepted the challenge of Qiushao leisure?

Qiushao was also slightly stunned and smiled happily. “Okay, great! Then it's settled. ”

This kid actually promised, then, in front of Master Yang's face, he can abuse him well, then let her look at his great shore, I don't believe she will still like Qin Yi this kid.

Puchang beside Qiushao idle, the sympathetic shook his head towards Qin Yi. The kid must not have known that Qiushao idle had cultivated his "Massacre Three".

“I am not interested in all the consultations between your disciples of Ling Yumen. I just find it really strange here. It seems that behind the sun, there is a sea of blood hidden behind it. A hundred million people's blood spilled out of their bodies, the sea of blood made up...”

The moon fiber, who had not spoken much, suddenly raised the shallow eyebrow slightly.

“Yes, I feel the same way. ”

Ling Yumen ranked fifth, Yi Ling also looked at the Ling Xiu's eyes, staring at the sun without blinking, seemed to see through the back of the sun, what kind of fierceness was hidden.

“In fact, this is an incredibly ancient world. ”

The sword fluttered with zero deep voice, and slowly sounded: “We stand here, it has already had a column of incense time, but you find that no, the Chaoyang is still just raised, if according to common sense, at this time, it should be a pole tall. ”

After listening to him, the people discovered the problem, and the Chaoyang really didn't move.

Time in this castle, at some point in the distant past, suddenly solidifies forever, no longer passes, and the sun on that day remains fixed at the moment when it just rises, forever, never falls to the west.

Found this fact, Qin Yi and others, it was simply shocking and difficult to attach.

What kind of fairy castle is this? Even time, it's freezing forever at a certain moment!

Qin Yi's eyes swept away a dead silent ancient city with vigilance.

Without a doubt, it's a dead town.

All of a sudden, he just felt a cold wind on his back, because he saw a well at the door of a family, the well water spilled next to the well, it was still wet, glowing under the sun, as if it had just spilled, the well rope, still shaking there gently.

In that well, there was even a drop of water, which was infinitely amplified in this dead, silent ancient city, and it sounded horrible, and the blood in the human body could not help but freeze a little.

Absolutely right, the time in this ancient city, suddenly disappeared at a certain moment, solidified, everything in this ancient city, kept the moment solidified.

And it's been endless years!

Isn't this a floating tower?

What kind of a floating tower is that?

In that distant past, what happened in this ancient city? The inhabitants of the city suddenly disappeared. Where did they go?

Why is the time here suddenly clotting? Or how could this ancient city suddenly fall off the trajectory of time and break the yoke of time?

Everyone stood still, and they were the elite of the five great powers of Phoenix, but at this moment in time, everyone's heart could not help but breed a sense of fear.

“This goddamn ancient city has actually caused the Young Master to fear, and the Young Master doesn't like this feeling! ”

Yuan Xingchuan of Yuan Xiaofu suddenly screamed.

He is the young master of the Yuanxing family, has a great body, like Tong Hangan, has a purple hair, is one of the five young geniuses of Phoenix, and is full of momentum, without any breakage.

He was a hothead, and he immediately said to the people, "Wait here, I'll go ahead and see what kind of machine this dead town has. ”

Saying, he burst forward alone, loose black robe, like a big eagle all the time.

Not for a while.

He came back with a pale face. As if he had seen a ghost, he couldn't even speak. “Here... Phoenix, Phoenix! ”

How dare you scare him like this!