The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 62: The Immortal Age

She had always had some respect for her fellow master brother, and sudden anger caused Puchang and Qiushao leisure and others to be slightly stunned. The disciple of this division was also a red disciple, so there was an opposite scale.

And her inverse scale, is Qin Yi!

“Humph, I've been through his martial arts routine now, and one day I'll beat him to bitterness and see what else you can do to him?” Qiushao idly glanced at Qin Yi with some disdainful glance.

Everyone enters the royal palace.

The hall is not small enough to accommodate hundreds of people, there are some skeletons on the ground, it looks a little shady and scary, those skeletons don't know how many years they have existed, touch them gently with their hands, and they collapse.

Soon, attention was diverted from these skeletons.

Only in the center of the hall, a barrel of ancient kites was placed, very attractive.

The kite is made of jade and is quite precious at first glance. However, people are practitioners, and there is some lack of interest in instruments.

Looking around, the palace looks gorgeous, but it's really valuable, but there's nothing else but this ancient kite in front of you.

“Let's see, this barrel of ancient kite, let everyone give it to Qin Yi, let him get it to Fang market but sell it, in exchange for silver to buy Dan medicine, since entering this floating tower, he alone has not got anything. ”

The moon fiber of Qianqiu Pavilion swept everyone at a glance and said, the voice is soft and beautiful, making people feel like spring wind.

Her voice dropped and a disdainful voice came from her, the Xuanyang song.

“Moon Spirit, this arrangement is not right. Since you are an instrument, you must naturally give it to someone who understands how to play it, in order to demonstrate its value. ”

Xuanyang smiled lightly and went on to say, "The reason I have a song in my name is because I can play a song. You're blessed today, and listen to me sing you a song, okay? In other words, how many people would like to hear my Xuanyang song play, can't hear it. ”

In other words, this cask of jade kite must belong to him in order to be valuable.

Yan Bi, Xuanyang song ignored everyone, the diameter came in front of the blue kite, his fingers were very well maintained, round as balls, slender white, like a woman's fingers.

“Knock, knock...”

Five long fingers of Xuanyang song brushed over the ancient kite, and a string of notes drifted out of it.

The sound of ancient kites is pure and exuberant. It seems to come from a very distant place. It is like a springs of fresh spring into the heart field, which makes people's hearts and minds vibrate.

“Haha, excellent, excellent, what is left over from the Immortal Age is truly remarkable. ”

Xuanyang singing a delightful laugh, Yaxing extremely high, directly moved a stone pier to sit down, slender ten fingers, and skilfully jumped on the Jade kite.

“Knock, knock...”

The sounds of ancient kites are like fairy sounds, beautiful and beautiful, haunting the palace, intoxicating and seemingly entering a wonderful ancient age of fairies.

But I don't know why, Qin Yi always felt something was wrong. Why is there only one barrel of Biyu ancient kite in the large palace? This is so weird. During that distant fairy year, was this Phoenix owner so upbeat? Build a gorgeous palace just to set up a barrel of kites?

With Xuanyang song ten fingers constantly playing, beautiful and beautiful notes, like water flow, Qin Yi front, a bird language floral fragrance, Inge swallow dance beautiful world.

“This is…”

Standing in the floral scent of bird language, Qin Yi was slightly stunned and incredibly blinked a few times.

Is this still the wonderful sound of the ancient kite, the illusion of being created?

That's too realistic!

“The instruments of the Immortal Age actually have this effect, can make people's brains appear so realistic, comparable to artifacts! ”

Qin Yi shrugged, looking at the delicate flowers under his feet, subconsciously bent down, and took off a flower.

Looking at the flowers on his hand, Qin Yi was stunned. Something was wrong, but something was wrong. He couldn't react at once.

“I… picked a flower…? ”

Qin Yi muttered to himself, slightly faint, where exactly is it, doesn't it feel right?

Suddenly, he reacted suddenly, and in a flash, a terrible wave burst into his heart.

“God, I took the flowers off, it's not a hallucination, it's a real existence! ”

At this moment, Qin Yi was shocked to the extreme. He finally thought of the owner of this ancient city during the Immortal Age. Why did he build a rich palace, but only place a barrel of ancient kites? Turns out it was a trap. It was not an ordinary kite at all, but a barrel of magic piano, played out by demonic sounds.

Demonic sounds can seal the listener directly into a created junction, or seal the person into a strange piece of immortal time and space.

The palace is quite eye-catching because of the magnificent architecture, but whoever sees it will surely have to come in and see it, and then will surely see the jade kite worth even the city...

The purpose of the Immortal City Lord is obviously to trap all those who enter here and die here forever. The skeletons in the palace, who didn't know how many thousands of years had died, were undoubtedly trapped like this.

“Oops, we are all trapped in a world where the magic imprint is made for each other, that bastard Xuanyang or something, go play the kite well, this is terrible! What's his name? ”

Qin Yi's head exploded and he found himself remembering, what was the name of the person who had just played the ancient kite?

In other words, his memory is rapidly disappearing.

At one moment, Qin Yidang was truly shocked. Not only was he sealed into a fairy time space by the magic sounds of ancient kites, but even his memories quickly disappeared!

This is a completely unfamiliar fairy world, Qin Yi cannot be certain, whether this is the real existence or the world created by the demon stamp for himself.

This time, it's over. All those who enter the Floating Tower will be sealed in time and space until they die, and none will be spared. The skeletons in the palace are the best examples.

Qin Yi doesn't know about other people, how time and space entered. In front of him, it is clearly a fairy time and space.

Originally, when entering the hall, you should be vigilant when you see that skeleton, but because the Jade Kite looked too luxurious, people quickly noticed its existence and ignored the skeleton.

Now, even if you repent, it's too late.

“More importantly, even my memories are rapidly disappearing...”

Sighed softly, Qin Yi was so desperate.

“If the memory disappears completely, isn't it a walking corpse? This is worse than death...”

Qin Yi's face is like ashes. The artifact inherited from the Immortal Age is indeed mysterious and terrifying. At first, this ancient castle was actually another Phoenix. The two castles are identical.

Next is the interior of a whiteboard-faced stone statue, stamped with a stunning seal on a ruined Kyushu continent.

The magic sounds of the magic harp that we are now experiencing directly seal people into different spaces and spaces until death, even a person's memories are rapidly disappearing.

It's horrible!

Everything here, it's all so macabre, it's so evil.

“I can die, but I must not die a walking corpse, and I must recover my lost memory. ”

Qin Yi was very reluctant and tried to remember everything about himself: “I came from Green Water Town and later entered the Ling Yu Gate in Phoenix. My name was Qin Yi. The best person for me at the master gate was Master Yang Shiqi Yang. It was Brother Qiushao Leisure Autumn who always wanted to challenge me...”

“... I am a disciple of Ling Yumen in Phoenix. My name is Qin Yi. The best person for me at the master gate is Master Yang Shiqi Yang. The one who always wants to challenge me is Brother Qiushao Leisure Autumn...”

Qin Yi kept mumbling in his mouth. His memory was rapidly disappearing when he heard it completely.

“... my name is Qin Yi, the best thing for me at the master gate is Sister Yang Shiqi Yang...”

“... my name is Qin Yi...”

“… my name… What is my name? ”

At this moment, Qin Yidang was truly shocked because he suddenly realized that he didn't even remember his name.

Qin Yi was stunned there, his heart was dead for a moment. He didn't want to see anything stunned. Eventually, it happened. He became a walking corpse, no memory, no past.

“I 'm-- who 's--”

Qin Yi roared heavenly, but no one could tell him the answer.

In Qin Yi's heart, a tremendous amount of sadness sprang up. In this immortal world of heaven and earth, he forgot who he was and where he came from.

In addition, he discovered that the bird-language floral scent in front of him had disappeared sometime, and that this was a yellow land, almost grassy.

But in the sky, there is a fairy lane, a blurry shadow of the Immortal Mountain. If it fails to appear, the fairy sounds of the Taoist lane will be heard.

“Ow! Noisy, who's bothering me to sleep? ”

A roar came, and the voice was so loud, it shook my heart.

Oh, shit!

There was someone around here, and it sounded like a big guy!

Qin Yi stood still and his heart was bitter. This is the fairy world. Any individual who came here could be at least at the level of a master, and he could be killed instantly.

Legend has it that this heaven and earth, once destroyed, was formerly called the Immortal Age. It has been historically documented that before the Great Destruction, there was a period of great prosperity in all walks of life. However, when the Great Destruction came, all walks of life almost collapsed, and there was darkness between the heavens and the earth, and no light could be found.

An ancient age of myths and myths was created, and a sentence was drawn on it.

After so many years of silence, the light has returned to usher in a new era - the Hongmeng Era.

And one of those names that shined in the Immortal Age: Kyushu King, Yulan King, Hengyu Emperor, Praise Father Warrior, etc., was like a meteor that crossed the sky and remained silent in that dark world forever.

And now, Qin Yi's demonic voice played by the magic qin is sealed in the Immortal Age.

There is no doubt that this immortal land before him has not yet come to a great destruction.