The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 63: Sword Emperor Theory


This word appeared in Qin Yi's mind. He dared not be slightly lazy. In an instant, he reached the extreme. Now, his "Praise Father's Step" has been a half-step, and the effect is astonishing. His whole person almost turned into a shadow and burst towards that front.

It was just that he had just begun, and behind him, a raging wind had swept him, almost dragging him straight into the sky.

It's the big guy from the Immortals!

Qin Yi was desperate, but his body was followed by this wind. The speed of escape suddenly doubled.



A giant silver flash rushed in front of him, blocking his way.


“… is an Oriental dragon! ”

After looking clearly at the shape of that giant silver light, Qin Yidang really shook the extreme point. Indeed, in the void in front of him, a silver dragon exactly 30 meters long lay there.

Silver dragon, two dragon eyes as big as fists, looking at him with great surprise, spitting in his mouth: “God, how could there be such a weak human being? So weak, without the dragon emperor's claws, you can instantly kill a whole lot of them? ”

The silver dragon even waved the giant claw.

Its giant claws swung, bringing a direct wind.

It's so raw!

Qin Yi's scalp was numb for a while, and he hurried back. He was really worried about this silver dragon. He would inadvertently wave his claws onto him and look at the silver dragon's momentum. As long as it swayed, he would definitely be extinguished by the gods.

According to the horrible breath of the silver dragon's body, Qin Yi is perfectly certain that the dragon has broken through the pagoda and entered the emperor's path.

“It's incredible. How can there be such a weak human being now that the world is at its height and ready for the final battle? ”

The silver dragon floated in the void, and it looked incredibly surprised at Qin Yi's weakness.

Qin Yi, however, was even more shocked. Turns out he was sealed by the magic sounds to the peak of the Immortal Age, or the best eve of the war.

He knew very well that the final battle of this place was actually the final battle of the Immortal Age. After this battle, the Immortal Age drew a complete sentence and ushered in a new era: the Hongmeng Age.

At this time, when Qin Yi's heart was really bitter, he was a practitioner at the peak of the four realms of Xuando. In the battle of extermination in which the gods emerged, he was like an ant.

Now, without being sealed to death, in the final battle of the Immortal Age, the form of the gods is extinct!

Right here.

The vast body of the silver dragon in the void suddenly quickly became smaller. In the blink of an eye, it became only about the length of the ruler, and then fell directly from the sky onto Qin Yi.


Qin Yi stared.

Unfortunately, Emperor Dalong fell on his shoulder during the Fairy Ancient Years. Qin Yi blinked incredibly gently and could not even breathe out.

“Little Dot, how strange, how do I feel about you, you have a familiar smell, where are you from, how can you be so weak? ”

The silver dragon revealed its confusion and said with a big tongue.

“Do I smell familiar?” Qin Yi couldn't help but frown.

Left hand!

He instantly thought of the reason, his heart was very uneasy, the mysterious left hand master, indeed from the Immortal Age, seems, and the silver dragon on his shoulder is old knowledge!

“Where am I from? Seems… from the future! ”

Qin Yi tried to remember, he only remembered secretly, he seemed to come from the future, just how it came about, but he couldn't remember anyway.

“From the future? ”

Silver Dragon stood still, a pair of dragon eyes blinked, twisted his head, and looked at Qin Yi incredibly: “Through rebellious time and space, into the past? But I don't think you have the ability to rebel against time and space. Humph, you're a little weird. I'll give you to the Emperor of Time and Space for the old man to study you, but now, I'm taking you somewhere. You see that Immortal Mountain up ahead? ”

Qin Yi was stunned there. The silver dragon's words revealed some important information to him. The future people, in fact, entered the past through rebellious space-time, and this immortal world, there is still a space-time emperor.

Just as Qin Yi was stunned, the silver dragon transformed the dragon's body into two meters long. It was directly loaded onto Qin Yi, and went straight to Xianshan in front of it to explode.

Is this... the legendary imperial emperor?

Qin Yi lay on the silver dragon, quite excited, to come to this immortal world, you can still experience the emperor, or the Emperor of the Great Dragon is carrying the emperor!

Silver dragons fly extremely fast.

Not long ago, each dragon came to the foot of the Immortal Mountain.

Qin Yi only discovered that this Immortal Mountain is huge and unimaginable. It is a strange stone. The Dao Xia light rushes directly for nine days, over the high sky, and it is a beautiful cloud.

This is the famous Funeral Sword Mountain Estate. The owner of the estate is the sword emperor of the Kyushu mainland. The sword emperor is highly regarded. Each hundred years, he will make a speech in the Funeral Sword Mountain to benefit the world, pointing the finger at the lost monks on the cultivation path.

Today coincides with the century-round, Sword King's Day of Argument.

Many monks have come here to listen to the Sword King.

Feeling the smell of the practitioner coming from all sides, Qin Yi's heart cannot be calm, the lowest cultivation, is also the peak of the pagoda! The vast majority of them have already broken through to the Imperial Path.

Unconsciously, Qin Yi has slowly integrated into this immortal world.

“Little Dot, you are too weak. I brought you here to listen to the Sword King's theory. I hope it will help you, Dao, accommodate everything in the world. It is up to you to understand or not. ”

The silver dragon carried Qin Yi and flew straight to the top of Mount Naxian.

“I want to know, why are you helping me?” Qin Yi said the doubt in his heart.

“Didn't I tell you that you have a breath of my late life, and maybe there are some sources between you? ”

One man and one dragon talking room, has reached the top of the Immortal Mountain.

The top of Xianshan seems to have been cut by a Gestapo soldier, very flat, forming a square, and it is incredibly large, and the square is built with a fairy palace, with a dawn of daylight, a formation of fairy sounds, coming from the fairy palace.

In the middle of the square, a stone statue stands.

Stone is like a young girl, beautiful, sophisticated and lifelike, like a living girl standing there.


The statue suddenly split apart, and a delicate young girl appeared in the statue, with a faint glow, a luscious body and a perfect curve, yet sacred, giving rise to no evil.

Girl looks like no other, Ice Clear Jade, Spirit of Heaven and Earth Show, Dot of Fluorescence, Around Her Surroundings, Like a Real Immortal.

As soon as she showed up, all the people in the square were thrilled, eye-catching and full of awe.

Sword Emperor, an ancient name, a legend on the Kyushu mainland, is not less famous than the Kyushu king.

Qin Yi's heart shocked him. He didn't expect that the legendary Sword Emperor was so young. He looked only about seventeen or eight years old.

“Dao, being between heaven and earth, all that is in heaven and earth, is inseparable, dance carriers, dao carriers, a grain of sand, there is a way of being, a drop of water, there is a way of being...”

The Sword Emperor's voice was as loud as the sky, and Xu Xu slowly came. It seemed to be integrated into the natural avenue, and the voice was not very loud, but everyone present could really hear it.

Everyone was delighted and eager to listen and understand.

“Dao, it's order, it's the world, it's a world, it's a world, it's a grass, it's a prosperity, that's the way...”

Too deep.

Qin Yi listened to the fog in the cloud, but still lightened his eyes and tried to understand the wonders of it. This is the perceived mind at the peak of the Immortal Era. The hearts of those who are stronger than those of future generations do not know are mostly many times stronger. If they are able to perceive a little, they will benefit for life.


Qin Yi's left hand trembled slightly, the whole person went directly into the emptiness state, the sword emperor's speech sounded in his ear, Qin Yi felt it was a Dao holy sound, he felt a door that had been dust sealed, suddenly slowly opened, a little holy light spilled in, illuminated his heart.

Holy Fai passed away in a flash, extremely difficult to grasp, but it was like a spring breeze.

At this moment, Qin Yi wandered in the sword emperor's discourse, feeling that he had entered a wonderful world. He felt the world contained by a flower and heard the sound of grass and prosperity.

“Is that the way? ”

Qin Yi was happy in his heart and realized with all his heart.

His eyes softened and the whole person entered the open door, as usual, motionless. For the first time, he came into contact with the so-called Nature Avenue, but felt incredibly subtle.

If a path is incorporated into practice, its explosive power is definitely not as simple as doubling.

Qin Yi suddenly realized, legend has it that those who are strong in Geshi have the means to destroy the heavens and the earth, relying solely on cultivation, it is absolutely impossible to achieve that kind of horrible power. That is because of the integration of the way, the power of the way, the power of the order of heaven and earth, the power of the laws of nature.

The Silver Dragon spoke of the great emperor of time and space, who was able to rebel against time and space, and even to open up an exotic space, undoubtedly because he mastered the laws of time and space.

With these enlightenment, Qin Yi ecstatic, herself sealed into the Immortal Age, really blessed by the accident, mounted the Sword Emperor theory, he believed that this time listening to the theory can definitely help him to go further along the cultivation road.

Today's Hongmeng Era is absolutely impossible to find such an ancient existence as the Sword Emperor, let alone hear the argument.

When listening to the Sword Emperor's theory, all the scenarios of the Sword Emperor's theory have been branded in his mind because he has entered the state of emptiness. Qin Yi can come forward and listen to it repeatedly whenever he wishes.

In the future, as long as I consciously understand the Sword Emperor's theory, combined with training and training speed, I will definitely be able to make rapid progress, and fighting power, I will definitely be able to make qualitative leaps.

After not knowing how long, Qin Yi finally withdrew from the wonderful discourse and slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, this is...”

Qin Yi only found out that all the people in the Great Square had walked without a trace. Silver Dragon and Sword Emperor were standing in front of him. This man's dragon showed an incredible divine color.

“Fifteen days, Little Dot, you know, you've been standing here for fifteen days!” The silver dragon said with a big tongue.

Fifteen days? ”

Qin Yi himself was also stunned. He realized the Sword Emperor's theory here. He actually realized it for fifteen days. No wonder all the people in the square walked away.

“To be so weak, but to be able to understand my argument, such talent is perfectly comparable to that of Kyushu Wang.” Sword Emperor's voice is gentle and gentle.

Qin Yizhang, in this immortal world, he first heard the name of the King of Kyushu.

He knows that the King of Kyushu, is the existence of the Immortal Age.

The Sword Emperor slowly walked in. The footsteps were gentle. Nana, like a fairy.

Coming to Qin Yi, the Sword Emperor's pair of Wan Ancient eyes, like a gemstone, looked at Qin Yi gently at the beautiful head: “Not bad, the future world has such talent. ”

“Oh, by the way, I suddenly thought of one thing, the madman of Kyushu seems to be doing a crazy big thing, setting up the big picture of heaven and earth, acting against heaven, it won't just be...”