The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 64: The Emperor of Time and Space

The silver dragon blinked a pair of big dragon eyes and looked at Qin Yi in a strange way.

“Really, something like that? ”

The Sword Emperor was slightly stunned. A pair of gemstone-sharp eyes detailed Qin Yi for a while. He sighed: “If so, then surely something went wrong. He is a future person. Why was he sent here again? ”

“Kyushu Wang's madman, this should go to settle his personal grudges again, let's find the old man in time and space first, maybe he can see a little.” The silver dragon said.

“What the hell are you talking about? ”

Qin Yi was made misty by this man's conversation.

“You don't need to know now, and when you do, you will know. ”

The silver dragon turned his body into two meters long, letting Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor sit on their backs, rushing up to the sky and sweeping away.

The Emperor of Time and Space, like the Sword Emperor, is also an ancient name, even in the history of the Hongmong Era, with a detailed record of the Emperor of Time and Space.

The ancient legend tells us that the Emperor of Time and Space is deeply built in the realm of time and space and is able to manipulate space-time at will. His most famous event is the creation of many astonishing laws of time and space, such as: rebellious space-time, star shifts, two generations of humans, and other terrible laws of time and space, all stemming from the hand of the Emperor of Time and Space, whose power is definitely not beneath the Kyushu King.

In the history of future generations, the Emperor of Time and Space eventually fell into the end of the Immortal Age and was extinguished by the gods, becoming a singing song.

The Silver Dragon carried Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor across numerous mountains and empires. Three days later, the two dragons came to the Holy See of Kyushu, the highest power in the Kyushu mainland.

That's right, this yellow land is in the Immortal Age, also known as Kyushu Mainland.

“The Emperor of Time and Space, the founder of the Holy See of Kyushu and the first pope, is a majestic one. Let alone the dominion of the Kyushu continent, even the other.” The Sword Emperor sat on the back of the silver dragon and said to Qin Yi.

Qin Yiran.

“Ow! Spacetime old man, come out and greet Emperor Ben no Dragon! ”

The silver dragon carried Qin Yi and the Sword Emperor. It circled over the Holy See in Kyushu. Suddenly, a shocking dragon burst out, with the wind of the array, the Christians below were greatly disappointed.

“Ha ha, Emperor Dalong, I thought you and the Sword Emperor would invite my old man out for drinks in the near future. ”

A long laugh came.

Immediately afterwards, an old man in a grey robe slowly walked out of the Holy See and laughed at Qin Yi and the two of them. The old man had no idea how many years he had lived, and the white beard on his chin was about to drift, but he was refreshed and his eyes were as bright as a battle.

Is he the Emperor of Time and Space?

In the face of the top strong of the Immortal Age, Qin Yi was unable to achieve a wave of surprise.

However, he did not feel a terrible smell in the emperor of time and space, which was apparently hidden from him.

“Hey, who's this teenager? No, he's not from this world. ”

As soon as he saw Qin Yi, he immediately judged that Qin Yi's journey was extraordinary. His eyes were sharp as a blade, and he stared closely at Qin Yi.


Sword Emperor Xu Xu nodded, although he looked only seventeen or eighteen years old, but appeared to give a noble and tolerant feeling: “Time and space emperor, we brought him to you, just to let you help to see what he really is. His memory has disappeared and he cannot remember everything from the past. ”

“Well, I'm also interested in this teenager. Now, let me see what he's got. ”

The Emperor of Time and Space is very simple. When he no longer hesitates, he shoots two golden flashes in his eyes, directly into Qin Yi's eyebrows. The eyes of the Emperor of Time and Space have become hollow and seem to be traveling through endless space-time.

The silver dragon and sword emperor beside him silently waited quietly for the results, while Qin Yi Junyi's face was full of anticipation. He wondered too much about his history.

“I saw a barrel of kites, and he put them there. ”

Soon, the Emperor of Time and Space spoke.

The kite, or did he put it there?

At one point, the Sword Emperor and the Great Dragon Emperor were all caught in contemplation.

Qin Yi was confused and muttered to himself: “Gukite? Did I get sent here by a barrel of kites? Time and space emperor, please continue. ”

“I saw thirteen teenage girls and boys breaking into an ancient city... eh, that ancient city is weird, let me see it again. ”

Incredible, the emperor of time and space actually in the Immortal Age, through Qin Yi's eyebrows, through endless time and space, saw directly the Hung Meng Era after endless years.

Unbelievable. How deep is the emperor of time and space?

“It's so strange that the ancient city seems to be a dead city. No inhabitants of the city, even time, disappeared in a flash...”

The emperor of time and space still stared at Qin Yi's eyebrows, but his face was quite uneasy.

“What, he just wiped out all the inhabitants of the city? This is outrageous, damn it, but I'm looking for his theory!” The silver dragon immediately growled in dissatisfaction.

It is surrounded by the sword emperor and a slightly clearer eyebrow.

At this moment, Qin Yi's heart suddenly rolled up a huge wave, because his memory suddenly came back like a tide, and he remembered everything.

He came from the Hongmeng Era. His name was Qin Yi, a disciple of Ling Yumen in Phoenix. He was killed in the top 5 of the Master Wu Gu Gu, and then entered the third floor of the Tibetan Sutra. Finally, he encountered the Jade Kite, which was sealed by the demonic sounds of the ancient kite into the Immortal Age before endless years.

What happened after the Immortal World, he always remembered.

“Yes, it was Phoenix, but in our world, there was already a Phoenix, but as a result, thirteen of us entered another Phoenix, where time and inhabitants disappeared. What the hell is going on?” Qin Yi was quite excited.

“I don't know how the madman got it out, so why don't you ask him yourself.” The Emperor of Time and Space replied.


“Kyushu King. ”

King of Kyushu?

Qin Yi stuck around. Turns out he made the weird ancient city of Phoenix. Where did he get the inhabitants of a city? Why did he do this?

Since the strange Ancient City of Phoenix was created by the King of Kyushu, then the Floating Tower is definitely his as well.

“Now that you've seen where you come from, let me look at your past again, and you'll be sealed here from the future, isn't there something wrong? ”

The emperor of time and space slowly said that the golden light emitted in his eyes changed into two to purple light, looking at Qin Yi's past.

“Against the sky, change your life! ”

The body of the Emperor of Time and Space sighed: “This teenager was indeed changed by the opposite heaven to obtain the left hand of the demon. It is only a Yin and Yang error. The heaven is irreversible and sealed into the Immortal Age. He can no longer dominate the world in his present world. ”

The words of the Emperor of Time and Space made Qin Yi's heart suddenly burst into shock.

Yes, he suspected the appearance of the mysterious left hand before it was sealed into this ancient era. Someone manipulated it behind his back and did not turn himself into a piece of chess in his hand. At this time, the words of the emperor confirmed his original intuition.

“Let me see who is acting against the sky and changing the causes and consequences of this life in previous life. ”

The Emperor of Time and Space said that just the next moment, his eyes suddenly burst with blood, he was injured, screamed, and two purple rays disappeared.

“Spacetime old man, how are you? ”

Silver dragon and sword emperor, both shouted and rushed forward.

“Nothing.” The Emperor of Time and Space did not care to wave: “This little injury is nothing, we just can't know who the man who changed his life against the sky is anymore. ”

Listening to him, Qin Yi's two dragons' hearts inevitably raised a shame.

Now, even the Emperor of Time and Space cannot see through Qin Yi's past, know who is changing the cause and effect of Qin Yi's previous life, and change his life against the sky. It is estimated that no one else can do it between the heavens and the earth.

“Actually, even if I can't see who's changing their lives against the sky, I can guess who. ”

The Emperor of Time and Space nodded and glanced at Qin Yi: “Young man, you come from the future, then the future… is it still the Immortal Age? ”

Listening to him, both the Sword Emperor and the Silver Dragon couldn't help but stare at Qin Yi.

The duel is imminent, in fact, everyone can hear this question of the Emperor of Time and Space, what exactly does it mean?

Qin Yi sighed softly and shook his head slowly: “No, it is a new era, the Hongmeng era. ”

For a moment, there was silence on the field, and no one spoke.

Long time.

The emperor of time and space smiled helplessly and said: "Yes, you are so weak, how can it be the Immortal Age? I just don't want to believe it. Juvenile, in the history of the Hongmeng Era, is there a record of the battle of the Immortal Age? ”


Qin Yi nodded: “The hundreds of millions of heavens have failed in that war, and the Immortal Age is over. The heavens and the earth are invincibly long and dark. I don't know how long it will be before the light reappears. A new era begins - the Hongmeng Age. ”

“Ow! So, we all crashed in this war?” The silver dragon had some difficulty accepting this fact and couldn't help but roar and shake the mountain.


Qin Yi nodded and said: “The existence of some peaks such as Emperor Dalong, Sword Emperor, Emperor of Time and Space, King of Kyushu, King of the Six Rounds, etc. have all fallen. There is a detailed description of the descent of the King of Kyushu in the history book, especially the descent of the King of Kyushu. After the descent, the King of Kyushu turned into five elements, scattered throughout the Kyushu mainland, and maintained the balance of the natural avenue of the Nine mainland. Now there are even rumours in the Kyushu mainland of the Hongmeng Period. As long as the seeds of all five elements can be collected, the Kyushu Demon Knife can be condensed. By then, the King of Kyushu may be reincarnated. ”


The Sword Emperor and the Emperor of Time and Space showed a strong shock on their faces. The Emperor Dalong roared directly: “The Devil's Knife is reappearing, the gods are returning to power, and the roar, this Kyushu king, is crazy! ”