The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 68: The Undead King

Ten days later, after the efforts of the Sword Emperor, the Emperor without the Great Dragon and the Emperor of Time and Space, the King of Kyushu finally woke up.

Perhaps because this life of previous life has merged into one, Qin Yi discovered the appearance of the King of Kyushu, which actually gave people a feeling that they could not see clearly.

Top of the Holy See in Kyushu.

The King of Kyushu stood on the stage, stretched out his lazy waist and smiled with satisfaction: "Well, everything was as good as I expected, the battle with the Cherry Emperor definitely made my" Nine Stories of the Devil's Knife "breakthrough to the last one. ”

Seeing that the King of Kyushu has fully recovered, and is even more powerful than before, the emperors of time and space, sword and dragon, one dragon and one dragon, are also relieved.

“You're from the future, so tell me, did you see me in the future? ”

The King of Kyushu suddenly turned to Qin Yi.

I don't know why, as soon as I touched the eyes of the King of Kyushu, Qin Yi's heart suddenly produced an unknown feeling of kindness, which confused him greatly.

“Yes, but in the history books.” Qin Yi nodded slowly, honestly.

Faced with this great god known to the Hongmeng Era family, Qin Yi's heart was difficult to calm down, and there was a dreamy feeling of unreality.

“Read it in history? ”

Jiuzhou Wang Yi.

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor and the Great Dragon Emperor were silent for a while.

I've seen it in history, and everybody wants to know what it means.

Long time.

The King of Kyushu smiled: “So we, the powerful of the Immortal Age, are the legends of future generations? ”

“Exactly. ”

Qin Yi nodded, Xu Xu said: “The Immortal Age, completely destroyed. The world today is a new era, the name of the era, named after the world in our place, called the Hongmeng Era. The gods of the Immortal Age, completely meteorized, the Kyushu King, the Sword Emperor, the Emperor without the Great Dragon, the Emperor of Time and Space, and so on, are like a single star, shining in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people in the Hung Dynasty, never extinguished! ”

Qin Yi said this, full of emotions, extremely infectious.

For a while, the three of them silenced again.

“In that case, that's enough.” Kyushu Wang laughed. "You can keep your name for a thousand years. What do you want?" ”

“Aww, the madman's right. You can keep your name a thousand times. What do you want?” The Emperor of the Great Dragon shouted with excitement, two giant dragon eyes, and the light flashed.

“Yes, the gods have been working hard to cultivate, so that this final battle, even if it is ultimately death, is death without regret! ”

The sword emperor, who has been migratory for nine days, has a slight red cheek at this moment, the divine color is a little excited. She insists on holding a sermon every 100 years on burying Sword Mountain, in order to do her part, strive to improve the cultivation of practitioners and prepare for the final battle.

There's no such thing as merit!

“Death, what fear? Ha ha, I want to kill him now!” The Emperor of Time and Space laughed, and a time of war was high.

The King of Kyushu shook his head gently: "Time and space, don't rush, you, Sword Emperor, Emperor Dalong, I have placed you among the last to kill the people of the past. ”


The Emperor of Time and Space, the Emperor without the Great Dragon, and the Sword Emperor all stare at the King of Kyushu indissolubly.

Kyushu Wang glanced at Qin Yi and said softly: “He is a man of the Hongmeng Era. The war here does not belong to him. Time and space, you must use rebellious time and space to send him back to the Hongmeng Era. Without Emperor Dalong and Sword Emperor, it is necessary to protect the time and space. You did not kill him until you returned him to the Hongmeng Era. ”

“It's too expensive to send him back to the future, where he's endless, in rebellious space-time, just because it's going to cost him an entire 100,000 years of power.” The Emperor of Time and Space sighed.

The Great Dragon Emperor and the Sword Emperor are also inexplicably looking to the King of Kyushu.

The practice of the Kyushu King obviously had to be compensated. Especially if the Emperor of Time and Space consumed 100,000 years of power, it would be better to let Qin Yi die in this war of great destruction. You know, the Emperor of Time and Space, is definitely a major force in this war. It takes 100,000 years to fix ants like Qin Yi, it's not worth it.

“Kyushu King? ”

Qin Yi's heart is also difficult to calm. He doesn't care if he dies.

“Stop it. ”

The King of Kyushu shook his head: "Just do as I say, you are our last hope! Now you, too weak, too weak, you have to grind, grind endlessly, so that you can grow, so that you can resist the next round. ”

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi stunned.

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Emperor without the Great Dragon, and the Sword Emperor each dragon, for a moment, were also stunned, standing there facing each other.

Emperor Da Long suddenly revealed an incredible colour after measuring Qin Yi for a while. “How could this be...? Oh, what a surprise to the dragon! ”

The Emperor of Time and Space and the Sword Emperor, too, will smile faintly at each other.

Such an atmosphere, when it's really weird.

Qin Yi was confused to the extreme.

“Okay, let's settle this. Qin Yi, now, you're with us. Go get the guys who are afraid of dying, one by one, and let them join the recruiting team. ”

The king of Kyushu looked at Qin Yi and said softly.

Suddenly, he sipped: "Kyushu Demon Knife Now! ”

For a moment, over his head, slowly emerged a phantom of a magic knife. This phantom of a magic knife was not as powerful as it was in the Cherry Emperor of the Kyushu Wang War. It was only about ten characters long, but the killing intent grew stronger.

This is the result of the Kyushu King's breakthrough in the ninth edition of The Knife Nine.

Looking at the magic knife over the head of the king of Kyushu, Qin Yi exclaimed in his heart. After the body of the magic knife was crushed, the magic knife was sincerely integrated into the heart of the king of Kyushu. He could read it with his heart and let the magic knife of Kyushu appear at any time to kill the enemy.

Strictly speaking, the Kyushu magic knife is no longer a knife, but a knife that really gathers together.

“From Hurricane Kyushu, the Nine Souls return to power! ”

The King of Kyushu drank lightly again.

The King of Kyushu, the ruler of Kyushu mainland, is in charge of Kyushu.

With his cold drink, the whole Kyushu mainland, suddenly the wind burst, the endless Xiao Ther emerged, the scene on the eve of a great war.

What a generation to be proud of. When it's really a cloud, it's a rain!

Qin Yi exclaimed.

Among the endless winds and clouds, nine divine lamps suddenly emerged in the deepest nine directions of the Kyushu mainland.

Nine divine lamps are ancient and rugged, with endless years of mulberry, unspeakable mysteries. These are the nine souls of the Kyushu mainland. They shine in the heart of the Kyushu mainland and sustain the Kyushu mainland.

Each lamp has an immortal legend of immortality that billions of people admire.

Nine divine lamps swept through the wind and swept towards the top of the Holy See in Kyushu. On top of each divine lamp, a little light was lit, an oil lamp lit with oil as fuel.

The oil lamps are gloomy, as if they could be extinguished at any moment, but in fact they are not. The lamps are long, and the storm waves are even bigger, and they cannot be extinguished.

They are the souls of the Kyushu mainland. They sustain the spirit of the Kyushu mainland. Only they can give birth to life in the Kyushu mainland.


Nine divine lamps appear to have broken the void directly. In the blink of an eye, they appear on the top of the Holy See of Kyushu and spin slowly around the magic knife shadow over the head of the King of Kyushu.

For a moment, the shadow of the Devil's Knife trembled suddenly, and the shooting intent to kill increased more than tenfold.

With the emergence of these nine divine lamps, the temperament of the King of Kyushu was also suddenly drastically changed.

Until then, even if he didn't say anything, it gave him a sense of pride. But now, his arrogant aura suddenly disappeared, replacing it with a dead well.

Forward and backward!

But anyone can feel that the Kyushu King, at this time, is obviously much stronger than before, definitely not weaker than the cherry emperor who fought with him.


Looking at the nine divine lamps suspended above the head of the King of Kyushu, Qin Yi was slightly stunned. The nine souls of the Kyushu mainland were actually nine divine lamps.

With regard to the legend of the nine lamps in Kyushu, it is not that he has not heard of them. It is an immortal myth that has been passed on to the world forever. Now, it has been refined by the Kyushu King as part of the magic knife.

What a pen!

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor, and the Emperor without the Great Dragon, looked at the nine lamps, and it was also difficult to calm down.

“Come on up. ”

Kyushu Wang's hands stamped a fingerprint, and the living stations burst up, just moments later, to hundreds of feet, as if it were an Optimus Column.

Qin Yi and the three of them stopped hesitating. They rushed to the stage and stood side by side with the King of Kyushu.

Once he stood on the stage, that wonderful feeling struck Qin Yi's mind again, as if he were completely integrated with the stage, as if he had stood here before endless years.

At this moment, Qin Yi felt that he seemed to have broken through the circle of life and death, becoming an immortal being. In a single moment, he went through 10,000 years and lived forever.

“Boom boom! ”

The stations continued to soar and soar by a thousand feet before stopping. An invisible pressure, emanating from the living stations, is slightly distorted by the pressure on the void.


The King of Jiuzhou overthrew the Jiuzhou Demonic Knife, rode the various stages, led Qin Yi and they rose to the sky, and the one vanished into the sky.

On this day, recorded in the history books after endless years, it is called “the day of the gods of chaos” on the eve of the Great Destruction. On this day, the King of Kyushu led the powerful and drove the living platforms to stir up the wind of the entire Kyushu continent, and pulled out all the strong who hid in the hiding place and relentlessly drove them into the ranks of the conscription.

Of course, in the history of the Hongmeng Era, the names of Qin Yi could not appear among the powerful forces involved in the small destruction.

The emergence of Qin Yi, in fact, has changed history, which is an entirely incredible accident.

Alternatively, it is the deliberate arrangement of some powerful men with the means to do so.

Soon after, the thousands of heights of the stadiums, carrying them, appeared in front of an ancient mountain, in a peculiar shape, with strange stones in the mountain.

The ancient mountains were strange, bright and sunny out of the mountains, but the mountains were dim and seemed to exist in another space and time.

“This mountain is evil!” Qin Yi frowned and his limbs became unknown and cold.

“Of course, because this is Toyoto Hill.” Sword Emperor beside him, said softly.

Qin Yi suddenly, very uneasy. As an oriental teenager, he naturally heard of Fengdu Mountain, and said nothing, it was a ghost mountain, legend has it, the entrance to the eighteenth floor of hell, right here.

I can't believe I'm at the entrance to Hell on the 18th floor!

Qin Yi secretly sucked the cool air.

“Don't look at the calm here, but there's a big guy hiding all the time. Now we'll pull it out and put it in the war path.” Jiuzhou Wang with no waves of dead wells, Xu Xu said.

The Great Dragon Emperor has rushed into the sky by now, and the dragon's body has become thousands, when it is truly mighty.

“Ow! Undead Ghost King, you are so angry, we have all killed your doorstep, you can still do nothing. ”

Emperor Dalong growled: “If you don't come out again, believe me, I will raze this Toyoto Mountain to the ground? ”

Yan Bi, the Emperor of the Upper Dragon is huge, very simple, floating on the sky, huge dragon body suddenly rolled down to the downstairs Fengdu Ghost Mountain, with a wind.


Toyoto Haunted Mountain shook violently and seemed to break apart.

It's barbaric!

Qin Yi stood on the stage and blinked, staring.

After a severe shock, the whole mountain of rich ghosts fell into a brief silence, followed by a click-click similar to the sound of bone friction.

Qin Yiding glanced and saw only on Fengdu Haunted Mountain, sometime already standing a skeleton.

It was weird, like that skull, appearing there in the sky, and nobody had ever experienced anything.