The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 71: Three Evil Shots

For a moment, his whole body was filled with tremendous violence.

“Ah...! ”

Yulan Wang screamed heavenly, darkness sprinkled, his soul was eroded by all evil thoughts, his face showed extreme pain, constant distortion, became incredibly frightening.

His thirty tall body is also extremely distorted and deformed, while emitting an incredibly powerful breath.

He stood proud and held a demonic gun of all evil with one hand. There was a real power in the world.


Soon, his crazy eyes, the ground flared, two groups of demonic fire, jumping excitedly, that dreadful scene of the Phantom Forest, seeing Qin Yi scalp numbness, no one's soul can hold back until the chestnut.

He also remembered that when Yuan Xingchuan obtained the false magic knife, his eyes burned, and now Yulan Wang's eyes burned more than ten times more horrible than Yuan Xingchuan's.

Looking at Yulan Wang's evil eyes, Qin Yi even felt like he was going to hell.

At this moment, the Jade King was all red, as if he were a blood demon that had washed out of Shura Yard.

This is what the Immortal Blood King calls it.

At this moment, the Immortal Blood Emperor is the Gun of Evil, and the Gun of Evil is the Immortal Blood Emperor. His own modification, in hectares, was multiplied countless times.

“Only three shots! ”

The body of the immortal blood emperor, enduring the extreme pain of the soul being eroded by all evil thoughts, gradually arose in the mind a mad sense of killing.

He stood there like a tower, single-handedly carrying a blood red gun of all evil, jumping in the eyes of two groups of evil fire, and writing a war of evil and madness: “Kyushu king, although my gun of all evil has only three guns, three guns defeated you enough! ”

The voice of King Yulan, as if frozen as a thousand loads of ice.

“This Jade King is also an ancient madman! ”

Looking at the perfectly demonized Jade King, the Sword Emperor, the Emperor of Time and Space, the Emperor without the Great Dragon, his face all showed a strong shock color.

Just rushing into the blood of the foreign world to kill millions of miles and collect hundreds of millions of resentments, the world is afraid to find a third person besides the Kyushu king can compare to it.

Both are absolute madmen. No wonder they're dead!

Seeing the confrontation between the two great tens of thousands of ancient madmen, Qin Yi from the Hongmeng Era, but was full of excitement and anticipation, thanks to the barrel magic harp sealed himself into this Immortal Era, so that he could see the scene in a limited way.

The Gun of Evil in the Peak State, confronting the Kyushu Demon Knife in the Peak State, this is definitely a rare scene!

“Go ahead and shoot! ”

The King of Kyushu didn't have much bullshit. Since the appearance of the nine lamps in Kyushu Mainland, his whole person has always been deadbeat. He has been indifferent to everything.

“Gun of all evil, first shot, all evil! ”

Yulan Wang drank, single-handedly held the gun of all evil, and headed towards the Kyushu king with the Kyushu magic knife.

On the Evil Gun, the instant blood erupted, staining the entire heavenly dome red and rolling with blood.

At this moment, everyone has the illusion that they are caught in an ancient killing ground.

Too much killing!

“The Knife Nine, Part One! ”

The voice of the Kyushu King, as if it came from the deepest depths of hell, indifferently caused the blood in the human body to solidify in an instant.

With his voice falling, the ten demon knives shadow above his head was the evil gun of King Yulan, silently slaughtered out.


Two Gestapo soldiers crossed.

Because the King of Kyushu has already brought out nine divine lamps, the power of "The Knife of the Nine" is now more than twice as powerful as it was when the Great Wars Cherry Emperor.

Energy fluctuations like the great waves of the sky swept away. Neither King Kyushu nor King Yulan could resist this energy fluctuation and went backwards to both sides.

Just the next moment, the two of them rushed back at great speed.

Neither the Kyushu Demon Knife nor the Evil Gun will be able to stop once the attack is launched.


Kyushu Wang was reflexed by the knife of Kyushu Demon Knife, and a bite of blood erupted. At the same time, his figure became slightly blurred, as if he had begun to slowly hide into the void.

Over his head, the shadow of the second demon knife slowly gathered. This time, the shadow of the demon knife was as high as a hundred feet, standing between the heavens and the earth, killing the planet.

The nine deepest lamps of the Kyushu mainland hang silently around them.

Watching the King of Kyushu begin to faint, the Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor and the Emperor without the Great Dragon could not help but worry, but eventually nothing was said.

“Jiuzhou Demon Knife, after breaking through the shackles of the knife, the power is several times higher than before, and the knife is unprecedented. King Jiuzhou, you are truly a wangu genius! ”

Looking over the head of the King of Kyushu, the magic knife gathered again, Yulan was very uneasy.

Between the heavens and the earth, the true strongest knife is the true meaning of the knife, the physical knife is limited, and the true meaning of the knife is infinite, and can even let the true meaning of a knife fill the entire heavens and earth.

In the mouth of Yulan Wang, he said that the evil gun in his hand could not stop.

His whole body seemed to burn, his soul was madly eroded by all evil. In his eyes, the demonic fire burned, and evil reached its extreme point.

In the gun of evil, the idea of evil in the second shot, instantly reaches saturation.

A second shot must be stabbed immediately, or he will be controlled forever by all evil and become a bloodthirsty demon!

In fact, like the Kyushu Magic Knife, once activated, it was no longer a man who attacked, but a man who was under the control of the Divine Soldier.

“Gun of all evil, second shot, all evil! ”

Yulan Wang drank, the momentum was immense, the voice was straight up for nine days, constantly swinging back in the sky.

At this moment, the Gun of Evil rises suddenly to hundreds of feet.

Where all the evil guns pass, the red red is twisting like a ghost, as if every piece of demon fire was burning wildly, unspeakable demon, unspeakable evil, unspeakable shadow scary!

With the stabbing of this second shot, above the altitude, the vision appeared, but there was a blood cloud, a blood dome, and as long as it existed, it was all blood, a world of living and falling apart.

“Phew--! ”

Evil Gun Strong Strike, Throughout everything, There is nothing between heaven and earth to stop!

King 30 of Kyushu's body stood proudly there, his head hanging a hundred demonic knives genuinely agglomerated shadow, a pair of cold eyes, indifferently stared forward, the fierce gun of all evil.

At this moment, he had virtually no other thought, only one thought, which was: knife!

“The Knife Nine, Part Two! ”

The voice of the king of Kyushu sounded slowly.

Over his head, a hundred-length magic knife came out with a silent slaughter.


The Jiuzhou Demon Knife and the Gun of All Evil intersect again. The land beneath the feet of the King of Jiuzhou and the King of Yulan burst apart, reaching several lengths deep and stretching forward.

“Psst...! ”

As the gun burst out, King Yulan's mouth also sprayed a bite of blood.

He felt that his soul had been eaten half by the Gun of Evil. Once his soul had been completely eroded, he would merge the real Gun of Evil into this Gun of Evil and never come back.

The burning demon fire jumped in King Yulan's eyes. It seemed like the evil air had reached its extreme point, making one look at it, as if he was instantly plunged into 18 layers of hell!

With the splitting of the second part of "The Knife of the Nine", the figure of the King of Kyushu also became faint again, and his face was very pale.

“Haha, King of Kyushu, I understand that you are leading the true meaning of the Knife with your source of life. When all nine of the Knife are slaughtered, your source of life is completely lost. Besides, can you resist my last shot? So 100,000 years later today, I, King Yulan, still beat you King of Kyushu! ”

Looking at the faint figure of the King of Kyushu, Yulan laughed wildly. He fought with the King of Kyushu for endless years. In the battle 100,000 years ago, Yulan won slightly, grinding one of the left hands of the King of Kyushu.

A hundred thousand years from now, he will use the Gun of Evil to defeat the King of Kyushu again.

In the consciousness of the people, the power of the kings of the two continents has always represented the power of the two continents. If the king of Kyushu is defeated, how can he say that the power of the Kyushu mainland is less powerful than that of the Yulan mainland?

“Kyushu King...”

On the stage, the emperor of time and space, the sword emperor and the dragonless dragon couldn't help but whisper and show their worried faces.

Qin Yi, however, was calm in his face. Under the condition of entering the slightest emptiness, he acutely realized that the current King of Kyushu was somewhat different from the last time he confronted Cherry Emperor.

Seems a little tolerant.

“It's okay.”

The Kyushu Emperor of Time and Space waved their hands together.

Meanwhile, over his head, the third magic knife really slowly congealed up to 50,000 feet, almost stabbing a hole in the sky.

“King of Kyushu, defeat! ”

The Jade King roared!

By this time, his soul had been almost eroded by the evil ideas of the Gun of Evil. By this time, he had not felt the extreme pain of his soul being eroded, some of it just a mad sense of killing.

The fire of the origin of all evil guns, in the eyes of King Yulan, burned wildly and jumped.

This is the true fire of evil, the flame jumping between, through extreme evil, looks extremely scary, deterrent to the soul!

At this moment, the evil gun in the hands of Yulan has reached a thousand lengths, infinite blood gusts out, causing space around, as if instantly trapped in a Shura field.

The idea of all evils in the gun of all evils has reached its peak.


“Gun of all evil, third shot, all evil! ”

In a raving sound, Yulan Wang stabbed out with a monstrous gun in his hand.

The third shot of the Evil Gun is the most powerful of the three.

One shot, heaven and earth to deter!

At this moment, the vision reappeared, only heard an extremely demonized war song, and suddenly it sounded from the sky. At the same time, it was combined with the shouting and killing of the sky, as if there were tens of millions of demons, coming from the end of the sky.

Listening to this extremely demonized warfare song, Qin Yi felt restless in his heart and felt that he had been eroded by warfare and turned into a great demon.

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor and the Emperor without the Great Dragon are also strange colors, obviously have the same feeling as Qin Yi.

“The Demon Gun, when it is truly a Magic Gun, such a hegemonic Demon Gun, has no power to destroy it, it now appears in the world, I really don't know whether it is a blessing or a scourge. ”

The Emperor of Time and Space sighed.

“The Knife Nine, Part Three! ”

With the evil stabbing of Yulan Wang's third gun, the magic knife shadow over the head of Kyushu Wang also came out in the face of the stabbing thousand demon gun.


The demon gun intersects the demon knife.

The surrounding space was suddenly twisted and the eyes were crumbling apart.

When space collapses, a space crack occurs, which is extremely dangerous, and once a person falls into a space crack and wants to come out again, it is difficult.

The great emperor of time and space was terrified and busily struck out a law of space that stabilized the space around him.

“Ow! ”

After the three shots were stabbed, only the evil guns were heard. It seemed that there was something in life, and a very devious long whistle was emitted, arrogant to heaven and earth!

With this third shot, the evil of the evil gun, the evil evil of the evil gun, also retreated from the soul of King Yulan as if it were tidal.

Meanwhile, the wildly burning fire of the origin of all evil in King Yulan's eyes also jumped sharply, then directly extinguished.