The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 72: A Sad Song

In an instant, the Jade King returned to normal, except in front of his chest, with a huge knife mark of deep visible bone, dripping blood down the answers.

However, he was very happy at this moment: "Ha ha, Kyushu King, after 100,000 years, you still lost! ”

At this time, the king of Kyushu, already very vague, he was all over his body, and was torn apart by the third evil of the Jade Lane King.

His face was pale, his eyes closed and he stood there motionless, seemingly falling.

The magic knife's own knife, combined with the three evil shots of Yulan Wang's reign in heaven and earth, did not be directly extinguished by his body, it is already a miracle.

“Kyushu King...”

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor and the Emperor of the Great Dragon are all pretty ugly.

Is that how the King of Kyushu fell?

A hundred thousand years later, he still lost to his dead rival, King Yulan?

Qin Yiyi frowned, such a result was quite surprising to him. The observation of the Kyushu King in his mode of entering the emptiness should not be like this.

“The King of Kyushu, a tragedy, will always be the defeated general of King Yulan! ”

After defeating the King of Kyushu, Yulan's black hair swept wildly and he was very temperamental.

But then again, he changed color.

Because the silence stood over the immobile King of Kyushu, the fourth magic knife is sincerely gathering slowly, up to ten thousand.

The ancient souls of the Kyushu mainland, suspended silently around the fourth magic knife, seemed to illuminate Bangu.


The Jade King cannot calm down. He feels it. The true power of the fourth demon knife is the sum of the true power of the first three demon knives. Can he resist it?

“Goddamn it, isn't this madman dead? Why would he do that? ”

The Jade King roared, and the joy of the past, instantly, was nothing.

“Who says I'm dead? ”

Kyushu Wang's closed eyes suddenly opened, and his original faint figure followed slowly and clearly.

His head was above his head, and the shadow of the Magic Knife vanished.


Everyone present, including Qin Yi, stared.

Didn't you say "The Knife of the Nine" would be cut off once it struck?

“I have incorporated the idea of crossing the circle of life and death in my previous life into the true intentions of the Unprecedented Knife, and this is the result. The knife will not be reversed to death by the knife, and at the same time, I can control the knife at will. Because I am giving out a knife in this world, I can suddenly convert me from my previous life, so that the knife can be controlled and not have to be cut out. ”

Kyushu Wang's confident face looked at Yulan Wang and said softly: “Yulan Wang, this time you are defeated, are you not satisfied? ”

Even though King Yulan possesses the gun of all evil that dominates the heavens and the earth, he is still defeated!

With the defeat of the Jade King with the Gun of All Evil, it was not surprising that the Gun of All Evil, though stunning, had the body of two generations in previous life, breaking through the circle of life and death.

If he were to be replaced by the average strong man, even if the Jade King's Evil Gun could not destroy him, the knife of the Kyushu Demon Knife would kill him.

Speaking of Kyushu's past life and present life, one cannot help but think of his future. The Kyushu King revealed that he still has a future, but that future itself has not yet grown.

Where does the future of the Kyushu King grow?

People's minds, for a moment, had to wonder about it.

“Kyushu, you win! And I, the King of Jade, will surely lead the gods of Jade to join you until the day when the hosts enter the path of war. ”

King Yulan was able to take it and put it down. After looking up at the war path still hanging over his head, he came up with the gun of all evil and disappeared into the void.

The war is imminent, and the world is in complete disarray.

In a chaotic world, all status and glory are false, and only strength is hard reason.

All the continents burned with smoke, a panic, many ordinary practitioners, or the civilian population, did not know what was happening, how suddenly, so many Gestapo people suddenly appeared.

Even less do they know that the heavens and the earth have come to the brink of great destruction!

The initiators of this battle were the King of Kyushu, the Emperor of Time and Space and other people, and the place where the army gathered, undoubtedly, was the Holy See of Kyushu on the mainland of Kyushu.

Over time, the channels of the various facets of the world are open and fully interchangeable, and in the case of normal times, they must be crossed by special means.

And all the strength of the world, led by its dominion, through that passage into the Hongmeng world, into the Hongmeng world, to the Holy See of Kyushu in the Kyushu mainland.

The strong who came in from another side of the team, the momentum, made the people of the Kyushu Wang Mainland more and more restless.

“Xuan Sect dominates the Sakura Emperor and leads Xuan Sect to the gods of the world! ”

The windless Cherry Emperor appeared outside the Holy See of Kyushu on a vast square that could accommodate more than 100,000 people. She regained her normal figure, attacked her white clothes and dressed her like a fairy for nine days.

The last time in the deep realm of Xuanzong, in the war with the Kyushu King, the last sword of the Kyushu King did not indeed chop it to death. At this time, she seemed to have more strength than when fighting the Kyushu King, and should have had a breakthrough at that station.

“The wilderness dominates the desert emperor and leads the gods of the wilderness! ”

Qin Yi looked and discovered that the wilderness dominated the desert emperor, a middle-aged man, with no breath, like an ordinary man.

Qin Yi darkened his left hand and felt it slightly. He couldn't help but be surprised. The cultivation of the desert emperor was higher than that of the Cherry Emperor.

“Lord of the Jade Orchid, lead the gods of the Jade Orchid! ”

King Yulan and the gods of Yulan Mainland appear in Kyushu Pontifical Square.

“Lord of the divine kingdom, lead the gods of the divine kingdom! ”

The gods of the divine world appeared in the Holy See of Kyushu.

“The Immortal kingdom dominates Mulberry Zong and leads the Immortal kingdoms to God! ”

Immortals, appeared in the Holy See of Kyushu.

Compared to the Immortal Realm, the Hongmeng etc. world is actually already the higher world, also called the upper realm, while the Hongmeng etc. world belongs to the lower realm.

Practitioners in the lower realm can fly to the Immortal or Divine realms as long as they have enough, or they can choose to remain in the original realm.

In the square of the Holy See of Kyushu, countless strongmen stood there, ready to go into battle, over their heads, a blood-soaked road, silently displayed there.

The flag of war is flying, there is no vow of exasperation, as long as there is a deafening drumming, because everyone knows that the result of this battle is the destruction of all armies, the destruction of all continents and the ushering in of a new era.

But that's how war works, knowing it's death, but it's war.

“Xuanzong Continental Cherry Emperor, led Xuanzong Continental Gods! ”

Or was Sakura the first to go, the first to rush into the bloodshed and warfare pavement, right behind her, the gods of the Xuan Sect.

“Haha, King of Kyushu, after losing to you last time, taking you into the opposite realm, we were there more than watching who killed the enemy! ”

King Yulan laughed, leading the gods of Yulan Mainland, stepped on the back dust of the Cherry Emperor and rushed into the war path.

“The wilderness dominates the desert emperor, go too! ”

The desolate emperor led the great wilderness to the gods of the world and followed them into the path of war.

“God bless you! ”

“Songzongya of the Immortal Realm! ”

“ …… ”

A dominion of each side leads the gods of his side into the path of war.

Everyone has a face that looks like death. Everyone knows that as long as they enter that bloodshed path, they will never come out of there again.

This tremendous battle, hundreds of millions of people completely destroyed, will not happen accidentally, because what happened later, already known, the Immortal Era has collapsed and entered the Hongmeng Era.

Qin Yi, this incredibly weak teenager is sealed in from the future Hongmeng Era.

“Haha, what's wrong with life, what's wrong with death and fear? Eighteen years later, I realized that the monk was a good man again. He drank a big bowl of wine and ate a big piece of meat! ”

A tall monk burst into the war path laughing.

Don't be suspicious, it's a flower monk!

“Hundreds of millions of people are about to perish. How can I, Jining, steal my life? Naran Qing Qing, let's enter the war path.” A swordsman in blue cloth with a beautiful woman.

“Mm-hmm." The woman who called Naran Qing Qing softened her head, her sophisticated face, was the ultimate divine color.

“Father, Mother, you can't leave me! ”

A girl, about three or four years old, drilled out into the crowd and strove her two feet toward the young men and women.

The girl fell, her pants broken, her knees and her two little hands were bleeding, but the girl seemed to be in no pain, still climbing up and rushing towards the young men and women.

Watching the girl fall and crawl, the young men and women suddenly trembled, and the beautiful woman instantly shed tears: "Xuan Zhenbei, stay with Grandpa. ”

“No, proclaim your parents! ”

The girl shook her head stubbornly, her pinky, childish face filled with tears and accidentally fell to the floor. Girls did not hesitate at all to climb up and continue to struggle towards young men and women.

No one was moved by this scene. Qin Yi almost shed tears directly. The war was too cruel.

Ultimately, the girl ran to her parents, who finally had a happy smile on their little faces with teardrops, and her parents, who were already in tears of sorrow.

As soon as the swordsman bit his teeth, he picked up the girl and rushed into the battlefield with the beautiful woman.

Qin Yi frowned and his heart was beating. He could totally imagine that the girl would hang her as soon as she went out on the war path, just the intention of killing her.

But Qin Yi believed that the girl was happy because she was finally with her parents.

Countless strong men are still rushing towards the path of war, knowing that it is death, but resolutely moving forward. It's an ancient song.