The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 73: Time and Space Orders

Looking at the strong man who seemed to die, Qin Yi's heart ached to numbness. In the Hongmeng Era, he learned from the history books that hundreds of millions of people were completely annihilated in this war, but he did not expect that the scene would be so tragic.

There's no way back. There's no way forward!

An individual Gestapo sings a song of passionate war and rushes to the path of war.

After a long time, Zhu Zheng finally entered almost. The king of Kyushu turned around, meaning he looked deeply at Qin Yi: "You really have grown well, much better than I thought. Well, time and space, as planned, when I entered the war path, you rebelled against time and space and sent him back to the Hongmong Era. And the Sword Emperor and the Great Dragon Emperor, are with each other in the sky. ”

Over the head of the King of Kyushu, the shadow of the Kyushu Demonic Knife suddenly emerged. Immediately, the nine souls of the Kyushu mainland also appeared, and hung quietly around the shadow of the Kyushu Demonic Knife.

As he stepped onto the stage, he had to drive up.

“Kyushu Wang, wait! ”

Qin Yi suddenly shouted.


King Jiuzhou turned around and stood on the stage looking over Qin Yi: “What else can I do for you? ”

“Well, what happened to the other Phoenix City, how did time set in there? And the inhabitants of that city, where did they go? Did you slaughter them to taste the Kyushu magic knife? ”

Qin Yi finally asked himself the constant question in his heart. Since he met the king of Kyushu here, he has an intuition. The third floor of Ling Yumen is related to the king of Kyushu. Bai must have said that it belonged to the king of Kyushu.

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor, and the Emperor without the Great Dragon, for a while, were also puzzled to the King of Kyushu.

“That's the Floating Tower. ”

Jiuzhou Wang said faintly.

“I know the time of the Hongmeng Era, and I know it's a floating tower. I mean, how can there be two Phoenix? Time there, how can it be coagulated? Where are the residents of that city? ”

Qin Yi's eyes flashed a defilement. If the King of Kyushu really killed all the innocent people of the city to taste the Jiuzhou magic knife, he would have to rush forward to fight him, although he would most likely kill himself instantly.

“Didn't I say it was a floating tower? ”

Although Qin Yi's annoyance was felt, the King of Kyushu was still not impatient. He said softly: "The floating tower is just an embroidery of the world. It is fake, not real. The Phoenix Dead City you went through, it's just a mirror of Phoenix, it's an embossing. Do you think a mirror might exist in time? Could there be a resident living? ”

It was just a mirror! ”

Qin Yi blinked and opened his mouth in dismay.

This... is so pathetic!

When I was in the ancient city of Phoenix, everything looked fantastic. Now the King of Kyushu is broken and worthless. Turns out, it's just a mirror of Phoenix.

It's just this mirror, it's a little too realistic.

The Emperor of Time and Space, the Sword Emperor and the Emperor without the Great Dragon are also staring at each other.

“The Floating Tower is just a small map of Kyushu.” The King of Kyushu continued.

Half a mile later, Qin Yi returned to God: "So everything that exists in the dead city of that phoenix is a lie? ”

If you are fake, you can get the "Tenjin II" and the earthly seeds there... it's quite a blow!

“I've been sacrificing the Floating Tower for some time, let me think about it. ”

Jiuzhou Wang Xiaomei, pondering for a moment, said: “I remember there are two things in there that are real, a barrel of ancient kites that are real, and a stone statue that is also true, the rest, everything is fake, as long as you move the position, it will dissipate. ”

It turns out the statue is real!

Fine! Qin Yi relieved herself.

Then he asked carefully, “So the clotting dan and the twelve White Dragon Jade swords in there are also fake? ”

“Yes.” King Kyushu nodded, “It's just a mirror embossing. ”


Qin Yi blinked his eyes and stunned there. This Kyushu king is really not a common pit. It makes everyone happy.

However, Qin Yi's mind was somewhat confused. He was sealed into this Immortal Age. Is it true that he didn't hear whose clotting dan or white dragon Yulan was broken?

“It is estimated that the time has not yet come.” Qin Yi made this assumption.

“Well, I'm going into the war path. ”

The King of Kyushu glanced over his head and turned around. Once again, he took a deep look at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, remember, you in the Hongmeng Era must look for the Kyushu magic knife. Only the Kyushu magic knife is present, and the nine souls of the Kyushu mainland can be reproduced, and the gods can return to power! ”

After Yan Bi, the King of Kyushu stopped staying, took control of the living stations and rushed into the war path.

The gods are back?

What do you mean, the gods aren't completely smoking away?

Looking at the great shore of the disappearance of the King of Kyushu, Qin Yi was slightly disoriented.

At this moment, Qin Yi seems to have hidden the reason for the fall of the Wang meteorite in Kyushu.

Though Jiuzhou Wang sacrificed his previous life, he could not completely exceed the circle of life and death. The Nine Books of the Devil were too hegemonic. When he cut out the ninth Book of the Devil's Knife, even if he had a previous life, life, as the ninth Book was cut out, his soul was still scattered.

A generation of amazingly talented madmen fell and scattered throughout Kyushu.

“If the future of the King of Kyushu also grows strong enough, and the three gods of previous life, present life, and future are united, we should be able to completely transcend the circle of life and death, without losing our souls...”

Qin Yi frowned, and at the same time, he felt an indescribable burden, somehow falling on his shoulder.

Find the Kyushu Demon Knife!

But the vast world of people, looking for a magic knife, how easy it is to talk about, the scene is no different than a needle in a haystack.

And now Kyushu Demon Knife, it's not really a Demon Knife anymore, it's just the true meaning of the Demon Knife, how do we find it?

“Qin Yi...”

The voice of the Emperor of Time and Space, coming from behind.

Qin Yi looked back and saw only an ancient jade in the hands of the Emperor of Time and Space. He said to Qin Yi Xu Xu: "I didn't know that the Holy See of Kyushu still existed in the Hongmong Period. If it existed, one day you would happen to enter the Holy See of Kyushu again. Then, this time and space decree, I believe there is something I can do to help you. Here, seal the idea of my first pope of the Holy See of Kyushu, any follower of the Holy See of Kyushu is irreversible. ”

Time and space?

Qin Yi's eyes lit up and he didn't hesitate to take it over. This is definitely a very useful good thing. The Holy See of Kyushu in the Hongmeng Era is still the supreme force in Kyushu mainland. If he really gets into the Kyushu Holy See one day after his shitty luck, then the time and time decree granted by the Holy See of Kyushu will definitely make it very convenient for him to act here!

“Ouch, Little Dot, I have no more Dragon Emperor, there are no more gifts for you, I just hope you can find Kyushu Demon Knife, let the spirit of war reappear, the gods return to power! ”

The Emperor of the Upper Dragon made a dragon tsunami, a huge silver dragon body, turned into a mini dragon with only a foot length, and fell on Qin Yi's shoulder.


"When the gods return to power, it is time for us to see each other again. ”

Since it was sealed into this Immortal Age, Qin Yi has basically stayed with the two dragons in front of him. Now don't leave him. He will return to the Hongmeng Age. For a while, Qin Yi's heart is still rising.

“Well, I must find the Kyushu Magic Knife and let the nine lamps reappear, meet you! ”

Qin Yi has a strong focus.

Let's do it. ”

Without further delay, the Emperor of Time and Space drew a magical trajectory with his hands and drank suddenly: “Revolutionary space-time! ”

As the emperor of time and space drank loudly, Qin Yi felt like he was in a strange state in an instant. The space around him was spinning wildly, forming a huge vortex of time and space.

Within the whirlpool of time and space, the Sword Emperor, the Emperor without the Great Dragon, and the Great Emperor of Time and Space, each dragon, are rapidly becoming smaller.

“The Sword Emperor, the Great Dragon Emperor, the Emperor of Time and Space, I must find the Kyushu Demon Knife to return to power, reunite with you, wait for me! ”

Qin Yi shouted, reaching out to the two of them for a dragon, but touched a wall of time and space, isolating him from the two of them in the Immortal Era and the Hongmeng Era, respectively.

The next moment, Qin Yi's consciousness returned to the grand palace.

He was standing there motionless, completely isolated from the Immortal Age.

“Sword Emperor, Emperor of the Great Dragon, Emperor of Time and Space, King of Kyushu...”

For a moment, Qin Yi couldn't look back and muttered to himself.

So, goodbye to the great powers of the Immortal Age?

Qin Yi's heart breeds intense perseverance. Although he did not stay in the Immortal Age for long, every strong man of the Immortal Age is deeply imprinted in Qin Yi's heart. The wind of the Sword Emperor is extinct, without the atmosphere of the Great Dragon Emperor, the amazing law of the Emperor of Time and Space, the arrogance and talent of the King of Kyushu...

It's impossible to forget.

Eternal life, you can't forget!

However, that great era of strength has been completely extinguished, and millions of loads have not been known from this era.

“The Kyushu Demon Knife must be found, only then will it be possible to meet the gods of the Immortal Age again! ”

Qin Yi frowned. He knew that the Jiuzhou Magic Knife was actually nowhere to be found. Only by collecting all five elements of seeds could the Jiuzhou Magic Knife be gathered together. After the Jiuzhou Magic Knife was gathered, the nine souls of the Kyuzhou mainland could be reproduced, and the gods of the different realms could return to power.

Still in the Immortal Age, the Kings of Kyushu and Sword Emperor said they were looking for the Kyushu Demon Knife, because they didn't know that the later King of Kyushu had turned into five elements, and the only way to gather the seeds of all five elements was to gather the Kyushu Demon Knife.

Qin Yi had an intuition that, although the Immortal Age had been extinct for endless years, the plan of the Kyushu King had not yet been terminated.

Don't forget, the King of Kyushu revealed to Qin Yi the next round before entering the war path!

“Only by growing strongest will it be possible to resist the next round… and who are the hundreds of millions of enemies? ”