The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 80: Point It Out

The victory of Xuanyang Song is still going on...


A young man in a green shirt, under the steel fan of Xuanyang Song, flew over a dozen miles across.

“Ice Fire Fan Type 2 - Wind Breaking Wave! ”


A practitioner dressed in a black robe, not even Xuanyang's Ice Fire Fan Type II, was prevented from flying out by a fan.


Xuanyang has won more than a dozen consecutive songs!

Everyone's face, it's kind of weird, like this summit, is for him alone. And strangely, no one came out to stop it!

“That's a nice feeling! ”

After winning more than a dozen consecutive games, Xuanyang Sing's face was not blushing, and he still stood there from a brilliant stand-up, shaking the stainless steel fan gently in his hand.

“Humph, our first young genius from Chiaku Palace, where do you need your Xuanyang song to be the flower protector! ”

The people of Qianqiu Pavilion finally watched the move of Xuanyang Song. They saw Qi Ping in a grey robe and slowly walked into the cutting circle: “Qi Ping, Qianqiu Pavilion disciple, want to be Sister Moon's flower protection messenger, don't know if you are qualified? ”

“If I'm not qualified, you can try and find out. ”

Xuanyang sings a faint smile, he has won more than a dozen consecutive games, at a time when vigorous efforts are being made, the whole person is sending out tremendous warfare.

“Battle! ”

Qi Ping was very simple. He didn't say a word of crap. He waved his hands directly to Xuanyang song's neck. That clap was so powerful that the air around him was all following to form an airflow swirl.

“That's it? Not enough to look at. ”

Xuanyang song smiled, his body burst open, then quickly deceived forward, the stainless steel fan in his hand, put out a strange trick like magic fan.

For a while, Qiping and Xuanyang Song were together.

However, when Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan" spread to the fourth type of sweep across the wilderness, Qi flat's body suddenly flew out and fell to the ground in a blast.

Everyone was slightly stunned. Spin, some people align to regret, some people show admiration for Xuanyang song.

“Xuanyang sings well, I also want to teach Weiyu. ”

Another yellow disciple of the swing palace followed him into the cutting circle.

“Ye Yun Fist! ”

“Ice Fire Fan! ”

The two equally did not waste their time, and as soon as they came on the field, they started fighting immediately.

This wet rain is clearly stronger than the previous Qi Ping, whether in body law or in the inner Qian Dynasty. There is a slight surge of energy on his body. This must be to cultivate the inner Qian Dynasty to a certain degree to achieve this effect.

However, as Xuanyang sings softly: “Ice Fire Fan Type 4 - sweep across the wilderness!” Su Weiyun's tall body also flew out and fell outside the cutting circle.

He was defeated by Xuanyang's Ice Fire Fan!

Everyone on the field, in their hearts, couldn't help but feel a little weird.

“The five young geniuses of Phoenix are truly famous. Let me teach them as well. ”

Immortal Sect and returning slowly stepped into the field, carrying the sword of war on his back, the whole person is as calm as water, without any breath fluctuations, this momentum alone is obviously much stronger than the previous heavy rain.

The people on the field, also with the advent of the return of peace, followed the eyes.

“Finally came a decent opponent, but it didn't work. ”

Xuanyang sings with a faint smile, full of powerful confidence.

And homecoming doesn't say much, just take out the sword on your back.


And the sword of war in your hand trembles, and your sword is swinging everywhere!

“Lean on the sword! ”

Suddenly, and the return sword, the sword is magnificent, brilliant, and everyone on the field feels a powerful killing intent.

“This and homecoming is really good!” Qin Yi couldn't help but nod his head.


Together with Xuanyang song war, and the rule of relying on the heavenly sword method, obviously has reached the realm of divine indulgence, every sword stabbed, there seems to be tens of millions of them, directly sealing Xuanyang song all the retreat path,.

Seeing his strength, even the sword's face was slightly revealed with joy, the disciple proclaimed joy, and Xianshizong made another powerful young disciple, it was a celebration.

However, with the arrival of Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan" in the fourth formula, the mighty Suzu returns, still flying out of his body, to fail.

What's this?

Still defeated Xuanyang's Ice Fire Fan Type 4! Stronger opponents, all defeated in the fourth type, such a scenario, feels rather strange.

The whole scene was quiet for a while.

Incredibly, Xuanyang's Ice Fire Fan, Type 4, is like a sky, blocking all of you young masters.

Such a scenario, even the moon spirits who have been disdainful of Xuanyang songs, can't help but impress him: “This Xuanyang song seems to be a lot stronger than the last summit. ”

Xuanyang was standing in the room, with a bit of arrogance on his face, and his heart was quite comfortable. This time, his Xuanyang song was quite generous.

The summit is continuing.

In the ensuing consultations, several young masters defeated Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan" formula 4, and even Ling Yumen's Easy Spirit did not have an accident.

The whole scene was covered in a strange atmosphere.

Almost all young strong people are unable to cross Xuanyang Song's Ice Fire Magic Fan Type 4, which is amazing and seems to really contain some kind of magic.

“This Xuanyang song of the Xuanyang family is pretty good. My husband today sees what a young genius is. ”

“Yes, the power of this formula is only to reach the realm of the Xuan Master, even if not, it should be at the peak of Xuan Shi. The old man's qualifications were quite good, but compared to this Xuan Yang song, it is also quite bad. ”

“Well, this style of Xuanyang song sweeps across the wilderness, and it is true that Xuanyang reached the extreme point, I am over half a hundred years old, through hundreds of wars, such a stunning technique, still rarely seen. ”

“ …… ”

The elderly, who had been invited as guests, had not concealed any appreciation of the Xuanyang song.

Of course, their behavior does not preclude the suspicion of good faith in Xuanyang Province. Xuanyang Mansion, which is one of the five most famous forces in Phoenix, is not a bad thing if you can climb a little bit with it.

Even the dignitaries appreciated themselves. The heart of Xuanyang Song grew happier and happier. He believed that perhaps through this summit, the moon fiber could change its senses towards itself.

However, a voice of discord suddenly sounded slowly at this point.

“In fact, it is not as brilliant as your old predecessors said, Xuanyang song's" Ice Fire Fan "type 4, only the angle is very rough drill, plus Xuanyang song on this style suddenly full attack, if the action of talent and return, a little quicker, can easily crack his style. ”


With the sound of this voice, everyone's eyes couldn't help but look at it.

So, they saw Qin Yi sitting there with a faint face, not a little surprised by the stunning performance of Xuanyang song.

Those old men who appreciated Xuanyang song stood still, each frowned for a moment and shook his head slightly helplessly to Qin Yi. One of the old men said: "Young man, you have a shallow experience, don't make blind comments about a martial arts school that is so deep, it will only appear that you are ignorant. ”


For a while, most of the people on the field actually agreed with the old man, and the outstanding disciples from Xuanyang Province were quite upset with Qin Yi.

Even Yang Shiqi next door had a funny glance at Qin Yi: “Qin Yi, for Xuanyang song's" Ice Fire Fan "type 4, you do have a slightly shallow rating, even those elders appreciated it. It seems that it is truly a highly advanced martial arts. ”

The ultimate in martial arts?

Compared to the martial arts of the great gods of the Immortal Age, Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan" formula 4 is nothing!

Qin Yi's heart laughed helplessly. Of course, he knew very well that Yang Shiqi would say that, in fact, for a significant part of the reason, it was out of respect for those elderly people.

“Sister Yang, seniors, naturally, should respect, but it cannot be unrealistic. I say that this style of Xuanyang song is flat, it is flat.” Qin Yi didn't think so.

He went into the space state, and all the subtle movements of Xuanyang song were observed, can there be any mistake?

As soon as Qin Yi's words came out, the whole scene was immediately silent. Those old men who saw Qin Yi such a hairy boy, who did not give himself such a face, were quite unhappy. Qi Qi snorted coldly: “I don't know how thick the heavens and the earth are! ”

“Qin Yi, do you dare say that Brother Xuanyang's technique is unusual? ”

All the sons and daughters of Xuanyang Province looked at Qin Yi calmly and were filled with teasing.

“Idiot! ”

Seeing this scene, that not far away Qiushao leisure, secretly glanced at Qin Yi. In my heart, it was quite pleasant.

Ignoring everyone's reaction, Qin Yi smiled at Yang Shiqi: “Sister Yang, as long as you can bring" Step on the Devil's Walk "to the ultimate, Xuanyang Song can't beat you. ”


Yang Shiqi blinked incredibly.

Everyone in the whole place, directly stunned, Yang Shiqi, can block Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan"?

Xuanyang sang in the room, quite a bit of a cry, this kid's brain, I heard it was clipped to the door, is there really something wrong?

Yang Shiqi is very strong, he is a red disciple of Ling Yumen, but he is still a little young compared to Xuanyang song ranked fourth by the five young geniuses of Phoenix.

One of the five young geniuses who challenged Phoenix, Yang Shiqi herself, was actually a little eager to try.

“Okay, I'll try. ”

Yang Shiqi smiled and had an unconditional trust in Qin Yi.

“Xuanyang Song, I wonder if your Ice Fire Fan is truly powerful. Let's do it! ”

Yang Shiqi came to the scene, the white clothes floated like fairies, not less than the first beautiful moon in Phoenix, her cheeks were red, her chest burned slowly to the brink of war.

“It's not funny! ”

Xuanyang singing helplessly smiled and said nothing more. The stainless steel fan in his hand came hard. There was no half a dot of pity for Yang Shiqi, a delicate beautiful woman.

Feeling the power of Xuanyang Gong stainless steel fan, Yang Shiqi dared not carelessly and cautiously fight.

Her own cultivation is stronger than the return of peace. Her energy surged, and the people who watched the war around her showed admiration. Then Qiushao's leisure, even more so, was almost insane.

The consultation between the two quickly came to the fourth type of Xuanyang song "Ice Fire Fan", and the hearts of the people, with this moment, suddenly brought up.

“Ice Fire Fan Type 4 - Scan Arid! ”

Xuanyang sings lightly.

The steel fan in his hand more than doubled sharply, and the angle, speed, and power of the sweep reached the ultimate.

Yang Shiqi felt nothing but herself and instantly fell into a losing game. No matter how she hid, she would be caught in a stainless steel fan.

“Step on the Devil's Walk! ”

Yang Shiqi was not panicked. At this critical moment, suddenly, a suppressed speed did not go out of school. Her figure instantly turned into a shadow, followed by the sweeping steel fan, and burst out.

As a light swallow, she floated on the edge of the cutting circle, on a delicate little face, a surprise and a shock.


Everyone on the field, all standing still, in different states, stunned, shocked, incredible...

She actually avoided the past and broke the fourth curse of Xuanyang song!


But in everyone's mind, it is clear, really powerful, is to point out how she can cope with this style of Qin Yi before!

For a while, people darkened and sucked the cooling air, and they just felt like a 15-year-old teenager, giving people a deep unpredictable feeling.

The old men, who had not been stingy with Xuanyang's words of praise, felt only a little fever in their cheeks, as if the young man who had been obeyed by that face had banged and slapped him.