The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 81: See the Endangered Creation Again

Yang Shiqi stood on the arcade, and the thick joy appeared on her face. She really avoided Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan" Type 4. It's amazing.

Before that, she was naturally full of shock at Xuanyang song's "Ice Fire Fan" Type 4, but now, recalling this masterpiece, she feels exactly like Qin Yi said, no surprise, but the power suddenly erupted, plus jealous diamonds.

Even the old people didn't see where this type of weakness was, and how did Qin Yi see it?

For a moment, Yang Shiqi's mind was confused to the extreme.


Xuanyang sings softly, his "Ice Fire Fan" Type 4 is broken, his heart is not quite flavorful.

“Boy, when I was still in the floating tower, I thought you were a little weird. What do you say? Let's have a little chat, shall we? ”

Qin Yi randomly pointed a few words, Yang Shiqi broke his "Ice Fire Magic Fan" formula 4, Xuanyang song can no longer maintain a consistent gentleman style, stainless steel fan pointed to Qin Yi, eyes cold.

Although the net of murder of Qin Yi has been unwittingly pulled apart, but now this kid is stuck in his own halfway house, Xuanyang song is already extremely angry, intend to teach him a harsh lesson before the murder, so as to recover the scene.

The direct challenge of Xuanyang song is naturally to get people's hearts and minds, suddenly raised endless expectations, even that Qiushao leisure, are eager to know, between Xuanyang song and Qin Yi, who is strong who is weak.

The rise of Qin Yi is a legend. Not long ago, it still existed at the bottom of the division gate. More than a month later, it was the division gate Wuhui all the way to the top five songs, now compared to the five talented youth in Phoenix, so what?

“Xuanyang song, I really wanted to discuss it with you, but you fought so many battles in a row, I won you, I won. ”

Qin Yi shook his head slowly and wrote lightly. He didn't even look at the Xuanyang song and felt a strong confidence.

The whole scene was so quiet.

Everyone blinked a few times, wondering if they were mistaken.

Faced with the young genius of Phoenix, he was so despised - I beat you, I beat you!


The corner of Xuanyang song's mouth, violently smoked, the breasts rose and landed for a while, obviously suppressing the fierce anger.

“What about me? Now, I will not hesitate to engage you, I will not hesitate to engage you. Let's work together and wait for you to reach your peak. ”

Qin Yi waved casually, some impatient and slightly frowned.

Everyone opened their mouths and broke their jaws.

“Kind of funny. ”

The sword fluttered with zero eyes, once again slightly lit up, sparingly looking at Qin Yi. The disciple next to him announced that the beautiful corner of his mouth was raised slightly and a charming smile appeared.

The first time she met Qin Yi in the Mountains of Demon Feng, she felt that the teenager was extraordinary, and now proves once again that recommending him to Uncle Ji Wutian is the absolute right choice.

It's just that if he goes to Starling House in time, it's hard to see him again.

With this in mind, the disciple's eyebrows could not help but be slightly darkened.

“Ha ha, kid, Brother Xuanyang has fought for more than 10 consecutive battles. If you say you won't win, can I give you a facial consultation? ”

A tall figure, instantly, is looted in front of Qin Yi.

Everyone looked and discovered that Yuanxingfu's young master, Yuanxingchuan, suddenly came to mind.

Xuanyang and Yuan Xingfu have always been enemies of one another. Now Qin Yi is so disdainful of Xuanyang songs. As the young lord of Yuan Xingfu, how can Yuan Xingchuan stand idly by?

Yuan Xingchuan, Phoenix's top five youth geniuses, ranked fifth with slightly less strength than Xuanyang song. However, he has not fought a single battle since the summit began.

Qin Yi glanced casually at Yuan Xingchuan's face and nodded: “Yes! ”

Qin Yi stood up and came to the cutting circle and looked at Yuan Xingchuan with a faint look.

Now he, his own Xuan Qi, has broken through Xuan Dao 5, "Qi Gai Gai Zhi" and "Fu Tiger Weather" have cultivated to the peak state, and the "Vajra Heart Book" has cultivated to the second state.

His whole person stood there at will, and he took his own momentum, without any breakage.

“Boy, that's good. It's a lot stronger than when we went to the floating tower. ”

Feeling Qin Yi, the impeccable momentum, Yuan Xingchuan shook his head slightly, “Useless, there is an insurmountable gap between the five young geniuses of Phoenix and the average young master. ”

“My main martial arts is" Fissile Knife "," Fissile Knife "in a total of eight, and now I cultivate all of these eight types of knives to their peak. ”

Yuan Xingchuan slowly took out a nine-ring machete, with an inch thick knife on the back, with nine copper rings, waved randomly, a bell ringing.

“This knife, called the Soul Knife, condenses the essence of the Sun and Moon. Kid, the next step is to show you the most powerful knife and knife. ”

Yuan Xingchuan grinned.

With the emergence of the nine-ring machete, everyone on the scene felt a powerful killing intent.

Yuan Xingchuan ranks among the top five young geniuses in Phoenix, but once his weapon comes out, he can feel extraordinary.

“Crack Knife Type 1 - Grieving Wolf Howl! ”

Yuan Xingchuan drank, tall body, instantly emitted a spectacular smell, sword burst towards Qin Yi.

Looking at the plundering Yuan Xingchuan, Qin Yi smiled faintly. There was always a must-win appearance on his face.

And all of a sudden, he flicked his left hand!

“Death to all beings - first hand! ”

A golden palm stamped by a concentrated palm suddenly appeared over Yuan Xingchuan's head, about two lengths wide in diameter, golden, as if cast in gold.

What the hell is this?

Except for the disciples of Ling Yumen, everyone else was shocked.

No one has yet understood what is going on here.

“Spray! ”

The one in the air with a golden palm print of two lengths in diameter was suddenly photographed.

Today, Qin Yi's "Da Luo Tian Hand" has been cultivated to the realm of Xiaocheng. It is much stronger than when the Master Gate Wu Guild was in place. This clap beat the gun like Yuan Xingchuan on the ground.

This is…

Yuan Xingchuan, one of the five young geniuses in Phoenix, was slapped to the ground, and was overwhelmed.

All the people on the field, including the elderly as dignitaries, couldn't help but stand up and shock their faces.

“This is the... clap of hands gathered together! ”

The first day of the Qianqiu Palace was the Moon Spirit, the charming red lip, stunned for a while, this returned to God, sighing.

With this reminder, the people realized that the color of the shock on her face was getting stronger and stronger.

“Tsk, the clap of hands can actually gather up the false claps, such martial arts is much more intelligent than the previous Xuanyang song" Ice Fire Fan ". ”

Even the sword of the top five young geniuses in Phoenix drifted zero, and they couldn't help but nod their heads to appreciate it.

The disciple next to him announced that he looked at the old men who had spared no effort to appreciate Xuanyang's song. Although he did not say anything, it was obvious what he meant.

The old men, the corners of their mouths smoked lightly.

Yuan Xingchuan fell on the ground and was suddenly photographed by Qin Yi, his mind was blank. He couldn't get back to God for a while. I didn't know what had happened, but I just felt a lot of pain.

“Die! ”

Feeling the strange eyes all falling on themselves, Yuanxing Chuanchuan suddenly raged, bursting from the ground, holding a nine-ring machete, and slashing towards the weak teenager: “The first type of fissure knife - the ghost crying wolf howl! ”

However, his tall body just rushed halfway, Qin Yi's faint voice sounded again: “The heavenly creatures - second hand! ”

He followed with his left hand.

“Spray! ”

Golden brilliant huge palm print, slapping down again, shooting Yuan Xingchuan upright, climbing to the ground, standard dog eating posture!

It's amazing!

Qin Yi single-handedly stood behind him and stood proudly there. At this moment, in his heart, he was also Weixi. The Fourth Heavenly Extinction of "Daluo Heavenly Hand" was truly a thousand years of scholarship, completely preemptive martial arts. As long as he was a general opponent, he could suppress his death, so that none of his moves could be played out.

However, there is also the disadvantage of carrying out this ancient school, which is that it is extremely expensive to gather gold and light with palm power, and only if there is ambitious inner strength in the entrance can it be done.

The manipulation of Jin Guang's bare hands to kill the enemy requires a lot of effort. Every time he takes a shot, Qin Yi can clearly feel the strength in his entrance, and it is rapidly passing away.

However, now that he has broken through the five realms of Gendo, all kinds of martial arts, there are breakthroughs, he implicitly estimates that he should now be able to extend the extinction of the world to around 18 to 20 hands.

Eighteen to twenty hands of the world are extinct, Yuan Xingchuan is simply impossible to resist.

He won this fight with his eyes closed!

“Goddamn it, I'm gonna kill you! ”

At such a solemn summit, Qin Yi was continuously photographed as a dog eating shit. Yuan Xingchuan's lungs were going to blow up. You know, he was one of Phoenix's top five youth geniuses. How does this make him stand in Phoenix in the future?

“Crack Knife Type 1 - Grieving Wolf Howl! ”

Yuan Xingchuan was full of killing air, his eyes cracked, as if he were a bloodthirsty beast, holding a nine-ring machete to slaughter Qin Yi again.

“Death to all beings - third hand! ”

Qin Yi lifted his left hand again.

“Spray! ”

The giant golden palm print, again from the sky, shot Yuan Xingchuan on the ground, almost scattered his bones.


All the people on the field, their bodies trembled suddenly as Qin Yi Jin Guang huge palm printed, as if that Jin Guang huge palm printed on themselves.

Everyone, being one of the five young geniuses in Phoenix, was shocked and unable to speak for a moment. As one of the five young geniuses, he was actually imprinted by a golden palm of Qin Yi, and was shot with no help.