The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 82: Final formula

The Split Knife is a total of eight, and each Yuanxingchuan cultivated to its peak, the power should be quite good, but now, what if it's better? Even Qin Yi can't play it in one form!

All the people who came from Ling Yumen with Qin Yi showed strange colors on their faces.

Such images are too familiar. Qin Yi also used this hand, "The Endangered People", to suppress the death of the third ranked Tang Hangan, amazing boxing technique, not a single punch.

“Go to hell! ”

Yuan Xingchuan growled.

At this moment, his heart was breaking, his head full of purple hair dancing, like a mad beast with hair, had apparently forgotten that it was a summit of the martial arts friends, but treated it as a battle between life and death.

Undoubtedly, the people in the loop have forgotten that.

“Crack Knife Type 1 - Grieving Wolf Howl! ”

Yuan Xingchuan raised his knife and rushed to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi, however, seemed to be able to manipulate the gods of life and death at will. He was always indulgent. He pushed that left hand again.

“Spray! ”

The golden palm print slapped down again.

Everyone's body trembled with the golden palm print.


Looking at the young man's then raised left hand, people even felt it was the left hand of a god, it was horrible to the extreme, and the weak figure of the young man, the great shore, was like an insurmountable mountain.

“Go to hell! ”

“Crack Knife Type 1 - Grieving Wolf Howl! ”

“The Eighth Hand! ”

“Spray! ”

“I'm gonna knife you! ”

“Crack Knife Type 1 - Grieving Wolf Howl! ”

“Death to the Creation - Ninth Hand! ”

“Spray! ”

The battle scene in all the circles was strange to the extreme. Yuan Xingchuan, one of the five major youth geniuses in Phoenix, constantly slammed towards Qin Yi, but every time he slammed only halfway, he would be slapped on the ground by Qin Yi with a huge clap of gold.

So far, Yuan Xingchuan's Fissile Knife Type 8 has not even been developed.

Qin Yi finally got a little tired after several successive efforts to annihilate the world.

At this time, Yuan Xingchuan, his whole body almost cracked open, combined with anger attack, has already gone mad, it has come to the end of the strong crossbow, the attack, one by one, weaker than one.

“Moon Spirit, if you don't announce the end of this negotiation, Yuan Xingchuan will only be unable to sustain it! ”

Qin Yi suddenly stopped and said to Moon Fiber.

He said that the people in the circle appearance battle, this only returned to God from the shock. At first glance, only Yuan Xingchuan was already scarred and wounded. If you continue fighting, it is estimated that you will die in less than 10 minutes.

“This consultation between Qin Yi and Yuan Xingchuan is over, Qin Yi wins! ”

Moonfiber Spirit hastily announced!

At the same time, her glances of Xiu Mi's glamour shocked Qin Yi. On the third floor of the Floating Tower on that day, she didn't even see it. The teenager was so tough!

At this moment, the whole scene was extremely quiet and almost smelled like a needle drop.

“This guy is amazing! ”

Yang Shiqi's glassy eyes looked at Qin Yi flashingly, his face full of admiration color. How long is it now before Shimen Wu Guild, Qin Yi is so powerful that he ravaged Yuan Xingchuan, one of Phoenix's five young geniuses.

The disciple of the Immortal Sect proclaimed that his eyes were far away, and his eyes were full of delight.

Sitting next to him, the sword floated zero, looking at Qin Yi's slight nod of interest: “On that day, I didn't see much of him do it. At first sight, it is remarkable, Sister Ji, you recommended it to your uncle correctly. ”

The rest of us, including the elderly, can no longer describe the shock in their hearts with words. It is incredible that Yuan Xingchuan has been brutalized.

His golden palm, gathered together with his hands, is even more daunting.

“Yuan Xingchuan, your weapon, is ordinary and not nearly half as powerful as it is. ”

Qin Yi suddenly Xu Xu said that he clearly said this for Yuan Xingchuan to show off his weapon.

It seemed to be deeply felt, Qin Yi sighed slightly, and went on to say: “True and powerful weapons, are invisible, are to break the true intentions of weapon entities, weapon entities, are limited, and true intentions, are unlimited, a knife that gathers together in good faith, can be as long as 100,000, or even a million. ”

Qin Yi's voice was not very loud, but everyone present listened to it.

His words stunned everyone.

A truly powerful weapon is an invisible weapon. A knife that gathers together in one bite can be up to 100,000 or even a million!

No one in the audience has ever heard such a statement before, a million swords of war, and they dare not even think about it, until they have heard the strongest weapon, only to smelt the souls of the mighty.

For a while, the whole scene was quiet. Qin Yi's words seemed to inspire a lot of people. Even the elderly showed great interest in this.

“The entity that broke the weapon, realizing the true intent of the weapon, and then condensing it into a weapon, sounds strange...”

“Yeah, that's a bold idea, but if you want to do it, it's just a crazy dream. ”

“Needless to say, a million-dollar war knife is not a dream, what is it? ”

Soon, a couple of old people, they started talking nonchalantly.

Crazy dreams?

Qin Yi smiled helplessly.

Spin, his heart is also clear, these people do not have their own luck, can enter the Immortal Age, see the wind of the Kyushu king, can not imagine the appearance of the Kyushu magic knife, is also normal.

“Qin Yi, although you said that a knife can reach a million feet, it sounds strange, but I don't know why, I can feel it, you're not lying. This is not a dream, a knife, maybe you can really realize its true intentions, break its physical bondage, and then bring the true intentions of the knife back into a million feet of knife with your heart. ”

The disciple of Immortal Sect proclaimed, suddenly his eyebrows slightly flickered and his eyes glowed with beauty.

This disciple declares that he is very wise!

Qin Yi slightly flashed, she could realise that what she said was true, it's not easy!

To be honest, if you didn't see the million-dollar Kyushu magic knife with your own eyes, you wouldn't even believe Qin Yi himself.

“Sister Ji's mind has always been brilliant. I believe what she said is true, Qin Yi, you will say this. Where have you seen the million-length knife? ”

The sword of the head of the five youths drifted zero, and his eyes stared still at Qin Yi, seemingly to see through his soul.

The disciple Xuanhe Sword fluttered zero words, allowing everyone present to look at Qin Yi.

Faced with everyone's eyes, Qin Yi was calm and said softly: “Brother Floating Zero, you have thought too much, I have never seen a million-length knife. ”

It is impossible for Qin Yi to say anything about the experience of the Immortal Age.

That experience was so bizarre, once it was said, I really didn't know how much of a sensation it would cause in the Kyushu mainland, and he himself, immediately became a well-known figure in the whole Kyushu mainland.

If a person is still quite weak in strength for an hour, it is definitely a rather dangerous thing to become a household figure. You don't know how many people will look at you behind your back.

“Kid, don't make a fuss here. The demons are confused. A million-dollar knife is bullshit! ”

A disdainful sneer came.

Qin Yi turned around and saw Xuanyang Song slowly walking towards himself.

Qin Yi frowned, didn't say much, whether he was in the demonic speech to confuse the crowd, there was no need to explain such people as Xuanyang song.

“I've rested long enough to fully return to my peak state, boy, can we engage each other?” In the eyes of the Xuanyang song, the will to fight burns.

In the general family or sect, there is an assisted martial arts of harmony. As long as the training is successful, in a very short period of time, you can restore your physical state to its peak.

Some of the more advanced assisted martial arts can also treat injuries, such as Qin Yi's "Qi Qi Qi", which belongs to this category.

Looking at the warlike Xuanyang song, Qin Yi nodded and said only two words: “Yes. ”

“Very good.”

Xuanyang sang laughed happily: “Just now you and Yuan Xingchuan's war, I saw it too, I admit that the golden palm print that you concentrated with your palms is quite stunning, but it's not without weaknesses, as long as you have enough speed, you can break your golden palm. ”

In the first battle between Guan Hui and Xuanyang Song, Xuanyang Song has shown amazing speed, Guan Hui's superb silver gun only stabbed its shadow.

It has to be said that Xuanyang song analysis is completely correct. The nature of annihilation is powerful, but the speed can be broken. In the beginning, Qin Yi used the speed to destroy the nature of Ge Fengren.

Qin Yi didn't want to talk to Xuanyang song, he just waved his hand: “Go ahead! ”

“Get down! ”

Xuanyang's song had no consistent and handsome appearance. When it even burst towards Qin Yi, the stainless steel fan in his hand came out hard: “Ice Fire Demon Fan Type 4 - sweep across the wilderness! ”

Strike, it's the strongest one!

See how deeply Xuanyang's heart hates Qin Yi!

For a moment, Qin Yi felt only Xuanyang Song's steel fan, blocking all his retreats, constituting a dead end.

Praise Father Boo!

For a moment, Qin Yi's body, the stainless steel fan attached to Xuanyang song directly flew out, blinking out a whole 30 meters away, very easily avoiding Xuanyang song this record swept across the wilderness.

How is that possible?

Qin Yi avoids Xuanyang song, this memory is easier than the previous Yang Shiqi!

Everyone in the outward circle was stunned. For a moment, it was just a demon.

“I'd like to know what was the last version of your Ice Fire Fan? ”

Qin Yi stood with his hands behind him and looked faintly at the frozen Xuanyang song.

Ice Fire Fan?

After listening to him, the crowd was just relieved. Yeah, there were five versions of Xuanyang's "Ice Fire Fan". Until then, Xuanyang's song had only been applied to the fourth version, which was almost swept across the field, and the last version had not been applied.

“Good boy! ”

Xuanyang song came back to God. On his face, it was difficult to conceal the colour of the shock. At the moment when he just confronted Qin Yi, Xuanyang song found that Qin Yi was flying in the sky!

The Flying Reformer, the whole city of Phoenix, can't find one. How did he do that?

This child is too stunning, it has to be!

“Want to see my Ice Fire Fan, Type 5? It's very simple. I'll show you now. ”

Xuanyang Song strongly suppressed the shock, suddenly sprayed a piece of mouth, a bite of blood serum on the steel fan.


The stainless steel fan is the blood serum that wildly absorbed Xuanyang song. In a few breaths, the blood serum was absorbed clean. The stainless steel fan also became red with it, but it looked like a demon.