The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 84: Long River Sunset

Yuan Xingchuan's eyes suddenly lit up: “Oh, I see. Just now, your son's thick face to be the flower protector of the Moon Fiber Spirit is laying the groundwork for the future of this Qiu Pavilion? But, Moon Ling, this chick doesn't seem to buy your bills? ”

“No problem. ”

Xuanyang sings a faint smile and has a bamboo chest: “The moon fiber, it's mine, she can't even run away. ”


Yuan Xingchuan looked at Xuanyang song with astonishment, the divine colour on his face gradually became joyful: “If you are married to Moon Fiber, then it would be equivalent to us pulling together or clamping down on Qianqiu Pavilion. By then, the three forces will join forces to treat Ling Yumen and Xianshi Sect any way you want. Tsk, you Xuanyang Mansion, how shameless, reveal, what are your specific plans? ”

The Xuanyang song shook its head delightfully. "I can only tell you that our master of Xuanyang Mansion, now, in this Qianqiu Pavilion, is negotiating with the chief of this Qianqiu Pavilion. ”

Incredible, Yuan Xingfu and Xuanyang Province, through the murder of Qin Yi, smoothly plotted a big washing card between the five forces of Phoenix.

With the birth of this summit, a grand conspiracy followed silently.

So half-assed, Xuanyang Song suddenly said leisurely: “Qin Yi, this boy is only fifteen years old, he can already fly in the sky. It's so evil. Such a wangu genius must be allowed to die! ”

“What, flying in the air? ”

Yuan Xingchuan's tall body trembled, his face swept over the color of the strong shock: “Xuanyang Song, you didn't see it wrong, how is this possible? ”

“It's true! ”

Xuanyang nodded his head and sighed: “How could I be so close to him? How could I possibly be wrong? Thirty meters. There was no spot on my feet. This is not the emperor. What is it? And his last punch, which aroused a sense of fear from the depths of my soul, at that moment I felt that he was a powerful man from the Immortal Age who could destroy me with just one finger. ”

Yuan Xingchuan was silent. He knew that Xuanyang's song was in front of him and would not lie.

Half a minute, Yuan Xingchuan muttered and lost his voice: “Kill, such a horrible boy, do not stay in this world, otherwise, in the future, I really don't know what wind wave will start! ”

In the circle, the wonderful consultation continues, and a few hours later, half of the people have been given the opportunity to interact.

Qin Yi, too, has been sitting quietly outside the consultation circle, secretly entering the emptiness state, and sees clearly all the tricks of all, then analyzes and researches, takes its essence, and goes to its bad.

“Yang Shiqi, could you give me a face? ”

A beautiful voice sounded.

The disciple Xuan, carrying the bloody fairy sword, came to the consultation circle and smiled lightly at Yang Shiqi next to Qin Yi.

Looking at the warlike disciple Xuan, Qin Yi smiled bitterly. He felt it. The disciple Xuan has always had a strange feeling for himself.

Now, she actually took the initiative to challenge Yang Shiqi, obviously, in addition to curious about Yang Shiqi's strength, there is a deeper meaning.

After being slightly stunned, Yang Shiqi promised with joy: "Oh, well, please give me more teaching. ”


Yang Shiqi curved his wonderful delicate body, floating forward, Xu slowly fell in front of the disciple Xuan.

The two characters were standing in the consultation circle, both like nine days of fairies, blue silk dance, clothes floating, so that the scene was so pleasant, immediately let the whole summit hall, quiet down.

Looking at the two girls in the circle, Qin Yi's heart also suddenly emerged a glimmer of anticipation: both are genius girls, so who is better?

At this moment, the entire summit hall was quite quiet, and people looked at the two wonderful young girls in the circle, and their eyes were full of anticipation.

Neither disciple Xuan nor Yang Shiqi had any profound relationship with the Phoenix's five young geniuses, but they were both red disciples in their respective divisions, and their names were not small.

In particular, the discipline teacher announced that there have been rumours that in recent times it has been cultivated into a sudden and rapid progress, and that its potential does not fall to the zero of the swords of the top five young geniuses in Phoenix.

How can such two talented girls not be expected to fight each other?

The same female moon fiber, but also a meaningful look at the two young girls in the circle, and look at Qin Yi sitting there with a light and cloudy face.

“Kind of funny.” A shallow smile, leaning on the moon fiber of the city.

“One of Immortal Sect's Township Immortal Swords - Free Heaven Blood Sword! ”

The disciple proclaimed to relieve the bloody sword on her spine. For a moment, a hidden killing intent emerged from the bloody sword body, causing an uncontrollable flurry of cold.

“The Immortal Mountain sword is a set of top martial arts of the Immortal Sect, originally of the twelve, but the essence of the twelve can be merged into the three types, infinitely powerful. ”

The disciple raised his hand to release Heavenly Blood Sword and looked at Yang Shiqi's slow introduction. His voice was crisp and distinct and beautiful.

On the scene, the Immortal Sect actually handed over one of the town's Immortal Swords to the disciple Xuan, and taught her the top martial arts of the sect, enough to see the importance the sect attached to her.


In Yang Shiqi's hand, a sudden red satin appeared, gently tender and weightless.

“This belt, called the 'River Sunset’, does not belong to the weapons in the division gate. It is spoiled by my master and this weapon is given to me. ”

The red satin reflects Yang Shiqi's delicate little face.

Qin Yi Mei, Master of Yang Shiqi, he had seen before when trading the "Vajra Heart Scripture", but seemed quite gentle a woman.

Unexpectedly, Yang Shiqi's master, who was so fond of her, not only took out her own martial arts to help Yang Shiqi deal with herself, but even her weapons were passed on to Yang Shiqi.

“Unfortunately, 'Long River Sunset' can also bring all the moves together in triplicate. ”

In the glassy and clear eyes of Yang Shiqina, Xu Xu burned up a battle will: “Master Ji Xuan, I would love to see how powerful Xianshizong's top swordsmanship is. ”

She suddenly poured her Xuan Qi into the 'Long River Sunset’, and instantly the silk satin, which had been gentle, became straight, as if it were a giant sword.


Qin Yi nodded darkly and exclaimed.

Simply transforming a gentle satin into a giant sword requires extraordinary hands before it can be done.

“Immortal Mountain Open Heaven Sword - Type 1! ”

In the face of such a powerful opponent as Yang Shiqi, the disciple Xuan is very crisp, and directly concentrates the Xianshan Open Heaven Sword Type 12 into the hegemonic type 3.

She held her sword in both hands and struck Hua Yu Li Mountain.

Huge, bloody swordsman, two lengths long, with a killing machine.


The bloody sword broke out of the sky and struck hard at the delicate and tender Yang Shiqi.

“Long River Fall Day One - Long River Moon Visit! ”

Yang Shiqi deliciously drank.

She had a silk satin in her hand like a giant sword, suddenly facing the bloody sword.


Satin collided with the bloody sword, a fluctuation of energy immediately swept away, severely countered each other Yang Shiqi and the disciple Xuan two, both of them backwards a huge step.

So powerful!

Everyone outside the circle stared at each other. Everyone could feel it. Master Ji Xuan's sword had multiple faces, but Yang Shiqi actually resisted with a silk satin.

Qin Yi's heart is also a little uneven. He feels that whether discipline teacher Xuan or Yang Xiqi has become strong in the near future. He even implicitly feels that Yang Xiqi's strength is no longer under Puchang.

Immortal Sect's "Founding Sword of Immortal Mountain" is extremely aggressive. The first type of afterwave has just fallen. The delicate body proclaimed by the disciple is like a dragon rushing out of the sea.

“Immortal Mountain Open Heaven Sword - Type 2! ”

The disciple announced the release of the blood sword, the sword was full of five feet, and fell hard towards Yang Shiqi.

“The Great River Falls Type 2 - The Great River Ties the Sky! ”

Yang Shiqi drank with delicacy, and the satin in her hand suddenly softened towards the five-length bloody sword, and suddenly strapped it.

At the same time, Yang Shiqi herself suddenly jumped on the red satin, rushing towards the disciple Xuan Xuan's speed, the fiber jade palm, the disciple Xuan's chest slapped hard.

In an instant, the fiber jade became a piece.

This... is obviously a big dance!

Qin Yi was stunned. This Master Yang was mighty indeed. He actually struck out two martial arts at the same time. No wonder her master was so drowning in her.

Looking at Yang Shiqi's mysterious palm of jade, the discipline master Xuan did not panic, his body quickly retreated, and this powerful palm of Yang Shiqi avoided.

“Immortal Mountain Open Heaven Sword - Type 3! ”

The disciple Xuan Jiao drank, the blood sword in her hand was bloody, her hands raised sword, and fell towards Yang Shiqi, truly like opening the sky.

A full ten-length, bloody sword flashed out with a broken voice calling out.

Ten long swordmen!

It's so raw!

Everyone in the loop, including the VIP elderly, was staring at each other, and before that, they had never seen a descendant who could strike such a hegemonic sword.

Looking at the indestructible blood sword, Qin Yi was also harshly stunned. At this moment, he hid the shadow of the powerful of the Immortal Age in the disciple's proclamation.

“Long River Fall Day 3 - Long River Silence! ”

Faced with the full length of the bloody sword, Yang Shiqi did not panic. The red satin in his hand saw the wind rise and instantly rose into a large area, as if it were a big wave of noise.

Looking at that madly shaking satin, a sense of unknown despair bred in the hearts of all, a despair that was all but extinct.

“Wow! ”

A giant satin burst into the ten swordmen.


Satin collides with the sword.

The ten swordmen crumbled directly into nothingness, and the giant satin, too, shrunk rapidly, and between winks, was restored to its original form.



Yang Shiqi and the disciple announced that at the same time, he was injured by the counterphage of the weapon, spitting a large amount of blood, and his body, also flew across both sides.

I can't believe it's... tied!

“Sister Yang! ”

Qin Yi burst out suddenly, a handful of Yang Shiqi, who flew out of the circle, was caught in his arms.

“Sister Ji! ”

The sword of the Immortal Sect drifted zero, and also followed the disciple to catch it.