The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 103: Recreation of Ancient Bodies

At the same time, an undetectable black gas, also from Qin Yi's eyes, slowly passed.

If anyone notices this black gas, they will be surprised, because it is horrible, and if you look at it, it gives you a kind of chestnut from the soul.

That's a hint of ancient magic!

When Qin Yi's temperament slowly passed from his eyes, Qin Yi's whole human temperament, also in an instant, changed its appearance greatly, like a great demon king from ancient times, suddenly emptied into the present world.

At that moment, he was a teenager as young as 15 years old, but gave the world a glimpse that seemed to break the stars with his bare hands.

Even Qin Yi himself didn't notice this change.

When that magic had passed, he regained his appearance as a teenager.

“It's also good to make a breakthrough before entering Starling House. ”

Qin Yi was also quite satisfied with this unexpected breakthrough.

This day, Qin Yi didn't go anywhere, so he stayed at home all day practicing.

The next morning.

Today is the day that Ji Wun Tian promised to bring Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi to the Star Palace in Xingxian City.

Ling Yumen's main palace, Qin Yi said goodbye to his parents, and Yang Shiqi came here a long time ago.

“Qin Yi. ”

Yang Shiqi called softly.

The young girl wore a light blue skirt today, which completely revealed the curve. The whole person was fresh, with a flavor and a different smell.

The girl naturally lifted Qin Yi's arm, and the glassy eyes had a strong color of joy.

The soft touch on the arm made Qin Yi's divine color, slightly stiff, a young heart, slightly disturbed.


Qin Yi quickly suppressed the disturbance in his heart, and his eyes restored clarity during the week. Looking at the beautiful suffocating girl in front of him, Qin Yi's heart is also quite sentimental.

Seeing that Qin Yi did not break free of his own hands, Yang Shiqi's eyes grew thicker and thicker, but his cheeks were slightly red. He looked at Qin Yi with some shyness: “So you admit it between us? ”

“Admit what's between us? ”

Qin Yi was slightly confused.

“You... Huh, ignore you. ”

Yang Shiqi Qiong snorted softly. Don't cross his face. It's just his hand. Go and still hold Qin Yi's arm gently.


A cough came from outside the palace door. Turns out the pale and others came. Yang Shiqi's cheek was suddenly ashamed like the peach blossom in March. He hastily separated from Qin Yi.

For a while, everyone was a little embarrassed.

The Qiushao idleness that came with him was like water, his heart was like a knife hanging, but he was helpless. Today Qin Yi already needed him to look up, and even the whole Ling Yumen looked up.

Panasonic and all of you Lingyue Gate executives are very respectful to Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi. Today, they are from Xingxian Chengxing Mansion. With the potential of both of them, after going to Tianxing Mansion, the future achievements are absolutely incalculable. Perhaps, in the future, they can lead Lingyue Gate to more glorious.

Seeing that Yang Shiqi can have it today, his master is naturally very happy. He said with emotion: “If I pour water on Shiqi, it's worth it! ”

Qin Yi only found out that Yang Shiqi's master is called Rushui.

Looking at the palace, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, the two young peak disciples, you Ling Yumen high level, are all comforting.

Another moment passed.


A black figure suddenly swept onto the roof of the main hall, and the great shore was quite unpretentious.

This visitor is the disciplined uncle of the disciplined master.

“Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, two days have passed, you are ready to follow me to Xingxian City, Tianxing Province. ”

Ji Zheng looked at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, his eyes slightly hot.


Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi both have obvious colors of anticipation on on their faces. Starling County is a distant dream in the hearts of all practitioners in Phoenix. Now they want to realize their dreams.

Tianxing Mansion, one of the great Hou Mansions of the Huaxia Empire, will have a bright future once it enters.

Without delay, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi left Lingyu Gate in a carriage with Ji Xi Tian. They headed north on their way to the legendary Starling House.

Starling County, the town guards the East Sea mouth of the Huaxia Empire, far from Phoenix, with the Devil's Wind Mountains in the middle, even if it takes four or five days to reach it.

With Qin Yi and their three-man carriage, they crossed the Devil's Wind Mountains and drove straight to Starling County.

In the carriage, Yang Shiqi hurried to sit and practice. Her cultivation is higher than that of Qin Yi, and she has broken through to the sixth realm of Gendo, which is already quite rare for a 15-year-old girl.

However, she is still practicing hard.

Qin Yi is naturally also not idle. He is taking the opportunity to practice the ancient martial arts of "Da Luo Tian Hand".

This martial arts is the strangest, the hardest to cultivate, and if one is careless, the cultivation fails.

The two people in front of them were so bitter that the discipline watched them softly: “After entering the star palace, they should be appreciated by the star gods. ”

Looking at Qin Yi's left hand, the sometimes hidden golden light emitted, Ji Wu Tian was quite curious, and he couldn't help but stare at Qin Yi's left hand.

Soon, he eliminated all the clutter in his heart, only Qin Yi's left hand in his eyes.

“Strange structure left hand...”

Ji Xintian was slightly surprised. He had never seen such a strange left hand. The scene of Qin Yi's left-hand hand in Ling Yumen's main palace, Qin Yi's first battle with Qiu Shao's idleness on that day, was still visible.

That palm, which seems to be from the Immortal Years, smashed endless space-time and slapped the immortal Autumn Shaw.

At that time, Ji Wu Tian acutely felt that when his left hand caught Qiushao idle body, Qin Yi also fiercely converged half of his power. Otherwise, Qiushao idle, even if not dead, would be severely wounded.

He can't imagine how a teenager as young as 15 could have such a terrible left hand.

“Ancient corpses! ”

Disciplinary pupils, suddenly widened.

It was amazing, he saw a fairy gook corpse in Qin Yi's left hand, suspended there.

The immortal corpse was motionless and suspended quietly there.

Apparently, the ancient corpse is dead, not knowing how many years old, five feet tall, and the costume is completely different than it is today.

The ancient corpse had no breath of life, but it emitted an unparalleled scent, with dark hair floating slowly and fairy costumes hunting.

Discipline Day found itself immobile, settled by a powerful force, slaughtered by others.

At this moment, he felt like an ant, an ancient corpse who could suck himself to death with just one hair.

An unprecedented fear instantly took over his entire heart, and he was desperate and felt himself flying into the abyss of hell.

Suddenly, Senguchi's body disappeared.

The discipline of freedom is restored and ready to move.

Just for a moment, Ji Wu Tian was already sweating cold, and the cold wind was blowing on the spine.

“Terrible, immortal corpse, mighty beyond imagination! ”

Ji Zheng darkened and touched a bead of sweat on his forehead, his heart palpitated.

He finally understood why Qin Yi's left hand was so horrible. He actually sealed a Wong Gu Qi body.

Who the hell is that ancient corpse and why is it so powerful? How was it sealed in Qin Yi's left hand?

The mind of Ji Wu Tian is full of doubt.

“Lord Ki, what's wrong? ”

Seems to have noticed something. Qin Yi slowly opened his eyes and withdrew from the cultivated state.

“Nothing, it just feels a little strange how you practice.” Ji Wu Tian smiled, just looking at Qin Yi's eyes, has hidden a little more surprise and awe.

“My practice? ”

Qin Yi frowned slightly and bluntly said: “Master Disgruntled Ji said that this is an ancient magic trick called" Da Luo Heavenly Hand ", which was obtained by accident during a hunt at Demon Wind Mountain. ”

“Okay, good! ”

The focus of the discipline war meant a long glance at Qin Yi's left hand: “After entering Tianxing Mansion, work hard, the future will be immeasurable. ”

In order to be so appreciated in the days of the Ji Wars, Qin Yi's heart is naturally delighted: “Well, it must not be overlooked by Lord Ji. ”

“Sir Ji, with all due respect, don't you think that the disciple Xuan and Sword Flies Zero are actually eligible to enter the Starling House? ”

Qin Yi suddenly said to Ji Wun Tian.

Listening to him, Yang Shiqi also looked at Ji World War Heaven with confusion. At the summit, Ji Xuan and Yang Shiqi tied hands, indicating that Ji Xuan's qualifications are not worse than Yang Shiqi's.

As for Zero Sword, the qualifications of Phoenix's peak youth are equally unquestionable.

“The two of them, I have other plans.” Chronicles smile.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi were slightly stunned, turns out.

Four days later.

The carriage carrying Qin Yi and the three of them finally crossed the Devil's Wind Mountains. On the horizon, the outline of a pond of ponds appeared implicitly.

The city was so big that it could not see the end of either side. It was like a sky and cut off the earth. It seems that there is the end of the earth.

“You see, that's Starling County, right? ”

As Yang Shiqi also saw, both cheeks fluttered with excitement, such a city pool, I don't know how many times more than Phoenix.

“Yes, that's Starling County. ”

Ji Wu nodded and smiled.

Qin Yi darkly pushed his left hand into a state of emptiness, so that he could clearly incorporate Xingxian City in the sky into his eyes.

They are now exactly twenty miles away from Starling County City, and this distance, to see a pool clearly, even a peak master like Ji Wun Tian can't do it.

Soon after, the carriage arrived in front of Starling County, as people moved into the city.

Along the way, the water dragon carriage, the pedestrian river flowed.

Qin Yi found that any practitioner here is at least one practitioner in Gendo 3, and practitioners in 4 and 5 are visible. This is not at all comparable to Phoenix, where it is already rare to meet practitioners from Gendo 3 in the streets.

As for Qin Yi's birth of Qingshui Town, it is even more incomparable.

This situation makes Qin Yi slightly embarrassed. You know, he is only now able to break through the peak of 5.

Yang Shiqi is better, she also broke through Xuando 6.

Even in places like Starling County, 6 Realms practitioners are extremely difficult to see on the street.

The carriage drove on a large, clean street and eventually stopped in front of a magnificent, magnificent mansion.

Compared to the mansion in front of you, the mansions of the world in Phoenix, it's like a thatch, and the rest, not to mention, the mansion in front of you, just the gate, can hold eight carriages in parallel.

The eight guards who guarded the gate were also a great audience.

“Gendo 5! ”

Qin Yi darkly felt their cultivation, all surprised. He found eight guards of the gate, all of them actually broke through the 5 realms of Xuando.

Among the forces in Phoenix, the five realms of Genji have been repaired to obtain a certain status, but here, it is only the guard of the door.