The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 109: Tendemon II

“Moreover, the mission of two years ago was merely an accident. The reason why accidents are called accidents is that the chances of them happening are minimal. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to worry. ”

The anonymous old man said.

People were relieved to hear him, but many still had a disturbing look on their faces.

“Okay, next, I'm going to go into the details of this mission.” The anonymous old man continued.

However, Xuanyang Qing suddenly interrupted his words: “Wait, wasn't it the 30-star messenger? Why are there only 29 people here? Eh, the 30th star? ”

Xuanyang's eyes suddenly looked towards the last cabin.

In the last cabin, Qin Yi lives.

After listening to him, the people remembered that the thirtieth star made Qin Yi, still practicing in silence, did not come out.

The thirtieth star, the last star, according to the constant ranking of the star camp, the rear the star position, the lower the status, the weaker the strength.

That is, Qin Yi at the end of the list, in the consciousness of the people, the strength, also exists at the bottom of the mat.

Of course, two years ago, the 29th and 30th star angels would have been seen by the stars, and in fact, what the stars saw was not their strength, but their potential.

Strength is stronger, it's temporary, and only potential determines how far a person can go in the future.

A last star like Qin Yi, had it not been for Xuanyang Qing's reminder, people would have really ignored it for a while.

Of course, there is only one exception, which is Yang Shiqi, who has always kept an eye on Qin Yi's cabin.

This time, Qin Yi practiced for so long has not come out, her heart is also quite confused.

“Oh, the thirtieth star hasn't come out yet. ”

“Strength pad bottom, the shelf is not small. ”

Even when there were a few people, there was no slight movement on Qin Yi's cabin, revealing a disdainful divine color.

Soon, however, everyone suddenly remembered that only when there was a big breakthrough, the time consumed would be very long. Just now Xuanyang Qing was a good example. He had been quiet for more than two days, and when the result broke through, the massive energy fluctuations almost crumbled the cabin.

“… this last star, this breakthrough is stronger than Xuanyang Qing? ”

Many people, subconsciously think of Qin Yi and Xuanyang Qinglian together. After looking at Qin Yi's confined cabin, Dao Dao's gaze means looking deeply at Xuanyang Qing.

Feel the people's eyes, Xuanyang Qingqing hummed, that Jun-soo's face, hidden a hint of chill.

“I'd like to see what the hell this guy's breakthrough is. ”

Over time, Qin Yi's cabin has still not moved a bit. Xuanyang Qing's face has become very disdainful: “Decorative gesture! ”

“What exactly is he practicing and why hasn't he made a breakthrough?” Yang Shiqi's heart was full of whispers, “didn't really mean for everyone to wait here alone, right? ”

In the thirtieth cabin, Qin Yi and the people who did not know outside the cabin were watching his cabin. He was rehearsing "Tenjin II" over and over again. Every rehearsal, the strength in his body will be greatly increased.

At this point, he felt that the force in his body was almost breaking through his body, but he still couldn't find a breakthrough.

“A breakthrough must be found. ”

Qin Yi frowned and thought bitterly.

After thinking about it, Qin Yi's eyes lit up slightly: “Otherwise, try it with the power of" The Devil of Heaven ". ”

Once the idea was settled, Qin Yi stopped hesitating and began to explore the power of "Tianjin One Style" to bring out the power of Tianjin Two.

Coming to the center of the house, he stood still, tucked his stomach and chest up. After taking a deep breath, Qin Yi started practicing "The Devil's Style".

He has practiced hundreds of sides of "The Devil in One" and is naturally incredibly skilled.

Soon after, the power of "The Devil in One" formed, and he led him into the limb wreckage.

“Pfft, pfft! ”

Qin Yi's left hand skeleton changed rapidly, and his entire palm surged to full width.


Qin Yi drank lightly and took a slap.


A force like the ocean suddenly gushed out of his body and swept towards the surrounding area.

“Knock! ”

The cabin could not withstand the shock of this force, suddenly split apart and torn apart.


Qin Yi stood in a pile of junk wood, blinking his eyes vigorously, an innocent face. Spin, he's ecstatic again. It worked!

Stuck in his body all the time, as if it were a flooded beast, "The Devil II", was successfully drawn out by him.

The whole scene was so quiet.

Everyone, including Xuanyang Qing and the nobody elderly, opened their mouths and sat there completely.

What a breakthrough this was to break down the whole wooden house.

After a while, the people returned to God from stunned, looking at the teenager in the scrap tree with an incredible look, and looking at the unusual Xuanyang blue, the meaning of which is self-evident.

When Xuanyang Qingqing broke through, the energy fluctuations that came out of it were shocking, but the distance to crumble the wooden house was still a short line.

And now, Qin Yi breaks through the huge energy fluctuations, but it directly crumbles the wooden house!

“Qin Yi, are you breaking through or wreaking havoc? Next month's salary, you deduct 1,000 taels of silver to cover the cost of repairing the house. ”

The anonymous old man said that he was helpless, but in his eyes, there was a shock, and his eyes looked sophisticated at the slightly weak young man in front of him.

“Qin Yi! ”

Yang Shiqi's face was full of joy. She didn't know exactly where Qin Yi had made the breakthrough, but she felt it. Qin Yi was different from before. Raising her hands and feet seems to be full of a wonderful rhyme.

“The cultivation is still the culmination of the fifth realm of the Gendo, and there has been no progress. ”

Xuanyang Qing smiled with disdain: “Qin Yi, did you intentionally make such a big move? ”

Feeling that Qin Yi did not make a breakthrough in cultivation, Xuanyang Qing's mind, slightly balanced.

Listen to him, everyone suddenly realized, yes, this kid must have deliberately made such a big move, if he said that his breakthrough movement was bigger than Xuanyang Qing, they wouldn't believe it.

Did you make such a big move on purpose?

Qin Yi smiled faintly, lazy to explain, unnecessary.

“Well, now I'll give you the details of this mission. ”

Without further delay, the anonymous old man began to elaborate on the task: “This task, like two years ago, travelled to the border of China's summer kingdom to visit the flowing liquor storm of the Moon God. Apart from the twenty-ninth and thirtieth star envoys, other star envoys had already dealt with the liquor storm of the Moon God two years ago. Their mending is not weak, and their sexuality is insidious, cunning, unusual, extremely difficult to deal with. Your star camp is responsible for wiping out these groups of people and maintaining the tranquillity of some villages and towns in the Chinese Empire. ”

Moon God!

Qin Yi frowned slightly, hearing such a country for the first time.

“The anonymous old man, who is rumored to be on this mission and who performs well, will most likely be seen by the star and become his own disciple? ”

Xuanyang blue eyes, slightly hot.

“Of course.”

The nobody softened his head: “In fact, on that mission two years ago, Starling Horse had this intention, but then the battle was mutated. ”

Receiving an affirmative answer from an elderly man without a name, all of them for a while have some bloodthirsty blood. If they can become the progeny disciples of Uranus, even if the chances are very slim, they are worth fighting for.

Qin Yi's heart was rather confused. What happened to the mission two years ago? It seemed that the star had left all of the camp with a lot of psychological shadow over the mutation.

There is no doubt that the mutation was terrible, causing the twenty-ninth and thirtieth stars to die in double jeopardy.

“The anonymous old man, is that still the same as two years ago? ”

Dragon flame from the Dragon Blood family, licking his lips and asking, his eyes emitted a strange light.

By virtue of his descent, he is more courageous than the average man, and more eager to fight, and only by fighting can he grow up.

“In order to better unleash your potential, Tianxing Hou has changed this battle, compared to two years ago. This mission is to kill a three-time leader, gain 1 point of combat, kill a four-time leader, gain 2 points of combat, kill a five-time leader, gain 4 points of combat, kill a six-time leader, gain 6 points of combat, kill a one-time leader, gain 30 points of combat, kill a major leader, and gain 50 points of combat. At the end of the mission, the top 5 fighters will be given a chance to meet the stars. ”

Anonymous old man replied.

Hearing this from an elderly man named Anonymous, for a moment, everyone's blood boiled, one hand scrubbed, and his face filled with anticipation.

“What's the use of combat? ”

Qin Yi shrugged for a moment and asked.

“Kung Fu can go to Xuanwu Palace to exchange Xuanwu advanced martial arts, even Zongdao martial arts, as long as you can understand. You can also go to Jubao Palace to exchange genius treasures, or some high-quality Dan medicine. You can also go to Jubao Palace to exchange weapons... Usually, 200 points of kung fu, you can exchange a Gendo advanced martial arts, as for Zongdao martial arts, you need 300 to 500 points of kung fu to exchange, if you go to Jubao Palace to exchange high-quality Dan medicine, 50 points of kung fu, you can exchange for a medulla washing dan...”

Anonymous old man replied with a smile to Qin Yi.

Martial arts can not be used for the time being. The three martial arts of "Daluo Tianhand", "Praise Father Step" and "Tenjin Formula 7" are inherited from the Immortal Age. Even Zongdao Martial Arts is definitely worse.

Qin Yi secretly analyzed his situation. If he exchanged high quality Dan medicine for combat work, it would be a good choice.

Qin Yi has a lot of confidence in this task. The left-handed state of emptiness, hegemony, etc. are all his killers.

“The mission is scheduled to depart in one day. ”

The unnamed old man disappeared in situ after he had said so.