The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 115: Killing the Eight Kingdoms

The next moment, Xuanyang Qingqing burst out towards the great leader of Liucou, appearing in a pale blue light, the palm of the hand, is more magnificent.

Xuanyang Qing Na is better maintained palms than women, between which, it becomes dense and numb, the leader of the convection columns strikes out.

“Rip it! ”

The palm of the thick and numb, Qi Qi attacked the leader of Liuko, suddenly, the leader of Liuko had a huge wound, each of which was deeply visible bone.

In an instant, the great leader of Liuko became a bloody man.

“Die! ”

The leader of Liuko, severely traumatized by Xuanyang Qingyi, was abnormally angry at the moment, his face was rugged, and his killer was exasperated. As a strong man of the Eighth Realm, he was seriously traumatized, which is a disgrace to him.

“Extinction Step Five - Step One! ”

The exposed leader of Liuko abandoned the spear of despair and suddenly stepped into the air, as if there was an invisible ladder there.

With his blank feet, a tremendous amount of pressure emerged from under his feet. Qin Yi and several of them, in a shock of shape, felt the strain of Qian Jun.

It's space gravity!

Everyone was shocked that the strongest leader of Liuko was not the Great Spear of Despair, but the extinction of five steps!

Incredibly, the great leader of Liuko, who has already recognized the gravity of space, is amazing.

“Extinction Step Five - Step Two! ”

Lord Liuko's heart was filled with killing thoughts, and then he took the second step, and he came up, and that invisible tremendous pressure, all at once, increased more than fivefold.


Doo Woo can no longer stand this pressure, kneeling hard on his knees. The rest of us, too, are in short shape and feel breathless.

“Kill him! Otherwise, we're all doomed! ”

Xuanyang Qingdao drink.

Apart from Doo Woo, who was crushed to his knees by invisible powers and could no longer get up, Qin Yi, Xuanyang Qing and others were all slaughtered by the leader of Liuko.

However, the furious leader of Liuko has relentlessly taken the third step.

“Extinction Step Five - Step Three! ”


Just halfway through, people were suddenly crushed to the ground by a powerful force of space gravity. That relatively weak defensive Doo Woo, already pale, is clearly suffering greatly.

“Everybody run, or it's over! ”

Qin Yi drank.


Except that Doo was no longer able to escape, everyone else was rushing to escape from the realm of space gravity of Chief Liuko. Qin Yi, too, did not escape. He possessed earthly seeds and cultivated the Vajra Heart Book into a third realm. Physical elements were much stronger than ordinary people.

His eyes were torched and he was armed with a soul-snatching gun, still rapidly killing to the great leader of Liuko.

“Extinction 5 Steps - Step 4! ”

The great leader of Liuko relentlessly took the fourth step, and the space gravity created under his feet, like a giant mountain, crushed down.


Even Qin Yi couldn't resist the gravity of this space, kneeling on his knees. At this moment, Qin Yi felt the gravity coming down from above his head, almost crushing his body to a tortoise.

“Help me...”

Du Woo over there, his torso has completely cracked, almost becoming a blood man, his face full of pain and fear, looking desperately at Qin Yi, and Yang Shiqi, who has fled the gravitational space area, the three of them.

There is no doubt that there is nothing that can be done about Doo's call for help.

“Extinction Step 5 - Step 5! ”

Lord Liuko's voice, cold to the extreme, came up and took the fifth step.

As this step is taken, Qin Yi only feels as if it is a day, crushing himself.

His soil element seeds in the field burned, emitting a flame of blue. As the soil element seeds burned, his physical defense doubled instantly.

Nevertheless, his body, still suddenly torn open and blood flowed, making him instantly a blood man, to the extreme.

Not far away, Doo Woo was suddenly torn apart and killed.

The thirty star envoys of the Star Camp have since become twenty-nine star envoys.

The extinction of Lord Liuko's five steps, when he took the fifth step, the silver star made Doo Woo completely irresistible to that pressure, and his body was directly torn apart.

Qin Yi's physical defense is not strong and horizontal, but also possesses earthly seeds. Nevertheless, his body is still under pressure from the havoc of Step 5, crushing him to crack.

Fortunately, Yang Shiqi, Dragon Flame and Xuanyang Qing fled quickly, otherwise, only Doo Woo was afraid to die alone.

“Qin Yi! ”

Looking at Qin Yi, who was covered in blood, Yang Shiqi shouted sadly. On her beautiful little face, she had to rush past everything.

“Stay away from me! ”

Qin Yi drank too much, and the pressure from the extinction of the great leader Liuko five steps was too horrible. Even though Yang Shiqi was an ancient genius, he did not have to bear it.

Seeing that Qin Yi actually withstood the fifth step of the extinction of Liuko's great leader, Dragonflame and Xuanyang Qing, they were also completely stuck. Although they did not feel the pressure of the fifth step, just looking at Doo Na's directly torn body, they knew how horrible this step was.

“How could this kid's defense be so strong?” Xuanyang Qing's mind was very uneven. He asked himself about his physical defense. There is no way he could be so perverted.

In other words, his eyes, which were more exuberant than those of a woman, hidden a ruthless glimpse: "Just lure that big guy out, and then perverted defenses are useless. ”

Seems to recall a scene two years ago, Xuanyang Qing's body and fought a cold war.

“Little doll, you're not dead? ”

Lord Liuko, incredibly blinking his eyes, his heart swung with horror, he knew very well how appalling his five steps of extinction were, and this 15-year-old boy in front of him, though looking quite brutal, was still blocked by him.

Qin Yi did not answer the words of the leader of Liuko, the gravity of the space was too vast, he felt the threat of death, the seeds of earthly elements in the Dantian, and it burned freely.

“Qin Yi...”

Yang Shiqi's voice trembled and her heart hung like a knife.

Dragon flame is also blank. Although Qin Yi has just entered the Star Envoy Camp, he feels that the mysterious teenager has a wonderful appeal.

Xuanyang Qing is a light-hearted eyebrow, no one knows what he is thinking at this time.


After a brief silence, Qin Yi suddenly roared and overwhelmed with strength. At this moment, his head burst into madness. In his eyes, a hint of magic passed slowly, as if a Gestapo King suddenly had an attachment. The soul was a chestnut that could not be restrained.


Qin Yi actually broke through Liuko's fifth step of space gravity, his body burst out like a leopard, holding a soul-grabbing gun and stabbing towards Liuko's leader.


Long guns shake, killing planes blow!

Looking at the teenager as if he were the demon king of Gestapo, the great leader of Liuko was shocked. The extinction of five steps was his extinction from the bottom of the box. He could not kill Qin Yi. He could no longer use more astonishing tactics to confront Qin Yi.


Chief Liuko did not hesitate at all, and immediately turned around and burst forward.

How is it possible for Qin Yi to watch him escape, praise his father's footsteps, and emerge from his foot. In an instant, he almost became a shadow, and pursued with a soul-snatching gun.

As a strong man of the Eighth Realm, the speed of the Great Liuko is naturally close to the limit, and it is also a shadow.

Qin Yi entered the emptiness state directly. Still far away, he could perceive the obstacle ahead. His figure was abnormal in the jungle, and the distance between him and the great leader of Liuko was rapidly shortening.


Qin Yi's left hand trembled slightly.

With this slight tremor, that strange feeling in Qin Yi's mind became strong again. At this moment, he clearly felt that he seemed to have lost something as precious as ever here.

“Is there really a god in front? In God's welfare, is there really a third formula in the Seven Types of Celestial Demons? ”

This thought caused Qin Yi's body to boil with hot blood. For a moment, he forgot the pain all over him. He chased out madly towards the leader of Liuko in front of him.

The distance between the two is infinite.

A hundred meters. Eighty meters. Fifty meters. Ten meters...

“Death to all creatures! ”

Qin Yi's left hand flashed.

A golden palm imprint, cast like gold, appeared over the head of the great leader of Liuko, then suddenly photographed. Leader Liuko's physical defense is naturally unusually strong. Qin Yi's current power of "The World of Extinction" is unable to severely damage him, but he also slapped him on the ground, and he was overwhelmed.


Qin Yihua turned into a shadow. The next moment, he had already stood in front of the leader of Liuko. His blood was all over him, but he was lethal, holding a gun with one hand, pointing remotely at the leader of Liuko, and his chest was burning with tremendous warfare.

“Die! ”

The great leader of Liuko drank and his tall body burst out of the ground, stabbing Qin Yi with a big spear of despair.

For a moment, the unknown despair, once again irrepressible, appeared in Qin Yi's mind, feeling like hell, hopeless to survive.

Qin Yi's left hand, however, was slightly trembling, allowing Qin Yi's brain, like a breeze, to dispel despair.


Qin Yi held a gun, burst forward, long gun shook, killing millions of machines.


The spears intersect and fluctuate expansively in energy.

Qin Yi's soul-grabbing gun couldn't shake Liuko's leader's big bronze spear, and cracked to pieces.

“Die, doll! ”

The great leader of Liuko suddenly smiled brutally, and the big bronze spear in his hand moved forward, like a meteor, towards Qin Yi's heart.

Just for the next moment.

“Ids_pjuh002_suo_1 ”

In Qin Yi's left hand, a crackling sound of bones came out, and his palms instantly became sufficiently wide, with a strong ancient smell.

Celestial demon's left hand shot, fanned a raging wind, as if from the Immortal Age, endless time and space crumbled in the palm of his hand, slapped hard on the leader of Liuko, the body of the leader of Liuko, flying out.

Qin Yi's heart is killing him. He stepped on his foot to praise his father. He followed the leader of Liuko, who burst into flames. The words spoken in his mouth make one feel a chestnut coming from the depths of his soul: “Tenjin Type 7 - Type 2! ”

Jong-woon's left hand, the ancient and more intense, slapped toward the big leader of the flying Liuko.

“Pfft, pfft...”

In the body of Lord Liuko, finally came the sound of a broken bone of dense numbness. He fell to the ground in a blast and died of qi.

A strong man in the middle of the Eight Kingdoms crashed!

Qin Yi's left hand instantly returned to normal.

Looking at his left hand, Qin Yi's heart was difficult to calm down. Now, he finally found the opportunity to exhibit the Second Style of the Seven Types of Tenjin, and finally knew its power. He slashed a master of the Great Xuan in the middle of the Eight Realms of Xuando!