The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 119: Heart beats from ancient times

He knew that this state of mind had no smudge, it was temporary, and when the power disappeared, this wonderful feeling would disappear.

Without delay, Qin Yi immediately sat down on his knees, transferring all martial arts such as "Volkswagen", "Qi Yue", "Da Luo Heavenly Hand", "Praise Father's Step", "Tian Demon Type 7" and practicing them all.

Qin Yi, the whole person is immobile, like an old monk.

Since at this moment his mind seemed like a mirror, without any stains, he found that practicing these martial arts was indeed very fast, and in some difficult places before, it was now perfectly easy to understand what it meant.

One hour later, Qin Yi cultivated "Volkswagen" to its peak.

“This speed of cultivation is amazing. ”

Qin Yiweixi, he had previously practiced the martial arts of "Volkswagen Tiger Elephant" at the peak of the first half of the cultivation. If the normal cultivation speed is followed, two hours may not necessarily reach the peak. After taking Qingxindan, one hour is enough.

With the "Volkswagen Weather" breaking to its peak, Qin Yi's breath became more and more ambitious.

"Volkswagen" is a martial arts practice of “Momentum”. Once a person has “Momentum”, whether in strength or physical defense, it will improve somewhat.

Qin Yi continues to practice.

Another time went by, and Qi Yi also cultivated to the peak.

Qin Yi was surprised to discover that after cultivating his peak, his mood was truly open, as if another door had opened to him.

Many strange cultivation techniques were also used in the mind as the door opened.

“This is an upgraded version of The Qi Return - a more advanced martial arts! ”

Qin Yi's heart was difficult to calm, he could not have imagined. After cultivating to the peak, his own mood actually spins in the peak loop, and directly realized a more advanced martial arts!

There is no doubt that this scenario is the same as the then Massacre III and belongs to martial arts.

Incredibly, Qin Yi created a new advanced martial arts after creating the "Massacre Three". Even those monumentally enlightened peak archdeacons who are able to create an advanced martial arts are already remarkable.

And Qin Yi, in less than a year, created two advanced martial arts!

Such enlightenment has left those peak archdeacons far behind.

“For the upgraded version of Qi Gai Gai Yuan, call it" Fate Gai Yuan ". ”

Qin Yi named his newly enlightened martial arts.

He is very clear that in fact, the appearance of "The Art of Fate Return" is mainly because he took a Qing Xin Dan, so that his mind is not stained at all, and his enlightenment is doubled directly, so that on the basis of "The Art of Qi Return", he realized a more advanced martial arts.


Qin Yi took out the pen and paper, and practiced the mindset of the inspired "The Art of Return of Life" and quickly wrote it down.

Read the cultivation mindset carefully. For a moment, Qin Yi just found it difficult to understand. It's not like he realized it himself.

However, after a while of frowning, he was overjoyed. This Martial Arts of Return of Life is a super-assisted martial arts of saving lives and wounds. As long as it is not completely dead, it can heal people's wounds in a short time, and quickly return to its peak state.

If a miracle happens, it could even come back to life!

“Although it is not offensive martial arts or defensive martial arts, there is no doubt that this martial arts, more precious than ordinary offensive or defensive martial arts, is a treasure in martial arts. ”

Qin Yi's heart is delightful.

With such good martial arts, Qin Yi naturally won't let fees, even when sitting on the floor, following the cultivation mindset of "The Art of Life Return", focus on cultivating.

"The Secret of Life" cultivated the mind method, it was so hard. If you are a general practitioner, you are afraid that it will take a lot of effort to cultivate, but Qin Yi is different. That is the martial arts he has learned himself, plus the medicine power of Qing Xin Dan has not yet expired, so cultivation is naturally a light car familiar road.

As Qin Yi followed the cultivation mindset of "Destiny Return", he silently operated Xuan Qi, and in his body, a little blood, was also formed.

It was initially very weak, like a clear spring, but unusually pure.

“This newly-learned" Return to Life "is certainly much stronger than" Return to Qi ". ”

Feel the purity of the blood in the body, Qin Yi's heart is slightly happy.

Next, with the passage of time, that silk as if it were a spring of fresh blood followed by more and more. Finally, it was like the sea of Wang Yang, hoisting in Qin Yi's post.

An unparalleled breath of life, released from Qin Yi's body.

After two hours, the drug power of Qing Xindan finally disappeared, and at the same moment, "The Tip of Return of Life" was also practiced by Qin Yi into Xiaocheng.


Qin Yi opened his eyes and rose from the ground.

After carefully feeling the physique, Qin Yi discovered the various functions of his physique, all of which have a qualitative improvement.

“A wound that used to take a day to heal, and now a maximum of half a day is enough. ”

Qin Yi made serious assumptions.

In addition to doubling healing capacity, the ability to recover health has doubled.

Qin Yi picked up the pen and continued to refine the previously recorded "The Tip of Return of Life", writing: "To cultivate the realm of small formation, the physical functions will be doubled. ”

“If you practice to great success, your abilities can be increased tenfold. ”

“If you cultivate the peak, your abilities will increase a hundredfold. ”

“If training is satisfactory...”

Qin Yiyi frowned and deduced it carefully according to the cultivation mindset of "Destiny Return" and his own physical function.


His heart was pounding and he was suddenly feeling a little shortness of breath: "If you practice well, you will be near immortality! ”

This is amazing!

Only those immortal gods can reach the immortality without extreme external forces!

And this book, "The Tip of Return of Life", after cultivating it to the fullest, although it was almost immortal afterwards, it was enough to shock the world!

“If you throw out this book, Starling County is afraid of a bloody storm. ”

Qin Yi analyzed herself and smiled slightly. After taking a Qing Xin Dan, she could not believe that she had learned a book of martial arts.

Hide "Fate Return" carefully, Qin Yi exhaled softly.

This time, it was a huge harvest, an exhilarating mission, switched to a sober heart. A Qingxin Dan, it's worth it!


At this moment, a heartbeat-like sound suddenly rang from Qin Yi's left hand, which was very slight, but was still captured by Qin Yi.

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi frowned, and the colour of his eyes peeled.

“Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom! ” ……

In the left hand, a few very slight sounds were made again, then returned to calm.

“This… is truly heartbeat! ”

At this moment, Qin Yi just calmed down some of his heart, and there was another terrible wave!

Incredible, my left hand, heartbeat!

Looking at his left hand, Qin Yi blinked incredibly hard in his eyes. As if he had encountered it, the whole person was completely stupid.

After a while, Qin Yi slowly recovered from the shock and tried to calm himself down.

“In my left hand, there seems to be a man sealed! ”

Qin Yi tried to deduce that, for some reason, he could feel all the static static around him when entering the emptiness state, but could not feel his left hand, so Qin Yi could only deduce.

Undoubtedly, he deduced that, in his left hand, there was indeed a strange corpse, Guo Dunless of Ling Yumen, and the discipline of the disciplined master Xuan's uncle, all felt.

The body had apparently been sealed for endless years and had long been devoid of any sign of life.

This ancient corpse was supposed to remain silent forever, but as Qin Yi cultivated "The Secret of Life" into a small realm, that vast breath of life actually made this ancient corpse from the Immortal Years, strangely re-owned the heartbeat!

“There is a certain chance that Life Return will come back to life. I practiced Life Return and brought back an ancient corpse sealed in my left hand! ”

Qin Yi's face was shadowy and uncertain. It was difficult to calm his heart. Now, a big immortal guy, at this moment, was actually resurrected by himself, and came to the current era of Hongmeng. I really didn't know whether it was a disaster or a blessing.

He knows very well that the big guy, the owner of this left hand.

“Who the hell is he? I have to see him! ”

Qin Yi pushed his left hand into a state of emptiness, however, in his left hand, he only saw a chaos.


Suddenly, an unrivalled and ancient voice burst out in the depths of that chaos. Though incredibly weak, it seemed to contain an unrivalled power, as if it were a giant hammer, banging harshly on Qin Yi's heart.


Qin Yi suddenly jumped and withdrew directly from the state of the emptiness. It was difficult to add the shock: “The big guy of some fairy years is really resurrected! ”

Qin Yi fell and sat on the ground. He was demented. It took him a long time to recover.

Then he carefully entered the emptiness and felt his left hand. He was unwilling, and he had to figure out who was the immortal big guy who was resurrected by himself.

This time, what he saw was still chaotic and hazy, as if time and space did not exist.


In the depths of that chaos, an ancient voice came again, still weak, but still like a giant hammer, banging hard on Qin Yi's heart.

Qin Yi felt that his heart was almost about to be smashed directly. He was extremely distressed. He shouted and launched a state of emptiness again.

“Really powerful, just not weaker than the last time you were sealed into the Immortal Age, where you met the great gods of Immortality. ”

Qin Yi's soul was unsettled and looked at his left hand. He dared not go into the emptiness again, to spy on the immortal big guy who had been inadvertently resurrected by himself.

Everything is so incredible, mysterious, the master of the left hand, sealing his falling body on the left hand. After Qin Yi obtained the mysterious left hand, the body of the mysterious left hand master was sealed into Qin Yi's left hand.

The mysterious left-hand owner was too powerful to make Qin Yi's heart feel quite disturbed.

He sat still for half a minute, carefully watched his left hand, and found no further movement in his left hand, which reassured him slightly, but his left hand was sealed with a super big guy, which felt like a time bomb was buried and would explode at any moment.