The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 120: Behind the Scenes Pusher

After shaking his head, Qin Yi threw away the resurrection of the sealed ancient corpse in his left hand and sat and practiced again.

Types 1 and 2 of "Kill Three", "Seven Types of Celestial Demons", "Vajra Heart Scripture", "Praise Father's Step", "Daluo Heavenly Hand" and other martial arts, Qin Yi practiced it all over again.

A day later.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Qin Yi's body suddenly heard a bone breakthrough, followed by a pounding breath from Qin Yi's body.

“Gendo 6! ”

Qin Yi opened his eyes, a little ancient, slowly passing through his eyes.

At this moment, Qin Yi's temperament changed dramatically again, as if he were an ancient demon king, full of dark hair without wind, all over his body, emitting a breath of chestnut, hidden in the world.

After a while, Qin Yi recovered from the strange feeling of the Ancient Demon King.

Feeling his own physique, he made a qualitative breakthrough, and Qin Yi nodded satisfactorily: “Not bad. ”

At last, we have broken through the sixth kingdom of Gendo, but even so, in terms of pure modification to hierarchy, in the early six kingdoms of Gendo, throughout the Star Camp, there was still only a cushion.

However, true combat power, Qin Yi confident, in the whole Star Envoy camp, is the number one and two.

From this task, Qin Yi already has a certain understanding of the power of Xuanyang Qing. With the strength he now demonstrates, Qin Yi has confidence to be able to defeat him.

However, Qin Yi has an intuition. With Xuanyang Qing's personality, he should not shake all his strength out and retain his strongest base card.

Otherwise, he would not be Xuanyang Qing.

Thinking of this task, for a moment, Qin Yi remembered the mysterious cloak man again, he can be completely sure that the mysterious cloak man has some kind of connection with his left hand.

It could even be said that this mission was to save everyone with his left hand, and without his left hand, he could not imagine what a tragic situation that would be. With the power of the mysterious cloak man, the unnamed old man and Ji Wu Tian will never be his opponents.

From the wonderful feeling that emerged from the mind, Qin Yi can totally tell that the appearance of the mysterious cloak man is a huge opportunity for himself.

It's just unfortunate that the opportunity flickered away and couldn't be caught, the mysterious cloak man, was nowhere to be found.

Sighed softly, Qin Yi's heart, quite sorry.

For the task will encounter the mysterious cloak man this time, I don't know why, Qin Yi felt as if he had an invisible hand from the beginning to the end, leading everyone to meet the mysterious cloak man.

“Behind-the-scenes pusher, who is it? ”

Qin Yi frowned and fell into contemplation.

If there really is a pusher behind the scenes, then this pusher is too scary, and God unwittingly leads everyone to meet the Mysterious Cloak Man, the simple purpose of which is to kill them all, or some of them, with the help of the Mysterious Cloak Man.

“An unknown old man? Impossible. He is the servant of the Horse of the Stars, faithful to him. ”

“Is it Ji Wu Tian? It's unlikely. ”

Qin Yi shook his head and couldn't think of any reason to kill everyone.

At a certain moment, his head flashed through a little detail of the mission, and his eyes glistened.

“It's him!”

After thinking about some of the previous causes and consequences, Qin Yi's breathing became a little heavy and his face appeared angry.

Meanwhile, on the back of his spinal beam, he was cold again. If it wasn't for his left hand, this mission, the first to be finished, were him, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, because the three of them rushed ahead.

Over the next two days, Qin Yi Gate couldn't get out, the second door didn't go far, focused on training, and behaved quite low-key.

Since someone wanted to kill him, he didn't want to strike a snake and choose to strike the enemy with hate at the most appropriate moment.

During the two days of cultivation, Qin Yi took five 300-year-old medicines, three 800-year medicines, and one 1,000-year-old medicines. After so many medicines were absorbed, Qin Yi's cultivation reached the middle of six and a half steps.

There is no doubt that such a modification, for the entire Star Embassy camp, remains a mattress.

Yang Shiqi, who came with him from the Lingyu Gate in Phoenix, broke through to the peak of 6 before his mission. These days, he was afraid of more or less breakthroughs.

On the third day, Ji Wu Tian arrived and entered Qin Yi's cabin, telling Qin Yi a very important news: Tianxing Hou, will leave the customs office in 5 days.

According to the mandate, the top five winners of the battle will have an opportunity to meet the stars.

“I hope you will seize this opportunity to become a real disciple of the stars. This meeting is important. ”

Discipline Day's eyes were slightly warm.

Qin Yi could feel his expectations. He couldn't help but warm his heart. Zheng Focus: “Thank you for reminding Lord Ji that I must try to perform. ”

“Very good.”

Ji Wu Tian was satisfied with the smile.

“By the way, Lord Ji, I'd like to ask you two questions. ”

Qin Yi turned and sang, "The first thing was that in Phoenix, the disciple announced that he had told me one thing. She said that you had told her about the first knife in heaven and earth - the Kyushu Demon Knife. During the immortal years, the Kyushu Demon Knife was the divine soldier of the first madman in heaven and earth, during the Great Destruction War, the Kyushu Wong fell and the Kyushu Wong Demon Knife collapsed. The body of the Kyushu King is transformed into five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. If it is able to collect all five elements of seeds, it is possible to re-condense the Kyushu magic knife. I wonder if Master Ji knows how it can be easier to collect all five elements of seeds. ”

Qin Yi was only in the floating tower the last time, fortunately he got the earthly seeds, for the other four elements seeds, he had no idea, there was no way to start.

“What, you want to collect five elemental seeds? ”

Ji Wu Tian looked at Qin Yi as if he were a monster.

“I want to try. ”

Qin Yi was very frank.

The divine color of Ji Wu Tian was stiff, and for a moment, he became a little impatient to breathe. However, when thinking of the immortal corpse sealed in Qin Yi's left hand, in Ji Wu Tian's heart, there was some explanation. This is definitely not an ordinary teenager in front of him, he would do anything, don't be too surprised.

With a slight exhalation, the discipline returned to God from astonishment: “The five element seeds themselves contain magical powers, to collect them, all depend on their personal merits. However, ancient scribes have documented that due to too long, the five-element seeds are long gone from the original seed shape, but have been shaped into various shapes that people could not have predicted. In this way, it increases the difficulty of collecting because no one The elephant seeds come out, and maybe they're right next to you, and you don't even realize that they're elemental seeds until you've collected them. ”

Qin Yi nodded and felt deeply. When collecting earthly seeds, earthly element seeds appeared with a huge blood knife. At that time, everyone thought it was a Kyushu magic knife.

Light morning glow, projecting from the window, on the silent sitting practicing teenager in bed. In addition to the slightly weak body of the juvenile, there is a slight magic wrapped around the inner magic of the Xuando if it is carefully felt.

This magic gives the teenager a different rhyme, like an ancient demon king.


The teenager slowly opened his eyes, a slight black magic, and then swept through his eyes.


After carefully experiencing the physical changes, Qin Yi smiled satisfactorily and practiced all night. There was another major breakthrough, about to enter the middle of the 6th frontier.

After practicing all night, Qin Yi not only did not feel a little tired, but was quite full of spirit.

“Qin Yi. ”

Outside the house comes a familiar sweet voice.

Qin Yi jumped out of bed and pulled the door open. The girl standing at the door slightly choked Qin Yi.

A blue robe strikes the girl's skin, lining her with frosty snow, like fat. The earnings were overwhelmingly small and barbaric, wearing a red belt, which allowed the splendid figure to become more visible.

A shawl of blue silk, floating gently in the morning breeze, beautiful.

Adjectives such as dumping in the city and falling geese in the sunken fish will only appear vulgar when used in young girls.

Feeling Qin Yi's eyes fall on him slightly silly, Yang Shiqi's heart is delighted, but on the surface, it is a delicate white glance: “Idiot. ”

Qin Yi turned back to God and suddenly scratched his back brain.

“You're just in time, I'm on my way to Starscream Pharmacy to buy some Dan medicine to practice with, you go with me. ”

In order to cover up his embarrassment, Qin Yi smiled. He wanted to make an effort to flush it before going to see the stars.

“Dan pills? ”

Yang Shiqi's eyebrows blushed and revealed confusion. She remembered that Qin Yi's salary had already bought herself medicine last time. Where else did he have the money to buy Dan medicine?

“Let's go. ”

Qin Yi didn't explain much, just a mysterious smile.

Yet at this point, an invisible repression came by surprise. The pressure was very weak, but Qin Yi and Yang Siqi caught it.

In their hearts, they have the feeling of being spyed on by terrible masters.

- Who is it?

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi stood still and looked around with vigilance.

Boom! Boom!...

Not only Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, but also felt the horrible masters enter the Star Envoy Camp and are looking at it from afar. The other Star Envoys, too, felt it, broke out the door and looked around vigilantly.

Especially the first star made Xuanyang Qing, a powerful breath, instantly leaked out of his body, so that his head was full of dark hair, suddenly floating, the strong posture, revealed.

“What? How dare you break into my star camp? Get out! ”

Xuanyang Qingqing drinks cold, the voice is not very loud, but it contains Xuanyang power, making people listen like hammers to beat the heart.

It's amazing!

His hand alone is enough to shock many people and make them sigh less.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to go directly into the emptiness state, and his spiritual perception instantly increased to a height that was difficult for ordinary people to reach.

However, at the next moment, Qin Yi's heart shocked so hard to attach, he went into the state of emptiness, he didn't even realize where the other party was.

Is that the mysterious cloak man?

Qin Yi-mei jumped sharply and made such a guess. Before that, the strongest person he met was the mysterious cloak man.

“If it was him, did he infiltrate the Star Camp for the purpose of fighting me? Besides, why can't I feel his position, is he spying on me outside of my sensory range, or is he completely hiding his breath? ”

In Qin Yi's mind, it is difficult to calm down. Whether the other party is spying on this place outside the scope of his spiritual perception or completely hiding his breath, it is enough to show that the other party is very powerful, at least a master at the Patriarchal level!

“If I really am a mysterious cloak man, then maybe I will be in trouble...”

Qin Yi breathed out his own breath, but there was not much fear in his heart.

Twenty-nine star envoys, Qi Qi stood on the martial arts field, and the feeling of being spyed on by super experts made everyone's face very uneasy.

Everyone, gauge around with vigilance.

All of a sudden, the sensation of being watched by a master, retreating like a tidal wave.


Everyone was relieved and thankful that they didn't show up and did anything to their detriment.

Just for a little while, there have been a lot of people, and there has been a cold sweat on the spine.

“The tall man in the dark has left, it's okay, a false alarm, let's disperse. ”

Xuanyang bluntly said, without further delay, without looking at anyone at all, he left alone.

“That feeling was horrible, and luckily nothing happened. ”

“How I feel, kind of like that mysterious cloak man, only he can make me feel that way. ”

“ …… ”

People talked about it, but they didn't spend much time in the stadium, and they all went back to their cabins.

This is Tianxingfu Star Camp, Tianxingfu, one of Huaxia's great emperors, master as clouds, they don't believe that people really dare to break in and make trouble.

“Let's go, too. ”

Yang Shiqi also relieved herself and looked at Qin Yi once.

Qin Yi smiled warmly at him without further delay and walked with Yang Shiqi outside Tianxing Mansion.

However, Qin Yi's heart is a hidden feeling. This matter is absolutely unusual. If it is true that the mysterious cloak man may be extremely detrimental to himself, but he still expects his arrival.

He had to figure out what the connection was between the mysterious cloak man and his left hand.

“No, not the Mysterious Cloak Man! ”

Qin Yi suddenly remembered one thing. When the hidden master peered over earlier, his left hand did not respond, even that strange feeling did not appear.

“Who the hell is that? ”

Qin Yi's mind was confused to the extreme.

Same moment.

A middle-aged man, about 40 years old, sits in the back of a spacious palace with a straight face, starry eyes and a sense of dignity.

He has no breath in his body. He is no different than ordinary people, but he can sit on this proper court. Is it not ordinary people?

“Starscream, I didn't expect you to leave now. How do you feel about this test of the stars of the camp? ”

In front of the middle-aged man, the discipline stood tall with compliments on his face.

That's right, the middle-aged man in front of you is the star of the star palace, one of the five great queens of the Warsaw Empire!

As for the legend of Tianxing Hou, Xingxian City is naturally a household name. It broke through the pagoda 25 years ago and took the head of the millions of armies, such as entering the land of no one.

“Barely. ”

The stars faintly said.


In the dawn of the Ji Wars, the star envoys of the Star Envoy Camp can say that all of them are geniuses, but in the eyes of the stars, they can only barely do it.

The face of Ji Wu Tian is inevitably a little embarrassing, a moment of silence, her torso leaning forward slightly, her eyes looking a little hot at the stars: “So, what about the thirtieth star envoy I recommended to you before? ”

Thirty stars, Qin Yi!