The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 121: Transactions

“The thirtieth star? ”

Tianxing Hou's gaze was obviously caught in his memory, and his face showed its anticipation in front of him, waiting for his answer.

A moment later.

“Barely okay. ”

The star responded faintly.

Ji Wu's celestial talents were stiff, some incredible. Wangu Qi, such as Qin Yi, in the eyes of Tianjing Hou, still only reluctantly okay?

“At the age of 15, the six realms of Gendo were repaired, which was not quite as stunning, but the impenetrable temperament on his body made him feel a little more mysterious. ”

Tianxing added, "At a certain moment, Xuanyang Qing's amazing cold drink appeared in his mind, and he took a pause." Compared to the first star, Xuanyang Qing is slightly worse. ”

Xuanyang Qing, which Tianxing Hou had noticed before the closed training, and was willing to accept it as a disciple, so this test, he also paid special attention to Xuanyang Qing.

“Slightly worse than Xuanyang? ”

Ji Wu Tian stunned to open his mouth, it was difficult to accept Tianxing Hou's assessment of Qin Yi.

When I came to Tianxing Mansion, I inadvertently discovered that Xiangguqi body sealed in Qin Yi's left hand. In the heart of Ji Wu Tian, he still had some fear. He could never forget that he felt irresistible in front of that Xiangguqi body, like an ant.

“Tianxing Hou, this Qin Yi, on the speed of cultivation, is not too stunning, but I think this person's gift is not much of a gift to make. ”

Ji Wu Tian returned to reality from that appalling memory. In front of Tianxing Hou, Qin Yi was highly recommended.


Tianjing Hou incredibly looked at the discipline at a glance.

It is rare that Ji Wu Tian would recommend a person so strongly, but this time, Qin Yi did not feel anything special besides his hidden and mysterious temperament.

“By then, whoever is the disciple must pass the qualification test in order to be sure, you can leave first. ”

Starscream said.


He nodded and then withdrew from the rear palace, but his face was obviously unsweetened.

Starscream Pharmacy.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, the pairs appear here again.

Tianxing Pharmacy is very large. In addition to the pharmaceutical materials and the Dan Pharmaceutical Trading Office, there are places to trade all kinds of ferocious animal materials and natural medicines.

The cultivators here, like the Phoenix cultivators, usually go hunting for some ferocious animals, taking out some valuable ferocious material, or picking up some natural medicines to trade here, and the prices here are usually fair.

Vicious animal materials and natural medicines, those alchemists of alchemy, are in great demand, and low-grade ferocious animal materials and natural medicines, which are refined by those alchemists, can turn into high-quality Dan medicines for sale at high prices.

“Sister Yang, let's go to the Wesen Materials Trading Office first.” Qin Yi said to Yang Shiqi.

Yang Shiqi was slightly confused, but didn't say anything.

“You have natural medicines to trade? ”

An old man who looked at Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi like an alchemist said with no expression on his face.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi, however, pay tribute to the alchemist in front of them. You know, Alchemist, that's a very fragrant profession.

It's not easy to be an alchemist, not only because you have the perseverance to read a lot of medication books and alchemy books, but also because you have talent. The average person, who reads all the medication books in the world, brings the characteristics of the medication to the chest, will be discouraged.

Therefore, the Alchemist, throughout Starling County, is present in Cape Phoenix, even a very ordinary Alchemist, is quite a fighter, and the legendary Alchemist, not even in Starling House, must exist in some huge Immortal Sect.

“No, I want to trade the Beast Dan. ”

Qin Yi took out a purple spiritual beast dan with a big fist. “How much is this spiritual beast dan worth? ”

Lingxidan cannot be consumed, much less refined, and only deals with alchemists in exchange for silver tickets.

“The ancient spiritual beast, the brutal spiritual beast Dan? ”

Looking at the spiritual beast Dan in Qin Yi's hand, the alchemist's face was stiff and his breathing became a little heavy.

Yang Shiqi beside him, the divine color is also a little stunned. She doesn't know Qin Yi's body. She still has such a big spiritual beast Dan. When did he hunt?

Although she has never heard of the brutality of the ancient spiritual beast, looking at the shape of the spiritual beast Dan should be very precious.

“Have you ever hunted an ancient spiritual beast? ”

Looking at the juvenile in front of him, Alchemist's face, filled with shock and suspicion, facing the ancient spiritual beast brutal, even some peak Daxuan master dared not carelessly, and the juvenile in front of him clearly did not possess the strength of the peak Daxuan master.

“No, it was a master of pawns who brutally killed an ancient spiritual beast, and I just picked up a big cheap one. ”

Qin Yi was very frank.

“So that's it. ”

Alchemist's heart is clear, he can feel Qin Yi's current cultivation, Xuando 6 is still a little short in the middle of the land.

“This ancient spiritual beast is a barbaric spiritual beast, well protected, with no damage whatsoever, worth 1.5 million taels of silver. ”

Alchemist's attention, returning to Qin Yi's hand Lingxidan, his face was full of excitement. If he used this Lingxidan to refine the medicine, he would earn more than that.

1.5 million taels of silver?

Qin Yi blinked his eyes, ecstatic in his heart. The last time the master cabinet said it was worth at least 1 million taels of silver. Surely, the price of this alchemist is now 1.5 million taels.

Really rich!

Yang Shiqi around, that little mouth flashed, the whole person completely stunned there.

“Young man, 150 taels of silver, this number is too big to work with, I suggest you convert it to Kyushu Lingyuanshi. ”

The attitude of the alchemist changed markedly, smiling and advising Qin Yi.

“Kyushu Lingyuanshi? ”

Qin Yi was confused.

“Oh, I knew you didn't know that, silver bills, that's just one currency of the Huaxia Empire, and Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi, a currency common to the Kyushu mainland. ”

“Two hundred thousand taels of silver for a Kyushu Lingyuan stone," the alchemist said. Your ancient spiritual beast, brutal spiritual beast Dan, worth 1.5 million taels of silver, I'll give you 7 Kyushu spiritual stones plus 100,000 taels of silver ticket, how about it? ”

Qin Yi nodded slightly and agreed that Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi, a common currency in the Kyushu mainland, would naturally be much more convenient to use, and a whole 1.5 million silver bills. This number does sound a little huge.

Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi, sometimes he also represents an identity, an entire 200,000 silver tickets, the average person, and the impossible to use.

Kyushu Lingyuan stone, all black, made of a special material, which is quite precious and a natural product.

It wasn't until Qin Yi put seven Jiuzhou Lingyuan stones and a hundred thousand silver tickets in his arms that Yang Shiqi beside him looked back: “Qin Yi, that ancient spiritual beast barbaric spiritual beast Dan, how can it be so valuable, when did you get it? ”

Qin Yi briefly told us about the last time the Devil's Wind Mountain happened, and Yang Shiqi realized this suddenly.

With seven Kyushu yuan crystal stone and a hundred thousand taels of silver ticket, Qin Yi's heart was delighted. By the way, she really thanked the girl in the red robe. She handed herself a fortune.

After trading the barbaric spiritual beast Dan, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi did not stay and came to the Dan Pharmaceutical and Drug Trading Office.

Dan Pharmaceutical Trading Office, Qin Yi and the two of them are no strangers to this place, the last time Yang Shiqi's medicine was traded here.

“Master cabinet, do you have high quality Dan medicine? ”

Qin Yi glanced at the Dan medicine on the shelf and felt that there was no Dan medicine suitable for him and Yang Shiqi to take at present. In a few days, it will be the day that Tianxing Hou meets the top five battle points. He wanted to make an effort to rush it to become a disciple of Tianxing Hou.

Upon hearing Qin Yi's question, the sleepy gaze of the master cabinet fell on Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi with some suspicion.

“Of course you do. You follow me. ”

The master cabinet glanced at Qin Yi and half-heartedly took them to a rather sophisticated pharmacy.

Just entering the pharmacy, a faint pharmacy, comes to the surface and is refreshing.

It is definitely a high quality Dan medicine, even the medicine is completely different.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi looked at each other and each other's eyes were full of joy.

“These are rare treasures, made by some master alchemists, mostly four, even three, perfect, without any flaws. There is a price on top of each type of Dan medicine. If you choose, take Dan medicine outside to pay the bill. ”

The master cabinet bluntly said that, from the beginning to the end, there was half a doubt about Qin Yi's two people, and there was no passion.

Qin Yi did not mind. After a slight head, his eyes were on the Nadan medicine rack, and he slowly swept up.

Fine Bone Dan: Quality, Three Pints, Efficacy: Refine the bone, make the bone strong. Price: 50,000 taels a piece of silver.

Nine Turns Back Soul Dan: Quality: Four Pieces, Efficacy: Restores the severely traumatized body in the shortest possible time. Price: 50,000 taels a piece of silver.

Nine Qu Lingdan: Quality: Four. Efficacy: Significantly improve mental strength. Price: 80,000 taels a piece.

Heaven and Earth Essence: Quality: Four. Efficacy: greatly improve repair to. Price: One hundred thousand taels of silver.

Copper Wall Dan: Quality: Four. Efficacy: Significantly improve physical defense. Price: One hundred thousand taels of silver...

Looking at Dan Yao plus, both Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi's eyes flashed with joy.

“Hey, you guys? ”

A familiar voice came.

Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi looked back and suddenly smiled helplessly. It really wasn't the wrongdoers who met.

As soon as he attacked Xuanyang Qing in white clothes, he stood not far behind them. As soon as he came in, they were both busy looking at the Dan medicine on the medicine rack of Nadan, and did not notice his presence.

By the side of Xuanyang Qing, the second star returns Huang and is also there.

Seeing that both of them are here, Qin Yi felt comfortable. It seems that in order to meet the star marquis in a few days, everyone is doing their best to wait until that day to be appreciated by the star marquis and become disciples of the star marquis.

Looking at the face of Yang Shiqina, Xuanyang Qing and Huang belong to two people, the divine colors are all slightly nitrogen.

“You two, come to this place to buy Dan medicine? ”

Returning from the astonishment, Huang returned with a smile.

“Just come and see the high quality Dan medicine. ”