The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 122: Qin Yi Theory (top)

Before Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi talked, Xuanyang Qing beside him said faintly: "If I remember correctly, the star messenger after the twentieth, every month, there should be only 20,000 silver salaries. ”

The cheapest dandruff here is 50,000 taels of silver, 20,000 taels of silver, not enough to buy one!

“Ha ha, I forgot about that. Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, you two came here to have a long insight, but it's not bad.” Huang Qiu smiled, the words were harsh, ironic, and idiots could hear it.

Seeing these two singing together, Qin Yi is obvious and doesn't care.

Yang Shiqi, who was with him, was silent.

“By the way, Yang Shiqi, the monthly salary of the first to tenth stars is 100,000 taels, I have now spent 50,000 taels to buy a fine dan, if you need it, I can give you the remaining 50,000 taels of silver, 50,000 taels of silver, have been able to buy the Dan medicine you need. ”

Xuanyang Qing's divine color, arrogantly carrying a little heat, did not look at Qin Yi next to Yang Shiqi from the beginning.

Fifty thousand taels for nothing?

This Xuanyang Qing, in pursuit of Yang Shiqi, really deserves a blood book.


Yang Shiqi's tempting little mouth stunned Zhang.

“Sister Yang, I think you still lack defense, just buy a copper wall Dan. ”

Qin Yi's voice sounded faint.


Yang Shiqi nodded her head, her long eyelashes twitched gently, and her glassy eyes had a strong delight.

Qin Yi went on to say: “And I, relative to your genius, have a slow breakthrough rate, so what I want to buy is Heaven and Earth essence. ”

He said, before coming to Dan's drugstore in diameter, he took down one for Copper Wall Dan and one for Heaven and Earth Essence Dan.

His behavior, allowing Xuanyang and Huang to return behind him, all suddenly stood still.

Copper Wall Dan and Heaven and Earth Essence Dan, both 100,000 taels of silver, one, two, 200,000 taels!

Ignoring the strange eyes of the two, Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi walked directly out of the pharmacy.

“Go ahead!” Returning to the Xuanyang Qing of God, he skipped his lips in disdain.

“Master cabinet, bury the ticket. ”

Outside the refined pharmacy, Qin Yi placed the copper wall dan and heaven and earth essence dan in front of the master cabinet. The master cabinet lazily glanced at Qin Yi: “Copper wall dan and heaven and earth essence dan, one piece of 100,000 taels of silver each, a total of 200,000 taels. ”

Until now, the master cabinet still does not believe the young man in front of it and is able to pay an entire 200,000 taels of silver.

However, when Qin Yi placed a Jiuzhou Lingyuan stone on the table at will, the pupil of the master cabinet, dilated, the whole person instantly stifled.

Xuanyang Qing, who had just come out of the refined pharmacy, saw the Jiuzhou Lingyuan stone on the table, was also instantly petrified, and the corner of his mouth smoked violently.


Huang Qi next to Xuanyang Qingqing was as if he had seen a ghost and shouted directly.

Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi is usually used only by people with huge amounts of money. For example, some wealthy merchants, or fairy sects, ordinary people don't even have a chance to touch it!

Ignoring the master cabinet and Xuanyang Qingna as if they had swallowed the divine colour of a fly, and ignoring the screams of Huang Qi, Qin Yi retrieved the copper wall Dan and the heavenly and earth essence Dan, and did not return with Yang Shiqi head out of the star pharmacy.



Qin Yi, one star, the last star of the camp, how can you have Jiuzhou Lingyuanshi?

Xuanyang Qing and Huang Qi are all confused to the extreme.

“Boy, wait and see, you will, miserable! ”

Xuanyang Qing snapped his fist, his eyes were even prettier than those of a woman's. As soon as he wiped it, he slowly swept past it.

Copper Wall Dan and Heaven and Earth Essence Dan, one piece of exactly 100,000 taels of silver, expensive, definitely not ordinary people, can bear.

I can't imagine what the price would be if it were for the top dandruff.

At such a high cost, Qin Yi had every reason to believe that he and Yang Shiqi could take another step in strength.

The two men left the star pharmacy and returned to the star camp.

But he saw the great martial arts, surrounded by a large group of people, besides the dozens of star envoys of the star camp, other battalions came many guards.

“Qin Yi, let's go check it out. ”

Yang Shiqi's confused shallow eyebrows dragged Qin Yi straight into the crowd, and came to the martial arts field. The two people pulled the crowd apart and squeezed in, but they saw the center of the crowd, emptying a round open space, and erecting a modest wooden platform on the open ground.

“Too bad you're late. ”

Dragon flame appeared in front of Qin Yi and his face lamented.

Since surrounding the moon worshipper kingdom flowing to Liuco, Long Yan Yan and Qin Yi's relationship with Yang Shiqi have become quite close. Long Yan, a Fae from the ancient family of Dragon Bloods, is in front of whomever he is, it is only in front of Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi that he can see his sincere side.

“What did we miss? ”

Yang Shiqi said inexplicably, Qin Yi was also looking at the dragon flame in confusion.

“Argument, you missed a wonderful argument. ”

The dragon flame shook its head helplessly.


Yang Shiqi's divine colour is getting more and more confusing.

Qin Yi was slightly stunned. For the first time since the return of the Immortal Age, he heard the word "discourse”. Now he is surprised to hear it again in Tianxing Mansion.

“Yes, there was a tall man from Starling House who told you about Nature Boulevard, and although it was very difficult, it was also very beneficial. ”

"But it's okay," laughed Dragonflame. "The tall man just said a few words, and he'll be back shortly to continue his conversation. ”

“Turns out we didn't miss it altogether, we just missed a little bit, okay. ”

On Yang Shiqi's delicate little face, Xu Xu slowly appeared a glimmer of joy. Qin Yi was also relieved.

Not long ago, there was a riot in the crowd.

“Here comes the tall man of the theory. ”

I don't know who shouted. Everyone's face is full of excitement. Diting and listening will not obviously improve your cultivation, but it will make you understand more and even understand everything in the world. The benefits are immeasurable for a practitioner.

If you are able to understand everything in the world, it is the supreme being, looking down on billions of people, cultivating the way of the district, even less so. If you understand the way of cultivation, why worry? Your strength is not strong enough.

To give the simplest example, those laws that have the destructive power to destroy the heavens and the earth have evolved from the path.

With the eyes of everyone, Qin Yi couldn't help but be slightly stunned. The man who came to say that Gao was actually an acquaintance of his - Lu Lecturer!

Lu Lecturer, who was invited by Ling Yumen, as a disciple of Ling Yumen, spoke about the inner strength of Xuan Dao. At that time, Qin Yi realized the inner strength of Xuan Dao as a Xuan person. This Lu Lecturer appreciated it a lot.

Without entering the emptiness state, Qin Yi can all feel it. This Lu lecturer is a lot stronger than he was when Ling Yumen explained the inner strength of Xuan Dao.

Lu Lecturer came to the wooden platform, his eyes slowly swept away. He saw Qin Yi in the crowd and smiled.

“Just give everyone a break, digest that little piece I told you earlier, and now let's go on. ”

Lecturer Lu's voice was very gentle and not very big, but everyone present heard it, and he saw it in his voice, and it was full of power.

“Dao, is the natural avenue, is the order of heaven and earth...”

“Dao, exists in the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. As long as the understanding is clear, the human mind will immediately rise to a height that ordinary people cannot reach...”

Lecturer Lu brought his own perceived path to Xu Xudao, who had no reservations to everyone.

The whole scene was so quiet.

Around the wooden platform, everyone listens carefully to the landing lecturer.

For the first time, Yang Shiqi came into contact with such a profound narrative. Her face was so excited, she listened carefully, she was conscious, and sometimes it was a surprise and smile. Obviously, there was something to be gained.

Qin Yi is naturally listening carefully. He has some uneasiness in his heart. Although Lu lecturer's theory is too different than that of the Sword Emperor of the Immortal Era, it is quite remarkable to realize that with such experience and cultivation as Lu lecturer, even if it is very shallow.

“Yeah, Dao, exists between heaven and earth, everything in heaven and earth, cannot be separated from the way, the way of carrying things, the way of carrying things...”

Listening carefully, Qin Yi couldn't help but whisper peace.


Lu lecturer's argument suddenly stopped, incredibly looking at Qin Yi in the crowd.

Around the audience, they were also looking at Qin Yi, Zhang Wang, even Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, looked at Qin Yi weirdly.

Feeling the eyes that people had fallen on themselves, Qin Yi returned to God, which realized his unconscious attachment and interrupted Lu lecturer's argument.

“I'm so sorry, Lecturer Lu, please continue. ”

Qin Yi smiled with apologies.


Instructor Lu shook his head slowly, as if to discover a new continent, that is, shocked and excited to look at Qin Yi: “I remember you. The last time I talked about the spirit feather gate, you made an impression on me. Qin Yi, you seem to be on the right path, you also have an understanding. I now invite you to come to this stage to tell us about the path that exists between heaven and earth. ”


Lu Lecturer's identity in Tianxing Province should not be lower than that of Ji Wu Tian. Now, he actually uses the word "please” for Qin Yi!

Everyone in the room, including Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, had strange faces.

In other words, there are some people. The hope of happiness and happiness turned to Qin Yi. The kid must have interrupted Lu lecturer's argument and annoyed Lu lecturer. He was just asked to go up and make an ugly statement.


Qin Yi didn't think of his unconscious interception, but he was stunned.

After all, however, he was not a twister and did not make any assumptions, but jumped onto the wooden platform.

“Oh, this kid has such a thick face that he actually went up there. ”

“Tsk, see how embarrassed he is. ”

“ …… ”

On the surrounding field, a low noise spread immediately, the ridicule was divided.

“Next, my argument is that it's going to be a little deep, so I want you all to listen carefully, or else you won't be able to understand. ”

Qin Yi said slowly.

His voice dropped and he sounded disdainful from all around.

“Hmm... he really thought he understood! ”

“Pretending to be like that. Tsk, is this face refined with the sole of your shoes? ”

“ …… ”

Even Yang Shiqi had a strange color on her face. For Qin Yi, who knew the root of her, knew that Qin Yi was practicing. She was amazed that no one had come before her, but she had never seen him involved in the passage.

“This guy, big game this time. ”

Yang Shiqi laughed helplessly. However, there was some playful psychology, but she was also a little happy in her heart. I wanted to see how Qin Yi ended up like this.

Qin Yi ignored the disdain and ridicule around him. After exhaling gently, he put his left hand, slightly urging, momentarily, in his brain, a picture of the immortal era appeared -

White clothes floating, windy sword emperor, stood there buried at the top of the sword mountain, for many Gestapo strong, Xu Xu Xu theorized, the voice, there was heaven, sounded by Qin Yi's ears...