The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 124: The Makita Challenge

The East Gate rose from the ground, grey-headed, wretched, cold sweat on the back of his spine, he had never met such a powerful opponent.

“As I said, these seedlings from Star Envoy Camp, but Lear. ”

White robe boy, smile lightly.

Yellow Robe Years continues to laugh, seems to be boring to the challenges just faced by Dongmenshi.

“Our star camp people, in your eyes, though, Earl? ”

Cold humming came, people looked, only a human figure came out, Horan is, the second star returns Huang!

The eyes of the people were slightly bright, and Huang Qi, compared to Dongmenshi, naturally went much stronger.

Huang is tall, perfectly scented all over his body, without any breakage.

“This, a little better. ”

The white robe teenager nodded slightly, but obviously did not put Huang to heart either.

“Three enemies. ”

The young man in the yellow robe, with a slight glance of yellow, said vomiting word for word.

“Alas, you always talk too directly! ”

The white robe boy sniffed and shook his head helplessly.

Three enemies!

The crowd was stunned, as strong as the second star returns Huang, but it is only the enemy of three tricks!

Huang Qi, the corner of his mouth is more violently smoked, a fire of no name, has risen from the heart, as the second star, since he is a genius in the eyes of the world, has never been so underestimated.

“Okay, I'll see how you beat me in three moves. ”

Huang returned to his tall body and burst out in a fierce manner. His speed reached its limit. He blinked and rushed into front of the young man in the yellow robe. He punched the young man in the yellow robe: “Soul sealing fist type 1! ”

Huang Qi's punching technique, just so fierce, the punching force, intuition struck out a wind, blowing the robe boy's shirt, hunting and sounding.

This punch, only the Seven Kingdoms Xuan, can't resist!

“Mediocre. ”

This punch, which fell into the eyes of the young man in the yellow robe, received such acclaim.

He slipped out in a gentle shape with a yellow fist on his face, and his skill reached the extreme.

“Die! ”

The evaluation of "Mediocre Wonder" made the temper yellow, it was so angry, the Soul Seal Fist Type 2 followed, the punch was twice as powerful as Type 1 foot, a flying sandstone.

However, Huang Qi's boxing technique was no longer useful. The difference between him and the young man in the yellow robe was too great.

Once again, the young man in the yellow robe easily avoided the punch.

Yellow robe juvenile and chase palm cut out randomly, very weird, cut into the chest of Huang Qi, Huang Qi was shocked, hurriedly burst out, dangerous and dangerous to avoid this palm.

“Soul Fist Type 3! ”

Huang Jiroaring, full of breath, as this punch punched out, all around the viewers felt a little bored in the chest, see how powerful this punch is.

“Get down! ”

The young man in the yellow robe drank cold, the big hand looked, easily grabbed Huang Guinao's hard fist, then randomly around, Huang Guinao's tall body, was pounding out, a bang fell to the ground, a standard dog eating shit posture.

It turns out... only three moves passed!

Everyone watching the battle around, one shocked so hard to attach, the star made the second ranking yellow return, in front of the young man of the yellow robe, only three moves out!

And, from the beginning to the end, the young man in the yellow robe behaved comfortably.

A teenager as young as seventeen or eight years of age has such strength that it can only be described by the word "anti-heaven”.

“It's too strong. What battalion is this? How can it be so powerful? ”

“Who the hell are they, how come I've never heard of such a powerful teenager in this starhouse before? ”

People began to speculate on the identity of the white and yellow two teenagers. The strength of the white robe teenager was unknown, but the strength of the yellow robe teenager was amazing. Even Qin Yi in the crowd had some difficulty in peace.

“You don't have to guess, the two of them, the famous disciples of the Horse of the Stars and the handed down disciples of the Horse of the Stars. ”

A voice with a distinctly exciting voice suddenly sounded.

A white shadow appeared in the sight of the people. Horan was the first star of this star camp to make Xuanyang green.

- What? - What?

This white and yellow teenager in front of me, the disciple of Starling Marquis!

Everyone stopped for a moment.

Qin Yi in the crowd, before this, did not pay too much attention to the white and yellow teenagers. Although their performance was quite astonishing, Qin Yi, however, was not a strong winner.

Now after hearing Xuanyang Qing's words, he also couldn't help but congeal himself. Turns out they are the disciples of Tianxing Hou. Incredible, the disciples of Tianxing Hou are so powerful that they defeat Huang to the north!

For a moment, Qin Yi became more and more determined in his heart that this time he must seize the opportunity to become a disciple of Tianxing Hou as much as possible.

“The wearer of the white robe is the famous disciple of Starling Horse, whose name is Lu Jingbai, and the wearer of the yellow robe, is the hand-delivered disciple of Starling Horse, whose name is Makita. ”

Everyone's hearts are clear.

Rumor has it, two years ago, Tianxing Hou received an in-laws disciple named Makita. It is said that the juvenile's qualifications are quite countervailing. Now, people finally realize the juvenile's countervailing qualifications. Just three moves, they defeat the second star of the Star Camp!

Two years ago, the stars and the 29th and 30th star envoys of the Star Camp came together, but unfortunately, they died in the line of duty.

Xuanyang Qingqing's eyes became a little hot and looked at Makita, a young man in a yellow robe, and said: “Being a disciple of the stars has always been my dream, so I am curious to know if I am qualified for this. ”

Listening to him, the white robe teenager Lu Jingbai suddenly had a deep smile, but did not speak.

“You want to challenge me? ”

Makita's divine colour, quite serious, asked verbatim.


Xuanyang nodded very frankly.

“You're a little stronger than that, and four tricks beat you. ”

Makita said.

Four tricks to beat you!

All over the field, suddenly it was loud.

What a surprise, Makita only allowed Xuanyang Qingquan!

You know, Xuanyang Qingnao, the first star of the star camp, represents the strongest power of the star camp, but in Makita's view, it takes only four moves to defeat him.

Four moves, compared to Huang Qi, is just one more move!

The corner of Xuanyang Qing's mouth smoked obscurely, and the swirling, again, restored a constant masculine appearance, the style: “Okay, please teach me more. ”

The two of them stopped saying anything and came to the scene immediately.

The strongest star of the Star Camp, against the strongest disciples of the Star Marquis, such a scene, gets people's eyes and instantly gets hot.

Qin Yi in the crowd, also slightly gazed, showed a hint of interest. He wanted to see how much difference the first star of Xuanyang Qing, the star camp, had compared to Tianxing Hou's in-laws and disciples.

“Misty! ”

Xuanyang Qing is very crisp, just a quick sip, while his whole person, suddenly became uncertain, as if he were a ghost charm, unthinkable.

His ghostly figure, suddenly, must have been a palm that was more delicate than the woman's jade hand, burst out, straight to the throat of Makita, and slashed.

“So powerful! ”

Feeling Xuanyang Qing palms of the fierce, all around the people, a shout, many of them, for the first time, saw Xuanyang Qing's hand.

“Fancy and weak. ”

Makita across the street, however, was seriously commented on. He shook lightly. The figure was much more ghostly than Xuanyang Qing's. He easily avoided Xuanyang Qing's harsh hand.

“Palm, should come out this way. ”

Makita suddenly burst forward and cut into Xuanyang Qing's heart. The palm was simple and straightforward. It looked quite casual, but between them, it cut into Xuanyang Qing's chest.

The fierce clap gave Xuanyang Qing a sudden feeling of boredom in his chest. He was surprised and hurried to retreat, dangerously and dangerously avoiding this clap of Makita.

Everyone was stunned, it was difficult to calm their hearts. The first star of the star camp actually got slapped by Makita randomly, and it forced the wolves.

Xuanyang blue-faced, he did not think that Makita would be strong like this, that is, his heart is happy again, Makita is so strong, if he became a protégé disciple of Tianjing Hou, I think it would not be far off.

“Fanghua style! ”

Xuanyang Qingqing punched out the second type, the shape became uncertain again, suddenly left and right, always not a meter from the area around the pasture, recruiting machine.

Makita's lower body is immobile, his upper body is like a Buddha's spiral, spinning at great speed, let Xuanyang Qing's style how sharp, but he can't even get his coat.

“Lingyun style! ”

Soon, Xuanyang Qing suddenly sharpened the third type, like a sword out of the sheath, his palms pressed the air around him instantly twisted.

“Take my 50% power punch. ”

Makita looked serious, smiled without words, and suddenly punched him in the palm of Xuanyang Qing's hand.


The fists touched, pounding energy fluctuated, and swung away.

Maidan tattoos don't move, shirts hunt.

Xuanyang Qing flew out of the sky, and his body's goose hair generally did not weigh a bit. He just felt a bit of blood flutter in his chest and almost a bite of blood erupted.

Just 50% of the strength, Xuanyang Qingqing flew out, the strength of Makita, can see a spot.

“Miserable! ”

Xuanyang Qing suddenly folded a strange angle and burst back into shape.

At this moment, his breath, once again radically changed, became as sharp as a blade, and even around him, on the ground, was a faint glow.

On his palms, it was more magnificent, directly turned into a large blue palm, false.

Large faithful blue palm print, suddenly completely submerged Makita.


Makita drinks lightly, and she spills all the energy in the entrance, and the male is so horrible that it makes people battle chestnuts. That big faithful green palm print suddenly crumbles and becomes worthless.

Xuanyang Qingqing flew backwards and fell flashly outside a dozen lengths. Over the corner of his mouth, there was already a trace of blood.

Everyone around me, totally stupid.

Sure enough, only four moves defeated Xuanyang Qingbei, Makita's whole person seems very relaxed, obviously hasn't done everything yet!

“Ha ha, good! ”

Xuanyang Qing, although defeated, did not lose anger, but laughed happily. After this consultation with Makita, he became more and more heartfelt about the disciple who became the star marquis.

Makita is only 17 years old, but his strength is powerful and he seems to be explaining to the world what a real genius is.

If he can become a disciple of the stars, Xuanyang Qingqing does not want to be as powerful as Makita, and only needs 80% of his strength, he will be satisfied.

For a while, Xuanyang Qing's mind was filled with fantasies.

Makita stopped looking at Xuanyang and stood there, his eyes slowly swept over the faces of the people.

When they touched Makita's eyes, many immediately revered, and their faces were full of worship and awe.

“I'm going to fight you. ”

Makita's gaze finally stopped on Qin Yi in the crowd.

- What? - What?

Everyone was stunned and their pupils were magnified, feeling the scene was extremely real.

Makita actually took the initiative to challenge Qin Yi!

This move to see Makita, even the road view next to him is like looking at Makita like a monster. Makita has always been proud. This time, he actually took the initiative to challenge Qin Yi.

You know, what Qin Yi wore on his chest was just a blue badge, a bronze star.

Qin Yi himself was also stunned. When Makita and Xuanyang were in consultation, he entered a state of emptiness. He saw Makita's strike clearly.

He found that Makita's manoeuvres were almost perfect and extremely fragile.

Makita didn't say much. He walked to Qin Yi step by step. His steps seemed to blend into nature avenue. Every step, the space around him was slightly distorted.

Feeling the power of Makita, Qin Yi frowned slightly, feeling quite tricky.