The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 127: Star Horse

“Stop arguing, life encounters, winds and clouds change. At this moment, no one can say one thing to another. ”

A faint voice came, but it was the day of the war.

His words were clearly directed at Xuanyang Qing.

Ji Xi Tian came from Xian Shi Zong, Xuanyang Qing came from Xuanyang Province, Xian Shi Zong and Xuanyang Province, it has not always been the right road, and Qin Yi is still recommended by the discipline master. Now it can be seen that Xuanyang Qing everywhere wants to suppress Qin Yi, the heart of Ji Jin Tian is naturally upset.

Xuanyang Qing shrugged her shoulders.

“Let's go. ”

After a deep look at Qin Yi, Ji Wantian turned away without further delay.

Everyone followed, and everyone's heart filled with anticipation.

There is no doubt that this is a great encounter in life. Once the star sees it, he becomes the disciple of the star, gets his finger point, and the cultivation will be rushed forward.

Soon after, Ji Wu Tian led the people to restore the grandeur, nobility and solemnity of Tianxing Mansion.

In the Tianxing Mansion, there is silence. Those who enter and leave are covered in hidden and extraordinary smells. At the very least, they are cultivated at the peak of the seventh kingdom of Gendo.


Everyone's footsteps, in the palace, thought that everyone's heart could not help but be a little nervous.

You know, this is the highest power in Starling County, one of the five kings of the Warsaw Empire.

A middle-aged man, about forty years old, sits there, his eyes softened and he feeds himself.

The middle-aged man's state-written face, the five-official body is very tall, and there is no breath all over him, just like an ordinary man, but there is a hidden and dignified feeling of invisible pressure.


Everyone's heartbeat suddenly accelerated, their breathing became a little heavy, and their eyes were filled with awe and worship, and every step under their feet had a feeling of approaching God.

Tianxing Hou, one of the five great Hou kings of the Huaxia Empire, his legendary life, the children of Starling County City, are familiar with the ears.

Around the stars, two teenagers stood, Horan, two days ago, in the pasture and road view of the Star Envoy's camp.

Road scenery is still bright, making people feel like spring wind, and Makita, still a mune, smiles unreservedly.

Lu Jingbai and Makita, both disciples of Tianxing Hou, will appear here, very normal.

“Makita was only 17 years old, but the cultivation reached the peak of the eight realms of Xuando, half a step and nine realms. Its strength was even more shocking. Four tricks defeated Xuanyang Qingbei. Such qualifications, the millennium was difficult. ”

Qin Yi sighed herself.

That road is slightly worse, but it also has the strength to easily defeat Xuanyang Qing.

In addition to this Makita and Lu Jingbai, the rarely appeared Lu lecturer also stood beside him.

Seeing Qin Yi among the people, Lu lecturer nodded his head at him, clearly passing the color of appreciation.

Ji Wu Tian took Qin Yi and others to a position about ten meters from Tianxing Hou, and stopped to salute Tianxing Hou: “Tianxing Hou Wang, these six people I brought are the top five star envoys who received battle power points in the last mission. ”


Tianxing Hou nodded slowly, the voice gave a deep feeling, as if it was ringing in the heart.

So powerful!

This “um” is the only sound that makes people's hearts feel stunned and secretly amazed. At the same time, it is also the growing expectation of this visit to the stars.

Tianxing Hou slowly opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, people suddenly had a feeling that their souls were pierced.

It's him!

Qin Yi's mind was even more powerful. His spiritual perception was much stronger than that of ordinary people. In a moment, the moment he caught the star opening his eyes, that feeling was exactly the same as the feeling of being watched that day.

“The star who came to the camp to spy on us was the star! ”

Qin Yi's mind was somewhat uneasy: “Turns out he left the gate long ago, why did he go to spy on the Star Envoy Camp? ”

“The mission, the star messengers, was indeed doing well, stronger than the mission two years ago, and the tragedy of at least two years ago did not take place. ”

Tianxing Hou's voice, Xu Xu Xu, deep eyes, swept from everyone.

Touching his eyes, everyone felt an invisible threat.

“Certainly some of you are qualified to be my disciples, Xuanyang Qing. Two years ago, I was quite fond of you, and I think that with your qualifications, I should be able to barely become my well-known disciple. ”

Tianxing Hou Chao Xuanyang nodded blue.

When Xuanyang Qingtong was happy, his heart fell like a stone, and immediately, meaning a deep glance at Qin Yi.

This time, he was finally confirmed by the stars, though only reluctantly, enough to thrill him.

Tianxing Hou receives disciples, divided into two kinds, one is an in-laws disciple, the other is a well-known disciple, such as Makita and Lu Jingbai, that is, one is a well-known disciple, and one is an in-laws disciple.

Notorious disciples, though not as good as handing down disciples, have also far surpassed ordinary people.

“Yang Shiqi, and Xiang Junruo, I think both of you are barely qualified to be my famous disciples. ”

Tianxing Hou then said to Yang Shiqi and Xiang Ruojun that day, snooping, he had mended the people, they all touched each other.

When Yang Shiqi and Xiang Ruojun heard the news, their faces also emerged with a strong color of joy.

“Dragon flame, you are the descendant of the Dragon Blood family, has no worse potential than Xuanyang, nature, and can barely become my famous disciple. ”

The stars will look deeply at the dragon flame and nod their heads for sure.

“Ha ha, that's good. ”

Dragon flames that get star confirmation, even when it's a smile.

Finally, Tianxing Hou laid his eyes on Qin Yi and Huang Qi, respectively. Huang Qi was excited and looked at Tianxing Hou with a hot eye. Qin Yi was calm.

“The qualifications of the two of you, slightly worse, did not meet the requirements to become my named disciples. ”

The star shook his head gently and his face was slightly disappointed.

- What? - What?

Starscream didn't even see himself!

When Huang went home, he lost his soul for a while and looked a little pale.

“Qin Yi. ”

Tianxing's profound Xu Xu slowly looked at Ji Wu Tian and continued: “The 15-year-old Xuan Dao 6 realm can only be regarded as relatively excellent, and what I want is absolutely excellent. ”

What a surprise, not even Qin Yi was seen. You know, this mission, his battle points, ranked first.

Everyone present stood still all at once. Even Qin Yi's death pair Xuanyang Qing accidentally opened his mouth.

In other words, his face was even prettier than that of a woman. He appeared with a strong joy. He looked at Qin Yi with some arrogance.

At this moment, the gap between him and Qin Yi pulled away.

It had long been known that there would be such an outcome, and his face slowly went down.

“I'm not being seen by the stars! ”

For such a result, Qin Yi himself was quite surprised and slightly stunned.