The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 128: Disappointment

In the last mission, the teenager who slaughtered the leader of the Eight Kingdoms of Gendoku. The whole mission came down and gained more than 200 points of kung fu, he didn't even get caught by the stars!

The results are difficult for everyone here to understand.

After being slightly stunned, Qin Yi could only smile helplessly. Before that, he tried to become a natural disciple of Tianxing Hou. He also had some confidence in this.

Who knows, it turns out like this.

However, without being seen by the star, his heart was not much saddened, even without the star's point, he believed that only through his own efforts could he be a strong man at the peak.

He must be a strong man at his peak, otherwise how can he accomplish the daunting task of bringing the gods back to power?

“Star Horse King. ”

After being stunned for a while, the Lu lecturer, who had been standing beside him, returned to God and remembered the last time Qin Yi had said, daring to say: “Are you... wrong in judgment? ”


Tianxing Hou's questionable look toward Lu Lecturer.

Lecturer Lu said: "Tianxing Hou Wang, I would like to brave my mouth. These people you mentioned are really good qualifications, but I think Qin Yi, just not worse than these people. ”

The scenario of Qin Yi's theory on that day is still in sight. A teenager as young as 15 years old is able to realize so deeply about the ways in heaven and earth. Would his qualifications be worse than those in front of him?

At that time, Lu Lecturer looked at the divine obedience, and Xu Xu said that the teenager was simply stunned. He even had the illusion that it was not a teenager as young as 15 years old, but a god!

Hearing Lu lecturer, Tianxing opened his mouth in dismay and looked at him like a monster.

He knew the nature of Lu Lecturer well. He had always been steady. He would never say more about things that did not belong to him. Now, he actually speaks for the juvenile in front of him.

Qin Yi's heart warmed and looked at Lu Lecturer with gratitude. Ji Wu Tian is also a strange light with eyes.


Tianxing Hou hesitated and even Lu Lecturer spoke for Qin Yi. He felt that there might indeed be something strange at this time.

“Yes, Tianxing Hou Wang, me and Qin Yi, came here together from the Ling Yu Gate in Phoenix. I know all about his past. His performance has shocked the whole Ling Yu Gate more than once. ”

Side by side, Yang Shiqi, has an unconditional trust in Qin Yi, and can even be called worship.

“I also believe that Qin Yi is not weaker than Xuanyang Qing. ”

Dragon flame also said that he was straight, directly comparing Qin Yi and Xuanyang Qing together, instantly causing Xuanyang Qing to laugh.

“At the age of 15, only Xuando 6 has been repaired, which has explained everything. I think Qin Yi's qualifications are ordinary. ”

Makita, who had never spoken, suddenly threw up word for word. He glanced at Qin Yi casually, but in his eyes, he hid the colour of a playful taste.

Downhole stone!

Qin Yi frowned slightly and his mind rose to defilement.

This man is a strong winner, he must be rewarded!

“Makita's right. ”

Tianxing Hou's eyebrows lifted slightly and looked at Makita with admiration. Makita was his only biological disciple, and almost all his heart and blood were poured into him.

There is a distinct distinction between passing on a disciple and a well-known disciple. Passing on a disciple, Tianxing Hou tends to cultivate, and a well-known disciple, he usually points at one or two.

But even just pointing one or two points, with celestial power, can radically change a person's destiny.

“Qin Yi, I know that you have performed quite well in this task, but I must tell you that the cultivation path is divided into three stages, laying the foundation, middle, wind and cloud. And Gendo 9, essentially, is just a foundational process. It can even be an entrance stage. Above Gendo 9, there are Patriarch 9, Patriarch 9, which can only be counted as mediocre. Above Patriarch 9, there are Patriarch 9, which is the realm of authentic scolding. Therefore, in the founding stage of Gendo 9, even if your strength is stronger, there is no reference significance. If you do not have the potential to break through the pagoda, even the imperial pagoda, it is also like a floating cloud ant, not to mention. ”

The star's thick voice echoed in the hall, striking directly at the heart. He did not deliberately emit any breath, but had an incredibly high rhythm height.

All of the people in the Temple are aware of this remark by the stars. There is a sense of immediacy and openness. At the same time, some of them seem to understand nothing.

“The younger generation dares to ask, in the nine realms of Gendo, if strength does not have reference, what does it take to have reference? ”

Soft voice sounded, it was Yang Shiqi, respectfully asked the star Hou.

“Good question. ”

Tianxing Hou looked at Yang Shiqi appreciatively and added a few points to the impression of this beautiful girl. He said to Yan Yuechuang: “In the 9 realms of Gendo, strength is not important. What is important is how far a person can go in the future. ”

How far we can go in the future!

People suddenly realize that giants like the Horse of the Stars are not ordinary people who can reach them.

For example, a person's strength is stronger. If he cannot break through the Xuan Dao, and enter the Patriarchate or even the Imperial Dao, there is no cultivation value.

In other words, the Horse of the Stars sees the inherent potential of all of you present at a glance, so the Horse of the Stars does not value the strength of this stage.

In other words, Qin Yi was 15 years old, only Xuando 6 was repaired. He felt that his qualitative potential was very limited. Even if he was super powerful at this stage, it was only temporary, and he couldn't go very far.

“Having said that, you guys need to do some testing to really determine what your real qualification potential is. And the test date is set to be ten days from now. Now, you will all go to the Star Camp and come back here in ten days. ”

The stars faintly said.

Everyone has left Starling House.

“Qin Yi, as I said before, Tianxing Hou Wang will tell you between us, who is strong and who is weak? ”

Xuanyang Qingyi looked at Qin Yi and smiled. Now he looks at Qin Yi's eyes and has become somewhat overwhelmed. Now he, basically, is a few disciples of Tianxing Hou.

Qin Yi, however, is an ordinary star who has no prospect of being abandoned by the stars.

Qin Yi smiled and did not argue, it was unnecessary.

Honestly, his ultimate aspiration, not in Tianxing Mansion, is to shoulder the burden.

“Although strength is unimportant in the Nine Realms of Gendo, the battle between us, hopefully, will not change as a result. ”

Xuanyang Qing continued.

“Always be with me. ”

With a slight frown, Qin Yi is the departure of the big step meteor.

It is inconceivable that Qin Yi, who has been arrogant to his peers from Ling Yumen to Tianxing Mansion, has not been seen by Tianxing Hou. This is incomprehensible in the eyes of many.

Especially the three lecturers Yang Shiqi, Ji Wuentian and Lu. This is even more difficult to accept. The three of them, who know Qin Yi very well, definitely use the word "evil”, is not enough to describe Qin Yi.

But such an extraordinary teenager is not perceived by the stars.

Although my ultimate aspiration is not in Tianxing Province, this result still makes Qin Yi, slightly depressed.

“Qin Yi, before the test day, everything, is still a variable, so you don't have to be too pessimistic, maybe things will change. ”

On this day, Ji Wun Tian found Qin Yi, consoling him.

Rumor has it, Qin Yi's gaze was slightly bright. He had given up on the matter completely. At this time, he couldn't help but raise a little hope in his heart.

“Actually, even if you didn't pass the test that day, you don't have to worry too much. ”

Discipline Day continues.


Ji Wu Tian actually said that to himself!

Qin Yi looked at him slightly surprised.

“If you really want to make yourself strong, you shouldn't just look at Tianxingfu, Tianxingfu, it's not really much, it's really powerful power, it's all countries. ”

“The League of Nations? ”

Qin Yimi, this is the first time he has heard of the name.


The discipline war nodded: “The alliance of nations, above the royal palace, even above the imperial court, it is the alliance of nations, the Monstrous Mountains, spanning the seven kingdoms, including the Huaxia Empire, the Moon God, etc. The alliance of the seven kingdoms, called the Magic Fairy Trail, if you can enter the Magic Fairy Trail, get the points of the high people there, the cultivation will be rapid. ”

Magic Wonder Trail?

What a strange name.

Qin Yi's heart raised a hint of the wings.

Now, Qin Yi already has some hidden knowledge of the power of the Kyushu mainland, it should be a “gold” tower, the Holy See of Kyushu, the highest power of the Kyushu mainland, at the top of the pyramid, beneath the Holy See of Kyushu, should be the alliance of nations like the miracle fairy tracks.

In Kyushu mainland, alliances such as the Magic Fairy Trail, there must be many more than just one Magic Fairy Trail.

The Alliance of Nations is undoubtedly the court of nations.

The imperial court of nations, naturally, has jurisdiction over the Hou province, such as Tianxing province.

Beneath the Hou Dynasty are such forces as the Phoenix Ling Yumen, the Immortal Sect and the Xuanyang Dynasty.

These forces go on, just like those little forces in Greenwater.

After cleaning up the distribution of power in the Kyushu mainland, Qin Yi had a clearer direction on his way back. Now he, in the Star Embassy Camp in Tianxing Mansion, is going to enter the Kyushu Holy See. He is afraid to find a way to enter the magic fairy trail first, then the magic fairy trail as a springboard, and jump to the Kyushu Holy See.

“As a matter of fact, the Horse of the Stars searches everywhere for genius and is said to want to fulfill a wish that he cannot fulfill himself. ”

The topic of discipline day is not over, continue.

“Want to fulfill a wish he can't fulfill himself? ”