The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 130: Makita's Power

“It has been reported that this time the number of beasts is enormous, forming a huge tidal beast, the tidal beast is moving very fast and has destroyed several villages and towns. ”

The face of the anonymous old man is a little heavy.

A tidal beast?

Everyone in the room blinked in dismay.

“Don't worry too much, Starling County has sent troops to intercept these murderous beasts, but they don't seem to have enough men, and this time, they are grinding you up, so Starling has ordered you to go to support the army in hunting the murderers. And the number of battle power points, like the last time you surrounded the boulder, is calculated. ”

The anonymous old man said.

You got a battle point?

Everyone in this room was delighted by their faces.

Hunting killer beasts not only improves strength, excites potential, but also earns battle power points. Why not?

Of all the people, the happiest is naturally going to count the dragonflies. Dragon flames come from the ancient family of warrior dragons. They are very irrevocable warriors and can only grow in battle.

It is said that after his last mission to encircle Liuko, his cultivation broke into the late realm of Gendo 7.

Just as the anonymous elderly announced this mission to the star envoys.


Over Starling County, suddenly there was a sharp scream that almost punctured the eardrums of people.

“What do you mean, the beast has already killed Starling County? ”

Qin Yi Jiaomei.

Others, too, heard the cry, and they couldn't help but change colors, and for a moment, they were standing there staring at each other.


Qin Yi prompted his left hand and instantly entered the left-hand-made state of emptiness.

Seeing a picture, five miles away in the sky, a pair of wings spread, dozens of large blood birds, burst towards this place, the momentum is huge, although not as powerful as the last time Qin Yi encountered the ancient spiritual beast barbaric, but not much different.

To be exact, it was a bloody giant eagle with wings straight up to thirty feet. The eagle's mouth was like a sword, and the claws were half the size of a house. There was no doubt about it. If an ordinary person was caught by one of them, he would have died instantly.


The sound of a big bloody bird rushed straight into the sky, over the sky, clouds flickered, ordinary people beneath, internal blood gas shook, ear holes bled.

“No, that's a bloodhawk flying out of the Devil's Wind Mountains, brutal, extremely fast flying, extremely combative, known as the ‘King of the Skies’. ”

In Starling County, a master recognized the origin of the bloody eagle, shocked and filled with despair on his face.

The Blood Eagle, almost the highest beast, is almost as powerful as the Great Xuan Master at the Peak.

“Pfft -”

The Blood Eagle swept through the walls with one wing and two giant claws.


A scream.

In an instant, several guards of the city were captured with blurred flesh and several huge blood holes in their bodies. The rest of you look frightened and pale.

“Archers, come on, prepare the bow and arrow, shoot that bastard down! ”

Ultimately, the leader of the city guard is a better psychological quality, trembling loudly.

In the tower of arrows above the walls, the disillusioned soldiers returned to God, shooting the feather arrow at the bloody eagle.

“Tinker Bell...”

The feathers of the bloodhawk were incredibly hard, and the feather arrow of that branch fired on it, firing a flame of stars, not even a penny of it.

The Blood Eagle is like the Great Xuan Master of the Nine Kingdoms, ordinary feather arrows, so how can you get it?

Seeing this situation, the soldiers suddenly felt cold and bitter.

“Let me do it! ”

An angry drink came.


When he saw a figure, he didn't know where he was coming from, and he burst into the bloodhawk, and that one rushed to the front of the bloodhawk and fought the bloodhawk in the air.

Finally, there's a master of Gendo.

Seeing the scene, all the soldiers breathed out a long breath.

“Eh, the visitor is a teenager! ”

On the ground, someone saw clearly what the visitor looked like and shouted out.

A teenager who fights a bloodhawk at the peak of Xuando 9? Such a scenario makes people feel as unreal as a dream.

Nice, the visitor is a teenager, not 20 years old, body in front of the blood eagle, in sharp contrast to its huge body, the scene can not find a sense of coordination.

Nevertheless, the young man was given an extraordinary momentum.


In the teenager's eyes, he was burning wildly warlike, very crisp, his body burst forward, waved his palms towards the blood eagle, a huge palm formed of a powerful blade, how wide is his feet, towards the blood eagle, and went hard.


Huge powerful blade, almost to the limit, that one cut on the blood eagle, “shudder” sound, cut off the roots of the blood eagle's unbeatable blood feather, directly on its body, leaving a huge wound, blood spilled.

Just one slap will cut the blood hawk as tough as it is!

The people below, staring at each other, shocked their hearts hard to attach.

“Who is this teenager? How can you have such a powerful power? Less than 20. This is evil! ”

Some have begun to wonder what happens to teenagers who cut blood hawks in the air.

Not far from Tianxing Fuxing Camp, Qin Yi, who has entered the state of the sky, clearly saw the appearance of the juvenile.

Looking at the juvenile's face with seriousness and Mune's expression, Qin Yi opened his mouth with some surprise: “I can't believe it... it's him! ”

That's right, this teenager, is the real disciple of Starling Horse, Makita.


Makita drank cold and fought with the giant Bloodhawk.

He breathed a powerful breath of chestnuts, and his body reached its finest point. His palms, moreover, swung into huge blades, chopped towards the blood eagle.

Although the strength of the Blood Eagle is comparable to the peak of the Nine Realms of Xuando, in front of Makita, the wind still dominates, the appearance is overwhelming, the sword-like mouth, and the sharp giant claws do not play a role at all, which is suppressed by the death of Makita.


The Blood Eagle finally grabbed a claw on the back of the pasture.

However, only a few extracutaneous injuries were found on Makita.

“This… is the true strength of Makita. ”

Qin Yi was intimately surprised: “It really is the natural disciple of Tianxing Hou, such a physical defense, with the second formula of my now" Tianjin Seven ", it is probably difficult to seriously traumatize it. ”

The People's Eagle War in the sky, constantly moving, soon came over the Star Envoy Camp.

“My God, it's Makita! ”

Everyone on the ground, who saw the teenager in the Battle of the Bloodhawk, was shocked and hard to attach. They can't believe that Makita has crossed such a field and is able to suppress the death of all the blood hawks and take advantage of the wind.

Even the anonymous old man, the old man's face, glistened through a shattering color.

The Eagle War in the air, it didn't last long.

Under the absolute repression of Makita, the blood hawk is extremely wolfish, one without paying attention is cut off a wing by the palm of Makita.


While the Blood Eagle screamed, Makita went up against the sky and instantly grabbed its two claws, pulling hard.


Blood hawks were torn directly into two valves, and the blood rains swept down like rain.


Hands in hand, tear a premium beast into two flaps!

Everyone watching the war on the ground, including Qin Yi, was completely fooled by this scene. Even the anonymous old man was severely stunned.

Makita landed from the air, covered in blood of a blood hawk, and the whole man was as sharp as a sword.

He walked towards the crowd step by step, and every step he took, the space around him was slightly distorted.

At this moment, there is a delusion in everyone's mind that comes not from a teenager, but from the ancient age of immortality.

“The anonymous old man, me and Brother Lu, together with the star envoys of the Star Embassy Camp, will resist the tidal beasts that appear in Namo. ”

Makita explained her intentions. She was serious and laughed.

“Very good.”

The anonymous old man turned back to God and still had some shock in his eyes: “It is indeed true that it is the handed down disciple of the Hou Wang of Tianxing. I am quite surprised by the strength you have just shown. ”

Makita glanced at Qin Yi in the crowd with an eye angle and said seriously: “I have the strength of today, not surprisingly, because I am the teacher who personally pointed to practice, and the teacher has poured almost all my heart and blood on me. A person, with enough potential, can create any miracle, and if there is not enough potential, then any torment is useless. ”

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi frowned slightly when he touched Makita's gaze.

Makita's words are obviously ironic that his potential is inferior and not favored by the stars.

“Makita, do you feel invincible as a natural disciple of the stars? I think Qin Yi's potential is much better than yours. ”

A welcome voice came.

Everyone looked at Yang Shiqi with an icy face and looked at Makita with great dissatisfaction.

Is the girl out of her mind? How dare you say that to Makita!

Everyone was stunned and sucked in the cool air.

Looking at Yang Shiqi's fine frosted face, Qin Yi's heart suddenly surged an emotion never before. In order to defend herself, dare to resent Makita so angrily, she is the only one in the world.

Makita stunned, paused, vomited, "You said that Qin Yi's potential is stronger than mine, Yang Shiqi, don't you think this is a funny joke? I don't need to argue with you on this question. Five days from now, it will be the date of the potential test for both of you. Qin Yi's potential is high or low, and then you will know. ”

“Whether my potential is high or low, I will be able to surpass you in the future. ”

A faint voice, slowly coming.

A teenager as young as 15, standing there like a spear.

Beyond Makita!

That's insane. What a big breath!

Once again, everyone was stunned. Looking at Qin Yi's eyes, it was incredibly complicated, incredible, shocking, admirable, disdainful...