The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 132: Waging War

Huaxia Empire, on the outskirts of Starling County, bordered by Devil's Wind Mountain, the flock of beasts is trendy.

Tianxing Province dispatches a large number of troops and fighters, who are fiercely fighting with the herd here, blocking the death of the herd here, and preventing the herd from rushing into Starling County City.

And the twenty-nine star envoys of Starling House Camp, as well as the two disciples of Starling House, Makita and Road View Hundred, are also embedded in the army, which assists the army to guard Starling County.

The wild beasts and humans in the mountains are killing each other wildly.

In this frantic slaughter, some people have shown strong strength. Even the more fearful high-ranking beasts are quite casual, such as the stars that make Shadow's first star make Xuanyang Qing.

Once he attacked the white clothes, dressed him as if the upper realm had come here as a cactus, drifting out of the dust, even the figure of the slayer was full of beauty.

But his attack was quite sharp, as long as it wasn't too powerful a vicious beast, basically, he couldn't get out of Type 4.

However, Xuanyang Qingqing's performance, although stunning, is still much worse than that of Makita and Lujing Hundreds.

As disciples of Uranus, their fighting power, even in the whole army, is extremely poignant, and some of the great generals are complacent.

At this time, they, like two swords, plunged heavily into the herd of beasts, thundered, easily harvested the beast.

Normally, even some horrible beasts comparable to the Great Xuan Master of the Nine Kingdoms could not escape in the hands of Makita.

However, the performance of Xuanyang Qing, Makita and Lu Jingbai is quite bleak compared to the trident combination of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan.

“Hee-hee, this war of beasts is a lot of fun. ”

The face of Yang Shiqina, who leaned toward the city, became quite tempting due to the excitement.

From the outbreak of the Battle of Man and Beast to the present, their three battle points have accumulated more than 200 points, not to mention the top 29 stars of the Star Envoy Shadow, even in the entire army.

Without a doubt, they will be so strong and Qin Yi plays a key role.

He was always in a state of emptiness, and all the dynamics around him, he could easily perceive, where there were many beasts, where the beasts were good to kill, they killed wherever they went, and the whole process was bloodthirsty.

“Around two miles to the left, there are seven premium beasts, approximately comparable in strength to Gendo level 7, are you two confident to harvest them? ”

Qin Yi stopped under a big tree and said to Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame.

“Confident! ”

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, while nodding excitedly, full of confidence.

Kill a fierce beast with the same strength as the Great Xuan Master of Xuando 7, and gain 4 points of battle power, 7 heads, and 28 points of battle power.

Such battle power points are enough to spare Yang Shiqi and Long Yan.

“Ok, the way to strike is the same, Sister Yang is responsible for putting them there, me and Dragonflame are responsible for killing them. ”

Qin Yi commanded.

“No problem. ”

Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame answered aloud.


Qin Yi was very decisive. When he led Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, he burst into a position about two miles to the left.

Not long ago, they showed up at the destination.

Not far ahead, seven premium beasts, two swordtooth tigers, two white wolves, and three snow leopards.

Seven high-ranking vicious beasts, each of them huge in size, full of intense violence, especially those two sword-toothed tigers, two fangs in their mouths, as if they were swords of Lee, even the thick tree of the bucket, can definitely be bitten in one bite.

“Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho!” “Ho! ” ……

Seven advanced vicious beasts found Qin Yi and three of them. They immediately yelled at each other and burst into the three of them. That speed was extremely fast, bringing a wind.

Between them, seven high-ranking beasts rushed to Qin Yi within ten meters of the three of them.

“Do it! ”

Qin Yi had a cold drink, and Junyi's little face was killing her. She smelled like a chestnut. She led Yang Shiqi and Long Yan and quickly greeted them.

“Long River Fall Day 3 - Long River Silence! ”

Yang Shiqi Na's delicate torso burst into flames, like a dragon going out to sea, the red “long river sunset” filled with brimstone, towards seven wildly murdered high-ranking beasts, grinding.


The rainbow swept through the sky, and the wind whistled.

In the blink of an eye, that wide legged, two-legged "Long River Sunset," crushed on the top three leopards and a white Wolf King.

With this powerful blow, Yang Shiqi couldn't resist the four high-ranking beasts and was instantly cut to the ground.

“Hopper Fist! ”

“Dragon warfare! ”

The degree of acquiescence between Qin Yi and Dragon Flame has long been impeccable. The two seized the opportunity, while the four advanced beasts fell, the double burst out.



Long gun of Dragonflame and Qin Yi's fist, at the same time hit a high level beast, Long gun of Dragonflame directly through that high level beast hole.

Qin Yi's punch seemed to have penetrated the heavens and the earth, blowing the other high-ranking white wolf out more than ten long distances. In the body of the white wolf, a crackling sound of broken bones suddenly appeared, falling to the ground and dying of qi.


After one blow, Qin Yi and Long Yan turned their backs and slaughtered the other two fallen high-level beasts without even looking at them.



Exactly the same kill technique, easily killing the other two premium Wesen.

The remaining two sawtooth tigers, as well as a snow leopard, saw Qin Yi three such sharp means of killing, that huge body, obviously a chestnut.

It's horrible!

Two swordtooth tigers and a snow leopard, where there is still a little heart of love, running without turning back.

“Sister Yang, attack! ”

Qin Yi coldly commanded, his eyes were full of killing.

He could have complimented his father, caught up with one of the sawtooth tigers and killed him instantly, but instead of doing so, he ordered Yang Shiqi to do it.

Because it's not his job.

To cultivate perfect acquiescence, any action must be carried out in strict accordance with pre-arranged procedures.

Without her, he said more, Qin Yi had already burst out, the red light flashed between the two ratios, the huge “long river sunset”, sweeping across the remaining three senior vicious beasts.


That enormous power, even strong as a swordtooth tiger, cannot resist. Two swordtooth tigers and a snow leopard were crushed by Yang Shiqi.

Exactly the pattern before replication, Qin Yi and Long Yan double-jumped up and hit the high-ranking vicious beast that fell on three heads.

7 Premium Wesen, from launching an attack to killing them all, it's only about 10 breaths away!

“Tsk, the combination of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan is really impressive. ”

Looking at the sharp composition of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan, Ji Zhentian smashed his mouth, his face had a hidden joy color.

“Yes, the performance of the three stars was amazing, much better than that of the first. ”

The anonymous old man beside him, also exclaimed, was such a sharp combination that he had never seen it before, in Starling House, it was a miracle.


A loud voice, not knowing where, burst into the face of the Chronicles of War and the unknown old man.

The visitor was about forty years old, the face of the State, the five official, the breath completely converged, did not emit a slight breath, but it gave an invisible pressure, some could not breathe.

“Starscream, how did you get here? ”

The man in front of him, Ji Wu Tian and the unknown old man shook at the same time and rushed to salute him.

That's right, the man who came here is the star gods of the star goddess.

“As a Hou Wang on one side, I have two tasks, one to save the lives of the people of Starling County City, and the other to benefit the people of Starling County City. Now that the herd of beasts is attacking, threatening the lives of the people of Starling County City, how can I be alone? ”

Tianxing Hou looked upright and slowly turned around, looking at the fierce slaughter across the mountain.

When his eyes touched the killing ground, the trident composed of Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Dragon Flame, his silent eyes lit slightly.

For a moment, he turned around and asked the anonymous old man, "Yes, five old men, the stars of the Star Envoy Battalion, have come this time to assist the army in intercepting the herd of beasts, also have counted the number of battle points? ”

“Yes, everything was done in accordance with your orders. ”

The anonymous old man answered honestly: "And the distribution of battle points is similar to the previous task. ”


Tianxing Hou nodded slowly and asked casually: "How are their battle points at present? Tell me about it. I want to know about their fighting power. ”

“At present, the first star brings Xuanyang Qing, and the battle power score is 154 points. The second star returns Huang, battle power is 120 points. The third star makes Xiang Junru, the battle score is 148 points...”

The anonymous old man earnestly reported: "Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi and Long Yan have battle power points of 290 points, 270 points and 264 points respectively... Makita and Lu Jingbai have battle power points of 276 points and 254 points respectively..."

“Oh, I see. ”

Tianjing nodded softly and continued to look away into the fierce slaughter in the distance.


He seemed suddenly to realize something, his eyes slightly lit: “What are you talking about? Qin Yi currently has 290 kung fu points and Makita has 268 kung fu points? ”

Qin Yi has more points than Makita?


Anonymous old man nods.

The stars stood still and their faces sank.

Qin Yi actually outperformed Makita by 22 points, which greatly exceeded his expectations. Qin Yi's fighting power was actually stronger than Makita's.

You know, Makita is a disciple he has carefully cultivated, and even carries one of his wishes, but his fighting power is not as good as Qin Yi, who has not always looked good!