The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 133: Softness in the Danger

“Qin Yi's fighting power is really surprising, but unfortunately his qualifications are a bit poor and he is not destined to go far. ”

The stars sighed softly, without regret.

Hearing him say this, discipline and the unknown old man looked at each other and looked at each other helplessly.

The great army sent by Hou Fu is not only well trained, but also a brave battle that has been steadily gaining ground since the outbreak of the Great War.

Over time, the number of herds was finally cut down a little bit.

The war lasted for more than two hours, and the herd of beasts had been wiped out for much of the time, unable to form a climate.


At some point.

A sudden roar came from afar, followed by a huge explosion of shadows, fast to the limit, between which rushed into the armies of mankind.

“The ancient spiritual beast is barbaric! ”

As soon as this huge thing appeared, many people recognized it, and suddenly it was a big disappointment with a pale face.

Exactly. It's a brutal ancient spirit!

The ancient spiritual beast on this head was brutally covered in golden light, and his body was a few points bigger than the last time Qin Yi was in the depths of Mount Devil's Wind, and the ancient spiritual beast on that face was brutal.

The ancient spiritual beast is an unknown bird, born with only one wing, one eye, once the two are merged into a complete bird, there will be disaster.

The ancient spiritual beast rushed into the ranks of mankind and immediately started a bloody storm, which was simply not resistant by ordinary warriors.


The ancient spiritual beast had a rather huge flat mouth, striving to peck, and directly pecked four or five soldiers into meat mud.

Without waiting for the people to come back to God, his two sharp claws grabbed randomly, winking and catching several soldiers into a bloody mist.

Boom! Boom! ”

The ancient spiritual beast was barbaric and pervasive, killing and killing in the army of mankind, and the mouth claws were used together. In just a moment, dozens of human soldiers were killed.

All of them, scared by the scene, pale, trembling and forgetting the attack for a moment.

The army leader returned to God and shouted, “Archer, where is the archer? Quick, shoot him! ”

Dozens of archers appeared and hurried to open the bow and build the arrow, shooting the feather arrow at the ancient spiritual beast.

Shh! Shh!

Feather arrows are like locust swarms with sharp voices.


That feather arrow fired on the barbaric body of the Upper Spirit Beast, but it was as if it had been fired on metal, sending a spark.

How did that happen?

What kind of defense is this?

The crowd suddenly looked at each other silly.


The ancient spiritual beast was brutally angry, the sound shook people's hearts, almost pierced the eardrum, its huge body quickly rushed towards the team of bows and arrows, claws grabbed, more than a dozen archers even hummed and hummed the future, was caught as blood fog.


The ancient spiritual beast brutally single-eyed, with a marvellous raging colour, burst towards the commander of the army.

“No, save President Yuan! ”

From afar, he shouted for the stars, went tall, quickly plundered away, and saw a pounding smell.

Behind us, the days of the war and the nobody dares to be a bit lazy, but it is also a rush to keep up.

However, unfortunately, they were thousands of meters away from President Yuan. Even if he was faster, he could not save him. The ancient spiritual beast was barbaric, and that room rushed into front of President Yuan.

However, the animal was not in a hurry to attack President Yuan. However, in one eye, it burned a fiery rage and pushed him one step at a time. Obviously, he hated the president of this organization, the human army, who harvested the herd.

“Save President Yuan! ”

Soldiers and samurai around them were shocked, but no one dared to rush forward. The ancient spiritual beasts were too strong to be seen. They could be extinguished in one mouth!

Shh! Shh!

Feather arrows were fired in all directions, but with the exception of a spark that was fired on the barbaric body of an ancient spiritual beast, they had no effect at all.

“Stay away from me! ”

Looking at the fiery anger burning in one eye, the ancient spiritual beast, forced step by step, was barbaric. President Yuan was full of chestnuts. He was utterly desperate and constantly retreating.

The ancient spiritual beast has a very large body, in stark contrast to President Yuan.

The ancient spiritual beast barely could have listened to him, still pushed him step by step, looking angrily at the culprit.

“President Yuan! ”

Soldiers and fighters around them were frightened, but there was nothing they could do.


It suddenly burst into fury, rushing towards President Yuan, huge flat mouth, toward President Yuan.

A sense of powerlessness appeared in President Yuan's heart. Suddenly his eyes closed and he smiled bitterly.

“President Yuan! ”

The distant stars stared at each other, heartbroken.

President Yuan, that was cultivated by the Tianxing Mansion. He was not weak. He also had great experience in combat. How could he be willing to watch him die in the brutal flat mouth of the ancient spiritual beast?

However, at this time, a strange scene appeared, only over President Yuan's head, and suddenly a huge, golden fingerprint appeared.


The golden hand print was quickly photographed, right under the brutal flat mouth of the Upper Ancient Spirit Beast. One hand grabbed President Yuan and threw him out.

It was too risky, just one line away, President Yuan died on the brutal flat mouth of the Upper Gu Ling Beast.


The ancient spiritual beast's brutal giant flat mouth pecked an empty hole.

President Yuan escaped from his death, lost his soul and stunned there. He was already sweating cold on his spinal bones.

Tianxing suddenly stopped and vomited. It would be a shame if President Yuan were to be brutally killed by the Shanggu Ling Beast.


“Golden Glow Palm Print? ”

All of a sudden, Tianxing Hou frowned and remembered the amazing palm print that had just saved President Yuan. It was no surprise to his mind that the army was so talented that it could directly turn palm power into a golden palm print.

Even he had never seen such a marvellous work before!

“So talented, so deep in the army, who is this man? I'm interested to know. ”

Tianjing's face slowly emerged with fanaticism.

His eyes curled with anticipation, looking at the shadow that had burst from afar.

The shadow arrived so fast that he just blinked and rushed to the side of President Yuan, who was behind him.

“... it's him! ”

When he saw the man's face clearly, Tianhou opened his mouth in dismay.

It was too unexpected, striking a stamp of amazing gold and light, and rescuing President Yuan under the brutal mouth of the Upper Ancient Spirit Beast would actually be Qin Yi!

For a moment, the star fell into contemplation, and his tall body stood there, like a statue, motionless.

Behind him, the racing discipline and the unnamed old man looked at the sharp young man like a sheathed sword. The divine colors of both were extremely complicated, stunned, shocked, incredible...

“President Yuan! ”

At the slaughterhouse ahead, the soldiers saw President Yuan escape, all cheering, spinning, all excitedly looking to Qin Yi.

President Yuan, usually in the army deeply human heart, at this moment, we see Qin Yi, rescued him from the brutal flat mouth of the Upper Ancient Spirit Beast. All the soldiers are grateful for Qin Yi.

“Young man, you're good! ”

There were a number of soldiers who directly raised their thumbs to Qin Yi.

The distant stars, looking at such a scene, are incredibly complex.

“This ancient spiritual beast is horrible. Play the help signal! ”

On the battlefield, President Yuan returned to God from the shock. After a grateful glance at Qin Yi, he drank a loud drink.


The ancient spiritual beast was too horrible to be lazy at all. Even when there were soldiers, a gorgeous flare was placed at high altitude.

With the release of this flare, there are a lot of soldiers and fighters in the distance, towards this very fast speed, which would have included Makita and Road View Hundred people.


Failing to brutally kill the ancient spiritual beast, Yuan shouted furiously and turned his head toward Qin Yi, apparently angry at Qin Yi as a rescuer.

Looks like the ancient spiritual beast barbaric that one-eyed fierce rage, Qin Yi clamored badly: “Oh no, this beast is after me. ”


At the next moment, the ancient spiritual beast's brutal and huge body suddenly emitted a strong violent atmosphere, rushing toward Qin Yi, fast to the extreme speed.

“Qin Yi! ”

Feeling the brutal strength of the ancient spiritual beast, Yang Shiqi next to Qin Yi was shocked. Instinctively, he rushed to Qin Yi and protected him behind him.

Her glassy eyes looked vigilantly at the burst of the ancient spiritual beast barbaric, and the “long river sunset” in her hand filled with Xuan qi, like a red Gestapo sword, lying on her chest: “Qin Yi, get back, let me deal with this ancient beast. ”

Looking at Yang Shiqi's beautiful back, Qin Yi's heart suddenly burst with endless warmth. In this world, she is the only one who will be so desperate to protect himself.

“Sister Yang...”

Qin Yi's throat was a little stiff. He grabbed Yang Shiqi's delicate shoulders and gently called out.

Yang Shiqi looked back subconsciously and saw Qin Yi's slightly wet eyes, looking deeply at herself, her heart trembling slightly: “Why... do you seem to be crying? ”

“No, it's just that the ancient spiritual beast was so fast, it brought the wind, and the wind blew sand into his eyes. ”

Qin Yi rubbed his eyes.


After a while, Yang Shiqi stared at Qin Yi Junyi's face and suddenly burst into Qin Yi's arms: “Fool...”

Qin Yi held Yang Shiqi's soft delicate body tightly, seemed to want to put her into his body. At this moment, he did not see the ancient spiritual beast barbaric, there was no large-scale madness to kill.

In his eyes, only his own Master Yang.


The ancient spiritual beast was brutally angry, and the voice went straight to the sky, huge body, towards the pair of people tightly held together in front, and burst away.

“Bastard, bullying the weak is nothing. I am your opponent. ”

A cold voice came, it was Makita. He rushed to Yang Shiqi and Qin Yi and quickly greeted the ancient spiritual beast barbaric.


Makita's fists hit hard on the brutal flat mouth of the Upper Ancient Spirit Beast, tremendous resilience, brutal Makita and the Upper Ancient Spirit Beast, while shocking out.

Fighting the brutal flat mouth of an ancient spiritual beast with a fist!

How powerful!

Everyone stared.

Qin Yi also stunned to open his mouth. There was some calm in his heart. Makita's performance exceeded his expectations, although it was less than the girl in the red robe he had met in the depths of Mount Devil's Wind.

“Death to the animals! ”

Makita's body quickly settled down and rushed back to greet the ancient spiritual beast once again.

One beast at a time, we fought together.

Makita breathed a powerful atmosphere of war chestnuts, her body was subtle to the extreme. Between the palms waved, forming a huge blade of strength, brutal toward the ancient spiritual beast, and chopped off.

These powerful blades are much stronger than the feather arrows fired by the archers. In a moment, they left a huge wound on the barbaric body of the Upper Spirit Beast, each of which is deeply visible.

Just for a moment, the ancient spiritual beast was brutally killed all over his body, blood drip and answer dropped, becoming a real bloodbird!