The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 138: Arts and Crafts Everyone Runs

Above the sky, the demon's corpse spits a drop of demonic blood, which first only a little bit, then quickly expands, and between winks, it becomes heavenly.

Endless demonic bloodshed and cloaking the day.

Qin Yi raised his head and looked over the sky. That demonic blood poured over the sky. It shook the extreme point. A drop of demonic blood instantly became a cover of heaven. What is this all about?

In the past, he practiced "The Art of Return of Life", which led to heartbeat coming from his left hand. He thought that the demon sealed in his left hand was resurrected. For example, today the demon's body rushed out of his left hand and floated in the void, but still had no breath of life. Instead, he spit a drop of demonic blood out of his mouth.

So, is he resurrected or is he not resurrected?

Or, just a drop of blood?

The raging demonic blood in the sky is constantly changing, distorting, dispersing and agglomerating.

In the blink of an eye, that monstrous blood turned into a few words.

“The arts and crafts are crawling! ”

Seven large words composed of demonic blood, quietly hovering over the sky, the bloodshed reflected the earth in red, amazing, mysterious, atmospheric, bloody.

With the formation of these seven large words, a strong and ancient atmosphere descended, as if time and space were reversing at this moment and returning to the immortal years.

The arts and crafts are crawling!

Such a tone is too big.

Beneath those seven giant bloodlines, constant images emerge, countless Gestapo strong people kill each other, all kinds of Gestapo display, all kinds of ungodly soldiers, grinding the mountain rivers of the earth.

These images continue to emerge empty-handed into those seven giant bloodlets.

“This is the image of the Battle of Destruction! ”

Qin Yi's heart was difficult to calm down. Incredible. The battle scene of the World War Endless Years ago would actually be reflected in these seven huge words of blood, and he was fortunate to see it.

He tried to see if there were Kyushu King, Sword Emperor, Dalong Emperor, Time Emperor and other Gestapo among those images, but unfortunately they disappeared too quickly for him to see clearly.

“Arts and crafts are crawling, isn't it the strong of the Immortal Age, a hint to the later generations? Or is the appearance of these seven words a sign in itself? ”

Qin Yi frowned and made such a guess in his heart.

The Immortal Age was too mysterious. The gods of that period, by all means, were incredibly thought-provoking. As the one who was entrusted by the King of Kyushu to preside over the Kyushu mainland, he had to make this guess.

He could not speculate on the will of the immortal creatures, but at this moment, seeing these seven blood words, Qin Yi's heart is full of unknown hunches.

Seven large words formed by demonic blood, quietly floating in the void as wide as a thousand, powerful pressure, the top of Mount Yuratai, unbearable.

How powerful could an ancient celestial demon, with just one drop of the blood of an endless number of years ago, be to endure worship?

On the snow mountain, thousands of premium beasts, all kneeling neatly, trembling all over the ground, flashing intense fear in their eyes.

At the forefront of these high-ranking vicious beasts, Horan knelt down to the mysterious cloak man, and at this time, he no longer had the slightest momentum, the appearance was inferior.


The arts and crafts crawled with seven big letters of demonic blood, printed abruptly from the sky, suddenly crushing the mysterious cloak man on the ground and the tens of thousands of high-end vicious beasts into a piece of meat and mud.


Qin Yi was completely stunned and blinked hard.

In just one moment, the Mysterious Cloak Man and the countless premium beasts will be wiped out!

What kind of power is that?

With a drop of Heavenly Demon blood, that room will harvest thousands of premium beasts. Is there anything more shocking than this?

Indeed, the mighty in this world are worse than the ants before the immortals.

“The world is full of hallucinations...”

Looking at the snow that instantly became empty, Qin Yi opened his mouth in amazement and muttered.

“Knock!” “Knock!” “Knock! ” ……

With the extermination of thousands of premium beasts, immediately after, the snow suddenly split a crack, a White Sentinel skull hand protruding from the crack, dense numbness, tens of thousands.

“Squeak!” “Squeak! ” ……

Between the turns, a huge skeleton climbed out of the snow, sweeping mountains and huge momentum.

The snow disappeared, and I looked at it, and it was all a giant skull, and the skull was white and shiny.

“This is…”

Qin Yi stared at his gaze and his scalp was numb. From the skeleton's physique, he made a quick judgment. These skeletons, not in the present world, came from the Immortal Age!

It's inconceivable that so many ancient skeletons appear here, and these skeletons, seemingly faint, are not completely dead.

“In that distant age of immortality, is this... a cemetery? ”

Qin Yi is stunned like a wooden bird. At this moment, any adjective is difficult to describe the shock in his mind.

The world has completely lost its vitality and become a ghost.

Above the sky, the arts and crafts all crawled five large words, quietly suspended there, full of heavenly blood. All of a sudden, "the arts and crafts crawled” was printed again suddenly, and the endless skeleton couldn't resist this pressure, between which it was hit back into the snow.

It's horrible!

You know, these are the skeletons left behind by the immortal strong, but they are still beaten back by a drop of blood from the demons.

However, incredible things have not stopped there and continue to happen. The heavens and the earth spin, space staggered, Qin Yi only felt that everything in front of him was like a dream.

By the time he returned to God, he found that the heavens and the earth had long changed their appearance, and endless snow had disappeared. There was a river of blood in front of him, and endless blood water flowed slowly, and there was a white bone in the river.

“This is... a Huroyard! ”

Qin Yi swallowed a sip, his hands and feet were cold, and his heart sank endlessly.

He's completely out of his mind. He's so smart. How did he end up in front of him all of a sudden? It all turned too fast for him to adjust.

There is no doubt that this is a magnificent array, just a magnificent array of magnificent arrays containing a Shura field.

Eternal Fields, bloody rivers, skeletons, bloodshed and awesomeness, are the theme of eternity here, making people's hearts and minds, irrepressible rise to infinite fears.

Qin Yi looked up and found that the "arts and crafts life" made up of Heavenly Demon blood were still quietly suspended there, while Heavenly Demon did not have the body of his left hand, it was also lying in the void, silent, but powerful.

“Wow! ”

Suddenly, in the blood river, a golden skeleton of three heights, riding a huge skeleton horse, carrying a bronze ancient spear, burst out of the blood river.


Sharp voices in the sky!

The golden skeleton rode the skeleton horse, single-handedly carrying a big bronze spear, and came towards Qin Yi.

This spear, as if it were the only one in the heavens and the earth, directly sealed off all retreats, no matter how Qin Yi dodged, that rusty spear head is directly pointing to Qin Yi's heart.

In fact, he couldn't hide at all, because when the golden skull speared, Qin Yi was settled by an invisible force, unable to move. He could only look at the bronze ancient spear and stab it at his heart very quickly.

“Damn it! ”

Qin Yi was shocked. He was shocked and angry. In a flash, he smelled death.

You know, that was the existence of the Immortal Age. Although it has been dead for endless years and has become a skeleton, there seems to be only a slightly weak and almost negligible amount of spirituality, but it is still powerful enough to kill Qin Yi, which is less complicated than killing a fly.

Just as the bronze ancient spear of the golden skull was about to pass through Qin Yi's heart, it was the body of the Heavenly Demon that had been lying in the void and rushed down, suddenly rushing into Qin Yi's body and merging with Qin Yi's body.

In an instant, a pound of inner strength emanated from Qin Yi's body, directly crushing the power that imprisoned him.


Qin Yi's torso burst out, very casually avoided the bitter bronze ancient spear of the Golden Skull. That figure is so subtle that it is not the martial arts that Qin Yi learned before.

Qin Yi was stunned, blinking hard, surprised, shocked, incredible...

At this moment, Qin Yi felt that he was full of strength. Many Geshi Martial Arts, suddenly the tide was like, poured into Qin Yi's mind, without any familiar process, could be carried out.

There is no doubt that these martial arts, which were originally the martial arts of the Magic of the Immortal Years.

At this moment, these martial arts belong to Qin Yi!

In an instant, Qin Yi became a Geshi strong man of the Immortal Age!

And what makes Qin Yi feel strange is that the Wangu body of the celestial demon can actually blend perfectly with his own body. There is no discomfort at all. At this moment, Qin Yi even has a strange feeling. He feels that the Wangu body of the celestial demon is a body that he lost endlessly years ago.

This feeling was so weird that Qin Yi was surprised. He hurried to shake his head, suppressed this extremely weird feeling and focused on the golden skull in front of him.


The golden skeleton rides on the skeleton horse, holding a bronze ancient spear, and directly breaks a space from a hundred feet away. That one stabbed Qin Yi in front of him.

“Get out!”

Qin Yi drank lightly, slapped out his hand, his hand was like a big wave. He rushed away. He hit the golden skull in the chest and flew the golden skull straight with the skull horse.

“Demon blood! ”

Qin Yi found himself able to manipulate that drop of demonic blood, as if it were a drop of blood he had lost during the immortal years.

With a trick, above the sky, “The arts and crafts are all crawling” strangely huge blood words, turned into a "kill” word, rushing down fast and stamped on the golden skull.


The power of the word "kill" was too great, and the golden skeleton was thrown into the bloodstream and a little blood was smashed.

Blood rivers are calm.

Only moments later, the golden skull washed up from the river of blood again, but Qin Yi was surprised that the skull was gone and the two shoulders were bare.