The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 143: King Senroe

The other side of the cluster in front of us really sealed a face, specifically the head of the headless monk!

However, the face of this headless monk is a little scary, and that is a powerful ghost face.

“Life even death, death is life, life and death, who can tell...”

In the belly of the headless monk, singing over and over again, the sound was higher than a single voice, and finally, it was as if Hong Zhong Dalu shook people's hearts.

In this singing, there is obviously some spiritual power. As the headless monk sang over and over again, Qin Yi was restless for a while. At the end of the day, he felt the blood in his body, and it was almost like it was going to blow apart, and he was extremely distressed.

However, the cherry in his arms was safe, which surprised Qin Yi. She was able to resist the meditation of the headless monk, which was unusual indeed.

All of a sudden, the headless monk disappeared, along with the flowers on the other side that were scattered into ghostly faces.

“What do you mean? ”

Qin Yi frowned, confused in his heart: “... headless monks and flowers on the other side are illusions? ”

Cherry in Qin Yi's arms also opened his mouth with amazement. The little guy blinked incredibly. The nipple said, “Oh, the world is full of illusions. Cherry doesn't like it here. ”

Yet this is the moment.

“Boom! Boom..."

There was a huge rumble ahead.

As it rang, there was only a grey castle, rising slowly from the ground.

The gray castle is not huge, but it is incredibly ancient. There are countless cracks in the walls, engraved with years and years. The whole castle does not make a sound, it is dead silent, giving a sense of ghost and numbness to the scalp.

“Is this the end of Yellow Springs Road - Palazzo Senro? ”

Legend has it that the dead will come to an ancient castle, Palazzo Senro, after passing the paved path of flowers across the shore.

Looking at the ancient castle ahead, Qin Yi was very reluctant. After all, he failed to find a breakthrough in this law formation and went back to the real world.

Now the Temple of Senro is in front of him, the gate is wide open, waiting for him to enter.

Qin Yi looked back and found that Naihe Bridge had disappeared. The moment the flowers disappeared on the other bank, the Naihe Bridge and Huangquan Road also disappeared.

It's impossible to go back now, only to enter the Temple of Senro.

After biting his teeth, Qin Yi hugged Cherry and stepped into the city.

In the city, the street floor is paved with blue stone, clean, spotless, beside the street are all kinds of shops, neat, the doors of every shop are open, but no one is seen.

The sun hangs high in the air, and instead of having a slight temperature, it gives a shady feeling.

In front, a magnificent and strangely stylish attic stands there, giving people a ghost feeling.

The pavilion is blurred and unclear, and can only be seen implicitly on a plaque on the front of the pavilion with the words "Palazzo Senro”.

“It is true that we have come to the legendary Temple of Senro...”

Looking at the ghostly Sensen loft ahead, Qin Yi's heart raised a strange feeling. At this moment, he can almost be sure that he is really dead, passing Huangquan Road, crossing the Naihe Bridge, crossing the other flower, now, came to Senluo Hall!

Cherry in Qin Yi's arms, this moment seemed very quiet, lying tight in his arms, a pair of gemstone-like eyes, constantly spinning, curious to measure everything around.

“Now that we're here, why don't we just go inside and see what's going on? ”

Qin Yi hugged Cherry and walked straight to the Senluo Palace in front of him, simultaneously urging his left hand to enter the space state, covering everything around him in his own spiritual perception.


Qin Yi suddenly raised his eyebrows because he found that no matter how he went, the Temple of Senroh was always in front of him. The distance between the two had never been shortened.

“Weird, isn't this Temple of Senro another law formation? Or does it not exist in time and space? ”

Qin Yi frowned and was confused.

The shady sun is westerly, and dusk descends, yet the Temple of Senluo is still ahead, and the distance from Qin Yi remains unchanged.

“This Temple of Sam Lo is so weird. ”

Qin Yi felt like falling into a dream.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……


The earthquake shook, and an army slowly came from afar. It was a silver armor team. Each soldier was wearing a thick silver armor with a silver gun in his hand, a horse under his crotch, and a cape of silver armor.

Silver Armor team, not very large, only about two or three hundred people, the movement is neat and uniform, no mess at all.

This silver armor team appeared too abruptly, and Qin Yi was surprised to find that every silver armor soldier had a strong death breath.

“This is a Yin soldier! ”

Qin Yi was shocked in his heart and found it incredible. He actually saw the Yin soldiers, which means that this is indeed the Yin Cao province.

Some of the books describing the Yin Cao province include “Twilight, Yin Soldiers Out” which means that whenever dusk comes, a group of Yin Cao soldiers will appear in the Yin Cao province and patrol the Yin Cao province.

Now it's dusk, and it's time for the Yin soldiers to show up.

“Knock!” “Knock! ” ……

Suddenly, the Yin Squad stopped and all the Yin Squads twisted their heads towards Qin Yi's side.

When he saw the front of these Yin soldiers, Qin Yi's scalp grew numb. He saw only these Yin soldiers peeping under him. It was pitch black and had no face at all.


A Yin soldier came at Qin Yi with a silver gun.

Qin Yi was shocked and hastily converged with Cherry. The Yin soldiers have no face, it is impossible to have vision. They know that Qin Yi exists. They should have perceived Qin Yi's breath.

Sure enough, that raging Yin soldier suddenly stopped, stood there blankly, stayed for a moment, and then returned to the team.

“Boom! Boom! ” ……

The Yin soldiers stopped stopping and drove forward.


Qin Yichang exhaled.

Sense of spiritual power told him that this Yin army, every Yin soldier is not weak, strength is not less than the eight realms of Gendo, so many people with strong eight realms of Gendo, Qin Yi has no half chance of winning, and will soon be killed.


Qin Yi looked forward and his heart instantly became very restless.

I only saw the Temple of Senro, which was always in front of me, but I didn't know when it was going to disappear.

In front, there appeared a Peach Lee Garden, full of flowers and flowers, red, white, bright petals like flowers and rain, on branches, a little, clusters of peach blossoms, in the distance, there was a sea of flowers, a hint of fragrance, sniffles, hearts and spleens, it was very comfortable.

“What do you mean, Palazzo Senro turned into a peach garden! ”

Qin Yi was stunned and walked down the road. Too many weird things have happened. Now, in his mind, it has become a slurry.

Cherry in his arms, his little mouth was also stunned and open: "God, the world is full of illusions. ”

“In this strange city pool where even Yin soldiers have appeared, there is such a peach lee garden, and it still drives so bright? ”

Qin Yi tried to calm herself down and deduced herself: “The Sanro Hall just now should be just an illusion, covering the peach garden. Now the illusion disappears and the peach garden is exposed. ”

So far, there's no going back, just going forward.

Qin Yi hugged Cherry and walked towards Peach Garden.

“Tinker Bell...”

Just a few steps out, you can hear a sound, coming from deep in the garden, the sound is beautiful and crisp, there is a clear spring dripping down, it is intoxicating.

“There's someone here! ”

Qin Yi and the cherry in his arms, they are all a lump.

This is incredible. There's someone in the Temple of Moro!

The two of them, have not met a third person in a long time. At this time, Qin Yi inevitably enjoyed herself and quickly walked into the depths of this peach flower luck with Cherry.

In front, a stone table and a stone stool.

On the stone stool, sitting on the back of a black suit, on the stone table lay an ancient piano, only the back of the black suit shadow the skinny bones of the ten fingers, the skilled beat on the string of the self-music, the beautiful sound of the piano, from between its ten fingers, flowed out.

“Senpai, this is Senro-kun? And you, Lord Senroe? ”

Qin Yi is kept at a certain distance from the back of the black suit and is not too close.

Qin Yi has been in a state of emptiness, he can feel that this person's cultivation, is very powerful, and even implicitly emits a hint of ancient smell.


The slender finger in the shadow of the black coat, gently brushed on the string, the string made a gentle trembling sound, then slowly stopped.

“Huang Quan Road, Nai He Bridge, after the flowers on the other bank, nature is the Temple of Senroh, at this moment, the people sitting here, it's just me, I'm not King Senroh, what is it? ”

The dark shadow said that the sound was dull and deep and even gave a very ancient feeling.

It is King Senroe, an ancient being!

In Qin Yi's heart, there was some strange feeling, King Sen Luo, a legendary existence, at this moment, he actually stood behind this legendary figure.

King Senroe slowly turned around, facing Qin Yi and Cherry.

However, looking at his face, Qin Yi fought a cold war. Cherry in his arms shouted directly: “How horrible! ”

Seeing King Senroe's face was only half, and the other half was obviously cut off by a sharp instrument, one eye, half a nose, half a mouth, this look, really startling.

“Senior, you are…”

Qin Yi pressed the shock in his heart and asked.

“Don't be so respectful of me as an 'old man'. When I finish what I have to say, you can decide if you want to respect me as an 'old man’. ”

King Senroe said faintly, that one-eyed, indifferent eye.


This King Senroe doesn't seem to be a kind man!

Qin Yi frowned and darkened into the alert.

“Juvenile, in fact, the husband really admires your courage, knowing that this is the Temple of Senro, and dares to break in. Now that he has come in, he leaves nothing behind, how can he let you out easily? ”

King Senroh's voice, low and dull, was waveless, and he could not hear any emotional fluctuations from his mouth.

“So, what do you want me to leave behind? ”

Qin Yi's eyes have become sharp, and his whole body smells like a hero, standing there like a spear.


King Senroh spewed a word pointing his finger at Cherry in Qin Yi's arms.