The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 149: The Challenge of Xuanyang Qing

Tianxing Hou continued: “Since Qin Yi's potential reaches seven and a half paragraphs, forcing him directly to eight paragraphs, he is naturally eligible to become my named disciple, but unfortunately, to become my in-laws disciple, there is a slight deficiency. ”

The face of the stars is full of regret.

However, Qin Yi didn't think so. His next goal was the miracle fairy trail. As long as he was able to enter the miracle fairy trail, it didn't matter whether he could become a disciple of Tianxing Hou or not.

At this time, if you are a disciple of the stars, it is eye-catching and suspicious.

“Qin Yi, do you and I have a World War I appointment? ”

A cold voice suddenly rang in the hall.

The people sought prestige and saw none but Xuanyang Qing.

At this time, Xuanyang Qingqing had a cheerful face, full of jealousy and cold eyes.

For a long time, Qin Yi's death suppressed himself. He finally looked forward to today's potential test. He wanted to take a good look at Qin Yi's joke. As a result, Qin Yi's potential rose to seven and a half segments and stomped him hard under his feet.

It's so boring!

Xuanyang Qing felt his heart was about to break. In front of Tianxing Hou, Qin Yi must be severely ravaged in order to recover the scene.

At that time, you can also play "missed” and “accidentally” directly maim Qin Yi or even kill him.

Qin Yi, is the enemy of the Xuanyang family in Phoenix, and the burden of revenge for the family has long fallen on Xuanyang Qing's shoulders.


Hearing between Qin Yi and Xuanyang Qing, Tianxing Hou couldn't help but stare at Xuanyang Qing: “What's going on? ”

In the palace, everyone also looked at Xuanyang Qing and Qin Yi with dismay.

“Returning to the Hou Wang of Tianxing, between me and Qin Yi, there had been a war before, and I implore the Hou Wang to allow me to challenge him at this time. ”

Xuanyang Qingqing said respectfully.

“Qin Yi, is there really a war between you and Xuanyang Qing? ”

Tianxing Hou looked at Qin Yi again.

“There is indeed a war. ”

Qin Yi confessed and nodded.

“So, do you accept his challenge? ”

Tianxing Hu sighed for a moment and went on to say: "Qin Yi, let me remind you that Xuanyang Qing's cultivation has broken into the late 8th Realm of Xuan Dao. ”

In other words, your cultivation is only in the early days of Gendo 7. The difference between the two is too great.

Late Gendo 8!

Everyone was intimately surprised. This Xuanyang Qing is powerful!

“Go back to the starry Hou Wang, Xuanyang Qinghe wants to fight, I will fight. ”

Qin Yi faintly said that he was comfortable with his face. He knew very well that there would be a war between him and Xuanyang Qing sooner or later.

If he wants to fight, I'll fight!

Tianxing Hou, he had to carefully measure Qin Yi again, his eyes gleaned with admiration. This fearless breath from the teenager alone is impressive.

Xuanyang Qing across the street, delighted herself, hurried to say to Tianxing Hou: “Qin Yi has accepted my challenge and asked Tianxing Hou Wang Chengquan. ”


The star Hou Wang sighed slightly and nodded.

In his heart, in fact, he was also quite interested in the duel between Xuanyang Qing and Qin Yi. For a long time, Qin Yi had a mysterious and invisible feeling with people. This potential test, he soared to seven and a half, forcing eight sections directly.

Now, Qin Yi actually took the early cultivation of Xuan Dao 7 to fight Xuan Yang Qing in the late Xuan Dao 8. He wondered how Qin Yi could really cope with this duel with such great disparities in strength.

“Very good!”

Xuanyang Qing Na is more handsome than a woman's face, revealing an irrepressible joy.

“Qin Yi...”

Yang Shiqi, next to Qin Yi, held his arm tight and looked at Qin Yi with some apprehension.

Once the girl attacked the green dress, the slender waist room, a white belt, clean and unusual, it was like springing the whole hall, it was a glittering reflection.

Ji Wu Tian and Long Yan, are also worried looking to Qin Yi. Although Qin Yi's performance has always been quite stunning, his cultivation, after all, is too far from Xuanyang Qing's cultivation.

Other star envoys present in the room, the divine color is different, some are full of admiration for Qin Yi's courage, some are happy and happy to look at Qin Yi.

In addition to Qin Yi and their star angels, there are also some other sky marquis high-level. These people, who can see that Qin Yi accepts Xuanyang Qing's challenge lightly, are all stunned to open their mouths and think that this teenager is really too reckless.

“Sister Yang, don't worry, I have my share. ”

Qin Yi showed a gentle smile to Yang Shiqi.


Yang Shiqi nodded her head. When she saw the warmth and smile on Qin Yi Junyi's face, she suddenly had an unknown peace of mind. Weirdly, she was full of confidence in Qin Yi.

The large hall is spacious and there is plenty of room for two to fight.

Soon, the people in the center of the hall gave way to an empty space, and the stars sat briefly on the main hall with a slight smile on their faces. Always curious about Qin Yi's duel with Xuanyang Qing.

“Qin Yi, come out. ”

Xuanyang Qing has come to the center of the main hall, looking at Qin Yi faintly said, his hair is long, slowly floating, unspeakable and floating.

At this moment, he was a little excited, and his mind was very wary.

He knows the time has come to avenge his family!

It can be said that after Qin Yi came to the star to make the shadow, he went all the way to the high song, like a Beidou star extremely bright.

But Xuanyang Qing felt very fortunate. He had been practicing his base card in secret for a long time. In several missions, he had failed to extend this base card, because he knew that there would eventually be a war between himself and Qin Yi. His strong base card was prepared for Qin Yi.

He believed that he could not only severely traumatize Qin Yi, but also kill him, and possibly even earn the appreciation of Tianjing Hou, who broke into his own disciples.

Xuanyang Qingxin turned his mind. For a moment, he couldn't wait for this duel between Qin Yi and Qin Yi.

He thinks he's brilliant, and he's going to spread his biggest cards out, and everyone in the room is going to break his jaw.

He's looking forward to seeing the look on everyone's chin shattered by himself!

“Sister Yang, I went. ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and let go of Yang Shiqi's arm. From Yong to the opposite side of Xuanyang Qing, he stood still.

He stood randomly, without any tears on his body, and the whole man was as sharp and powerful as a sheathed sword!

This momentum, after hundreds of wars, is far less sharpened, even in supergenius pastures.


The stars at that end sitting on the main hall, their eyes couldn't help but shine slightly, lighten their heads, Ji Wu Tian and other skyscrapers, are also the color of their faces admiration.


Qin Yi simply went to that station and obtained such a review from Tianxing Hou. Xuanyang Qingqing's mouth was silent and a little jealousy rose in his heart.

He was looking forward to this duel. Qin Yi received such a review from Tianxing Hou before he could begin.

Makita in that crowd also had a slight discomfort on his face.

“Thunderclap! ”

Xuanyang Qingxin's head was somewhat squeezed, he drank angrily, his body floated forward, and he rushed to Qin Yi, a set of Xuando advanced palm art, which was the implementation.

He was in a fluttering shape, but sharp as his palm method progressed, it was the hidden voice of thunder, the applause was extremely powerful, scratching everyone around the game, cheeks are hidden pain.

“Hopper Fist! ”

Qin Yi did not panic and did not hesitate to understate. A set of basic boxing techniques was put out to counteract Xuanyang Qingqing's advanced mastery of Xuan Dao.


All those present were stunned. They were all strong at the peak of Gendo. Some even broke through Gendo and entered the pagoda. Naturally, Qin Yi's fist road count can be seen at first glance.

“In the face of a master such as Xuanyang Qing, he still carries out Xuando's advanced mastery, but he fights with a set of the most basic boxing methods. Is this teenager a little overwhelmed? ”

“It is true that he is too big. Faced with Xuanyang Qing's heavenly thunder palm, even I have to deal with it carefully. ”

“ …… ”

The skyscrapers began to whisper.

The star sitting at the end of the hall is also hidden in strange colors: “Too arrogant! ”

However, with Qin Yi's expansion of "Ju Wang Fist", they soon found that this set of "Ju Wang Fist", although only a set of basic boxing methods, was practiced by Qin Yi to achieve divine indoctrination, the furnace fire was pure green, the punching was simple and straightforward, without a little fancy, but it was quite effective, even every punch hit just on Xuanyang Qing's bloom.

“Hey, this teenager, it doesn't seem easy. ”

Those high-ranking members of Tianxing Mansion who seemed somewhat disdainful to Qin Yi had to make a new assessment of Qin Yi.

“This is a great success, it must have superhuman perseverance in order to achieve it, and I have never seen a practitioner who can practise a basic set of boxing techniques into this realm. ”

“Yeah, it's amazing. ”

“ …… ”

The face of the star was also transformed again, from disdainful to doubtful and deep, but never said a word.

On the duel field, Xuanyang Qing's Xuando advanced martial arts "Tianlei Palm", when it was truly unusually amazing, as he put it out, the first hidden voice of Tianlei was actually getting louder and louder, and finally, it rolled over and deafened.

This thunder sounds like an invisible force. This force is integrated into Xuanyang Qingqing's palm. The clap is also becoming stronger and stronger, as if it were a big wave. His figure is also fantastic.

“It's the first star of the Star Camp! ”

A lot of people look at it.

It's just a pity, no matter how powerful Xuanyang Qing's "Heavenly Thunder Palm" exploded, Qin Yi used a set of "Super King Fist" to make it as if it were a platoon down the sea offense, easily resisting it. He stepped on "Praise Father's Step". That figure is equally astonishing.

He is quite relaxed and plays a set of "Champion Fists" perfectly. Each punch is natural, simple and practical, but it doesn't blossom at all.

For a while, the two of them were even in battle!

Incredibly, Xuanyang Qing in the late 8 realms of Xuando, carried out the advanced Xuando martial arts "Heavenly Thunder Palm", but it was tied to Qin Yi in the early 7 realms of Xuando alone, with a set of the most basic "Superior Fist".

This battle scene makes all the spectators around the world feel a little weird.