The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 153: Hard Practice

Tianxing Xianghou smiled comfortably: "If you have this heart, I will be content. All right, that's it for today. Everybody back off. ”

“Master, wait, please do one more thing. ”

Makita's eyes were bright, he said.


Everyone here looked at Makita in confusion.

Tianxing smiled slightly. “Okay, if you want to do anything, do it. ”

“Thank you, Master!” Makita nodded, spinning, even turning to Qin Yi.

What's he gonna do?

Looking at Makita walking slowly towards himself, Qin Yi's mind was confused to the extreme, hidden up a slight bad feeling.

“Qin Yi, you did a very good job in the war with Xuanyang Qing just now. If there is a chance, I would really like to consult with you. I wonder if you will reward this face? ”

- What? - What?

Makita actually wants to talk to Qin Yicheng!

Everyone on the field broke their chin, even the star sitting at the end of the hall was completely stunned.

Makita, a natural disciple of Tianxing Hou, actually challenged Qin Yi at this moment!

What's that supposed to mean?

Qin Yi herself was also stubborn, spinning and thinking, but also explaining, the nature of Makita, extremely strong and winning, just defeated Xuanyang Qingqing in his own easy, then gained the great appreciation of Tianxing Hou, if he could get around it, it would be a miracle.

“Qin Yi, do you give this face? ”

Makita stood in front of Qin Yi, whose face was stubborn.

“Yes, since Brother Taoist is so cheerful, I am with him. ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly. He already possessed the seeds of fire elements, plus the second formula of "Seven Types of Celestial Demons". Qin Yi believed that he should now have the power to fight Makita.

“Haha, that's interesting. Makita actually wants to have an affair with Qin Yi. That's good. Then, you'll set a time to have an affair with each other. So the day of your consultation will be ten days from now, and the two of you will be ready for ten days. ”

Tianxing Hou suddenly laughed and was quite interested in it.

Qin Yi and Xuanyang performed quite astonishingly just now. He also wanted to know how much stronger his passionate disciples were than Qin Yi.

Ten days later!

Everyone was slightly stunned and their hearts rose with strong expectations.

“Qin Yi...”

Yang Shiqi's worried soft-hearted, sophisticated face revealed helplessness and bitterness.

Her neighbor, Ji Jintian, is also a helpless color. As a natural disciple of Tianxing Hou, Ji Jintian is very clear about the strength of Makita. Even if he himself wants to win Makita, he is not sure at all. Qin Yi just showed strength when fighting Xuanyang Qingqing, to win Makita, it is only far from enough.

And time is also quite pressing, and ten days, even a supergenius, is unlikely to do much in such a short period of time.

“Master Yang, Lord Ji, don't worry, I have my share. ”

Qin Yi has Chengzhu breasts.

“Own scale? Very good!”

Makita smiled and said nothing more, saying goodbye to Starling Horse.

Things will be settled so that there will be a consultation between Qin Yi and Makita on an appropriate day.

This is undoubtedly a very fascinating thing, and both of them are somewhat special in themselves, Makita, the only real disciple of Tianjing Hou so far.

And Qin Yi, although he was built as the last star of the star camp only in the early 7th realm of Xuando, wrote a legend on his body.

What would it be like to have a big collision between two people?

Everyone's heart is full of anticipation for all the consultations between Qin Yi and Makita.

The original 30-star envoy of the Star Camp, now a 28-star envoy, Doo Woo was killed in the mission, while the first star made Xuanyang Qing, was abandoned and cultivated and expelled from the Tianxing Mansion.

This is a regrettable thing, Xuanyang Qing, six stages of potential, Tianxing Hou has even admitted him as a named disciple, only that he was born harsh and spicy, eventually deserved the sin, and ended up in a tragic end.

Qin Yi knew that until now, the resentment between himself and Xuanyang Province of Phoenix was a complete end. Now, he is a well-known disciple of Tianxing Hou, Xuanyang Province of Phoenix, it is impossible to take any more of himself.

Qin Yi took a relaxing breath, but it was a matter of heart.

Now, Qin Yi and several of their star envoys from the original Star Envoy Camp are already celestial disciples, their status is very different from that of previous days.

Just that day, they moved out of the star camp and were placed in several sophisticated and luxurious lofts.

However, the maids in the attic had been removed in order to be able to practise cleanliness.

As soon as he lived in the new loft, Qin Yi began to concentrate on training.

“Now, my potential, is the original potential, plus King Senroe's potential. How horrible is this cultivation speed? ”

Qin Yi smiled slightly and was filled with anticipation.

It has to be said that his journey, though dangerous and strange, was filled with adventures. From Green Water Town to Phoenix, the abandoned teenager, today, because of the adventures, together with his tireless efforts, is certainly a height that is difficult to reach by standing in a general genius.

Of course, Qin Yi does not consider himself, he has already stood at the peak of the younger generation of the Huaxia Empire, not to mention, the young girl in the red robe who met deep in Mount Devil's Wind in the past, is now difficult to reach.

One move will kill an ancient spiritual beast whose strength is comparable to the peak of Xuando! Such strength, Qin Yi even believes that it is no worse than the star Hou Wang.

“Where the hell is the girl from? ”

Qin Yi frowned and was confused.

He used to think that the girl in the red robe came from Starling House, but the Starling House, without her figure, could even say that there was no such amazing girl in Starling House.

After shaking his head, Qin Yi broke away his confused thoughts and concentrated on Dantian. The remaining half of King Sam Luo's heart bled into his own body.

A moment later, King Samroh's heart and soul were completely integrated into Qin Yi's body.

“At this point, if I test my potential again, I'm afraid the star's crystal stick will explode directly, right? ”

Qin Yi smiled faintly and began practicing.

He first rehearsed "Champion Fist" ten times. After the rehearsal, he just felt full of energy.

Then, he transferred the hands of "Lingfeng Palm", Makita's advanced martial arts, out to practice.

This martial arts, quadruple, trick, there are only four types: phantom wind, phantom rain, phantom thunder, phantom extinction. But it was incredibly stunning, when practicing to the fourth weight, to be able to directly break the space, once slapped, cut to each other, no process.

And when practicing to the fifth weight, the palm waves like the ocean, and the palm shape can at least directly break the hundred feet of space, the stronger the practitioner's own strength, the larger the fractured space range.

Of course, Qin Yi does not think it is easy to practise the fifth place. The more he looks at any martial arts, the harder it will be to practise.

The more stunning it is, the more difficult it is to cultivate. You know, stunning as Makita, now it's just the first time to cultivate Lingfeng.


Breathe out gently, Qin Yi dish sat on the ground and began to practice slowly according to the "Lingfeng Palm" cultivation method that appeared in his brain.

In accordance with the practice, Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness. In a moment, his state of mind, understanding and spirit are several times stronger than ordinary people.

Bringing out a hint of Xuan qi carefully, Qin Yi operated a little bit according to the cultivation method of "Lingfeng Palm".

Over time, Qin Yi can clearly feel that his limb wreckage, with obvious changes, is more flexible than before. The trajectory of "Lingfeng Palm" is also gradually formed in his consciousness.

Entering the space state, coupled with King Senroh's potential, enabled Qin Yi to understand, reach an appalling realm, and he could easily understand the trick.

He entered a state of complete oblivion of me, sitting there motionless, as if sitting down.

Phantom wind, Phantom rain, Phantom thunder, Phantom, Phantom four, constantly appeared in Qin Yi's brain, and he was familiar with it.

Good for a while.

Qin Yi opened his eyes, stood up and started the drill.

“Fantasy style! ”

“Phantom Rain! ”

“Fantasy Thunder! ”

“Extinction! ”

Qin Yi practiced over and over again, tired, full of energy. Every exercise, there is a certain gain, able to realize something new.

A day later, Qin Yi felt his mood and suddenly became clear. Some of the constantly vague concepts about "Lingfeng Palm" became clear in his mind.

And his bones, his meridians, his momentum, his palm trajectory, are clearly rising to a new frontier.

“Third realm! ”

Qin Yi sighed and practiced straight. His handsome face revealed a satisfying smile.

After King Senroh's heart was fully integrated into his body, his training speed reached an appalling level. In just one day, he took Windhound from the second to the third.

If it is put in the past, Qin Yi estimated that in order to practice from the second to the third, you must practise painstakingly for at least three days.

“Makita, at this time, he must be practicing Lingfeng too, right? ”

Based on Makita's extremely competitive and winning personality, Qin Yi made this assumption.

Until then, his "Lingfeng Palm" has been practiced for a second time, but as the natural disciple of Tianxing Hou, he only practiced for the first time. He will definitely be extremely uncomfortable, painstakingly practiced, and strive to compare himself with "Lingfeng Palm" on the day of the consultation between the two people.

But unfortunately, now my own "Wind Palm" has been practiced for the third time!

Of course, Qin Yi is not a light enemy. After all, Makita's cultivation is there, his strength is far greater than his own.

Qin Yi estimated that Makita's cultivation was only fearful that it had reached the peak of the Nine Realms of Xuando, and that it had always been the object of Tianxing Marquis' cultivation. Real strength must be quite frightening.

Moreover, he, who is extremely honorable, must hope that he can easily defeat himself on the day of the consultation, so before the day of the consultation, he will definitely enter a state of crazy cultivation.

“Ten days later! ”

In Qin Yi's eyes, Xu slowly combusted a battle will!