The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 156: The Rhythm of Death

Is she... a disciple of the miracle fairy?

Qin Yi's heart is pounding, which is highly probable.

“According to Starling Horse King himself. ”

"In the past, he was unable to break through the Path and lose eligibility to enter the inner gate before he was twenty years old, so he left himself to enter the Warsaw Empire and manage some cumbersome affairs. Normally, he also has some connection with the Path of the Path, which is why he can help you get two months later to visit the Path of the Path. ”

“Before the age of twenty, if you are unable to break through the pagoda, you will be disqualified from entering the inner door...”

Qin Yi was somewhat uneasy. There was a glimmer of how strictly the magic fairy trail demanded of his disciples.

To this end, Qin Yi also obtained some information about the miracle fairy trail: before he was twenty years old, he had to break through the pagoda, otherwise he would never have the chance to become an inner disciple of the miracle fairy trail.

The outside disciples of one sect will not receive any attention at all.

Now that the star came from the miracle fairy trail, his wish was indeed in the miracle fairy trail, but what it was, and it was never revealed to anyone.

“The entrance examination of the miracle fairy trace is also open to the whole of the Huaxia Empire and other countries around it. At that time, the talented teenagers who participated in the examination came from all over the country, including the major county cities, some rich and enemies of the Pang family, and some ancient families such as the Dragon Blood family, and even some forces beyond the strength of the Starling House. At that time, the intensity of their competition can be seen. The Starling Marquis used every means to recommend you to the miracle fairy trace. ”

Discipline Warfare Day will give an overview of the assessment of the miracle fairy trail.

Qin Yi's heart is clear. Some of what he says are supernatural. The talented teenagers raised in these places will never be generalized.

“Genius teenagers from all over the country, compete to join the miracle fairy trail...”

Qin Yi's body is slightly boiling with some hot blood.

“For two months, you will work hard to prepare for the completion of the King of the Stars' Wizards' wish by passing the examination of the Wonder Trail. ”

Three-time orders from disciplined warriors.

Speaking of personal qualification talent, Qin Yi couldn't help but think of another thing and sincerely asked: "Lord Ji, dare you ask, the original disciple Xuan and the sword floated zero, where exactly to go, can I tell you? ”

Ji Wu Tian was slightly stunned, obviously did not expect Qin Yi to ask this question.

“Teacher Xuan and Sword are nil, have been taken by a tall man from around the world and are eager to cultivate. I just don't know exactly where it is. ”

Ji Wun Tian spoke of the place where the disciple Xuanhe and the sword floated.

“I see...”

Qin Yi felt it.

Their qualitative talents, absolutely not weaker than their original self, should be no less than those of Yang Shiqi, who was able to be stronger than them at that time, relying entirely on the advantages of the left hand.

Discipline Day has left.

Qin Yi stayed in the attic and frowned for a moment or two before thinking about the entrance examination of the miracle fairy trace.

The miracle was more powerful than he had ever imagined.

This introductory examination of the miracle fairy is an absolute opportunity for him, and he must strive to seize it.

“The next step, the Wizard Trail, the next step, is the Holy See of Kyushu...”

Qin Yi's eyes shined a strange light. Things were moving forward step by step according to his original plan.

“Very good!”

Qin Yi smiled slightly.

I don't know why, at this time, he, a strange feeling, as if he were invisible, had an invisible hand, pushing him step by step.

“Against the sky? ”

Qin Yi thought of the word, he had fallen into the Immortal Age in the past. In the mouth of the Emperor of Time and Space, he learned that he was a man who had been reborn against the heavens.

“Is it because I am a man who has been altered against the sky that I feel like I have an invisible hand pushing me forward? Who changed my life? ”

Qin Yi frowned and his heart was full of confusion.

Of course, at his current height, it is absolutely impossible to think clearly about these issues.

Leaving aside the confusion, Qin Yi began to practice carefully. A few days later, it was the day of all consultations with Makita, and time was running out.

He will take out three 5,000 pieces of Ganoderma in exchange for 300 battle points and serve them together.

Three 5,000 shares of Ganoderma!

You know, natural medicines are not as mild as those made by alchemists. Natural medicines are generally fierce.

Moreover, the older the drug, the stronger the drug.

Five thousand doses of medicine, the intensity of the drug, can be seen.

What about three 5,000 pieces of Ganoderma?


Qin Yi screamed!

Even though he was already a strong man in the middle of Gendo 7, and his health was quite strong. At the moment of taking three 5,000 pieces of Lingzhi simultaneously, Qin Yi felt as if he had suddenly burned a bear fire and almost fainted directly.

His skin was instantly reddish, and all the major meridians in his body came to the edge of the shatter.


He dared not be a bit lazy and quickly pushed his left hand.

In an instant, an ancient qi, from Qin Yi's body, rushed out.

Just a faint and almost negligible amount of ancient Xuan Qi transformed three 5,000 pounds of Ganoderma Ganoderma into a very mild amount of suppression, harmony.


Qin Yi took a long breath and had the feeling of escape from death.

“It's too dangerous, don't risk it like this again. It's the rhythm of death! ”

Raised his hand and wiped a sweat, Qin Yi mocked herself.

At the same time, it is also quite sentimental about the power of the left hand of the demon. Such fierce power of medicine is still a very weak qi, that is, death suppresses it.

It's unimaginable how powerful the ancient demons were.

Qin Yi began to absorb the pharmaceutical power of three 5,000 strains of Lingzhi.

At this moment, his body, like a large demonic mouth, wildly absorbed three 5,000 portions of Ganoderma lucidum's drug power, which was conveyed from the major meridian pulses to Dantian, and then converted from Dantian to Xuan Qi, to limb wreckage.

Three whole 5,000 portions of Ganoderma lucidum, that drug is so powerful, it's like the ocean, it's constant.

With the absorption of such a pound of medicine, Qin Yi can even feel it clearly. His body changes, his meridians are constantly toughening, his bones are constantly hardening, and his body's functions are constantly climbing up.

“It's so nice! ”

Qin Yi exhaled and carefully felt a warm stream of the drug power, diffusing and wandering in his body.

This feeling makes people feel like they're immortalized. It's amazing.

A day later.

Three 5,000 portions of Lingzhi's medicine were finally absorbed clean by Qin Yi's body.

“Indeed, it has come to the brink of a breakthrough. ”

Qin Yi slightly overjoyed.

At this time, he, feeling the meridians and bones in the body, all have a feeling of expansion, which is a sign of a breakthrough.

“Strike the iron while it's hot. Break through the second half of Gendo 7. ”

Didn't stop, when even the tray leg sat on the floor, started practicing, slowly started to drive Xuan Qi, and started to operate according to the practice technique.

His whole person was settled like an old monk, sitting motionlessly on the ground, and his whole life was waveless.

Although it has reached the edge of a breakthrough, it is also difficult to cultivate it without the aid of medicine and pure cultivation.

If you are an ordinary person, it will take about ten days to break through the edge of the peak of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom of the seventh kingdom.

However, Qin Yi is not an ordinary person. He has the heart and soul of King Senroh, and his potential has reached an appalling level.

Time flies silently, one day. Two days. Three days...

Day five.

“Pfft, pfft...”

Qin Yi's body came out with a sound of a bone breakthrough.

A powerful entrance, from his body, suddenly leaked, towards the surrounding area, swooping away.

Xu Xu opened his eyes, Qin Yi withdrew from the practice state, and came with a touch of magic, slowly passing from Qin Yi's eyes.

A hint of old, haunted around his body.

He's infinitely demonized!

This is an incredible phenomenon, but Qin Yi himself is not aware of it at this time, otherwise he would be surprised.

“Nice, late Gendo 7! ”

Qin Yi revealed a slight smile of satisfaction. Everything, as he expected, broke through to the late seventh realm of Gendo before consulting with Makita.

In a short time, a continuous breakthrough, it is not easy to achieve this, you know, now Qin Yi's cultivation, is Xuando 7 Realm.

Some ordinary people, it's already hard to make another breakthrough in this world.

“It shouldn't be too hard for me to beat Makita right now. ”

After carefully feeling the various functions of his body, Qin Yi entered a completely new area, full of confidence in himself.

However, he believes that Makita's cultivation, by no means a step in the right direction, with his perverted talents, combined with his hateful and insane efforts against himself, should have had breakthroughs in the past few days.

His cultivation was originally a half-step peak in Gendo 9, and then he made a breakthrough, which is the peak of Gendo 9!

At this moment, nine days have passed, ten days after the stars of the day were set.

“Tomorrow is the day of the war with Makita. ”

Qin Yi's heart is full of anticipation.

“Jin Jingdan. ”

Qin Yi took out a gold Dan medicine the size of an adult's thumb. This Dan medicine cost Qin Yi 50 points of combat. He didn't expect it to help him much, it was only exchanged by hand.

Without saying anything, Qin Yi took Jingdan Jin Jingdan and a gentle medicine was released from Nadan medicine and absorbed by Qin Yi's body.

“Ew, that worked great! ”

Qin Yi was slightly surprised as the bones continued to absorb that golden drug, as he clearly felt that his spirit was changing.

He was surprised how effective a Dan medicine that was redeemed for only 50 points of battle was.

Three hours later, Jin Jingdan was absorbed clean by him.

“My mind is clearer. This is because spiritual power has become stronger. ”