The God of War Challenging Heaven

Chapter 157: World War Makita (top)


Qin Yi prompted his left hand to enter the state of emptiness and earnestly felt it.

“Previously, I was able to feel all the movement in the area covered by inspirational perception, and now I am able to see the dust that floats outside of the hundreds of fathers and in the air. Besides, the scope of my spirit has reached 500 feet directly! ”

Qin Yi was overjoyed.

He didn't expect such an effect.

“Tsk, this time, I found the treasure! ”

He whispered.

Of course, he knew that Jin Jingdan was capable of such a great effect because of the relationship between the left hand, the mental space created by the left hand, which allowed Jin Jingdan to achieve the maximum effect.

If you were a regular practitioner, you wouldn't necessarily get that effect.

Jin Jingdan, this is an unexpected harvest!

Next, Qin Yi once again took "Lingfeng Palm", "Praise Father's Step", "Volkswagen Tiger Elephant", "Vajra Heart Scripture", "Da Luo Heavenly Hand", "Destiny Return", "Massacre Type 3", "Tenjin Type 7" one, two, etc. These martial arts, and tried to cultivate them again, to make the final punch for the war with Makita.

Because of King Samroh's heart, Qin Yi practiced these martial arts and was even more comfortable with it.

Of course, this time, Qin Yi mainly practiced "Ling Feng Palm".

One night later, Qin Yi trained Lingfeng Palm in a half-step quadruple.

"Volkswagen Planet", directly cultivated with great success.

The Heart of the Vajra is also a half-step, four-step cultivation.


This day passes to the day of Qin Yi's full consultation with Makita.

Feeling his current strength, Qin Yi is more powerful than when he tested the potential of Tianxing Province on that day. Qin Yi is confident in this collaboration with Makita.

“This day is finally here! ”

Tianxing Mansion, a sophisticated pavilion somewhere, King Tianxing's hand-delivered disciple Makita, walked out of the pavilion, he was covered in impeccable breath, slowly walking room, the space around him, slightly distorted.

His face was hidden in war.

Qin Yi, the last star of the original star camp, was made into only Xuando 7 realm, but someplace unknown suppressed him. Even Xuan Yang Shiqi had such an extinct appearance, and at the same time had a rare “floating spirit" of the extinct teenage girl, all of whom stomped on his heart.

Even the master, his attitude has come a hundred and eight-hour turn, and once he is disdainful, he becomes greatly appreciated.

Now, this nasty time has finally arrived. He wants the world to see clearly. He Makita, the most talented teenager in Tianxing Mansion, exists at its peak. Yang Shiqi, the one with the damned heart collapsed, is Makita!

After coming down the last few days, he couldn't get out the door. He practiced painstakingly. It was on this day that the mighty wind fell Qin Yi!

At this time, the arena was already full of people.

Makita and Qin Yi, the peak teenagers of the two great Hou provinces, naturally shook the entire Hou province, with the exception of those high levels in the Hou province, even Tianxing Hou was present in person.

“Makita's here! ”

Someone screamed, all over the arena, and suddenly rioted.

Everyone looked at each other and looked at each other.

There, Makita is walking slowly, an invisible spiritual repression, spreading from his body, can be felt far away, the rhythm of raising hands and throwing feet is obviously also very different from the past.

“I've seen the master, I've seen you all! ”

Makita saluted the stars and the crowd, with a serene color and a bamboo chest.

“Not bad, it has reached the peak of the Nine Realms of Gendo. ”

Tianxing Hou smiled and nodded with a glimpse of appreciation on his face. Makita, after all, was his biological disciple and poured almost all of his heart into him.

The Horse of the Stars always has the greatest expectations for him.

“The appreciative appreciations of Xie Master and his disciples have been practicing these past few days, and this morning there has finally been some breakthrough. ”

Makita's face, Mune, vomited word for word, his eyes, without a trace, glanced at Yang Shiqi in the crowd.

“What, he has broken through the peak of Xuando 9! ”

Yang Shiqi's heart tipped, slightly trembling, clear and pale eyebrows, hidden appearance of a worrying color.

Xuando 9 Peak!

Throughout the arena, there was silence and only heavy breathing.

Such a modification, even in the entire star palace, is only second to the existence of the star, leaving the rest of the sky palace behind.

Makita, you're a pervert!

“Look, Qin Yi is here too! ”

On the field, someone called again.

Seeing only another place, Qin Yi appeared, walked slowly, the clouds and wind were light. The rhythm between the hands raised and feet was also very different from previous days.

“I've seen the master, I've seen you all! ”

In front of Tianxing Hou, Qin Yi respectfully saluted him.

“The peak of Gendo 7? ”

Feeling the implicit breath from Qin Yi, Tianxing Hou slightly shocked, the teenager, after the last potential test, once again aroused the ripples in his heart.

“Qin Yi, ten days ago, when you guys tested your potential, I think you should still be in the early 7th Realm of Gendo. Ten days, you will break through two realms in a row, very good! ”

The stars smiled lightly, and their faces were full of admiration.

Ten days to break through!

The whole scene, it was so loud.

Everyone looked at Qin Yi differently, shocked, unbelievable, worshipped, extreme, appreciated...

“The teacher has honored the prize, and the apprentice also obtained the current cultivation achievements thanks to three 5,000 pieces of Ganoderma. ”

Qin Yi blended in disrespectfully and bluntly said.

“You think just three 5,000 pieces of Ganoderma can get you from the beginning of Gendo 7 to the peak of Gendo 7, Qin Yi, are you being my three-year-old? ”

The star smiled.

Suddenly, there was a laugh on the scene. If you say three 5,000 pieces of Ganoderma, you can help people break through from the early 7th realm of Gandao to the peak 7th realm of Gandao, then there are Gandao masters everywhere!

Qin Yi blinked. For a moment, he was right. Indeed, if it had not been for King Senroe's heart and soul, the speed of his own training would not have been so stunning.

Seeing Qin Yi stunned there, the laughter around him grew louder.

“Qin Yi, I'm a little skeptical about the test of the day, your potential, showing errors on the crystal rod. After that, I'd like to retest you. ”

Starscream said half jokingly.

Test again?

Qin Yi's face, slightly changed, Tianxing Hou can actually relate to the test of the day, his potential display is incorrect, being a giant on one side, it is not simple!

“Well, it won't take long for you to consult with Makita. Go on, consult with Makita. He is now the strong man at the top of the Nine Realms of Gendo. Test with him, you may have a lot to gain. ”

The stars waved at will.

Makita, you've reached the peak of Gendo 9!

Qin Yi frowned, but was not surprised, which he expected.

In the center of the martial arts field, everyone emptied a large circle to provide Qin Yi and Makita with consultation, surrounded by people from Tianxing province.

Makita, the natural disciple of Starling Horse, is quite a pervert.

Qin Yi, although the original star made the last star of the battalion, the performance has always been quite eye-catching and the wind is tight.

The interaction between the two is naturally very eye-catching and anticipating.

Qin Yi entered the circle, stood still, without any deliberate intent, that feeling of sharpness grinding through the hundreds of wars was spontaneously exuded, like a razor blade, causing a chill to rise from the bottom of his heart.

Looking in the circle, the always light and cloudy teenager, Yang Shiqi in the crowd, the original worry, disappeared at this moment, instead, he was unnamed full of confidence in him, although he had only the cultivation of the peak of Xuando 7.

What other miracle cannot be created by a teenager who breaks through two realms in ten days?

“Qin Yi's momentum is stronger than that of Makita, but the difference between the two is too great. Qin Yi's chances of winning, basically, are zero! ”

“Indeed, the qualifications of Makita, let alone the miracle fairy tracks placed in the Tianxing Mansion, are feared to be very advanced. ”

“ …… ”

Some skyscrapers don't like Qin Yi.

“Within ten days, you broke through the two realms. Brother Qin, you are a little stunned, but any stunner in front of me is useless. ”

Makita looked at Qin Yi in a high-ranking attitude and said seriously. In his eyes, he was burning with a sense of war. Only then did the Tianxing Province appreciate Qin Yi. He was deeply disdainful.

He will soon let his teacher know how weak the young man he greatly appreciates is in front of his pasture.

“Brother Pastor, go ahead. ”

Qin Yi was too lazy to talk to him and smiled lightly.

In an instant, a pounding inner power of the tunnel is from the pasture field, and it spreads out, and his whole person, with this inner distribution, becomes like a sword of the world, surprising.

“Type-1 - Fantasy style! ”

Makita, full of hatred, burst out as if it were a leopard, waved his palms, and slashed him hard towards Qin Yi. His figure was uncertain and elusive. That clap was fierce, and he caught a raging wind.

“So strong! ”

Everyone around them whispered softly, even if it was not close to the fight between them, they could clearly feel the pressure of Makita's hand.

“How tough Xuando advanced martial arts, Tianxing Hou Wang really devoted his heart to Makita, so tough martial arts to be taught to Makita. ”

“This whole affair is just going to end at the beginning! ”

When Makita did it, many people talked about it.

The star was slightly puzzled, and his mind was a little confused. He did not pass on this masterpiece by Makita.

“Surely, everything was in my prediction, the last time Makita was planted in my hand on Lingfeng Palm, this time he wanted to find the scene in Lingfeng Palm, so it can be seen that Makita is indeed a very strong winner. ”

Qin Yi sighed herself: “It's just a pity that his qualifications, like King Sen Luo's, have only now cultivated" Ling Feng Palm "to the second degree. ”

“Type-1 - Fantasy style! ”

Qin Yi drank lightly. Faced with the brutal attack of Makita, he did not appear to have taken refuge. He went straight up and did the same trick as Makita.

His cultivation, only at the peak of the seventh kingdom of Xuando, is naturally less powerful than that of Makita, but his "Lingfeng Palm" has been cultivated half a step four times, one and a half times higher than that of Makita!

His slash was no different from that of Makita, but the palm was directly illusory, a large piece of dense hemp, rushing toward Makita.